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A white filter seemingly covered everywhere she looked; let it be the pale-brown crumbled leaves or olive-colored withering foliage. When combined with the chilly wind assaulting her skin, such a sight almost made her not wanting to leave the cozy confines of the shop. A glance over at the reddish pink sun halfway down the sky quickly made the shopper change her mind; however, as she realized there were others depending on her.

Namely her family, currently consisted of a husband and child.

After a wave of goodbye to the elderly shopkeepers, the barely graying woman bravely immersed herself into the less-than-ideal climate, her only source of thermal insulation being the inadequate clothing that's hardly changed over the years.

Thankfully, as she hurried across the zigzagging country road that took her over small hills and across shallow rivers, her body began to warm up. A recollection of all the destinations she had visited over half a century reminded her the journey was perhaps not as arduous. Instead of feet stepping on crumbling leaves, she could've been trudging across waist-deep snow, a trademark of the northern regions in this time of the year.

Besides, there's nothing more heartwarming than knowing how much they'll like my cooking!

Sure enough, carried in her arms was an over-stuffed bag full of food ingredients, its freshness permeated the air. In fact, the mere thought of all the delicious cushiness possible was enough to ward off the cold.

Therefore, with renewed vigor, she worked herself into a jogging rhythm that saw her athletic body cut across vast stretches of wilderness. No amount of difficult terrains, frigid swamp or otherwise, were enough deterrents.

While the surrounding scenery gradually became ever more familiar, an indescribable sensation, a feeling that something was off also started to fill her heart. Having been a professionally trained martial artist in her younger days, she had long since developed a unique awareness gifted only to seasoned fighters who's seen their fair share. It was clear decades of being a housewife hadn't dulled her senses either, and she's had no choice but to trust it.

Like a blaring siren, it's telling her she wasn't alone, that she was being watched, but by whom she wondered.

Remember my girl, if you ever find yourself stuck in a tight spot, just take a deep breath and everything will get better I promise.

The words of her father, a widely feared master who had once dominated an entire region, suddenly came to mind. Following his advice, she quickly did just as told. Like magic, her mind was cleared of unnecessary distractions and by extension, relaxed those tense muscles. Thinking from a completely different mindset, the retired warrior, now a wife and mother was able to formulate a plan.

Not too far ahead was a sharp turn where tightly packed vegetation will surely interrupt the line-of-sight of her pursuers and so she acted accordingly, hiding behind thick trunks. A burst of speed followed that covered more than ample distance then, like a nimble feline; she leapt up to the trees. Despite loaded with heavy burden; soon she was concealed amongst a maze of branches that made finding her from below all but impossible. Aside from the invisibility, the height gave her a clear tactical advantage, as she was able to survey the surrounding without being seem.

There she waited patiently for her stalker or perhaps, stalkers to show themselves, and they did, coming out in numbers much to her fear.

All covered in black from head to toe, she saw four dark shadows canvasing the ground. The first two that came to view were obviously well trained, as the outlines of their muscles were visible even covered by shirts. The pair behind, both of lesser height and stature, somehow managed to appear more intimidating as if they had major power hidden under such lean builds. Regardless of their rankings though, it was clear they were all above her in terms of strength, as no one made so much as a sound while traveling across the forest floor.

Not a twig cracking underneath their feet nor rustle of grass against legs, it was as if these were intangible beings, ghosts even floating through the plane. The degree of control they have over their limbs, the masterful coordination of each individual muscle it took to pull this feat off was unheard of. Well, unheard of except amongst her husband's group of Earth defenders.

W-what exactly am I up against here? Ninja assassins? Killer androids? Or perhaps aliens? Like Frieza's gang?

The petrified woman didn't have much time to dwell on this unwelcome discovery; however, as one of the shorter figures, perhaps the smallest amongst them quickly called out in a threatening tone. "I know you are here Chichi! Show yourself while we are still in a good mood! Don't make us come up there to get you!"

Although deep and menacing, the voice clearly belonged to a female. Sure enough, on careful inspection, Chichi could make out curves along with other feminine qualities.

A band of fighters led by a female of her caliber? Just who could this be?

B-besides why me? What have I done to deserve this hostility?

Unwilling to give away her position so easily, just in case they were bluffing, the daughter of Ox King composed herself once again as she tried to figure out the identity of this mysterious woman if only to gain some leverage. Exercising her brain as hard as she might though, not a single soul she knew matched that goosebumps-inducing voice.

"Fine, you've had your chances but here we come!"

Before she could so much as blink, the quartet was standing around her on different branches; effectively boxing her in from all four directions. Startled but not disoriented, Chichi's well-honed fighter's instinct kicked in and she threw a speedy punch at one of her assailants, hoping to catch him off guard. After all, it should take at least a split second for anyone to recover from leaping such a height. This meant a pause, an opportunity to open up an escape route.

Except her attack, which should've came across as a mere blur, was effortlessly caught in an open palm. "You'll have to do better than that lady!" The masked man, whose only distinguishable feature was a scar across his right eyes, said confidently.

"L-Look, I don't know who you guys are but you'll be sorry if you think I'm easy picking!" Fighting against her nerves, Chichi yelled, her fist already retracted from the scarred man's hand and back into fighting stance.

"Oh no I'm scared. No I mean please, with the pathetic skill you've demonstrated, you won't last a minute against any one of us so just come quietly and there'll be no trouble." A separate voice rang out from behind.

To the once proud warrior princess, such mockery should've enraged her, yet the dangerous undertone erased any thoughts of lashing out carelessly. Therefore, she steeled her back against the tree trunk to prevent a sneak attack before turning around to face the much slender speaker, whose emotionless, near mechanical glance sent shivers down her spine.

"Hey, you have no idea who you are messing with. Or haven't you heard that I, Chichi was once a finalist at the largest martial arts tournament there is?" She blurted out hurriedly and felt unmistakable shame flooding her heart. After all, one's past achievement isn't to be bragged according to her father but she saw no choice except using every conceivable element to her advantage.

For better or worse, those words seemed to have an effect as the seemingly frail youth raised an eyebrow. "Oh yeah so I've been briefed. Ms. Anonymous was it? Let's see, top eight finisher of twenty-third World Martial Arts Tournament, losing to the famed Son Goku, whom you later proposed on the spot."

It might just be Chichi's imagination, but as the man recited in near-robotic fashion, those cat-like eyes had begun blinking a sinister shade of blood red, causing goosebumps to stand up all over her skin.

I-is he even human? A-and why does he know so much about my past, down to that silly nickname I chose for the tournament?

"Oh, so you've done your homework huh? Good boy!" In spite of mounting fear, Chichi adapted a condescending tone and sure enough, her intended audience's eyes narrowed as if in anger. "Now that you know who I am, what's it going to be kid? Are you going to run away or what?" She pressed on, hoping to create a response and therefore, another opening.

"No of course not. In fact, seeing how weak you obviously are, I'm beginning to think your dumb husband; Goku might be just as pathetic!"


Gone was any trace of reason as the retired fighter unleashed a barrage of kicks all while balancing on one foot. Fueled by pure, unadulterated loathing for the being who had broken the taboo of insulting her spouse, those strikes were by far the fastest she's ever executed. For only kami knew how though, that smug look was able to float just out of reach so she went at him even harder, devoting every ounce of energy into those moves.

It didn't take long before Chichi's muscles started soring but there was no stopping. In a moment of overzealousness, she overextended her leg and the off-balanced body launched forward. While this accidental maneuver managed to scrape his mask, this feeling of triumph proved to be short-lived and stumbling off the tree she went along with her earlier purchases.

Goku...I'm sorry, I won't be coming home...but at least I've managed to redeem your honor...,

In her exhausted state, the housewife couldn't even reach out for another branch as she accelerated ever faster toward the ground. Just when serious injury was all but guaranteed though, she felt an arm wrapping around her waist as they came to a gentle stop.

"Y-you saved me, but why?" She inquired with a mixture of bewilderment and gratitude, for it was the female ringleader, whose pale blue eyes resembled her intended target yet not quite identical.

"Why you asked? Cause you are worth more to us alive than dead missy. Now kindly take a nap won't you?"

Those curt words carried in them a familiar softness that had Chichi guessing the identity of this woman. She didn't have much time to ponder though, as a sudden chop to the neck blacked her out, the last thing she saw being a fourth individual with a similar build to the scarred man carrying her dropped bag in his muscular arms.

Chichi slowly regained conscious to the sensation of ground shaking violently. Instinctively, she tried getting up, only to find her limbs soring all over and head dizzy, even opening those heavy eyelids took every ounce of energy she had.

A-an earthquake? I've got to check on Goten. Common useless body, you can do this...I just have to try harder!

What she saw gave her a dosage of rage and fright, both equal in strength.

Rather than lying on her bed or worse, asleep in the kitchen without finish preparing dinner, she was in the worst scenario possible. Sandwiched between two masked men and with the forest outside speeding by in a blur, Chichi came to the rude realization she was being abducted and was in the hands of her kidnappers.

"Hey let me out you hear?" She spoke sternly, refusing to show any traces of fear.

"Oh, so you've finally woken up. And here I am afraid we were being too rough on you." The driver, the same youngster who dared mocking her husband said in a surprisingly concerned tone.

"Huh, if you know Goku then you should also know as his wife I am no pushover so if I were you, I'd do the smart thing and release me this instant!" Chichi rebuked in a volume correlating with regained strength.

Their eyes met through the rearview mirror briefly as brown hot orbs locked with icy blue ones. For the first time, her assailant backed away, glance shifting back to the road ahead.

"Really? So what if this Goku once won the global-,"

"It's THE World Martial Arts Tournament you dimwit! The most prestigious tournament on planet Earth period and let me tell you something kiddo, the caliber of opponents my husband had to go through was absolutely insane!" So loud was her voice the entire car shook even without the bumpy road.

Whether unintentional or not, the amount of passion Chichi displayed drew intrigued looks, a fact that hadn't gone unobserved and the housewife smiled with pride, her head held high.

Yeah, that's my Goku for you! Besides, you lots haven't heard all there is to him yet! No, not remotely close.

The first one to respond to such energized outburst was her savior from the fall earlier, whose ocean-colored irises beamed in a way Chichi could only describe as impressed. "Oh really, so why don't you tell me more about your spouse, this Goku guy and we'll be the judge if he truly lives up to his name?" The presumed ringleader asked from her shotgun seat.

"Exactly! Besides no matter how tough he is, there's no way he can withstand a strike from this babe right?" The scarred man sitting next to her bragged as he unsheathed a long, curved blade rarely seem outside of martial arts films.

While your average housewife would've been scared by such exaggerated gestured or at least worried for their spouse, Chichi merely gave it a dismissive glance.

"Exactly lady," the final gang member, whose masked forehead appeared to be hiding something bulging finally spoke up, albeit a bit uneasily, "Goku might be tough, but he's not invincible is he?" His words carried with them a sense of truth, as if he has had his share of battles.

Although Chichi was appalled by the rather honest suggestion, her imagination conjuring up all sorts of grisly wounds the knife could've inflicted on human body which were rendered all the more realistic by having witnessed countless battles in real life, she quickly shook such thoughts away. "Don't be absurd! I don't care if you have laser guns that can blow up planets. My Goku has far surpassed such pity levels." She declared haughtily, arms crossed in front of her chest.

"Oh really?" Their driver asked tauntingly, one of his hands even taking off from the steering wheel to brandish a semi-automatic handgun.

"Yes, REALLY!" There wasn't a trace of doubt in her voice.

"Alright, so take us through the many achievements of your precious husband, the Great Son Goku then." The youth sporting raven hair that nearly blended in perfectly with the mask challenged.

"Gladly, but just let me warn you all, my Goku's adventure is not for the light hearted." Chichi stated in a mixture of pride and sorrow, her distant, thousand-yard stare letting the whole world knew she had long immersed in the story she's about to tell, a tale she's lived through herself.

"No way, you've got to be kidding me." The scarred man exclaimed, sounding as if he had just learned more than already knew.

"Yes way!" Chichi stomped her foot against the car mats, sending light tremors across the vehicle.

"So you are telling me that he's fought in an inter-universal tournament and saved us from getting erased by whoever this Zen-oh character is?" The ringleader, on the other hand asked in a calm voice as she brushed what looked like blonde hair out of the tiny window of her black ski mask.

At that moment, the homemaker's grin couldn't have gotten any wider as she answered proudly, "Of course Goku did, and let me tell you, he's took on the aces, the cream of the crop other universes have to offer."

"And he beat them all single-handedly?" The cat-eyed driver contested in a rather indignant manner.

"Haven't you heard what I just said? Goku won it with his friends, the best fighters of our universe," Determined to get her story straight; Chichi retorted, sending the group into silence.

Having expended a great deal of both physical and emotional energy, the aging woman had to take a brief pause before continuing, "Well technically he didn't win the tournament. No, another one of our star fighters, a former villain turned hero named Seventeen won it at the end but there was no denying Goku played a major role in it!"

Touched by the contribution of her husband, droplets of tear had started to gather around Chichi's eyes. Perhaps infected by their captive, her audiences all nodded, or at least most of them did as the driver fist pumped, earning him an elbow to the waist from his leader.

"Anyways," The housewife took a deep inhale, her cheeks flushed akin to a fully-ripened tomato, "now that you all know who I am and just what kind of man I'm supporting, you have GOT TO LET ME GO! I MEAN NOW! THIS INSTANT!" So loud was her volume the carful of superhuman were forced to cover their ears without exception and effectively halting the car.

This unintended development stunned even Chichi, but after finding out all her kidnappers had been immobilized, she knew it's now or never. A decision was quickly made to tackle the one without a weapon and so she backhanded the masked man with bulging forehead using all her strength.

"Ouch my eye!" He cried, surprisingly holding not onto his actual eyes but the protruding oval shape, not that the retired warrior queen had time to ponder over this bizarre behavior of course, as she reached over to push the door opened then attempted to crawl through.

Just you wait Goku and Goten, I'm coming back to you guys!

Chichi's excitement was short lived; however, as she felt someone grabbing hold of her leg from behind. "UNHAND ME!" She shouted while kicking ferociously.

"And what if I don't comply, wife of mighty Son Goku?" The scarred man spat venomously, his hands skillfully parrying all incoming strikes before finally catching her feet in an iron grip.

"I swear by my husband's name I'll make you regret this!" Her struggle never ceased despite draining strength.

Perhaps this was why when she finally stopped altogether, her abductor became so weirded out he blurted out a question of, "W-what's the matter? W-why'd you go all silent?"

"KRILLIN! Krillin is the matter you fiend! Remember my husband's superhuman friends I was talking about?" Chichi shouted in sheer joy and before the scarred man could so much as utter a sound, she continued, "Well Krillin's one of his oldest and most trustworthy allies! On top of that, he's one of the best police officer there is so there's no escape for you outlaws!" By the time she finished, her face was pale from exhaustion.

Sure enough, standing by the scene was a man of below average height but making up for it were well-pronounced muscles visible even from underneath layers of uniform. The sight of this trustworthy figure gave her renewed hope, especially when she sensed the former monk's inner power; his hidden ki was strong as ever.

"C-Chichi is that you? What are you doing here?" His concerned voice prompted her to wave at him despite her dire situation.

"And you guys. Hey! What are you doing with my best friend's wife?" There was a dramatic shift in the policeman's tone from bewildered to anger and Chichi knew she was in good hands.

By then, the kidnappers had also gotten off the vehicle. Standing in a horizontal line, the quad of two muscular men and pair of lean yet seemingly more dangerous individuals eyed their new opponent like a pack of wolves. At this stage, neither side had attacked, merely taking up fighting stances as an unwelcome energy permeated the air. Like a western standoff, they gauged the opposition's strengths and weaknesses, seeing which side will flinch first.

The long pause worried Chichi, knowing anyone capable of making Krillin get serious must be no pushover. Furthermore, based on her extensive martial arts training, the retired warrior queen could tell the forms adopted by her assailants were solid if not foolproof.

Common Krillin, they may be tough...much better than I had predicted but you can do this buddy!

It all happened in an instant as both parties disappeared simultaneously; leaving circular blasts of dust that marked their original spots. Almost immediately, loud shockwaves rang throughout the forest clearing, blowing away fallen leaves and bending surrounding trees backwards. So strong were the gusts of wind that even Chichi couldn't get up from her prone position. With her fingers digging deep into the soil, all she could do was to steady herself and pray for her friend.

Based on what little she could observe, he wasn't doing too well.

The fight had started right in the middle of the naturally generated ring. Within minutes; however, Krillin already appeared to be backed into his half of the arena. What's more, whenever the combatants reappeared momentarily in midair clashes, the Z-fighter was always on the defensive, either blocking or dodging strikes and rarely throwing attacks of his own. A short while later and the dreaded happened as, following a cry of pain, the former monk was thrown onto the ground and digging up a trench with his fallen body.

"KRILLIN! Speak to me Krillin! Are you alright?" Chichi screamed at the top of her lungs.

No, not you too Krillin...perhaps I never should've dragged you into this...

To her relief, the police officer managed to stand up, albeit visibly shaken and with countless bruises underneath torn uniform. "D...huff...don't worry Chichi, it'll take more than that to keep me down." He reassured with his trademark toothy grin that made her realize just why Eighteen had fallen for him.

"Oh really? But from what I can tell you are better off just lying there on the ground little man!" The cold, emotionless voice of the ringleader, which reminded Chichi somewhat of her cyborg friend in during earlier days, came drifting into her ears. Looking up, she found their foes walking toward them, all of whom only sporting tattered clothing and minor wounds.

"Well, sorry to inform you ma'am, but I'm just not the type to give up easily." Krillin said in a relatively healthy tone that alleviated some of Chichi's worries.

Little did she knew, the femme fatale leading the gang appeared stunned by the statement as a flush of red, either out of anger or some unknown reason, occupied her masked complexion.

"I see, so you have a glutton for punishment eh!" The taunt came from one identified as the playful youth, his feline eyes beaming akin to a cat toying with its prey.

"Then we have no choice but to mess you up real good!" The scarred man chimed in, fingers curved to resemble a predator's fangs.

"Uh-huh!" Murmured the silent forth member, whose assassin-like stance was all it took to convey his vile intention.

As much as Chichi wanted Krillin to bail them both out of this situation, she simply couldn't stand the thought of her friend getting injured like what their attackers prophesized so she quickly yelled, "Maybe you should leave for the time being Krillin, like go get help or something. I don't think they'll hurt me."

No sooner had the retired warrior queen finished did loud laughter erupted from the other camp.

"Oh I'm not too sure about that grandma! You gave us quite a lot of trouble after all and once we are done with this punching bag it's your turn!" Came the scarred man again, already moving his claws as if demonstrating how he'll slice and dice them up.

"You heard him Chichi, guess I won't be leaving till they've all been brought to justice!" Krillin shouted as he flared up his energy before jumping into the fray.

Sounds of limbs colliding filled the deathly quiet forest once more only this time around, it was mixed with pained grunts from the former monk. Before long, she even caught the smell of wounds in the air, its distinct odor of iron all too familiar to the once professional martial artist.

This assault of senses was beyond what Chichi could tolerate and she screamed into the air. "GOKU! Where are you Goku? WE NEED YOU!"

On top of a faraway hill laid vast stretches of farmland, its innumerable crops ripened despite the cold temperature, testament of the laborer's skills.

Working on the field wasn't who most people would expect; however, as instead of dressed in a self-respecting farmer's outfit consisted of a straw hat and shoulder-strap wool trousers, the man looked more like an explorer. Downing a gray jacket, matching pants, and white scarf that contrasted sharply with black leather boots, one couldn't be blamed for assuming he was out journeying across a jungle rather than tilling the land.

"Hmm...I guess I should get some cabbages as well. Yeah, that'll go nicely with the meat." The 'farmer' concluded, picking up several balls of green vegetable. "Now what else do I need? Some broccolis perhaps? Or maybe radish?" He continued in a frown while stroking his chin before concluding confidently, "Sure why not, I can stomach them both easily."

After picking out the ingredients for his dinner and effectively turning the empty basket into a mountain of greenery, not to mention leaving empty swatches on the otherwise packed plot, the man finally decided to take a break. Lying on the nutrient rich brown soil, he spread his limbs wide apart and gazed at the sky.

What had been a dim, pale blue sky when he just started was now a vibrant hue of reddish pink and orange, signaling the impending sunset and with it, end of another weekday.

Speaking of the so-called regular workday, the farmer still found it unimaginable that he, lifelong protector of Earth and, more recently, champion of Universe Seven would one day work just like everybody else. The days of constantly improving, preparing for an even stronger foe seemed to be a lifetime ago since even the training itself had taken on a completely different form, namely learning from Whis and Beerus, trying to absorb as much as he could from the designated Angel and God of Destruction of their universe.

Oh man, everything's changed, even Goten's away most of the time...hanging out with boys his age...leaving his old man here...,

Well, at least you are still you with me...

A hearty smile surfaced on the otherwise saddening man's face. Unsurprisingly, matching his joyful expression was the thought of one responsible for this positive mood change. Imageries of a woman from all stages of her life quickly flashed through his mind. Let it be the cute, battle armor wearing pre-teen proposing to him or the graying albeit still a looker of a grandmother, her familiar shapes were deeply imprinted in him; so much so that simply getting a shuteye transported his conscious to the era of his choosing, with a matching copy of her by his side.

Opening those chocolate brown orbs, the farmer with a side-job as world savior turned around to gaze upon their humble, earthen-colored house. Just like their relationship, the place had weathered many storms, evolving from the vacant hut devoid of furniture to the country retreat surrounded by hundreds of acres of vegetables. Behind every single detail was a story that embodies decisions and compromises between couples, serving as further proof of their shared history.

Chichi...where are you? Come back to me so we can eat together...mmmm dinner...

A booming stomach growl had erupted as if on cue, ruining the tranquil atmosphere and making him chuckle at his own insatiable craving for food.

"It was no wonder poor Chichi always look so drained Goku!"

The Saiyan raised on Earth had lost count of such remarks. It was his fatal weakness, his closest friends would say, one only his wife was capable of remedying, they'd often add.

"You know what Chichi? And they are right. So just what exactly is taking you so long today?" Goku pondered aloud.

No longer capable of keeping his rioting tummy in check, the dubbed mightiest being in Universe Seven had no recourse other than seeking out his spouse of a cure. Closing his eyes once more except this time in meditation, he began scanning the surrounding for her ki, gradually increasing the circumference of his coverage.

Chichi...Chichi...wait? I-Is that you? But wait, this has to be a mistake!

Goku need not search for long when her all too familiar signal appeared. However, this smooth progression didn't yield the expected relief since coming with the discovery was her petrified state of mind.

Oh no Chichi! Also what's this? Is that Krillin's energy I'm picking up? And these two, no make that four huge forces...,

"Hang in there Chichi and Krillin! Help is on...,"


Goku had already vanished before finishing his sentences, those last words abruptly cut off as he traversed through space faster than light speed.

Chichi's heart pounded like a beating drum as thick dusts lifted from the open arena, gradually revealing craters and burnt marks on what used to be a spotless forest floor. Despite being the wife and mother of some of the strongest fighters, she could hardly recall witnessing a carnage of this scale recently. It made her feared the worst, which wasn't helped at all by the lack of response on her defender's side.

H-how could anyone survive a blast like that? Sure Krillin may be the strongest human in existence, possibly ever...but he's still made of flesh and living tissues...,

A quick glance to the left showed three of her abductors sans their ringleader watching on the sideline without a trace of concern. Their nonchalant attitude made her blood boiling with rage, especially when all the slender youth had to say was "What a waste of good scenery. Really, they should be more considerate for mother nature."

E-excuse me? The nature? Krillin's probably dead and he's worried about something so ridiculous?

Thankfully, the warrior monk turned police officer was still standing, albeit slightly crouching once the smoke screen cleared. Completely gone was his uniform; however, revealing a heavily scarred torso filled with wounds sustained over a lifetime that the retired martial artist herself couldn't even tell the newly acquired apart from existing ones.

"I'm impressed you managed to withstand that, Krillin." The floating attacker repeated Chichi's thoughts. For the first time since the battle started, she picked up unmistakable traces of warmth from that otherwise mechanical voice. In fact, upon listening closer, the older woman was convinced this mysterious foe was just as awed as she was.

"Hey lady, you may not know it but I've been training quite a lot myself so you'd better not underestimate me." Krillin said, sporting his infectious, trademark grin all his friends were familiar with.

"That sure appeared to be the case," Even with the majority of her face covered, Chichi nevertheless saw her female kidnapper smiling behind the mask, those catlike eyes narrowing not in amusement but dare she say, admiration.

Perhaps she's not as bad as she looked...,

"But let's see how you deal with this, midget man!" Like flipping a switch, suddenly gone was the human quality and replacing it, an arctic tone that chilled Chichi to the bone and dashing away any sense of relief.

A pained yelp then thud quickly followed suit. One second Krillin was still on his feet and the next; his battered body was resting at the end of a newly dug hole. Where he once stood was his opponent, her right leg raised high in a roundhouse pose.

"No Krillin!" In spite her own injuries, Chichi ran toward her husband's best friend only to pause before the grisly sight. The man had bloodied gashes all over and with him facing the ground; there was no way of gauging the seriousness of those wounds.

To complicate the matter even more, the downed fighter winced the moment she barely laid a finger on him, prompting her to withdraw in fear of hurting him further.

As if on cue, loud snickers and mocking applauses erupted from their three audiences.

"Way to go si...I meant madam." The nature loving youth congratulated gleefully.

"Yeah, way to put him in his place. That oughta teach him not to interfere with our affairs." It came from the scarred man, twirling his blade akin to a Wild West outlaw from the movies.

"But now he's been taken care of, let's get a move on shall we?" For the first time, the man with bulging forehead spoke up, his all business no nonsense attitude surpassing their supposed ringleader's.

"Well, you heard him." The woman commented sarcastically as she looked at Krillin's unmoving form. "You've certainly put up a good fight little man, but I'm afraid I'll be taking Chichi now." She continued, exuding so much menace her hostage was convinced any soft spot she's displayed had all been but wishful thinking.

"Y-you heartless monster, all of you! You'll never get away with this! Just wait until my Gok-,"

She need not finish her sentence before the familiar sight of her husband's back literally appeared right in front of her. Although it had been mere hours since she left him for the grocery trip, their separation felt more like years, clearly long enough to bring tears to her wavering, chocolate brown eyes.

"Goku is that really you?" Overwhelmed by emotions, especially upon gazing at his handsome features that had barely aged, Chichi rushed forward and held him in her trembling arms.

A sense of security swept away any traces of fear immediately. Her spouse, this goof with an unfathomable child-like personality had managed for the umpteenth time to make her feel safe in hopeless situations Despite having yet exchanged words, Chichi knew they were in good hands, for Goku always delivered the results.

Even if it's at the cost of his own life...,

"Goku, please be careful okay?" She implored, unwilling to bear the thought of bringing him back to life, be it through the Dragon Balls or Whis's time backtracking ability.

"Hey, since when had I not been careful?" Goku responded, chin resting atop Chichi's head but eyes never taken off from his foes as if warning them against taking advantage of their reunion.

Whether it was out of respect or shocked by the sudden appearance, the kidnappers didn't bother the couple and stayed at a distance

"Liar!" She sobbed, fists banging against his chest until her outpouring emotion calmed and then, she gasped in shock, "You have to check out Krillin Goku, I think he's badly hurt."

"Don't worry Chichi, I'll get to him." Goku assured.

Unbeknownst to his spouse, the seasoned fighter had already examined his best friend's seemingly dire condition telepathically while they were embracing and was able to ascertain those injuries weren't life threatening.

Still, Goku made his way to Krillin and gently turned him around so the former monk was facing him. It wasn't going to look pretty, Goku knew from experience, but the sight of his best friend unconscious with pain plastered across his face nevertheless filled him with rage. Scenes from the past where his companion had kicked the bucket flashed before him, let it be by the hands of Tambourine, Frieza, or that one time when the family man bravely charged Super Buu.

So furious was the Saiyan he had unknowingly released a burst of energy, which nearly blew the ones responsible off their feet.

Goku's anger was mildly relieved after he felt around every bloodied spot. To his pleasant surprise, no bones were broken nor major tissues torn, only surficial wounds, commonly sustained during sparring matches. A quick inspection of Krillin's bruised head yielded similar results.

Whoever's done this must've knocked Krillin out with just enough force...but why so...precise?

"Goku?" Chichi asked gingerly, unable to tell what was going on as her husband's facial expression hit various extremes in mere seconds.

"Don't worry Chi. Krillin's alright so just watch over him for me okay?" Now considerably calmer, Goku even managed to squeeze out a smile.

Yes, it really is going to be Goku would never call me by that name unless he knows he's got it all under control.

Hearing the pet name solely designated for her had put Chichi at ease too, so much so she even felt her cheeks getting warm. All the wife could do aside from getting all flowery in her stomach was a nod as her spouse rose up to confront the villains. It was like watching her hero facing off against the dreaded Ma Jr. all over again, with her and Krillin on the sidelines cheering for him.

Speaking of which, audible snickers, which were thankfully absent when they shared their special moment, had returned in full swing. Now encircling the trio, the assailants readying their battle stances were akin to a pack of sniveling hyenas barring their fangs, preparing to strike at her beloved.

"Go get them Goku, pay them back for what they've done to us!" Chichi shouted, sounding more confident than ever that day.

"Last chance you guys, leave this place before anyone else gets hurt."

The warning came as a surprise to everyone, including his wife who was baffled by this display of naivety. Nonetheless, she still smiled after a short while, head shaking and shoulders shrugging.

Oh'll always be Goku won't you?

"And why should we leave? Can't you see we have you cornered?" The environment conscious youth taunted, evidently unable to comprehend his opponent's generosity.

"Yeah, besides there's no way you can take us all while still having to protect those two." Came scared man, his fingers curved like a carnivorous animal's fangs as if threatening to strike any moment.

"Well I highly doubt you'll take advantage of them." Goku rebuked without a second thought.

"And why not?" The man with bulging forehead demanded in a menacing voice, his hands resembling a bird's beak.

"You people obviously weren't as bad as I first thought. For one, you showed mercy to Krillin and only inflicted minor wounds. In fact, that knockout blow to the head was so carefully executed whoever did it must really cared. I thought I should extend the same courtesy to you."

Again, the statement stunned all present. For quite a while, the gang eyed each other as if debating silently on how to respond. The one most impacted had to be the ringleader, whose face Chichi could tell turned tomato-red behind the mask.

She's not blushing now is she? No, that vicious woman is just getting mad at Goku for his nonsense...,

I mean just look at how badly hurt poor Krillin is...oh Eighteen will give me an earful later...,

"Well," The femme fatale spoke first. "We figured a goody two shoes like you couldn't possibly fight us at full strength if we just showed a little mercy on Krillin that's why. It's all part of the plan."

It was a definitely a plausible explanation and Chichi nodded, getting angrier with her abductors for their insidious scheming.

"Oh really?" Goku's tone took on a serious turn, any respect he has for her gone with the revelation.

"That's right you simpleton, we played you for a fool and you fell straight for it. Besides, if you really need more convincing," she pressed on, sounding more dangerous by the second, "I can always go back to mess up Krillin or even, your wife a bit more," there was a pause as she eyed Chichi with such animosity it made not trusting her impossible, "We'll see just how much I cared then."

A golden fire eclipsing the setting sun burst forth from Goku's body, interrupting the vile glare trained on his wife and pushing all four back a considerable distance.

"You fiends! How dare you use my friends like that against me? How dare you treat them like tools at your disposal?" Having not experienced that much contempt for anyone for years, Earth's savior shouted at the top of his voice. "But now you have me to answer to, and I'll teach you lots to never mess with my loved ones ever again!" He finished, fists trembling from how much he's gripping them.

Uncertainty and even fear were evident in the exposed features of the kidnappers, with the goons all looking at their boss as if she's gone too far. At that moment, Chichi thought they'd simply surrender and was hoping that would be the case so as to avoid further bloodshed. Like an overused plot device; however, the villains her husband had to deal with seemed to lack the brain cells to call it quits and the ringleader was no exception, readying her stance against the Super Saiyan.

"Heh, pretty impressive, but let's see if there's more to this fancy lightshow! Get him boys!" The masked woman retorted before suddenly vanishing from sight, her gang following soon after.

Another intense clash broke out before Chichi's very own eyes. Despite being married for more than several decades, the retired warrior queen must admit she rarely witnessed her husband fighting firsthand. Sure, she's heard all sorts of crazy stories of how Goku protected the world from alien warlords to androids and magicians and was even present when he took on Ma Jr. While she's never doubted her beloved's physical prowess, those tales had always been a bit too out there, far too removed from her daily life of dealing with bad traffics and the occasional thieves.

The battle currently taking place though, was firmly rooted in her reality. Here's her Goku, the strongest man in their universe taking on her kidnappers who had dared to harm their best friend Krillin. Regardless of how much she had come to loath those periodic interruptions of their peaceful life, there was no denying her man had tried his best at keeping everyone safe and what's transpiring at that very instant was that proof.

P-perhaps I've been wrong in the past about!

"Get them Goku!" She screamed like a cheerleader at the grand finals of a sporting event, fists punching and legs kicking thin air in an exact mirror of how her spouse fought off his foes.

For Goku's part, he found protecting his loved ones oddly fulfilling. Having spent too much of his life dealing with the bigger picture, with every crisis impacting billions of living beings, the Saiyan raised on Earth was all too glad to slowly rediscover what it's like to fight for a personal reason. The bond he always knew he and Chichi shared proved even more prominent than originally thought as it kept reminding him of the consequences of losing this time.

Then her chants of support reached him, and its effects far exceeded anything imaginable. Aside from the duel with Piccolo back in the Twenty-Third World Martial Arts Tournament, he rarely heard his wife cheering for him in battle and felt such omission as a huge void in life. Here she was though, close by and letting the life-long warrior knew how much she not only approved but was proud of his actions. It fueled his body with energy more than any food was capable of, and with powerful strikes, he kept his opponents on the defensive without any opportunity to retaliate.

Speaking of whom, as Goku fought, he couldn't help but slowly grow to, for the lack of a better term, respect those abductors. Notwithstanding their evil intentions, the four clearly cared for one another. Working primarily in pairs with the slender yet logic-defying powerful ones as a unit and the two muscular ones the other duo; they had somehow managed to withstand his initially rage-driven assaults. What's more, whenever anyone was in danger, the other three would immediately jump into the fray, forcing him to abandon pursuit.

These people certainly aren't like Ginyu Force or other friend ditching cowards, and I sensed so much comradeship in them...,

This realization made Goku weaken his punches in fear of injuring whom he deemed as worthy foes. Rather than using the opening to retaliate, the group behaved akin to how true friends would too, as they formed defensive formation around their leader, who most recently had taken the blunt of attacks.

B-but why hurt Krillin even if it's just a little? And why threaten my Chichi? No, they must pay for their crimes!

His mind made up, Goku drew up exactly enough strength to overpower even the strongest of kidnappers, namely the cat-eyed youth known for his witty remarks. Moving at what must've been a blur, the Saiyan reappeared with fist already buried into the man's stomach, causing him to double over with a pained gasp. The person with weirdly bulging forehead was the next to go as Goku quickly deflected two crane-like strikes before propelling into a nearby tree with a kick.

Now that their team structure had been fundamentally disrupted, Earth's savior turned his attention to the one who dared threatening his wife. Deciding to give her a taste of what Krillin had experienced, he swung a powerful roundhouse at her head. The ringleader clearly saw through the movement; however, as she raised both arms in an effort to block the kick, only for him to crash through her limbs and sending her crashing into the ground.

"WAY TO GO GOKU!" With her brown eyes glistening in tears of joy, Chichi leapt up and cheered loudly, earning her a soul-grabbing smile that sent her into a feverish blush.

Unbeknownst to the housewife, her husband was just as affected, his face red not from the intense fight.

Maybe it's better Chichi's not watching my every fights...kami knew I won't last long getting distracted all the times...,

True to Goku's worries, the last remaining enemy, a guy whose clawed hands strangely resembled an animal-inspired style of a close friend of his, had unsheathed a curved knife and was rapidly sneaking up on him from behind.

"No Goku! WATCH OUT!" Despite knowing no ordinary man-made weapon could possibly leave a dent on her beloved, Chichi still let out a frightened scream.

Before the retired warrior queen knew it, she had already sprang toward her husband's attacker full force, her own safety the last thing in mind. Powered by raw emotion of purest degree, she moved at an unimaginable speed and reached the scarred man in record time.

"Wh-," The blade-brandishing foe couldn't even finish a single word as Chichi tackled him onto the ground, knocking him out with a loud thud.

"Wow!" Was all Goku managed to say as he looked on speechless. At that moment, his wife appeared more like a tigress releasing her unfortunate prey than a homemaker he was all too accustomed to.

"Yeah." Chichi beamed at her spouse shyly as she slowly got up.

For an immeasurable period, the lovers gazed eye-to-eye in silence. Their all too familiar attires were torn on numerous places, not to mention having dusts all over and yet, both found the other's new appearance oddly appealing.

This newfound attraction drew them closer and closer until their lips touched then all went blank. Lost in the world-isolating kiss, all they could comprehend were each other's warmth, the taste of Earth from their mouths, and many elements symbolizing the ordeal they've just been through together.

When the married couple finally came to, they were rather embarrassed to find they had five spectators, four of whom in cuffs. Nevertheless, the sight of a dear friend looking relatively healthy, if not outright throwing playful glances at them was enough to brighten their moods.

"Hey Krillin buddy, I didn't know you are up and walking already!" Goku said with a big smile but still found it hard to disentangle from the hug.

The warrior monk flashed an even bigger grin back. "Hey, what do you take me for Goku? You should know I'm made of sturdier material than that right?" He retorted jokingly.

"Are you sure you are completely fine Krillin? I mean these gangsters certainly did a number on you. Want me to take a closer examination?" Chichi offered, the brave deeds of this family friend still fresh in her memory. "Only kami knew just how much harm this vile woman had done to you. Really, I can't wait to see Eighteen give her a piece of her mind!" Just like that, gone was the housewife's caring demeanor and in its place, her trademark fierce personality as she admonished the cat-eyed ringleader who lowered her head, seemingly out of shame.

"H-hey it's alright Chichi, really it's all good." The police officer waved both hands in a frenzy as if trying to shield the criminal from her wrath. "Oh and before I forgot, here's the stolen food." He added in a hurry, producing a bulky grocery bag.

Immediately, a booming stomach growl rang through the forest, effectively shifting Chichi's attention to her husband.

"GOKU!" The woman yelled.

"Hey, sorry Chi, I can't help it I swear!" Earth's strongest man pleaded, looking rather intimidated.

"Hehe, well you heard the man. Guess you'd better make him some meal so yeah, bye guy!" No sooner had those words left did Krillin spun around and rushed his captives away.

Looking at his hurriedly departing friend, the Saiyan with a never ceasing grumbling belly scratched his head and pondered aloud, "Wow, I wonder what's the emergency?"

Rather than responding, Chichi merely elbowed him in the tummy, silencing, if only temporarily that rioting stomach. "Don't try to change the subject matter Goku. Common, take me home so I can make dinner least your cries for food ruptured my eardrums. And then...,"

"Yes Chichi? And then what?" He inquired innocently.

"And then...and then you know what you big oaf! Just take me home already!" She said, not in her copyrighted loud voice but a rather shy, almost timid voice.

Goku blinked once, twice, then thrice as he stared at his adorable wife's beet red expression. Even from a distance, he clearly felt the heat radiating from her face and wondered if it was all right to ask more questions. Despite not getting the clue, his body nevertheless acted on its own, gathering her into another weather-insulating embrace.

"Well Goku?" After a long while, Chichi finally murmured quietly against his neck.

"Well Chi, should we walk? Run? Or fly?" Goku asked, only to be met with a disproving glare. "Oh right, we are in a hurry so flying it is then!" He responded before picking her up bridal style, to which she squirmed uncharacteristically like a schoolgirl.

So away this couple with fire rekindled went, cutting through endless stretches of sky, letting out merry laughter all the way.

Chichi felt the all too familiar warmth of the morning sunlight and opened her eyes as if it was second nature. At first, she had no idea why it felt quite different waking up that day, until another soothing heat source stirred underneath her that was.

Calling it a pleasant surprise would be downplaying her mood by miles. The spouse couldn't recall just how long ago it had been since the two had been intimate with each other, but one thing was certain.

It's been too long, far too long!

For a short while, Chichi was content to simply lay there beside her husband, basking in the tranquility. As she quietly enjoyed his gentle features, and even the snores, the retired warrior queen couldn't help but compare the peace at hand with the adventure from yesterday.

Calling it a wild rollercoaster ride was putting it mildly. Like a multi-layered mystery, the more she reminiscent about it, the more questions popped up. Soon her head was hurting from juggling the various hypothesizes, each failing to explain away some aspect of the story.

Oh silly me, why not give Krillin a call? Surely he'll know the identities of those masked assailants?

The idea brightened Chichi up somewhat, allowing her to fall back against Goku's chest. With an ear resting against his heart, she tried letting the rhythmic beating lull her back to sleep. For some time the plan seemed to be working too and the wife felt her mind drifting elsewhere.

B-but wait a minute, it just didn't add up...,

Summoning all her strength, she reluctantly pried those heavy eyelids apart then, with greatest effort, pried her beloved's arm off. Chilly morning air induced goosebumps all over the woman's skin immediately. At that split second, she almost considered rejoining the sleepy Saiyan yet relinquished such thoughts as quickly as it came.

Moments later and Chichi was dialing a number she had wanted to earlier but for completely different reasons. As the phone rang, she pondered who would be taking the call and began debating whom she'd want to speak with the most.

Hmm...I suppose I can still ask Krillin what he's done with those "criminals"?

But what if Eighteen's the one answering? She's always been the more alert one. Do I ask about her day and slowly work myself in?

"Hello who is this?"

The voice of a girl, not too young but definitely still maturing, reached Chichi's ears.

"Hi Marron, it's me Auntie Chichi." The grownup introduced with a genuine smile. To her surprise, she found herself relaxing at the prospect of speaking to the offspring and not the parents.

"Oh Auntie Chichi! It's great hearing from you! How have things been?"

"Thanks sweetie, all's well here," she paused briefly before mustering up her courage, "say, can you get my bestie, your mother for me please?"

"Oh mom...err sorry auntie, I don't think she's available." Came the pre-teen's hesitant reply.

"Really? And why not?" Chichi pressed softly, making sure to adopt a joking tone.

"Well...," Marron's voice dropped considerably.

"I-Is everything alright with Eighteen?" Chichi asked all worried, any plan to acquire information replaced by concerns for her friend's wellbeing.

"I...I think so. Mom wasn't too stressed herself so it probably wasn't a big deal, but...,"


There was prolonged silence on the other side, during which the caller's anxiety as well as curiosity increased exponentially.

"Well, for some odd reasons, mom and dad came home yesterday pretty banged up. They are still resting and I don't want to trouble them." Marron replied at last.

"Mom and dad? You mean both of them?" Chichi inquired just to be sure she heard it right.

"Y-yeah. At first, I thought it was only dad hurting since he had bruises all over him but it turned out mom was the one needing care the most."

"Ah hah." The former kidnapped victim said nodding, an uncharacteristic smirk plastered across her face, "and did they tell you what caused them those injuries?"

"Honestly I don't know auntie. Dad wouldn't talk about it while mom said she was out doing a friend a favor. They both sounded pretty happy though so...I guess I'm just worrying too much?" The daughter of Earth's strongest human and former terminatress finished her sentence with a question, clearly looking for reassurance.

All Chichi could do was letting out ad good-natured chuckle.

"Oh I'm sure they are alright Mar. Say, can you let your mother know I'll be paying her a visit today. Like, you know, to check on her?" The older woman asked, heart pounding rapidly as a mischievous thought overcame her.

"Of course auntie Chichi, I'm sure she'll love to see you!" Marron chirped happily, completely unaware of the smug grin on Chichi's face.

"Thank you sweetie. I'm sure your mother will."

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