The majority vote is to not finish sheviking's work. So I'm glad everyone was civil and respectful, I wanted feedback and everyone was nice. I'll finish it for myself but will NOT publish it since I don't have permission. For anyone curious. I had a chapter of them getting married then an end-of-their-lives final chapter that would have been from Edvard's POV where he remembers the birth of their children & grandchildren. I also had an outline of My Beauty where Edvard arrives home & finds she's been taken. Again, I'm going to write it for me, I won't publish it.

I do have an original multi chapter story almost finished that I'll throw on here instead. My writing has improved over time so I'm actually excited about what I have so far (~2/3 finished). So if anyone cares, I'll start posting chapters in a few days.

Again, glad everyone was so kind. I've missed this community & the support I had in the past. Hopefully everyone will like the contemporary story that I've put together. See you in a week or so!