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Night Raid Watch Halo Legends


Origins: Part One

"Delta, what are we going to watch?" Dorothea asked in excitement and was holding down her excitement. After playing Halo 3, Night Raid showed no hesitation in watching something that Delta has for them.

"Reclaimers, I present to you Halo Legends." Delta responded respectfully as she was uploading the files within the device.

"Halo Legends?" Tatsumi muttered as he heard those two words.

"From what we know about it, it might be telling stories within your universe." Mine added as she was eying Delta and Queue Fives.

"Affirmative Reclaimer, and you'll like some episodes, which you can take notes in." Delta responded. She wondered how Tatsumi and Wave would react to the Odd One Out, Mine reacting to the Babysitter, Bols reacting to Homecoming, Stylish and Dorothea on Prototype and lastly Akame, Esdeath, Bulat, Najenda, and basically everyone else reacting to her most favourite one The Duel.

"If you say so." Najenda said as she smiled and pulled out a notepad and a pen to write down any notes that would be useful to Night Raid and the Revolutionary Army. Stylish did the same but that was only for technology and weapons.

"Let's hope that there will be a lot of fight scenes." Esdeath muttered in contempt, which made Delta sigh. She'd remembered the Empire calling her the Strongest, but the monitor knew that she heavily relied on her Imperial Arms rather than her mind and tactics. She secretly couldn't wait for her to react to Fal 'Chavamee, who defeated an entire Covenant Army with his natural strength and skills.

"Are you all set and ready, Reclaimers?" The monitor broke her thoughts as she asked the group.

"Yep." Leone immediately spoke up and took a swing from her beer.

"We're all set." Tatsumi added as he stretched his arms within the crowded couch.

"Let's see what this offers us." Chelsea commented as she put a new lollipop in her mouth.

Origins Part One

(Insert- Halo Legends OST: Opening Suite 2)

Queue Fives was eyeing on everyone to see if they were going to complain. "Phew, glad no one is complaining about this. But then again, I should stop complaining."

Somewhere in space, the aft end of the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn floats endlessly through space. On board are the cryogenically-frozen Master Chief and the A.I. Cortana. Cortana, several years old, who begins to go rampant.

"That's not good." Cosmina said as she and the others saw how unstable Cortana is.

"Delta, how long is her lifespan?" Dorothea asked with concern in her voice.

Delta went quiet for a few second to find the proper words about the Ais from the UNSC. "To put it in your words Reclaimer, the AIs from the UNSC doesn't have the same capable technology to that of the Forerunners. So that would mean they only have seven years of service."

"Wait, when was Cortana created?" Tatsumi asked the monitor.

"I won't be going on the specific date but she was put to service in 2549 Reclaimer." Delta answered before the monitor thought of something. "Do you want to know her first words Reclaimers?"

"What where her first words?" Stylish asked in curiosity as he was intrigued by the AI's functions.

"It is in Italian Reclaimers, which is a language in our world." Queue Fives informed them. "But I'll let Delta say Cortana's first words."

Delta then looked at everyone. "When the game is over, the king and the pawn go into the same box."

"Wait, is that referring to Chess?" Wave spoke upon hearing the words "king" and "pawn."

"It was Wave." Akame answered straight away.

"That was very interesting for Cortana to say that." Sheele said.

"But where did Cortana get that from?" Tatsumi asked.

"Tatsumi darling, Cortana was created from Halsey's brain." Esdeath reminded her darling, to which some of the girls glared at her.

"It was a cloned copy Reclaimer." Queue Fives added as he didn't want them to get confused.

"But isn't cloning illegal?" Run spoke up.

"It was, but during War times, everyone especially the losing side use everything that was both legal and illegal to find something that would help them during the war." Najenda answered as she as a vague answer as to why Halsey created Cortana using her flash cloned brain.

She begins to speak to the Master Chief, knowing full well that the Master Chief cannot hear her.

Cortana: Chief? Can you hear me?

"Uh, doesn't she knows that he in tryosleep?" Leone pointed out.

"It's Cryosleep Leone." Akame corrected her. "But by the way she's sitting, she is fully aware that he is still asleep."

"Man, Cryo-Science it so complicated to understand." Lubbock said as he was rubbing his temples to ease his confusion.

"But it is also interesting at the same time." Dorothea countered while Stylish was making notes about Cryo-science.

Cortana's hologram appears at the holotank. She appears in a fetal position.

Cortana: When I was born seven years ago, I already possessed the entire sum of human knowledge.

"Possess the entire human knowledge!? No wonder she's so intelligent." Lubbock said in shock and could already imagine Cortana possessing a lot of knowledge from their world. .

"Imagine possessing the entire knowledge….." Wave could only say as he was also in a state of shock.

"That would be helpful." Leone said immediately as she could already imagine an AI possessing all the knowledge about alcohol.

"But there could be a downside for possessing a lot of knowledge." Susanoo pointed out.

"You're probably right Su." Tatsumi admitted.

She looks onto the Master Chief's cryotube.

Cortana: It took me almost two hours to process and understand all that information. But I can't be sure which memories are mine or even what's true, what's real.

"Well, we know the reason why." Chelsea stated as she put in another lollipop in her mouth.

Cortana: I've discovered a great deal more information since then. For an A.I., I've lived a very long time. But now, after seven human years, I have finally come to understand your role, your place in the universe and how you came to be here. The eons of human evolution, invention, aspiration...and war. Always war. The oldest, most enduring of human practices.

"You are correct Cortana, just imagine how many bloodshed, fighting and battles there are in war." Esdeath said proudly and wishes one day to be in a war again.

Delta looked at Esdeath. "Not everyone is keen on war and bloodshed Reclaimer." She stills remembers what Esdeath did back in the Empire but she decided to keep it to herself since she already told her once.

The scene shifts to a Forerunner-inhabited planet.

Cortana: A hundred thousand years ago, a great civilization existed in this universe. Like all civilizations, they faced a sudden and dire turn of events. A threat to their primacy from outside. Something they never expected. Never prepared for.

Dorothea perked up when she saw a Forerunner planet and realised what Cortana had said. "Wait Delta, isn't she…."

"You're on right on the spot Reclaimer." Delta immediately answered and sighed quietly since she hated seeing the Forerunner-Flood War but it was important for them to look at what really happened to the Forerunners.

"The Forerunner-Flood War?" Najenda guessed upon hearing Delta's tone.

"Affirmative, you are going to find out what really happened and how desperate the Forerunners were." Delta responded.

"Well, you could thanks for Mendicant for defecting to the Flood." Tatsumi said in contempt, with everyone nodding agreement.

Delta, agreeing with them in some circumstances, had something else to say. "You may be right, but there was someone worse than Mendicant himself, Reclaimers." She was referring to Faber.

"Yeah right, I highly doubt that." Najenda said with venom. To her once again. Mendicant was nothing more than another Esdeath.

"You are going to regret saying that Reclaimer when you hear about this Forerunner." Delta said with no malice in her tone as she cannot wait how Night Raid will react to Faber and his inhuman experiments.

An unidentified vessel floats towards the Forerunner planet. Chunks of debris fall through the atmosphere.

Cortana: A deeply alien threat they called simply: "the Flood." An unstoppable force. An unquenchable thirst.

"Wait, the Flood was in its third stage when your kind went to war?" Leone asked the monitor.

"They already consumed multiple planets by the time we fought them." Delta informed the blonde.

"Sheesh, what else did your kind do before the war with the Flood?" the blonde asked again.

Now the monitor was stuck in that question. How is she going to explain about Ancient Humanity and how the Forerunners reverted them to their prehistoric form as punishment due to a misunderstanding. Luckily, she knew what she was about to say. "You're going to be shocked when you all reached a certain scene in this episode."

Night Raid wondered why Delta would say that. Was there something disturbing that the Forerunners did before the war with the Flood?

Enforcers and Sentinels fly towards the impact crater of one of the chunks of debris. Tentacles snake out of the crater and spread through the Forerunner city.

"Holy shit!" Tatsumi, Wave, Lubbock, and Leone said in complete shock when they saw the Gravemind throughout the Forerunner city.

"The Flood were really powerful against your kind." Dorothea added as she looked at Delta, who was silent. "What's wrong?"

Delta was snapped out of her thoughts and looked at Dorothea. "Just seeing this really gives me back memories, Reclaimer."

The former Blood-Sucker raised her eyebrows. "What memories?"

"How desperate the Forerunners were and were using all the information that I have that would help them win the war." Delta responded sadly.

"Talking about this must be really painful." Bols said to the monitor.

"Affirmative." Delta nodded as she recomposed herself and continue watching.

Cortana: It devoured everything it touched. At first, their technology, their courage seemed like it might prevail.

"That did not last long." Tatsumi pointed out as he and everyone else knew that the Flood were really difficult to control.

"Yeah, the Flood basically outnumber them." Lubbock added.

The Sentinels move in massive numbers to destroy the Flood, but the Flood's various forms spread too rapidly.

Cortana: But they waited too long to see the threat, to join the fight. The Flood had spread too far and too wide.

"Yes, they would've done it to where it all came from." Najenda agreed and wondered where the source of where all of the Flood came from.

"It was from a planet Called Seaward which is on the edge of known space Reclaimer," Delta informed the one-eyed General, "It is a privately own property from a secret Forerunner group that wasn't well known to the General Public and the Government."

"It was like a planet where only the rich and powerful Forerunners could only go, right?" Akame asked as she speculated that that was some resort for the rich and powerful nobles..

"Affirmative. You see, it had no connection to the rest of the civilization, which you all know what I'm saying." Delta explained.

"Well, they should have at least have a connection to the rest of the civilization to prevent the Flood from entering?!" Najenda threw her hands up, furious that Seaward did not have no connections to the rest of the Forerunners.

"But it was not known to the general public." Esdeath added after Najenda finished her rambling.

Flood forms begin to infect live Forerunners. The Flood begins to form biomass in various areas of the Forerunner civilization. The Flood eventually forms Pure Forms.

Leone put her hands in her mouth as she stopped herself from hurling. "After everything with the Flood…."

Akame patted her friend's shoulders. "It's okay. This is really important for us to watch."

"Yeah Leone, that's what you get for drinking too much alcohol." Mine said as she blinked to get the images out of her head.

Cortana: It fed on intelligent life and in doing so, became ever more intelligent itself. The Flood was unique. It used their own strength against them.

The Flood takes over the entire planet. In a Library-like structure, the Forerunner warriors study an infection form.

Cortana: They were...the Forerunners.

This confused Night Raid as they wondered why Cortana phrased it like that. All of a sudden, a sudden flash came out of Run's head. "There were these Gods known as the Precursors that created all life in the Galaxy before they were eventually wiped out by the Forerunners, right Delta?"

Delta nodded. "Affirmative, they managed to steal a lot of Forerunner knowledge so the Flood use it against the Forerunners."

"Sheesh, these Precursors are really complicated creatures." Tatsumi confusingly said and that made Delta thought of something. The only reason she knows about the Precursors and how they were extinct was that she managed to take a little peak from the forbidden knowledge section within her Archives. Luckily, that didn't breach her protocols which made her snap out of her thoughts again.

The Forerunners activate their battleships, launching them into orbit.

Cortana: The Forerunners were a wise, highly intelligent, noble people. And with a belief in justice, in peace, they bravely faced the adversary. They sought to sterilize it.

Dorothea smiled at that statement. "That is true, and we already know why."

Esdeath, however, had a different thought. "Well, they are also highly arrogant individuals since they are very intelligent and never having a second thought."

Delta wasn't offended by this since the Ice Queen was right but did offend her in some capacity. "I would have to agree with you Reclaimer."

Queue Fives had something else to say. "Yeah, for instance, they see my kind as a disgusting and imbeciles to their society."

Seyru just patted his head. "Your not ugly. You're cute. Fives just gilled at that comment.

The Forerunner fleet musters its strength against the Flood-infected ships. On the surface, larger, more powerful fleet of Sentinels activates.

Cortana: I can only guess some of this. Fill in the gaps.

The Sentinels use their advanced weaponry to destroy Flood biomass. The ships in orbit use their collective beam weaponry to destroy the Flood-captured ships.

"Wow! I never knew that Forerunner develops that kind of technology." Dorothea said as her interest in Forerunner technology increases.

"We need to develop that kind of tech when the Revolution ends." Tatsumi added.

Mine blinked at this. "You do know that we're still far behind from creating such technology, right?"

The pinkette was right, but Dorothea had something to counter that. "True, but we could ask Delta for advice on advancing our technology."

Said monitor nodded in agreement. "I would be happy to assist you however I can, Reclaimer."

The scene returns to the surface, where Forerunner infantry units move to engage the Flood on foot. Using advanced handheld beam weapons, the soldiers destroy several buildings before being assailed by infection forms and Flood biomass. At first, the Forerunners cope, but in the end, they are overwhelmed.

This made the monitor shudder which caught Najenda's attention "You're getting some bad memories aren't you?"

Delta looked back at the General and nodded. "You're right on the spot, Reclaimer. Even if I never directly participated with the war against the flood, I knew how desperate it was." Not only that, but that allowed Faber to do a number of inhumane and heinous experiment on humans back of Zeta Halo, making her shudder again. She soon shook off that thought.

Cortana: But it was an impossible fight. Realizing defeat was inevitable, the Forerunners made a decision to destroy everything.

Everyone including Esdeath had either had their eyes widen or their jaws dropped upon hearing this. Destroy everything, now that was a real shocker. Run looked back at Delta. "Wait, does that mean….."

Delta knew where is going. "I know you are shocked about this Reclaimers, but please let me explain." Everyone nods their heads and Kurome paused the TV. "That was our only choice, the Flood had every advantage against us. So, we only had that option."

"So, your kind deciding that it was a good idea to create these galactic weapon that could wipe out everything, am I correct?" Najenda summarised as she wanted to get straight to the point.

Delta looked at her calmly, "That sums it up Reclaimer."

Night Raid was still wondering about how the Halo Rings were originally created and how there are still living species across the galaxy when the Halos were fired. Lubbock was the one to brought it up. "Then how are there many species that managed to survive the activation of the Halo Rings?"

That made Delta goes silent and for a good reason. How will they react upon hearing that the Ancient Humans was once a technologically superior race.

The Flood forms biomass on everything, slowly building up and slowly reaches critical mass. The Flood eventually form a Gravemind.

Seeing how the Gravemind formed made some of audience lose their appetite. Leone had her both of her hands in her mouth. "Ugh, please just quickly switch the scene."

Tatsumi then lightly chuckles. "Well, you shouldn't have drunk all of the alcohol earlier." He warned her.

Cortana: Ironically, they did this to preserve life. To create a future for you, yet unborn, knowing they themselves would not survive.

Delta sighed quietly upon hearing this. "It was really a tough choice for my creators to make such a decision, but they knew that by activating all of the Halo Rings, the Flood would be wiped out as well as them." She wished there were alternates but that was their only choice.

"Delta…." Her attention turns towards Dorothea, who had the look of worry in her face, "You seemed to be awfully quiet."

Delta looked at her. "Oh, it was just some memories, Reclaimer."

Some weren't so sure about that because when the two were finished, Delta was quiet, too quiet for them to see Delta in.

Flood controlled Forerunner ships lift off, enabling their spread through the galaxy.

"I'm glad that you two managed to get rid of the Flood from Choukri." Mine reminded Tatsumi and Wave with the others nodding their heads in agreement.

Said boys just sighed at the memories. "Please don't mention it."

Well, they were kind of right of not wanting to remember, but Mine brought up a good point. " I know it brings up some bad memories, but think what would happen if the Flood escaped from Choukri?"

Many of them began to wonder what the scenario would look like if the Flood ever escaped. This made all of them shudder in terror and soon they all looked back at the screen to continue watching the episode.

"Glad that never happened." Were everyone's thought's on that Scenario.

Cortana: In a desperate attempt to ensure that they were the last victims, they built a secret weapon of terrible power.

The scene shifts to outside the infected galaxy, to the Forerunner's farthest outpost: the Ark. Around the Ark, the Forerunner's build their final weapons, the seven Halo rings, which are shifted into position through the Ark Portal.

Leone immediately spat her drink into the floor (much to Susanoo's dismay.) as she saw that there were Seven Halo Rings. "What?!"

Mine just sighed. "You didn't know there were seven Halo Rings?" The blonde brawler nodded in agreement. "We all knew it since the Ending of the epilogue to Halo 2, remember?"

Leone tried to remember what was in the ending of Halo. But she completely forgot about it. "Well I don't exactly remember…."

Dorothea and Stylish sighed at the blonde's lack of general knowledge that there were Seven Halo rings, so they didn't even say a word to her as they looked at the screen to continue watching the episode.

Cortana: It was called 'Halo'. An array of weapons scattered throughout the galaxy. Its effect would spread throughout known space. Destroying the Flood. And every thinking creature in the galaxy.

The Rings appear in orbit around Eayn, Doisac, Sanghelios and Earth. The appearance of halo rings in the sky piques the interest of the indigenous species of all these planets. A Forerunner Keyship lands on the Earth terminus of the Ark Portal, watched by humans.

"Wait, are they …. us?" Wave realised upon inspecting the scene.

"Yeah, but I'm starting to speculate that there is more something to that." Lubbock answered and not knowing what to inspect.

"You might be all surprised by the ending Reclaimer." Delta informed that, not wanting to spoil their ancient humanity background.

"So, the other planets, they had other species?" Dorothea guessed.

"Affirmative. You might know that the Elites, or Sangheili originated from Sanghelios, but the other two had the Brutes in Doisac while the Jackals originated from Eayn." Delta informed the group about the Brutes and Jackal's home planet.

"I got to say Delta, your universe is getting more and more interesting the more we delve in to the story." Mine admitted while she saw Run making some notes, which she might've guessed that he written in interest.

Cortana: You see, the Flood fed on sentient species to survive. The device would destroy the infection and its food supply. A thousand other plans were tried and failed. This was the last resort. Halo.

"The Forerunners had that much plan?!" Some of them shouted in shock.

Najenda remained unfazed by this and knew why since she was a former General. "I would say so. The plans might not have been too realistic and tactical against the Flood, so I guess Halo was their only option."

Susanoo had something else to add. "And since the Flood had an advantage, the Halo could wipe out all organic life to make the Flood starve to death."

"I don't feel hungry anymore." Kurome spoke as she put her plates of cookies down upon hearing this.

The Forerunners activate the Halo ring, sending a pulse through the stars. The Flood is wiped out, along with every other species in the galaxy. Non-organic beings are not harmed, leaving the Forerunner's fleet of Sentinels unharmed.

"Oh my…." Stylish said in both amusement and shock when he saw the Halo Rings firing.

"Now that's terrifying." Lubbock said as he watched all the Halo Rings firing.

"Glad that the Rings didn't fire again." Mine recalled the events of the Halo Trilogy where Truth wanted to activate the Rings to hide the Covenant's false religious belief. That sent everyone a shiver down their spine.

"And I'm also glad that it destroyed all the Flood." Tatsumi said in relief.

"Not all of them, we had some samples." Delta countered.

"We already knew that." Everyone thought sarcastically since they knew due to the events of Halo.

Cortana: And finally, it was over in an instant. Every intelligent lifeform left in the galaxy was obliterated.

The Halo Ring's pulse lingers for a moment, then the Ring falls dormant, undisturbed for the next hundred-thousand years.

Cortana: But from the ashes of apparent defeat: a victory.

"Well, it was their only choice." Najenda said knowing the situation that the Forerunners were in.

A Forerunner Keyship is seen. On it, various plates showing humanoid forms.

Cortana: The Forerunners had catalogued, stored and collected population samples from the Halo effect. DNA, embryos, even living specimens. In order to repopulate. Restore the galaxy.

"That's a good thing that the Forerunners managed to gather some sample from other planets to reseed life." Run said as he and the others saw Multiple Keyship going to other planets.

"Yeah, and I guess that's where us, humans start evolving from apes." Dorothea commented and that made Delta go silent upon hearing this. Well, she knew why as something shocking would be revealed soon.

Sentinels are seen managing the countless samples. Five keyships are seen lifting off, preparing to re-seed the galaxy with life.

Cortana: Once the galaxy was cleansed of Flood, the threat sterilized, they repopulated worlds. Rebuilt that which they had torn down, and re-seeded life.

The Keyships land on various worlds. the Sentinels use the DNA samples to regenerate species. The Unggoy return to Balaho, the Sangheili to Sanghelios and, of course, the Humans to Earth.

"What the…" Mine said in disbelief.

"Wait, isn't this where the history of humans started?!" Lubbock added also in disbelief.

Everyone even Esdeath were having a hard time processing on the humans part. Dorothea was the one to speak up about it, "D-Delta…"

"We'll speak about it when the episode ends." Delta informed the alchemist as it was now time to reveal about ancient humanity to would already guess that they're going to have quite a bit of time processing it.

Cortana: But the Forerunners themselves were gone forever. This destruction, this conflagration, was their gift to you, and their sacrifice. They left you to reclaim your world, to rebuild it with your own hands. By sacrificing themselves. Eternally.

A Forerunner is seen sealing away its armor.

Cortana: It seemed that life had finally found its peace.

As the episode end, everyone went silent as they were still trying to process to what they had just witness. They were all thinking about the Evolution of humans, that was until it was all a lie.

"What the hell?!" Mine exclaimed as she was looking at herself.

"This can't be right." Cosmina added as she was also looking at herself.

"I thought humans were evolved from apes." Lubbock said with shock before everyone looked at Delta.

"So, Delta. Mind explaining what we just saw?" Tatsumi asked the monitor.

Delta went silent for how many times today before speaking. "That was the start of human history, Reclaimers."

"Wait, the start of human history?" Lubbock Said eying on the monitor.

"Yes Reclaimer…. The start of current humanity's history." She repeated.

"Wait…" Dorothea said as she caught a small detail within Delta's words. "Current humanity?"

Delta knew that what she said wasn't a slip-up, it was now time to explained something that will shock them including Esdeath to their very core. "Reclaimers, what did I tell you that humanity was once a technological advance race?"

That made everyone go silent before they either shouted, "WHAT?!", "Did you say, 'humanity was once a technological advance race?'!?" and "How…"

The monitor let out a sigh, which The Engineer noticed. "I know you're all shocked abou—"

"Humans were once advanced race?!" Mine yelled still completely shock about the revelation.

"Reclaimer, please…." The monitor managed to calm down in pinkette. Everyone then looked at the monitor, which indicates that they're all waiting for an answer. "Alright, as you know right now, the Forerunners were once an advance race. But we weren't the only ones."

"And what does that mean?" Dorothea asked eager to seek knowledge about humanity's past.

"That means that Ancient Humanity was once a superior advance race and they had the same capabilities to produce the same technology as us." The monitor explained making everyone stay silent in shock before she continued delve into the mishap. "Unfortunately, the Forerunners saw that Ancient Humanity had entered their territory."

"I don't like where this is going." Tatsumi gulped.

At that exact moment, Delta revealed something that made everyone's including Esdeath's jaw dropped in horror. "And thinking that they were invading our territory, we went to war with them and we won. My ancestors punished them for that and revered most of ancient humanity to their prehistoric stage, forgetting about everything they had achieved." She let of a sigh of sadness. "But then, we learnt a thousand years later that they weren't taking over, they were running away… from the Flood. Since then, I regretted my Ancestor's actions for erasing all of ancient humanity's achievements."

That was heavy. Very heavy for Night Raid to hear. All of them saw the monitor looking down at the floor in sadness and were guessing that they were angry for what her race did to revert humanity back to their prehistoric age. It was… a lot to take in. What they learnt about humanity's history was all a lie and that they were never evolved from apes. "Delta…" said monitor hear Dorothea's voice and looked over to see Dorothea, who was reaching her arms to her, "Come here."

Delta knew that she was going to be destroyed by them and decided to go there to be ready to get destoryed. As she floated hear the former Alchemist, she was then hugged by her, which surprised both her and Fives. "I know that this is a lot of information to take in for us. But I forgive you for what your race had done to us."

Mine was next in line. "Well, I'd admit that we were once an advance race, but I have to admit that that was a huge misunderstanding of what the Forerunners did. I know we're mad about it, but I'm quite happy of what we're currently doing."

Delta looked at everyone and saw that they were smiling at her. Meanwhile, Queue Fives was comforting the monitor so she would feel better. Najenda spoke up soon after. "I think it'll be a while to take in that information that you given us. But…" she smiled at the monitor, "I would like to thank you to what you did for us. I know this is a lot to take in, but without you, I'm sure that the Revolutionary Army would be destroyed."

The monitor then looked at everyone once again and saw that Mine, Seyru, Wave, Bols and Sheele was playing with her friend/pet cheerful. If she had a human face, she would have a lot of tears dropping down in her face. "Reclaimers…" Everyone then looked at her. "Thank you."

With that shocking but real truth about humanity, Tatsumi thought of something. "Say, since you told us about it and the fact that you'd helped us, I think we all deserve a treat."

Now that he's said about that and realising what Delta and Queue Fives did, everyone began chatting among themselves to vote on what treat would they have. Akame and Kurome (being sisters) and everyone really wanted Susanoo's cooking, but Delta had other ideas, which made her lights brighten. Leone rubbed her eyes after looking at this and blinked her eyes at the monitor. "So, what was that about?"

"I'm deeply sorry, but I think I got a treat for all of you." Delta responded as she knew what humanity's most favourite food was.

Akame and Kurome perked up in anticipation and got near the monitor. "WHAT IS IT THEN?!" the two sisters asked her.

The monitor then went to where her friend/pet was and eyed to everyone as she pulled out a notepad within her. "Hands up on who want's pizza?"

Side Story- Dorothea's Journal entry No. 1

I am completely shocked about the truth about humanity. At first, I thought we had evolved from apes, but was soon revealed by Delta that we were once an advance race, which I presume we could build star ships.

At first, I was quite angry that the Forerunners at reverted us back to their prehistoric selves, which is now modern humanity, but then she told us that they were running away from the flood. It took me a little time to know why. It was a huge misunderstanding, but they never knew that the Flood was a threat.

Delta was quite scared that we were going to destroy her for what her race did to us out of spite, but then I hugged her, telling the monitor that I'd accepted the truth about it. It took the others a while to take that information in. Esdeath, well… I really can't describe it.

It was like that a bomb was dropped on us. And to be honest, I am still completely shocked about it. Since she did everything for all of us, Delta then rewarded us pizza, which was one of the most popular food of humanity. I cannot describe the words of what it tastes like when we got it. But I would say that it sounded really delicious.

I wonder what Delta would show us next of Halo Legends.

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