No Truck-kun! Instead Aeroplane-kun helps our main character transmigrate in the beautiful world of Pokemon! But… the world of Pokemon is freaking dangerous! Follow the story of Orion and join him on the journey as he tours the world of pokemon while building the best team and battling against tough opponents while surviving numerous disasters.

What to expect :

1. Smart and Consistent MC.

2. No Plot holes (hopefully).

3. An original story (I won't be following any canon storylines).

4. Lots of new characters.

5. Smart/Cunning side characters.

6. Chaotic and intense battles (I'll do my best. I'll need a lot of suggestions and constructive criticism to improve the battles).

7. No System.


1. The world is dark. There will be a lot of deaths, killing and perhaps even gore (though I'll keep gore to a minimum and avoid using it when not necessary).

2. No Harem, No Lemons, No Pokephilia!

3. The MC isn't kind hearted and passionate like Shounen MCs. On the contrary, he will grow to be very ruthless to survive in this world.

4. The story will start slow. It will pick up pace after Orion begins his journey (I'll keep you updated about this).

5. I haven't seen the latest seasons. So you may not see many pokemons from Generation 8 and 9.

6. The world is an AU. Though many characters are the same, their teams and personalities could be slightly altered.

7. The MC won't become the best pokemon trainer in a short time. Though the story will revolve around him, the world will not. So don't expect him to receive much special treatment or gifts from every gym leader/champion/legendary pokemon. His struggles will be real.

8. There will be a lot of Monologues at the start of the story (especially in chp 3 and 4. Feel free to skip those if you aren't a fan of monologues). But later on it will be much less.

If the above is what you are looking for in a fanfic, welcome on the journey :-)