I don't own Disney's The Owl House. I do, however own the OC known as Danielle Hopkins. Hope you all enjoy my story on this lovely show.

Chapter One

After having going through the time pool, Danielle ends up activating a wind glyph after being flung out. Looking around, Danielle sees that the Boiling Isles was missing and started looking around. Spotting a nearby beach on the main land, Danielle flies closer to it before spotting what looked to be Luz. Anger slowly boils as Danielle follows Luz into the time pool back to the first day. Seeing that Luz had a staff and flying back to the isles, Danielle ends up tackling Luz on the way back. Losing control of her staff, Luz and her passengers fly about erratically over the isles.

"Not so fast," said Danielle, hanging on tight before feeling the palisman and seeing what it is. "Eee, it's a snake, it's a snake! Why?"

"Wah-ah!" screamed Luz, as she lost more control before seeing that Eda had set up her stand and the Portal Door.

"What the…" said Eda, feeling something blast straight past her into the Portal Door. "Mmm… back to work. Owlbert, you know what to do."

Landing outside the Old Wittebane House in a heap, everyone looks around. Shaking her head, Danielle grabs hold of Luz as she attempts to stand. Luz struggles as she is pinned down. Collector is holding King tight as Danielle angrily glares at Luz.

"Don't even think about it," said Danielle, glaring at Luz. "You're going back whether you like it or not."

"Let me go!" shouted Luz, staring at Danielle. "Who are you?"

"Who am I? Who am I?" said Danielle, gripping Luz's wrists tighter.

"Let Luz go," said Collector, letting King go and trying to pull Danielle off Luz.

"It's because of her that I'm doing this," said Danielle, still gripping tighter. "Because of her, I ended up going to the isles instead of her."

"What?" said Luz, staring at Danielle confused. "What are you talking about?"

"I was nearby the first time you attempted this," replied Danielle, still glaring. "You prevented yourself from ever coming to the isles but in doing so I ended up there instead."

"I-I-I didn't know," said Luz, staring at Danielle. "I thought…"

"You thought wrong!" yelled Danielle, her hair slowly changing to its silvery white and her eyes glowing a light purplish pink.

"Stop yelling," said Collector, still holding onto Danielle's arms. "Stop fighting."

"I shouldn't have known about the isles. I shouldn't have known that witches and demons were real," said Danielle, markings beginning to flicker on her body. "I shouldn't have known the actual whereabouts of my mom or what I am."

"What the…" said Luz, staring at Danielle, confused.

"You should be King's big sister! You should be Eda's student! You should be Amity's love!" shouted Danielle, glaring at Luz as tears were going down her cheeks. "You should be there! What possessed you to erase yourself out of their history? Huh, what made you think…"

"He won… Belos won," said Luz, tears streaming down her own cheeks as she stared at Danielle.

"What?" said Danielle, loosening her grip on Luz.

"Belos possessed the Titan. Everyone perished even my Mamá," said Luz, staring at Danielle. "I set everything into motion. I'm-I'm just correcting it."

"Well, your correction made me take your place," said Danielle, letting Luz go before crying.

"Just who… who are you?" asked Luz, looking at Danielle. "And what do you mean about your mom?"

"Name's Danielle Hopkins, born and raised here in Gravesfield," replied Danielle, pulling her legs in. "I ended up running away to find my mom and it resulted with me following Owlbert into the Demon Realm after he took my necklace."

"With me, it was my Azura book," said Luz, pulling King into her lap as she sat on the ground.

"Is King okay?" asked Danielle, cupping King's cheek. "Why isn't he waking up?"

"I-I don't know," replied Luz, holding King close. "Are you not all human?"

"You presume correct," replied Danielle, brushing her hair to the side. "I'm a…"

"An actual half witch!?" said Luz, staring at Danielle.

"Um, Luz…" said Collector, staring at Luz. "I don't think you're right."

"Aster here is correct," said Danielle, making Collector slightly blush. "I'm neither witch or demon. Or even human. I'm of the same race as he and my mom are. I'm a celestial."

"Whoa…" said Luz, staring at Danielle in wonderment.

"I can't believe that I told you my name in that timeline," said Collector, still with a slight blush.

"You didn't. I just recently learned it when I went into the past for help with the Portal Door," said Danielle, before looking at Luz. "Looks like we both set it into motion with what Philip has done to the isles."

"Wait…" said Luz, staring at Danielle. "Did you… leave after you went into the past and met Philip?"

"Yes, but he ended up capturing me and taking me back to his hideout. He was gonna make an example out of me when he returned home but… he did what Belos did with the palisman that day of the field trip. I started to connect the dots more and more as I glimpsed around the cave and his voice changed to matching Belos. Those two are one and the same. And to think I thought he was Caleb," said Danielle, placing her head on her knees. "I got scared and my other nature blasted forth blinding him but not without me hearing Aster first before sneezing myself out of the cave."

"You sneezed yourself out?" said Luz, confused as Collector chuckled.

"Aster here explained about celestials to me whenever I asked. Even promised to help me find mom," said Danielle, looking at the grass.

"I did?" asked Collector, looking at Danielle.

"Yeah, and you were able to confirm who my mom was and where she's at," said Danielle, looking at Collector. "Asteria of Morning Star Palace."

"Aah! You're her daughter?!" said Collector, backing up slightly. "Oh man, I'm in so much trouble."

"Why would you say that?" asked Danielle, looking at Collector then Luz. "And what is this mold stuff over the both of you?"

"Lady Asteria was going to be my new mentor but then the war with the Titans happened and me being sealed," replied Collector, looking at Danielle. "Ooo, this is not good."

"Remember when I said Belos took over the Titan," said Luz, looking at Danielle. "Well, he breathed a volatile flame-like gas which infected whatever it touched. We ended up in the line of fire after I lost my new abilities after a certain amount of time. I was able to escape with Eda, Collector and King on String Bean but the mold was slowly taking over."

"String… bean?" said Danielle, looking at Luz confused.

"My palisman," said Luz, showing String Bean to Danielle.

"Eee, snake, snake!" said Danielle, pulling Collector close to her in fright. "Get it away!"

"Hey, String Bean is a wonderful palisman," said Luz, slightly miffed. "She has feelings you know."

"I think she has a fear or phobia of snakes Luz," said Collector, feeling Danielle shake in fear.

"Oh," said Luz, placing String Bean out of sight. "Better?"

"Dziękuję," said Danielle, before sighing and placing her hand over her chest. "Huh… wait… where's my necklace? Where is it?"

"Whoa, calm down. I'll help you," said Luz, looking at Danielle.

"Is that it?" asked Collector, seeing the necklace on the ground.

"Yes," said Danielle, spotting her necklace before seeing another fall near it and merging together.

"That can't be good," said Luz, before seeing herself fade away.

"No no no-no-no!" said Danielle, as she begins to fade as well as she extends her hand towards her necklace.

Completely fading out of existence just as Owlbert hopped nearby and grabbed the necklace, a new timeline is set. Both Danielle and Luz of this timeline after spotting each other before looking towards the direction Owlbert went, hightail it after him, hoping to get their items back. Both girls enter a realm beyond their imagination… of witches and wild magic.

Owl Pellet #1

"Not again!" said Danny, seeing certain people enter her domain again.

"Well, didn't expect to see this happen," said Eda' Memory Self, as she sees another her before being pulled towards her. "Wait… what?"

"Ooo, this can't be good," said Danny, as she sees almost everyone slowly merging with another of themselves.

Turns out the souls of the departed mainly Eda noticed her handiwork on Danielle's necklace and hightailed it there after seeing what Luz was about to do and gestured others to follow including Papa Titan himself. Moments after the slow merge of two different timeline souls, Danny spots Luz, King and Collector enter her domain but didn't expect to feel a pull herself as she spotted another her.

"Wait… no!" squeaked Danny, before the slow merge made her unconscious.

"Looks like I'm the only one without another me," said Luz, before sitting on the recliner and grabbing a Wii remote. "Wonder what games she has?"


Mamá- Spanish for Mom

Dziękuję- Polish for Thank you