Ch 6 - Out at Sea

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The wind was blowing as the sun set, its cool caress soothing the ears atop her head Blake gazed at the rock formations rising from the depths as the ship cruised towards its destination. Said ears twitched slightly as she heard approaching footsteps, and she turned her head to see Yang walking over. Her partner settled to her right, and they both stood in silence for a few more seconds. Blake swallowed, thinking of what Ruby had told her the other day. The last time she'd been in a relationship had been with… Adam, and saying that hadn't ended well was an understatement on par with saying that Vyliria has had a crappy unlife. And now Yang was interested in her. Blake had been a bit more observant of the blonde of late, and was almost certain Ruby was right. Do I even like women? she thought. For the longest time she'd thought herself straight. First with Adam, and then she privately admitted to herself that she bore an interest in Sun for a while, but Yang? She took a breath. As much as she'd never admit it, she did enjoy some of her puns, and even though Blake had introduced her to the series, they both enjoyed Ninjas of Love, and Yang had even gotten into reading more recently. Not often, but enough that they could share the hobby. Blake honestly enjoyed the time spent with her partner, and it was plainly evident they both cared for one another. Nor was she hard on the eyes. Blake took another breath. She knew Salem was out there thanks to Vyliria and Patches, and that even if she was set back a long way by the death of Cinder, that the queen of the Grimm would be plotting the end of the world. Stopping her was important, but her time at Beacon had shown her that she couldn't dedicate herself solely to fighting evil, and trying to atone for her past. I have to live for myself. Maybe love is something I'll never truly receive, Adam being a prime example. Maybe I won't feel the same way Yang does about me. Maybe I'm straight, and I just haven't properly figured that out yet. But at the very least, it can't hurt to try, because if I don't, then I'll never know if those assumptions could be wrong.

"So," both women began at the same time, before stopping. "You first," Blake cut in.

"What're you doing over here, Blake?"

"Just thinking," the faunus replied.

"'Bout what?" the blonde shot back.

Moment of truth, Blake thought. "You," she hesitantly said.

"Me?" Yang asked, eyes widening and her cheeks flushing slightly.

"Yeah, your sister mentioned some interesting things about you."

Her partner's eyes narrowed. "Like what?"

"That she caught you staring at me quite a few times," Blake replied coyly, enjoying the opportunity to throw Yang off-kilter. "And staring at my butt."

"I, uh, I thought I saw a stain on your pants-"

"Multiple times?"

Yang was flushing openly now, and started stammering.

Blake let the mirth wash off her face, even as she started to blush herself, and looked at Yang with a serious expression on her face. "Yang? D-do you like me? As, as more than a friend?"

There were a few seconds of silence as Yang looked at her like a deer caught in the headlights, before she took in a breath, and responded with a nervous, "Yeah… Do you?"

Blake hesitated for a handful of seconds, before finally making up her mind. "I'm not sure, but I'm willing to find out," she said in a soft voice, but not a second later, she noticed a flicker of movement on the upper deck from the corner of her eye. She turned fully towards it, seeing a figure looking down at them, completely obscured by a brown cloak. She pulled Gambol Shroud off her back, hesitancy and embarrassment forgotten, causing Yang to turn as well, and shouted, "Who's there?"

The figure took a step back, not saying a word, before turning and retreating. Before either of them could pursue, however, the ship suddenly rocked, and the pair turned their gazes back to the sea as an alarm started to blare and the captain called all hands to battle stations. From the waves in front of them rose a serpentine form, black skinned, with white bone spikes on its top and white bone-plating on its bottom, with red segments forming a pattern down its body, upon which were two (proportionally) small, clawed arms. A draconian head turned towards them, red fins flaring behind its horned head, fanged maw opening and uttering a roar, two black whiskers hanging down over a dozen feet from the bone plating protecting its upper head. The alpha sea feilong afixed its baleful yellow gaze upon the two young women, and two more roars from its species answered as the Grimm reared back to begin its attack.


Weiss was at the back of the ship when it was beset by the feilongs. As the one attacking from this angle reared back to use its own mass to attack, she flicked out the court sorcerer's staff, blue light building before a crystal soul spear fired out with a shriek. The Grimm recoiled in pain and screamed, and Weiss took the opportunity to conjure some glyphs to jump across, landing on one of the many rock outcrops rising from the ocean around her. The beast turned to face her, the ship forgotten as it bore down on the Schnee. She conjured up a crystal homing soulmass, a glyph spinning to life as she thumbed Myrtenaster to ice dust (and privately thanked a certain Irithyllian for telling her to always be armed, specifically for occasions such as this). However, her plans to dash around the ocean and hopefully freeze it in place before finishing it went out the window, as with a squelch, the fins on its back split, and a pair of membranous, blood red wings shot out its back. It took to the sky, flapping backwards and nearly touching the ship, mouth opening as a yellow light built in its maw. The ex-heiress readied a twisted wall of light just in case, even as her legs tensed to dash out of the way with a speed glyph, but before the beast could fire, a cloaked figure jumped from the ship, shedding the concealing cloth to reveal Sun Wukong of all people. He clasped his hands together midair, calling forth two yellow, ethereal clones of himself, which grabbed onto the whiskers of the feilong and yanked back, diverting its head and laser harmlessly into the air. The clones shortly dissipated, and Sun himself ran up the length of its back, splitting Ruyi Bang and Jingu Bang into their nun-chuck forms, shotgun blasts accompanying a handful of hits to the Grimm's armored skull. As the feilong regained its bearings however, he was forced to grab both whiskers himself just to hang on as the thing began to wildly fly around in an attempt to buck him off.

"Sun?!" Weiss exclaimed, stupefied by the monkey faunus' sudden appearance here of all places, "What are you doing here?"

"Ah, you know," he shouted, feigning nonchalance atop the Grimm he was riding, "Just hanging around!" The fielong suddenly did a barrel roll, and Sun yelped as he was tossed off, falling to the ocean below. Eyes widening, Weiss put a series of low-strength stasis glyphs to slow him down, and when he finally reached a low enough velocity, she put another glyph below him, which he sunk into, before it launched him like a springboard towards her, though he righted himself midair and managed to land on his feet nearby.

"You dolt! What in the world made you think that was a good idea?" she reprimanded.

"Hey, excuse me for wanting to help when you were fighting that thing alone!" he shot back indignantly.

Speaking of "that thing," the Grimm in question wasn't idle, flapping higher into the air and diving towards them with a roar, firing a beam at them as it came. Sun reacted first, weapons put back into their bowstaff configuration as he spun it to deflect the blast, and Weiss sunk to a knee as she thrust Myrtenaster into the ground, crafting a massive black glyph in the path of the feilong, whose head smashed into it at full speed, stopped cold as it flinched from the impact. Dazed and disoriented, Weiss took advantage of the opening, hopping across a series of glyphs, soulmass striking its head as she crafted a quartet of gravity glyphs to bound between, slashing its head multiple times before jumping back and casting a soul greatsword across its snout as a parting gift. While the sorceries left a few dents and a sizable cut into the bone plating, the attacks seemed to annoy the beast more than anything else, and it merely took to the skies again, taking a moment to regain its bearings before attacking them.

"Uh, I think that only made it mad!" Sun warned.

Weiss huffed, but didn't dispute the claim, trying to come up with a better way to harm it. She wasn't confident in her ability to hit it with a soul stream, nevermind the fact that she was still working on perfecting casts of the spell to begin with, which meant she needed to fall back on her semblance for a solution. Thankfully, she had one such option she'd been practicing whenever she was able. Unfortunately, she needed a few seconds to get it working. "Distract it, please," she told him.

Sun whipped his head around to her. "What?" With a roar, the feilong descended to sea level, barely skimming above the ocean as it flew towards them. "Ah, crap," Sun muttered, before running off, firing at the Grimm as he went, shouting "Hey ugly, over here!"

The monster took the bait, and Weiss took a breath, conjuring a glyph in front of her, taking in a breath and reaching into her soul. She thought back to her trial to get into Beacon, and the fight against the wyvern at that same institution. She found the fallen foe she was looking for, and reached for it, pulling it to the surface. The glyph brightened, and the glowing, white form of her Arma Gigas rose like a knight of yore, drawing a sword and taking a stance. Turning to Sun, she saw him scream as he narrowly dodged another laser, before he glanced over to her and his eyes widened as he realized the plan, making his way back towards her with the Grimm in hot pursuit. Her summon charged forwards with a thundering gait, jumping from rock outcrop to rock outcrop, meeting Sun halfway, taking the feilong by surprise by stopping it cold with one hand, slamming its head into the rock, before raising its blade and plunging it into the Grimm's skull. The beast thrashed, but the Arma Gigas just twisted the blade, and with a shudder, the feilong died, both it and the summon fading from existence shortly after, even as Weiss felt another fallen foe join the possibilities she could call forth.

Sun came to a stop in front of her. "Up high!" he said, holding his right hand up for a high-five.

Weiss just deadpanned at him. "And how long were you just planning on stalking us if this hadn't happened?"

Sun gave a nervous laugh. "You know, stalking is such a strong word. I was just tagging along on your own adventure, because it looked interesting, you know?"

Weiss' glower didn't abate, and Sun's raised hand sank as gave a nervous swallow.


The Feilong attacking the front of the ship went to open up with an electric laser. Neo had been bored out of her mind before it showed up, enough so that she was seriously entertaining Ruby's request to practice sign language… for the third time today. Of course, then this had to happen, and Neo was now faced with a blast too large to block with Hush. So it was a good thing that they weren't the only two combatants lurking at the front of the ship, as the curseward greatshield was thrust between them and the beam, effortlessly tanking the attack.

Patches scoffed, staring down the Grimm as it rose from the depths. "What would you kids do without me?" he slyly remarked, flicking the safety off on Splitleaf and directing his attention to their opponent.

"Eh, thanks," Red said sheepishly. Hey, Edgelord said that I only had to call them by their names, not that I had to think of them by said names, she defended when her subconscious brought up the memory of the deal. Red pulled out her oversized gardening implement, a series of mechanical whirs and shifting gears accompanying its transformation from a sniper rifle to a sniper-scythe.

"Huntsmen!" Neo turned to gaze at the white haired, bearded captain standing in front of the control room of the ship. "If you can keep it still, we can take it out with the heavy cannon!" Accompanying the statement was the sound of the weapon in question arising nearby their position, revealing itself to be a large, rotary, single-barreled turret. Neo gave a single nod before turning back towards the foe, even as Patches hosed the thing's face with buckshot. Before Red could dash off, Neo tapped her shoulder, and looked on with confusion as Neo pointed at her scythe.

"Do you want me to launch you with Crescent Rose?" she asked.

Neo gave a smile and a nod, glad that Red had picked up her intent on the first guess, and received a grin in response as she positioned the weapon behind her, blade horizontal, the weapon angled towards the Grimm. Neo hopped onto the blade, and one pull of the trigger accompanied by a swing of the scythe later, she was airborne, sailing towards the feilong. She landed on its head, and used her momentum to stab her blade into the monster's right eye. It shrieked in agony, and Neo winced as the sound hurt her ears through her aura. It was immediately followed by an even louder one as Red slapped her weapon down blade first on the deck, using it as a monopod to shoot out the other. Blinded, the Grimm thrashed about wildly, and Neo leapt off the beast, opening Hush to safely float back down to the ship. Seconds later, the heavy cannon boomed, blowing the top half of the beast to bits.

A few seconds passed in relative silence. "Wow," Red said. "That was anticlimactic."

Neo just looked at her and offered a shrug, while Patches said, "Trust me, because I'm speaking from experience: It's a good thing when your fights are quick, uneventful, and have minimal difficulty. That means everything's going right." He looked as if he was going to add something else, but the roar of a Sea Feilong reminded them that more than one of the Grimm had attacked the ship.

"Come on!" Red shouted, swapping her magazine to gravity rounds, racking the bolt to empty the chamber of the normal bullet, expertly slotting it back in its detached magazine before stowing it away and dashing off in a trail of rose petals. Neo merely rolled her eyes as Patches and her made to follow.


Blake opened up by using the ribbon on Gambol Shroud to hook onto the alpha's head, swinging up to it, slashing its head several times before flashing out of the way with a shadow clone as it whipped its head in an attempt to throw her off. She landed back atop it, before jumping towards the ship while tossing a black fire orb behind her to impact the thing's snout. Gambol Shroud was tossed again, this time towards the ship, Yang grabbing the blade at the end of the ribbon and pulling, yanking her partner out of the way of a bite as the Grimm pursued. The blonde brawler used Ember Celicia to propel herself with recoil, meeting the feilong alpha flaming fist first. There was a crunch as the beast's momentum was completely stopped, and its bone mask cracked at the site of the impact, but Yang wasn't done just yet. Firing another blast from her shot-gauntlets, she launched herself to the side of the Grimm's head, grabbing a whisker as she passed to alter the direction her momentum carried her. Even as she landed on the side of its face, one hand was rearing back as a chaos bed vestige formed, before she slammed the spell right into its right eye and jumped off. It recoiled, roaring in agony, wings sprouting from its back as it went to take to the air.

Yang just grinned, thrusting her hands towards the ocean, launching herself at it via the recoil of her shot-gauntlets, before using her pyromancy flame to cast a great combustion from both hands to the same effect. She managed to grab onto its tail, but her plan to make her way up its body quickly went out the window as she yelled with surprise when it began to twist and turn in an attempt to dislodge its uninvited tagalong. It passed over the ship, and Yang lost her grip as she began to plummet towards the deck. She tried, but failed to stop tumbling so she could stop her uncontrolled descent. Feet from the wood, something swooped in and grabbed her hand, bleeding off her momentum. She turned to see Blake wincing from the strain of diverting her fall, before her weapon detached from the upper rigging, and they both managed a rolling stop on the deck. The feilong fixed its remaining eye upon the blond brawler, only to roar in rage as the lower decking ports opened and smaller canons began a broadside at the beast, though they didn't seem to do any real harm.

"Hey Blake," Yang asked, emotions tossed to the side for the duration of the fight. "Think you can use Gambol Shroud to throw me at it?"

"You think you can land on it again?" Blake quipped back in a rare case of cockiness from the faunus.

"You know it," Yang boasted with a grin. Blake responded in kind, before tossing her weapon towards a rock outcropping near the ship, hooking it in and using her free hand to use a black flame to propel herself along. Yang followed off the deck, using pyromancy and weapons in tandem to launch herself even faster, catching up to Blake halfway across her arc, grabbing onto her free hand and expending the rest of the shells in her right gauntlet to speed the pair up even further. In the background, she heard a heavy caliber cannon fire, but she didn't focus on that, since she was angled towards the Grimm now. She let go, flying at it as it banked over the ship, thrusting her hands in front of her as she crafted an especially large great chaos fire orb from her pyromancy flame. She was right on target, bursting through one wing in an explosion of lava, tearing a massive hole into the limb and ruining it, and as she passed by it towards the front of the ship, she turned, lighting the pyromancy flame of her right hand and flaring it so that the shot she fired from her left gauntlet passed through the fire, the burning pellets craving holes that began to spread through the other wing.

Unfortunately, as she began to spin and fall to the ocean, realizing Blake was a lot farther than last time, it occurred to her that she didn't exactly think her plan through. Ah, crap, she thought, bracing for impact against the water. However, fate decided to smile upon her today, and a distant shout of "Hang on, Yang!" was immediately followed by repeated retorts from Crescent Rose. She reached both hands out as she spun through the air, and felt her sister grab onto one, firing Crescent Rose one-handed as soon as she spun enough that the barrel pointed away from the ship. Just before they started to lose momentum from the first shot, Yang realized that Ruby couldn't rack the bolt to fire another while holding on to her, but it turned out to be a non-issue as the world around her blurred, and she began to feel very weird as her view was reduced to a swirling cloud of red and yellow rose petals. Seconds later, her perception was returned, and both sisters were now mere feet from the deck as their momentum carried them the last bit of distance, landing in an uncontrolled tumble and smacking up against the wall, letting out simultaneous groans of pain.

"Ruby?" Yang said with a wince, not bothering to sit up against the wall.

"Yeah?" her sister responded from her upside-down position, sounding just as out of it after that stunt with her semblance.

"That was awesome."

"Yeaaaah…" she agreed.

The sea feilong alpha chose that moment to remind her it wasn't dead, just unable to fly. However, it could still swim very well, and it passed by a rock outcropping nearby before smacking it with its tail, sending chunks of rock as large as they were at the ship. Thankfully, the sides of the ship were armored, so the worst most of the impacts did was dent the plating or lodge themselves in the wooden deck, but one rock the size of a door was hurtling straight at her sister. Before Yang could cry out a warning or throw herself in the way, though, Neo daintily stepped in front of Ruby, casually holding an unfolded Hush overhead and behind her, as if to block the light of the setting sun. Only the slightest tensing of both hands holding on the parasol hinted to her bracing for the impact, as the rock smashed into the weapon and broke apart harmlessly. The mute girl merely looked down at her sister, teeth displayed in a wide grin, before removing one hand from Hush and making a few rapid signs.

"N… i… c… e. T… h… o… n… g." Ruby said the letters as she made a good deal of effort to read the sign language, before she put the words together and realized that her being upside down meant the heterochromatic girl could see up her skirt. She yelped as her face flushed, falling onto her side with a quiet "oof," before scrambling to her feet and pushing down the garment as much as she could.

Yang was about to shout at Neo for looking up (technically down) her sister's skirt, but then processed what she heard. "Ruby?" she asked with a dangerous tone in her voice.

A roar reminded her that she'd forgotten about the attacking Grimm again, and her eyes widened as she tossed her baby sister wearing underwear of a risqué nature to the back of her mind, looking up to see the thing's face way too close for comfort, only for the retort of a shotgun to sound out as a flaming projectile speared into its remaining eye, bursting apart in a small fireball on impact, blinding it.

Patches set Splitleaf on the ground, idly commenting, "Gotta love explosive slug rounds," before properly addressing them. "Sorry about the extra time I took, had to run down to my cabin to grab my bottomless box. Us normal undead have to settle for external pocket dimensions to store our things." He took out a small wooden box that fit in the palm of his hand, before dropping it to the floor as it expanded to the size of a travel trunk. It landed with a thunk, and even while the captain bellowed out orders to the helm as the ship frantically moved away from the thrashing, blinded alpha feilong, he calmly opened the thing and removed a rocket launcher, slotting a fire-dust RPG into the tube and taking careful aim. "Might wanna open your mouths, because even if your aura means your eardrums don't get ruptured when I fire, it'll still hurt," he said nonchalantly. He took a knee, further adjusted his aim for another pair of seconds, and shouted out, "Brace for backblast!"

Yang and Ruby barely had time to heed the advice, Neo having already done it, before he fired, the rocket sailing straight into an ruined eye-socket before detonating inside its skull. Its head blew apart from the inside out in a cloud of fire and black ichor, before the body flopped into the ocean and began to dissolve.

Yang turned back towards Patches as he blew away the smoke wafting from the weapon's barrel, before placing it back in the box, putting a hand on it, whereupon it shrunk, and he placed it into a pocket. "Gonna keep that on me from now on," he muttered to himself. In the background, the crew and other passengers began to cheer.

"You have a rocket launcher?!" Ruby blurted out.

"And a minigun, two tons of explosives of various calibers, I got an artillery piece and some shells somewhere in there, enough grenades to make that Nora girl from Avalon's team jealous, a couple dozen pistols, some sub-machine guns, two belt-fed machine guns meant to be placed in a stationary position, a sniper rifle, spare parts and ammo for all of them, my winged spear from the Age of Fire, a sniper crossbow with the appropriate bolts and explosive bolts from that same time, a whole host of other weapons and shields, some spare clothes, and the armor I wore in the Ringed City before Vyliria helped me fix my hollowing," he replied without missing a beat.

"What?" Blake said, having arrived just in time to catch that, the faunus girl appeared utterly flabbergasted.

Neo held up her scroll, having spent the past few seconds typing on it, before tapping a text to speech button. Patches isn't bragging when he says he can wage a one man war, the scroll read aloud. And while he might have more guns, Avalon probably still has several magnitudes more weapons stowed away than he does.

"I don't know if I should be impressed or disturbed by that," Weiss commented, hopping off a glyph and onto the deck, followed by Sun Wukong of all people.

"Sun?!" Blake and Yang both exclaimed with shock, while Ruby just looked on with surprise. Neo didn't display a visible reaction, and Patches just raised an eyebrow.

"Wassup?" he asked, a cocky smile on his face.

Yang managed to resist the urge to slap him in the face. Ironically, Blake did not.


The sun had finally completely set as Sun had stood back up from the strike. The crow that had taken up residence on the ship cawed overhead. She wondered if it had run or hid when the Grimm attacked.

"Were you stalking us?" Blake accused him.

"Apparently he just wanted to follow our 'adventure,' and there's no ulterior motive," Weiss actually covered for him. "And he did help me with one of the sea feilongs," she begrudgingly admitted.

"Look," Sun started, "the moment you all left, I knew exactly what you were doing." There was a pause as everyone looked confused. "You're going on a six-person rampage against the White Fang!" he exclaimed, hands thrust forwards in heavy metal symbols.

"What?" Ruby asked, her train of thought completely derailed by the wildly inaccurate assumption of the purpose of their trip.

"The White Fang attacked you guys, attacked your school… even if Penny beat nearly all of them herself… but that Adam guy tried to hurt you and your friends. And they also really screwed with you guys," he added as he pointed to Patches and Neo. "So you all want revenge! And I wanted to come with."

Blake sighed. "I can't believe you."

"But the White Fang are based in Menagerie, so your friends will stick out like a sore thumb because they're human." Patches coughed, but was ignored. "And that's where I come in! Us faunus gotta stick together."

Weiss responded to his little speech first. "You know, I didn't think it was possible, but we've found someone more dense than Jaune."

Sun deflated, confusion rapidly appearing on his face, replaced just as fast with indignation. "Hey!"

"We're not going anywhere near the White Fang," Ruby told him. "We're going to visit Blake's parents because they invited us. Because her dad's in charge of Menagerie, and wanted to meet Weiss because she called out her dad for being racist on live T.V."

"Your parent's are in charge of Menagerie?!" Sun shouted.

Blake stared at him incredulously, and Weiss chimed in with, "You're even more of a dolt than Ruby."

"I mean, you really should have known this by now," Ruby told him, before replaying Weiss' statement in her head. "Hey!"

"We didn't exactly advertise it, but by the time the tournament started we weren't really keeping it a secret either," Yang added. "And did you just abandon your own team to follow us? Unless Neptune, Sage, and Scarlet are also hiding below deck in brown cloaks."

Sun snickered, and hopped onto the deck railing, monkey tail swishing idly behind him. "That'd actually be really funny, but there's no way I'd be able to get Neptune anywhere near the ocean." Ruby privately agreed, that even though the mental image was kinda creepy considering she was the one being followed, Sun's whole team lurking belowdecks in brown cloaks was a pretty funny idea. "They flew back to Mistral, but I cleared things up with them before I left, and it's not the first time I left them to take a boat. I even paid for the ticket this time! So I'm coming with you guys, because even if you aren't going after the White Fang, they might go after you." He sat silently for a pair of seconds. "And besides… I'm kinda already on the boat."

"Meh," Patches shrugged. "Neither the weirdest nor the least welcome company I've had. Nothing off my back if he tags along."

Ruby looked to Neo, who just shrugged in agreement. Or that she didn't care either way. Ruby couldn't really tell. She still had trouble picking up her nonverbal cues, however much she wanted to work on that. It wasn't fair that Neo couldn't easily communicate with others, so Ruby would help however she could.

"I mean, he is already on the boat," Yang said. "We're not gonna throw him overboard."

Blake gave a silent, annoyed glare, but ultimately turned around and left, a somewhat concerned Yang following her. Neo just shrugged again, and turned to leave, Patches offering a mocking salute as he followed, but Ruby called out to the mute, who turned around with a raised eyebrow. "Hey, uh, thanks. For earlier, with blocking that rock. And thank you too Patches, for blocking the laser and helping out with killing the Grimm."

Neo regarded her for a few seconds, before offering a genuine smile and a nod, while Patches just continued to walk away, raising one fist in a gesture Vyliria had given all the way back on initiation day. "I'm your chaperone, apparently. It's in the job description."

"Soooo…" Sun trailed off. "I don't suppose any of you managed to grab my cloak?"

Weiss unsheathed Myrtenaster, pointing it behind her, and said cloak made its way above the railing, carried by a glyph. "You're lucky it got stuck in one of the cannon-ports," she said, tossing it to him. "Don't wear it again." She left as well, Ruby meeting Sun's eyes and offering a sheepish shrug before going to follow.

A/N: Before you say I just launched the ship with no fanfare, all I did was have Yang admit she likes Blake, and Blake admit she's willing to give it a shot. A romance that does not make. That's just step one. Also, this is a timeline where Beacon didn't fall and neither Yang nor Blake had to deal with the trauma of that or any other obstructions to their relationship.

As with the scene at the docks oh so long ago, going by Dark Souls rules, bosses get more HP the more summons you bring. So I bought three sea feilongs (one as an alpha) instead of the canonical single large angry flying Grimm oriental style sea dragon thing.

Or it could just be Qrow's semblance. I mean, if he felt like they were in actual danger, he'd have obviously intervened, but they were fine.

Did Weiss and Sun ever actually interact directly in canon? Like, besides a sentence or three at Beacon and maybe something at the train station in Mistral? I don't think so… Also, I keep forgetting that Sun has to stay still to use his semblance. I get all these cool scenes in mind where he attacks in tandem with his clones, but then I remember, "Oh wait, I can't do that," and I have to cut half a paragraph and redo things in a more boring manner.

So yeah, how about instead of a queen lancer, Weiss gets a fucking sea feilong as a summon?

You know a really vulnerable part of any being with eyes? Their eyes. (Just gonna leave an F in the chat for Maria, here) Like seriously, how hard is it to put out a giant Grimm's eyes? Smaller ones I get, because it's a fast moving, small target, but things like the wyvern and a feilong? Why didn't Blake just shoot out one of its eyes while she was attacking its head in canon? Seriously, you don't even need magic for that. And Crescent Rose is a sniper rifle as well as a scythe!

Then I got a bunch of cool ideas for Yang and Blake fighting the alpha, and then I came up with an opportunity to showcase Ruby's advanced semblance in action, and added a few comedy moments that would honestly fit right in the show… like I could legit see the segment between Yang and Ruby just after landing back on the ship happening in canon, had it taken a different direction. I also got to show off Patches and Neo being badasses, and finally got to show off that Patches has a bottomless box (from DS1), since I think I only mentioned it once in the prequel.

It's fun to do mostly original conversations, but still find ways to sprinkle in bits of canon dialogue here and there.

Next chapter involves tying up some loose ends from group A and B's most recent escapades, and also shows some of what Adam's been up to. The one after that will get back to group C, and what Roman's been doing in Atlas.