How can a person they are in shock? Because I have the inking idea that I might be. I kept touching my left hand. It helps me calm down, but I am calm, which is weird. This whole day has been weird. I'm just watching the trees go by while lightly touching my hand, the same one Elijah gently held.

"Anna? Please talk to me." Elena's voice broke me out of my thoughts.

"I think I'm in shock," I said distantly.

"Okay." She pulled me in a hug. "I'm so sorry."

"Did you ask for this?" I asked.


I asked again, but she needed to know she couldn't hold everything like it's her responsibility, "Did you ask to be a doppelganger? Did you tell them to kidnap us? Did you want this to happen?"

"No, never."

"Then what do you have to apologize for? It's not your fault for getting involved in this."

"I just wish you didn't have to know." She hugs me tighter.

It feels good, just a little suffocating. I wonder if I'm touch starved. I know I am. Horrible foster parents, remember. But what about me in this world? I sighed, knowing I wouldn't find the answer tonight. "It would have happened sooner or later. Thanks for the warning, although." I might have twisted the dagger a little, but I did say there are times when I like and dislike Elena Gilbert.


"I just want to sleep. We'll talk at home, okay?"

"Sweet Dreams Angel."

I just kept my eyes closed. I didn't want to talk because I might say something crazy, like how Elijah Mikealson is still alive and didn't die from regular wood. Or how I didn't like Elena believing everything was about her. Oof! Today has been a rollercoaster and a half. It was a couple of hours before the car stopped, and Elena shook my shoulder to get me up.

"Hey, wake up. We're home."


"Yeah, come on, you can get some sleep in a real bed."


She waved goodbye to the brothers, and I was leaning on her heavily. She opened the front door, and we helped each other up the stairs. At this point, I believe Bonnie is sleeping in Jeremy's bed. He should hear us right about now.

Jeremy yells, "Elena? Anna?"

Yep, perfect timing. As we got up the stairs, we saw Jeremy and Bonnie rush outside his door. Bonnie rushes over to her and embraces her as Jeremy embraces me.

"Are you okay?" Jeremy whispers in my neck.

I nod, "I'm okay. I'm okay." I feel so safe in his arms like he'll help me through everything and make sure it's alright. Jeremy Gilbert is my twin, my brother, my other half. I didn't realize I had a piece of my soul missing until I saw him.

Elena looks at Bonnie, "I got your message."

Bonnie cries and embraces her again. Then, Jeremy lets me go and embraces Elena. Bonnie gives me a hug, too, but once she touches me, she pulls back. Oh no, it looks like she had a vision. Great. I might have some explaining to do. Yeah, nope. I need to sleep—lots of it—before I deal with any of this.

Dear Diary,

I've got to say I'm happy to have found you. This makes things a little better about learning who I am in this world. Because what else could go wrong?! Jinx! As it turns out, I'm Anna Gilbert, the twin sister of Jeremy Gilbert. I didn't use drugs or alcohol when my parents died. Wait, is it her or me? I'll just stick with me. Continuing on. Thank God. It looks like I started writing in this diary when I started high school. It helps a lot. And it turns out I do have ADHD, awesome. I have to take pills. And I used to have a crush on Damon. Wow, I need to get my head checked. What did I do to deserve that? I don't even like him or his brother. Luckily, they don't talk to me all that much, but it looks like I'm starting to resent Elena for keeping secrets and such. And it looks like I found something that might mean I'm adopted or something. Looks like I will need to have a conversation with Jenna. Oh, joy…

Now I can start freaking out! What just happened?! How does Elijah Mikealson, my favorite Mikealson by the way, know who I am?! How does he know my name? I feel like I'm repeating myself, but the question still stays. God, somehow, I'm still sane. Jesus, all I did was wish on a star. Once again, how does this even happen? Okay, okay, Elijah Mikealson comes in and flirts with Elena for a second. Granted, the show has music to make it tense, but actually, being there, it's so quiet. But there were other differences, like how Elijah was so gentle towards me because when he turned to me and held my hand even so gently and quietly, he said my name like I held the answers for everything. I mean, technically, yes, I do, but it's hard to keep track of everything when it's mostly Elena's point of view. Sorry! It was almost like he forgot about Elena until she opened her mouth. I think I fainted or blacked out. Well, something happened, and he was telling Elena and me that we had a long journey ahead of us. Then, he kills Trevor. Elena tries to negotiate with him about the moonstone. He compels her because he's a busy man and doesn't care for her at this time. And I shipped them… Again… Please don't ask me why… And the brothers come in like heroes. Whoopee… I forgot, is Elena single, or is she with Stefan? Whatever doesn't matter. They move us away from Elijah and start with their plan. I wanted to tell them it wouldn't work, but I was still out of it. Plus, I don't like violence. It makes me sick like blood. I do know that Elena throws a vervain bomb in his face. It explodes. His skin burns, but he heals immediately. He goes toward Elena, but Stefan arrives and shoots him with the compressed air weapon. It doesn't hurt him, so Stefan throws the weapon and rushes on Elijah. They fall down the stairs. Elijah gets up immediately, but Stefan stays on the floor. He goes toward Stefan, but Damon arrives and stakes Elijah. He pushes him against the door. Elijah is dead and is tainted to the door with the stake. Rose sees it and leaves. Damon tries to follow her, but Elena tells him just to let her go. Like a good dog, he stays and obeys. Okay, that was mean, but I don't know how else to describe it. I might speak to Elena about which brother she wants and has to stay with because this back and forth-is very annoying, and I'm not here for that. Anyways, ADHD at its finest, I know Rose is going to warn Stefan about The Originals and Klaus that they will want Elena. Cool, I'm going to meet my favorite characters, and they might kill me, great. Love that for me. Awesome, I just remembered that Damon is going to return Elena's necklace and tell her he loves her after that compels her to forget. I wonder if I have a piece of vervain jewelry, but Rose did say it was hard to compel me.

Oh no, Elijah is going to be mad when he wakes up from being impaled. Everyone believes he's dead, but he will wake up and remove the stake from his chest. This is going to be fun. I still have questions for Elijah, Elena, Jeremy, and Jenna, but one day at a time. Thankfully, my personality wouldn't be a 180, and I had some idea of what was going on. I think I'm a seer. Cool. I still feel sick. I really don't want to look in the mirror, but I have to know. I guess I'll write tomorrow. How do I end this? Bye, I guess.

I closed my diary. I'm glad it gave me answers, but I still have questions. I really don't want to look, but I have to know. I was in front of the bathroom. I locked the door, and I stripped down to my undergarments. Deep breathes. I looked at the mirror, and I was shocked. I was still the same average fifteen-year-old, but my hair was more wavy, and my green eyes weren't dull; instead, they were brighter. My beauty mark is still the same teardrop and all. My black eye is gone, and so are the scratches on my cheek and forehead. All I have is a little scar on my hairline, which is barely noticeable. My bruises are gone, too, from my chin, hip, and legs. My shoulder is still sore, but not like before. My hands feel okay, too, but what's odd is the lack of mini scars and calluses from cooking and cleaning. I turn to look at my back and shoulders. My jaw drops because all my scars are gone.

Wait… Am I free? Like, really free? Am I truly away from Gabe and Linda? I don't have to live with them anymore? I don't have to serve them or their friends?

Tears fell down my face. I collapsed on the floor. A weight had been finally lifted from my shoulders. I'm free. I must have been loud because Jeremy showed up. How did he get in? I locked the door. Oh wait, I did. He has a door to the bathroom, too. Huh. He places a blanket on me and carries me to his room. He gives me one of his shirts. I feel him hugging me to his chest and rubbing his hand up and down my back. I fell asleep crying in his chest. That was the best sleep I ever had. Is this why people fall asleep with others? It's really lovely.

She's alive. After all this time, I finally found her—my baby girl, my hope, my precious Angel. After I pulled the useless wood out of my chest, I drove to Mystic Falls as fast as I could. I needed to see her again. I found the house. I went to each widow. I found the doppelganger and their parent, but no Angel yet. I found her room, but she wasn't there. Her room is pretty. Her walls are painted to look like the night sky in the forest with a waterfall. There are many constellations with colorful yarns making out the shape. A table with a mirror and very minimal makeup. A bookshelf filled with mainly astrology. Her bed is a dark purple with the different phases of the moon. There are a few pictures of a wolf howling, and Angel is in some of those photos, but it's mostly the boy who's her brother and an Asian girl. I move on, hoping to see her, and there she is. Oh, she's been crying. It looks like the boy has been taking care of her. I wish it were me holding her instead of him. I don't want to uproot her life, but it's been so long, and I have waited to see her again. I'm not letting this opportunity pass me by. I also need my siblings. They will help me get Angel back. Plus, the doppelganger is right there, so Niklaus will be in a helpful mood as long he gets her. Finn, Kol, and Rebekah will be excited to meet Angel.

I woke up feeling better but still out of it. I knew Elena was going to play hooky and visit Katerine to get more information about Klaus, see what the curse was about, and learn how she got away. I already know about her and her story, but it's still sad. I guess. I told Jeremy I wasn't feeling well and wanted to stay home. It's still odd to think of this place as home, but I'll get used to it. I know Elijah is free, and I believe he'll come to Mystic Falls from either Elena, Katerine, or me. I just want answers. Jenna said it was okay for me to stay back and call if anything happened. I like her. I cried when she died, but maybe I can change that. I don't yet, and if I change too many things, it won't be the same as before or follow the storyline that I'm familiar with. I don't like this! There are too many possibilities! Everyone left for school, and I was home alone. It's weird to be by myself, and it's so quiet. I'm so used to the noise that the quiet is kind of unnerving. There was a knock at the door. I should know not to get up and answer it, but today is the day I don't think rationally. I open the door, and there he is. Elijah Mikealson in his neat suit.

"Hello again."

I blinked. "I knew it. You're alive." I looked at him. He had changed into a new suit. I wonder if he has a place here… Wait, wasn't he supposed to be messing with Rose and Damon at the coffee shop? What's he doing here?

"You knew?"

"It was a feeling."

"I see. Can I come in?"

I don't know if I can, but one way to find out. Again, I'm not thinking correctly, and I blame the fever. "Come in."

"Thank you."

Huh. I guess I can invite vampires in. That's cool. "Why did you call me Angel?" I asked. "My name is Anna." I walked into the living room where I was before watching something and sat down in my pile of blankets.

"Because you are Angel."

Okay, I guess being cryptid is a vampire thing, "That doesn't explain anything."

"It's a long story," he said, placing his hand on my forehead to feel my temperature. "And you are not well."

I leaned back from his hand and wrapped the blanket around myself as if that would save me if he decided I was not worth the trouble or explanation. "I have time and know how to take care of myself."

His eyes tighten a little from me moving back, but it has nothing to do with me… Right?

He sat down on the single couch and began his story, "Alright. About sixteen years ago, I fell in love with a human. I was going to turn her, but before I could, she ended up pregnant."

"I thought vampires can't reproduce," I said. So far, I only know Caroline and Klaus have kids. Not with each other grated, although they would have been a power couple and beautiful parents if the writers weren't cowards. Oh my God, my brain sucks. Oh wait, I have to take pills. Anyways! Caroline had kids because of magic from the Gemini Cult. Wait, is it cult or coven? Same differences. And Klaus was a natural loophole. Magic, does it ever stop being confusing?

"We can't, but when you meet your soulmate, the rules don't apply as much," Elijah said.

"Huh." I got up from my nest to take my pills because I needed to focus on this story.

"We had a little girl named Angel. But the thing about Angel is she has a distinct mark under her eye, a beauty mark shaped like a teardrop, and her left-hand ring finger is another mark that looks like an M."

I didn't look at my hand because I knew exactly what he was talking about. Wait… Is Elijah Mikealson my father? That doesn't make sense! "Wait, wait, this doesn't make any sense. Okay, say I believe you and that vampires can reproduce due to soulmate magic, but aren't you like 5,000 years old, and you're saying you met my mother, 15, maybe 16 years ago, and had a kid and gave it up?"

Elijah ignored the hit on his age and tried to explain, "You were actually stolen from us and placed out of my reach until now."

I covered my head with the blankets, mumbling to myself, "All I wanted was… this is what from wishing… What is my life…"

"Angel." Elijah's voice pulls me out of my depressed episode.

I poked my head out and joked, "That is my name."

"I'm sorry for putting all this on you." Elijah wished he had a camera, as Angel looked so cute, wrapped up in her nest of blankets.

I had to ask, "How can I be your daughter when Jeremy is my twin brother? He honestly, to God, feels like he is a part of me." Once again, I was a bit thick with that question since I just got here yesterday, but I don't know about the me of this world if she's adopted or not. Oh wait, I found something and wanted to ask Jenna if it was real. So, it is a significant possibility, but I need confirmation from her.

"Your adopted father was a doctor, and I believe he knew how to take care of it as he did for Elena."

"This is all confusing." I leaned back and decided to tell him the truth. "Can I be honest?"

"I would hope so."

I sighed, hoping I didn't sound like a crazy person on drugs or a bad fever dream. "Before I woke up in that house with Rose, I had a completely different life. What I mean is I was in a foster home when I went to sleep."

"Come again?" Elijah had a lot of thoughts on what she would say, but that wasn't one of them.

Okay, more details, I can do that. "Let me try again. I think magic brought me here because this place was something I had imagined." Wow, okay, that's a big lie, but how do you say you're part of a TV show called Vampire Diaries and The Originals? It's better to say I imagined all this and know what's going to happen next. Kind of. "I thought all of this wasn't real. It was a story I told my foster siblings, so excuse me if I lose my mind here. I thought I would wake up in pain and pretend the last ten years didn't happen." I stared at him blankly while my insides were freaking out. Please don't see right through the half-truth.

"You were placed in a family home where they hurt you?"

I can work with that. Elijah is big on family, so I guess telling the truth worked. Somewhat. "...Yes. I wished on a star to take me away and give me a family that would love and care for me."

"We'll come back to that. It is possible you are a seer. What's happening with the Gilbert family now?"

A seer? Yeah, that can explain a lot of things because the me here did have a lot of ideas on what was going on in Mystic Falls. I closed my eyes, trying to remember. "Jeremy is at school, Jenna's at work, and Elena is meeting with Katrine to try to get an answer about Klaus and how she got on their radar."

"I never mention Klaus."

I shrugged, "As I said, it was a story I had made up." Not really. Great, now I have more questions, "But if you are my father, does that make Kol, Rebekah, and Klaus my aunts and uncles?"

"You… Yes, they do. Where do you think they are now?" he asked.

That's an easy answer, "Daggered in coffins because Mikeal is still out and about."

"Well, that's where you are wrong. As you say, they're out and about doing their own thing. My father, Mikeal, is daggered in a coffin in a place no one can reach."

Future dad says what now? Okay, that was not in the show. What is going on? "What about Esther?"

"We gave her to some witches who took a vow of silence to watch over her. They are loyal to us."

Wow, the two biggest players are out of the game, so I guess The Mikealsons are the big bad for a while, except for the whole Silas thing. But still… "That's different from what I remember. Are you still after Elena?"

"Niklaus will be," Elijah answered honestly.

I nod, remembering the curse, "To turn into a hybrid."

"You are a powerful seer." he complimented me.

I blushed, for I wasn't used to nice things being said to me, and hid in the blankets again, "I guess. He needs her blood to turn and turn others."

"Well, we didn't know about that part."

I blinked. I guess I jumped a few chapters ahead, "Oops."

He chucked, "Honest mistake, but I'll talk to him. For now, you and Elena will be safe."

I sigh in relief that I won't be hurt. But what about Jenna and Jeremy? Should I ask or let Elena do her thing? I guess I will see what happens. "For warning, Elena will negotiate with you about her friends and our family."

"I look forward to it," he smirked.

"That's so weird." I shake my head because my old feelings for this ship are coming back. I don't know how to feel about my supposed father and sister having a thing. But if we're not related? Bad, evil thoughts, so I'm going to ignore them.

"What is?" Of course, he asked.

My face got really red from embarrassment, so I tucked into the blanket again. "I thought you two would make a good couple," I said.

Thankfully, he only smiled and answered any questions I had left.

We talked for a while, but I told him once I had confirmation about my adoption, we could move forward and think of a plan where it doesn't involve kidnapping me, killing, compiling, or anything. And get a blood test or something magic to see if I'm his long-lost daughter. Elijah reluctantly agreed and told me stories about his siblings and their adventures. I try not to say anything about my past, but something tells me that I will have to one day, and he knows it, too.

"What was supposed to happen today? Other than Elena speaking to Katerina about the curse."

"Rose goes to the Salvatore Brothers to warn them about Klaus. She said you're the Easter Bunny compared to Klaus, which I find funny. Damon is trying to find Klaus, and how they got to you was by a guy in Richmond. I don't remember his name, but you wanted revenge, I think."

"So I need to go to Richmond. That's good to know."

"Right, um, Bonnie, I believe, met your friend, Martin, both father and son. Caroline is playing distraction for Elena on Stefan. And Tyler found out he's a werewolf. Oh, Katherine was going to hand over the moonstone with Elena, Caroline, Bonnie, and Tyler to Klaus for her freedom."

"Thank you for telling me."

"Yeah, no problem." I saw the clock, "You better hurry if you want to catch up with Rose and Damon and put the fear of God into them."

He chuckled at that, "Perhaps. Do you have any more questions?"

I nodded because do I ever, but I need time to wrap my head around all this. "I do, but I need to write them down. I would say be careful, but I doubt you will need it. Do you?"

"No, but I appreciated it all the same."

"Good luck," I said because everyone can use a little bit of luck.

He pulls out a card from his suit, "Here's my number. Please contact me about anything."

I took it from him and smirked, "You will regret saying that." I wonder if I can really talk to him about anything.

"I doubt it." He looked sad, leaving, but before he left, he combed my hair with his fingers like a father would do to his daughter to get her sleep or to say goodbye. Is it wrong that I wouldn't mind him as my father and the rest of the Mikealsons as my family? I guess time will tell.

Goodbye, Angel."

"Goodbye, Elijah." I closed my eyes and heard the door. I opened my eyes, but nothing was out of place. It was as if Elijah had never been here in the first place. I cleaned up my mess and looked for some food. I was back in my cozy nest watching some cartoons. That's when it hit me.

"Dang it! I forgot to ask about Dahlia and if she was after me! I blame my ADHD."

"Who are you talking to?"

"Myself. Hey, Aunt Jenna, I have a question." She nodded that she was listening. "Am I adopted?"

"I might have an answer, but to be honest, I'm not 100% sure." Well, this is going to be interesting.