I don't own Disney's The Owl House. I do, however own the OC known as Danielle Hopkins. Hope you all enjoy my story on this lovely show.

Chapter Four

It has been a few days since Danielle and Luz arrived on the Boiling Isles. Since Eda had started their magic lessons, Luz was getting kinda jealous of Danielle for mastering two potions already and already adding some tweaks. Though both kinda disappointed that they haven't been able to utilize magic much like Eda. Today though, Eda had the girls follow her to a nearby beach to scavenge from a beached trash slug.

"Well, girls!" said Eda, elbowing the girls. "Did you ever in your life think you'd see something as breathtaking as this?"

"As in take your breath away," said Danielle, pinching her nose. "Then yeah, I'm gagging here."

"I don't like this," said Luz, pinching her nose as well.

"Yes, it doesn't get much more inspiring than the trash slug. It makes a home, a life from what others have thrown by the wayside," said Eda, walking over to the trash slug and pulling a chicken out of its mouth. "Until, blam, it gets blasted by a wave one day and croaks from all the salt. And then we get to sell the stuff it ate."

"Don't make us do this," said Danielle, while Eda tried to give her and Luz a pickaxe.

"Please don't make me," said Eda, grasping Danielle's hands.

"Aw, come on, you two," said King, walking away and unfurling a towel. "It's not every day you get to go to the dump and pick apart a garbage carcass."

"Aw man, I can still smell it from here."

"Ah, nuts to you three," said Eda, swinging the pickaxe.

"So, Eda..." said Luz, looking at Eda. "What if we tried some new lessons for my… I mean our apprenticeships? Like... Read ancient scrolls or mix together potions, or…"

"We could do more potion lessons," said Danielle, looking at Eda. "Or we could read tomes or figure out runes."

"Ugh," said Eda, tossing things from the trash slug. "That sounds like a bunch of magic school stuff."

"There's a school here?" said Danielle, quirking her eyebrow.

"Wait. Is there a magic school here?" asked Luz, walking over to Eda. "Like, winding towers, cute uniforms, dark plots that threaten your life kind of magic school?"

"I could go without the dark plots," said Danielle, looking at Luz.

"Mm-hmm. What's worse, they force you to learn magic the "proper" way," said Eda, before staring at Danielle and Luz. "But magic isn't proper. It's wild and unpredictable. And that's why it's so beautiful. I didn't finish school, and look at me! Who wouldn't envy where I am right now?"

"Something I plan on finishing when I find mom and return home," said Danielle, waving the smell away.

"Uh... Hey, here's a lesson," said Eda, grabbing the girls hand and putting it in slug bile. "A great witch is resourceful, like this."

"I think something slithered against my hand," said Danielle, cringing. "Eee."

"Oh, hey. Greasy slime ball," said Luz, holding a greasy slimy seed.

"Actually, that's a seed."

"Use your slime ball wisely, young witch," said Eda, closing Luz's hand around the seed.

"Mmm, point taken," said Danielle, seeing Luz pocketing the seed. "We'll figure it out eventually."

"Back at it!" said Eda, going back over to the trash slug. "We'll hit the stink nodes first."

"Actually, if it's okay, I think I'll head home and look at pictures of animals that are still... alive," said Luz, backing away before petting King. "Love you, King. You little beach peach."

"Luz, wait up," said Danielle, running after Luz. "We really should use the buddy system here."

"More for me, then," said Eda, riffling through the garbage again. "There we go. Okay."

"Ow!" shouted King, with a tuba being tossed onto his head.

"This is awesome!" said Eda, enjoying herself.

Walking down a nearby path to a nearby forest, Danielle stayed close by to Luz but would study some plants as they walked. Every once in a while, Danielle had to swat some bugs away from her and Luz.

"Luz," said Danielle, catching up with Luz. "Didn't you hear me?"

"Oh, I heard," said Luz, looking at the seed in her hand. "Ugh! If magic's all about digging for slime balls, maybe I don't have the stomach for it."

"I admit, Eda's teaching is rather… unorthodox," said Danielle, pocketing her hands. "But I bet she has her reasons."

"You can do it! You can!" said Willow, gaining Danielle's and Luz's attention.

"Mysterious voice of encouragement?" said Luz, hearing Willow and looking through the bushes. "No! Little witch girl."

"You can do it. Even if you get a bad grade, it's not a reflection of you as a witch. And my parents are right," said Willow, stopping her pacing. "There are better opportunities on this track. Now, get to school!"

"Is the school not that far away?" thought Danielle, before seeing Willow accidently step on a flower.

"Oh, no! Oh, little friend! I'm sorry!" said Willow, utilizing magic to perk up the little flower she stepped on.

"She looks like she needs some help," said Danielle, about to step out only for Amity to come out while riding on a wagon.

"Sweet Potato!"

"What?" said Danielle, before thinking while looking at Luz. "Could Luz swing both ways?"

"Willow! Wow," said Amity, hopping off the wagon. "You're so unnoticeable I almost rolled into ya."

"Hi, Amity," said Willow, standing up while the flower wilts.

"This can't be good," said Danielle, staring at Willow and Amity.

"Uh, shouldn't you get to class early to prep your..." said Amity, only to see Willow's pot tumbled and leak out her work. "Oh, Willow. You don't have anything to show, do you?"

"Witch drama!" said Luz, watching Willow and Amity.

"This is why people call you "Half-a-Witch Willow"," said Amity, before hearing rattling from her pot. "Oh, looks like someone wants to say something to you. Abomination, rise."

"You're a... star," said the Abomination, poking Willow's forehead and leaving a star-shaped sludge mark.

"Aw. It's like mine. But much smaller and meaningless," said Amity, adjusting her badge before putting an arm around Willow. "As top student, it's my duty to tell you to keep at it. Even you could get a passing grade someday. Abomination, cower."

"Top student my foot," thought Danielle, glaring at Amity.

"See you in class, superstar," said Amity, pushing her wagon towards the school.

"Great, she's gone," thought Danielle, grabbing Luz's arm and coming out from hiding. "Come on, let's help her."

"Okay," said Luz, agreeing with Danielle.

""Oh, see you in class, superstar!"" said Willow, wiping the sludge mark off. "I hate when she does that."

"Huh…" said Danielle, feeling the wind pick up.

"I hate making abominations. I hate getting bad grades. Ugh! I can't stand this anymore," shouted Willow, her eyes glowing green.

"Wha-aah!" screamed Luz, as the thorny roots surrounding Willow snake her way and grabs her ankle.

"Luz!" said Danielle, grabbing Luz's hand and being dragged along. "Please calm down! Aah!"

"Danielle!" said Luz, seeing one of the thorny roots slash Danielle's cheek before being dropped to the ground.

"Oh, no, no, no, no, no!" said Willow, hearing Danielle and Luz and running over, as she made the roots move away. "I'm so sorry!"

"Don't worry, it'll heal," said Danielle, touching the wound.

"It's okay," said Luz, rubbing her ankle. "The thorns only went through a few layers of skin."

"So... circly," said Willow, noticing Luz's ears before gasping. "You're human! This is astounding! A human on the Boiling Isles! How'd you get here? What are you doing here?"

"Human here as well," said Danielle, looking at Willow.

"Two humans!" said Willow, surprised before hearing the school bell. "Uh, I'm sorry. I can't stay. I have to go disappoint my teacher. It was nice to meet you, humans."

"Wait! I'm Luz. And this is Danielle. And you're Willow, right?" asked Luz, rushing over to Willow. "What you did with that flower and those plants, it was... wow."

"Thanks, but... I'm not even supposed to be doing plant magic," said Willow, looking at Danielle and Luz. "My parents put me in the abomination track at school."

"Like, magic school?" said Luz, squealing. "That's so cool! I'm so jealous. I have a teacher, but her lessons are a bit... untraditional. I bet she wouldn't even let me enroll. But I wish I could spend one day there."

"I wish I could get a passing grade for once," said Willow, kicking at the abomination goo. "Then people would stop calling me "Half-a-Witch Willow.""

"From what we just saw, plants are your forte. Why not transfer over to that track?" asked Danielle, only for Willow to give her a sad look. "If it helps, we'll come with."

"Or," said Luz, grabbing some abomination goo and splattering it over herself. "Make us your abominations. We'll get you a good grade, and you can get us into magic school. It's fiendishly clever."

"Luz," said Danielle, looking at Luz. "I am not doing that. Let's just talk to the principal of the school."

"Oh, come on," said Luz, looking at Danielle. "This way is more fun. I saw that girl's thing. It's just chunks of stuff that talks weird. I'm chunks of stuff, and I talk weird!"

"That's true," said Willow, giggling. "Okay. It's a deal. Luz."

"This is a great plan," said Luz, shaking hands with Willow.

"Oops. Abomination goo," said Willow, seeing them stuck before getting loose.

"Great plan," said Luz, landing in abomination goo.

"No, it's not," said Danielle, sighing. "It sounds chaotic. Wait, what are you… aah!"

"If I'm going in the pot, so are you," said Luz, pulling Danielle into the pot of abomination goo alongside her.

"I don't know which stinks more," said Danielle, pinching her nose. "Abomination goo or dead trash slug."

"Hey!" said Luz, seeing Danielle climb out of the pot.

"You have your approach, I have mine," said Danielle, looking at Luz than Willow. "This way, right."

Following Willow, Danielle helped in pushing the wagon. And like Danielle thought, the school wasn't as far as she thought. Luz was squealing in excitement the moment they got within school grounds and saw the school.

"Welcome to Hexside School of Magic and Demonics," said Willow, seeing Danielle and Luz marvel at the school. "Remember to stay hidden, okay?"

"This is such a beautiful school," said Danielle, before looking at Willow. "You sure you want to go through with Luz's plan? We could just talk with your principal."

"Um, well…" said Willow, really thinking. "I do want a good grade."

"I'm still going to talk with your principal and see if it helps. I'll catch up," said Danielle, walking down a different hall. "Okay, principal's office, principal's office."

"You looking for the principal's office?" asked Skara, seeing Danielle wonder the hallway. "You new here?"

"No," replied Danielle, looking at Skara. "I met someone I feel is in the wrong track. I'm just trying to help."

"Well follow me," said Skara, gesturing Danielle to follow her. "I'm Skara. I study under the Bard track here in Hexside. Why do you feel like this person is in the wrong track?"

"She looked like she was more in her element with plants than with abominations," said Danielle, walking alongside Skara.

"Oh, you're talking about Half-a-Witch Willow," said Skara, looking at Danielle.

"Is Willow not a full-blooded witch?" asked Danielle, looking at Skara.

"You're not from around here, are you?" asked Skara, looking at Danielle. "Willow's parents are both witches. Half-a-Witch is a belittlement due to incompetence in magic. Does your school not have it?"

"No one is really called such a thing," replied Danielle, staring ahead. "Is that your instrument?"

"Oh, I can play any instrument but the harp really speaks out to me," replied Skara, holding her harp. "Do you play any?"

"Don't think you have it around here but I play the acoustic guitar," replied Danielle, looking at Skara. "Haven't played it recently since I still need to get a new string for it."

"I'd like to hear it one day," said Skara, before coming upon the principal's office. "Here's Principal Bump's office. I'll see you later."

"Bye. Okay, moment of truth," said Danielle, knocking on the door and opening it slightly. "Hello, can I come in?"

"You may," said Principal Bump, writing something down while gesturing Danielle in. "How may I help you?"

"Well…" said Danielle, taking some deep breaths before staring at Principal Bump. "I met a student that comes here and I feel like she's in the wrong track."

"Oh," said Principal Bump, stopping his work and looking at Danielle. "How so?" "Well, when I saw her, it looked like her abomination, was it?" said Danielle, looking at Principal Bump. "Wasn't holding. But when she utilized plant magic, it was like she was at home in her element. Is there any way to transfer her over to the Plant track?"

"What's this student's name?" asked Principal Bump, going over to a shelf.

"Her name is Willow," replied Danielle, watching Principal Bump riffle through the files. "Don't know her surname yet."

"Ah! Willow Park, I presume," said Principal Bump, grabbing the file and showing Danielle.

"Yup, that's her," said Danielle, looking at the photo of Willow.

"I admit young Willow started with learning plant magic," said Principal Bump, staring at Danielle, squinting as he looked at her ears underneath her hair. "But was put on the Abomination track, courtesy of her Papa."

"Well, is there any way you have the time to watch Willow and see her perform plant magic?" asked Danielle, pocketing her hands.

"I don't see why not," said Principal Bump, before standing up. "Though it is interesting to see a human here in Hexside."

"Uh, yeah… about that," said Danielle, lightly scratching her cheek.

"And covered in abomination goo," said Principal Bump, staring at Danielle. "Her abomination exploded, didn't it."

"Actually no. This is a result of a fellow human trying to help Willow in her own way," said Danielle, only to see Principal Bump magically take the abomination goo off her. "Uh, thanks. Doesn't help the smell though."

"There's another human here?" said Principal Bump, looking at Danielle.

"Yeah, she thought her idea would be better," said Danielle, tapping her boot against the floor. "I thought it best to talk to you."

"Where is this other human?" asked Principal Bump, looking at Danielle.

"Trying to help Willow get a good grade," replied Danielle, looking at Principal Bump. "I know she's only trying to help… hehe, what I'm trying to say is…"

"Have you eaten since you've arrived here?" asked Principal Bump, hearing Danielle's stomach growl.

"I did have breakfast," replied Danielle, only for her stomach to growl more. "Maybe not enough though."

"Why don't you head to the cafeteria for some lunch," said Principal Bump, handing some money over to Danielle. "Then we can continue talking about your fellow friend."

"You don't have to…" said Danielle, only to be ushered out of the office.

"Try not to cause any trouble," said Principal Bump, closing the door.

"Um… Principal Bump," said Danielle, reopening the door. "Could I have a visitor's pass then?"

"Ah, I see," said Principal Bump, grabbing said pass and handing it over. "Here you go."

"Thank you," said Danielle, before leaving the office. "I'll make sure to pay Principal Bump back."

It was odd to Danielle traversing Hexside. It was like she knew which hallways to go down to reach the cafeteria. Reaching her destination, Danielle was able to procure a little lunch before seeing Willow and sitting down with her and another witch.

"Hi Willow," said Danielle, placing her lunch tray down.

"Hi Danielle," said Willow, looking at Danielle. "How'd it go with Principal Bump?"

"He has no problem with seeing you demonstrate your magic with plants," replied Danielle, before looking at Luz. "See."

"I see," said Luz, looking away.

"Oh, this is Augustus," said Willow, introducing her friend. "He's the president of the Human Appreciation Society."

"I knew an Augustus in school," said Danielle, looking at Augustus. "Everyone called him Gus. Had art class with him."

"Already going by it since Luz mentioned it," said Gus, looking at Danielle then Luz. "Hey. Do humans eat PB&J's?"

"Oh my gosh, I haven't eaten real food in so long, please give me some," said Luz, taking half of the sandwich by mouth.

"Hey, I'm trying here to cook what I can from Eda's fridge," said Danielle, eyeing Luz then looking at Gus. "It also depends on the person if they have an allergy to nuts or not or just plain don't like it."

"Oh," said Gus, understanding Danielle.

"I don't know, Gus," said Willow, grumbling. "If Amity saw that..."

"I saw that! Abominations don't eat!" said Amity, jumping onto the table.

"Oh, abominations don't eat," said Danielle, grabbing the sandwich from Luz. "Well then…"

"Hey!" said Luz, in a low whisper.

"Mmm, no, just… I can't," said Danielle, taking a bite and not liking it. "Here. All yours."

"Thank goodness," thought Luz, grabbing the sandwich before pulling Danielle into the pot. "That's what you get."

"Playful little abomination," said Danielle, playfully shoving Luz down before being pulled in more. "Ah! No, stop! I just got… Eew!"

"Move!" said Amity, shoving Danielle to the side and grabbing Luz. "What are you? Who are you? I want answers!"

"I suggest you drop it prefect," said Danielle, a slight glow in her eyes as she grabs Amity's hand.

"Prefect?!" said Amity, glaring at Danielle before seeing the visitor's pass.

"Amity Blight," said the Abomination Teacher, gaining everyone's attention.

"Huh?" said Amity, staring at her teacher.

"I suspected a twinge of jealousy, but this, this is just sad," said the Abomination teacher, looking at Amity.

"But I… No! Look at it," said Amity, still holding Luz by her shirt collar.

"Report to Principal Bump's office," said the Abomination Teacher, looking at Amity.

"But…" said Amity, shocked.

"Now!" shouted the Abomination Teacher, staring at Amity.

"Okay, this is not right," said Danielle, before looking at Luz. "We need to fix this. Right now, that is."

"Mmm, creamy," said Luz, concerned for Amity while eating her sandwich.

"Luz!" said Danielle, staring at Luz.

"Alright, alright already," said Luz, before looking at Willow. "Think you can wheel me into a classroom for a bit."

"Okay," said Willow, after placing her lunch tray back and pushing the wagon towards a classroom.

"Okay, got a plan to help Amity?" asked Danielle, staring at Luz, as they entered a classroom. "Even I know that what happened wasn't right."

"Ugh, I get it. Stop harping on me," said Luz, as she gets out of the pot. "Whoo! I'm a sweaty little abomination. High five! Slap my hand. It's a human thing."

"Oh. Oh, my. Oh, man, what a rush!" said Gus, high fiving Luz repeatedly before the classroom door opened.

"Good afternoon, students," said Principal Bump, entering the classroom with Amity.

"Principal Bump," said Willow, only to be ushered to the side with Gus.

"I can explain," said Danielle, as Principal Bump studied Luz.

"Hmm. Abomination, rise," said Principal Bump, as Luz stood up. "Abomination, lie."

"Uh, viral fame is a worthy pursuit. Your cat would never eat you if it got the chance," said Luz, thinking on the spot. "Chemtrails are real…"

"Oh, no, abomination. How strange for it to get the command wrong. I mean lie down," said Principal Bump, gesturing for Luz to lie down on the table. "So very lifelike. When Miss Blight told me about your abomination, I had to come by, see what she's made of."

"Um, Principal Bump," said Danielle, only for Principal Bump to wink at her before thinking. "He knows."

"Oh, I have her list of ingredients right here," said Willow, about to take a piece of paper out of her pocket.

"No. We were hoping...," said Principal Bump, taking out a dagger from his sleeve. "For a closer look. Willow, I'll allow you the first cut."

"Aaah!" thought Danielle, looking at the dagger than Principal Bump. "Principal Bump, wait…"

"I'm not going to harm her" said Principal Bump, whispering in Danielle's ear. "Just going to scare her a little is all. Nothing to worry about."

"I'm not comfortable with this," said Danielle, looking at Principal Bump.

"Willow, go ahead and make the first incision," said Principal Bump, looking at Willow.

"Wait, Principal Bump! Uh, high five!" said Gus, toppling over some pots, releasing the abominations inside. "Run!"

"They're getting away!" said Amity, seeing Willow and Luz run out of the classroom.

"I'll get them," said Danielle, walking out of the classroom. "Seems like this may be a current theme with me cleaning up Luz's mess."

"Still going to place some barriers up," said Principal Bump, setting off the barriers.

"I think it would go faster if I put my skates on," said Danielle, taking out her skates and putting them on. "There we go. Now to find Luz."

Skating down the halls, Danielle tries to find Luz and Willow. Barriers were going up left and right as Danielle tried to traverse around them only to have to go down a different hallway. Abominations were also conjured at one point by Principal Bump to try and slow Luz and Willow down. Coming upon the central atrium, thorny vines end up entangling Danielle.

"Ah! No! You got the wrong person," said Danielle, being slammed into the ceiling. "Get me down! Get me down this second!"

"Oh, my Titan," said Willow, controlling the vines to lower Danielle back down. "I'm so sorry."

"Remarkable," said Principal Bump, staring at the display of Willow's magic as he entered the central atrium. "The human was right."

"I told you so," said Danielle, looking at Principal Bump.

"Eep," said Luz, hiding behind Willow.

"I'm not letting you get away so easily," said Amity, glaring at Luz and Willow. "Abominations, seize!"

"Miss Blight, that is quite enough," said Principal Bump, staring at Amity.

"But…" said Amity, looking at Principal Bump. "The intruder!"

"Is a guest of Miss Park," said Principal Bump, before twirling his finger and changing the color on Willow's uniform. "And now apart of the Plant track."

"Thanks Principal Bump," said Willow, staring at her uniform.

"You can stop pretending to be an abomination," said Principal Bump, looking at Luz. "You friend here explained the situation."

"Pretend? Just what are you?" asked Amity, making Luz blush as she studied her up close. "Where did you come from?"

"I am curious how you two got here," said Principal Bump, looking at Danielle and Luz. "And where you're staying."

"Yeah, there was this portal…" said Danielle, tapping her foot on the ground. "We're staying at the Owl House."

"Oh no," said Principal Bump, pinching the bridge of his nose then looking at Danielle and Luz. "Edalyn Clawthorne's place."

"We actually know her as Eda," said Danielle, looking at Principal Bump. "But, yeah, that's her. She's our mentor as of right now. Already know how to make blabber serum and fog brew. Still working on exploding potions."

"Hmm, not bad," said Principal Bump, impressed before looking at Luz. "And you?"

"Still working on the blabber serum but I finally got a working fog brew," replied Luz, looking at Principal Bump. "It just smells of rotten eggs right now though."

"I highly doubt Edalyn will allow you two to attend Hexside," said Principal Bump, looking at Danielle and Luz.

"We'll cross that bridge when it comes," said Danielle, pocketing her hands.

"Be that as it may, you…" said Principal Bump, pointing at Luz. "Came into Hexside unannounced while your friend came to my office to explain the situation at hand."

"So-sorry," said Luz, looking at Principal Bump.

"You're banned from Hexside for a while," said Principal Bump, staring at Luz. "I'll lift it eventually."

"Wait…" said Danielle, looking at Principal Bump. "I'm not banned. Shouldn't I be?"

"You explained the situation and asked for a visitor's pass," replied Principal Bump, looking at Danielle. "I don't see a reason for such a thing."

"Oh," said Danielle, not liking she got off the hook while Luz got banned.

"I guess I'll head back to the Owl House," said Luz, walking towards the entrance of the school. "Later Willow."

"Bye," said Willow, waving bye to Luz.

"Luz, wait up," said Danielle, catching up to Luz outside of Hexside. "I didn't mean for you to get banned. I was just…"

"Really now," said Luz, slightly glaring at Danielle with hurt eyes. "Could have fooled me."

"Luz…" thought Danielle, as she watched Luz walk away. "I'm sorry."

Walking all the way back to the Owl House in silence, Danielle and Luz notice a baby trash slug whimper as it runs away. Seeing Eda and King outside, Luz rushes over and hugs them.

"Hey, hey, hey, hey! What is this?" asked Eda, as Luz continued to hug her and King. "Ugh! I never understand when you do this."

"I just need this," replied Luz, not letting Eda and King go.

"Yeah… um…" said Danielle, gaining Eda's attention. "Luz may have gotten banned from Hexside."

"Banned, then there should…" said Eda, only for a poster to magically appear before her. "Ah, baby's first wanted poster. Good job, kid. Looks like I taught you something after all. Wait… where's the banned poster for Danielle?"

"I… uh… didn't get banned," said Danielle, looking at Eda.

"Lucky you," said Luz, slightly glaring at Danielle with hurt eyes.

Owl Pellet #6

After a long day of having to deal with two humans in his school, Principal Bump is sitting in his office nursing a massive headache. Images of two timelines were slowly playing in his head.

"I don't know the whole meaning of this but I won't be played like a fiddle again," said Principal Bump, as certain images danced in his head. "I know Asparilla will work best with both Luz and Danielle as their potion teacher. Now what to do…"

And just like that, Principal Bump conks out after too much information was going through his head. For the next few days, Principal Bump had called in sick till his memories sorted out.

Owl Pellet #7

It has been a few days since Danielle and Luz have been on the isles. While Vee was attending summer camp in Luz's stead, Jacob was having a meltdown. Rocking back and forth while holding a pink dolphin plush that he and his wife had gotten Danielle when she had her appendix taken out, Jacob stares blankly around his daughter's room.

"My baby girl… my baby girl…" said Jacob, clutching the plush close. "Dad will protect… I'll protect you."

"Oh dear," thought Skye, watching Jacob. "Was it really wise to leave, my princess? Your father is having a meltdown."

"That beast… took my daughter…" said Jacob, resolve in his eyes. "I will search… and I will find you. You'll regret ever taking my wife and daughter from me."

"My queen, when will you return?" thought Skye, as she walked over and nuzzled against Jacob, mewing to cheer him up. "I am forever in your doubt for saving me, so I'll continue to watch over your loved ones. But please return, they need you more now than ever."

Owl Pellet #8

"Okay, now I can see why I felt a piece of me with that Half Breed," said Papa Titan, clutching his head in pain as memories flittered by.

"What's the matter?" asked Collector, from his area. "Boredom finally making your head hurt. That's why I like to play."

"Wait… how is your head not hurting as well?" asked Papa Titan, staring in the direction of Collector's area.

"Why would my head be hurting?" asked Collector, staring in Papa Titan's direction

"You incessant whining is part of it," replied Papa Titan, before passing out.

"Hey, you didn't answer. Hey, can you hear me?" asked Collector, before groaning. "Great, not only is Philip playing the quiet game again but so are you. I want out of here!"