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As Wave went back to the room along with Bols, the masked man was happy what happened when he was away during the final segment of the Duel thanks to the soldier. He soon sat down in his seat while Wave did the same. What they soon discovered was that everyone was facing the monitor. "Uh…. So, what did I miss?" Wave asked to anyone.

There was a few moments of silence before Dorothea decided to speak out on what was in everyone's mind. "You want us to watch your story?"

"Wait, what?" The soldier suddenly just reacted when he heard that the former bloodsucker had just said.

Delta just laughed at his reaction. "Like I said, since Halo Legends is about famous stories and backstories, then you should know about my backstory?"

The monitor did bring up a good point considering she knows each members' backstory. So, she decided to let them know her backstory just to be a bit fair. "How long is it?" Tatsumi asked.

"My backstory is quite long, so we're going to have to watch it in three parts." Delta answered. That was indeed true. There was so many things that had happened in Delta's life before she even met Night Raid. "So, gather what you need before we even watch my backstory, Reclaimers."

With the monitor giving their instruction, some of the members began stacking up on their snacks while the others just remained seated. As it was over, Delta began putting her memories in a USB that she materialised earlier and she insert it to the TV. "We're going to watch all of it?" Leone asked before she sipped her mug that was filled with alcohol. But when she drunk, she immediately shivered at the taste. "Ugh, what's this stuff?" Her mug was filled with plain water and yet the taste was strong.

Delta laughed at the blonde's reaction. "It's just Vodka, Reclaimer."

"Vodka?" The brawler said before glaring daggers at her. "It's nothing but tasteless alcohol!"

"It is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in your cousins' homeworld." The monitor countered. "You should really try different alcohol beverages other than your typical favourite beer."

"Ugh, if you say so." The blonde said with distain. Delta already knew what her reaction would be and could think of someone that is Russian would probably hit her for saying that.

"Are you ready?" the monitor asked Night Raid, in which everyone then nodded their head. "Well then, we're now going down through memory lane." All of a sudden, Delta then had the thought of something that would make her happy and sad at the same time. "Why do I feel nostalgic right now?" She began playing the video on the screen.

(Transition to the screen)

The screen turns on and at first everything seems dark, then a light blue light shines down at the center of the screen at what seems to be a door at the bottom of Forerunner design. Multiple colored lights but mainly blue activate revealing the surroundings.

The room was large yet narrow with holograms on the walls of variant colors and shapes similar to that of the Epitaph level of Halo 3 with the golden floor and library like shelves full of data that was the energy matrix.

A door off screen is heard sliding open then closing as footsteps are heard approaching the end of the room where the bottom door was and blue light a see through blue shaded hologram detailed design of a monitor materialized.

After a few seconds, a figure with metal skin passed the screen and stood in front of the hologram. It was a forerunner or at least looked like one in a combat skin. He was about 5'9ft in height as tall as Najenda. It's combat skin was that of a lifeworker that looked like the ones seen from the terminals of Combat Evolved. The presumed to be forerunner reached out it's hand and multiple interactive holograms showing diagrams of the monitor but fully completed with green lights coming from it's photoreceptors.

The forerunner activated a machine interface which brought forth a construct of multi colored hardlight with an interface on it. He placed his hand on the console and pressed it.

"It's time to be welcomed to the world, Delta..." It was a male voice that sounded young and oddly more human then alien but it was one that sounded confident and proud in itself. (A/N: Imagine a voice similar to that of the Master of Masters from Kingdom Hearts 3)

The bottom door opened and machinery began coming out along with metalic parts and so did the same happen from the ceiling robotic arms began working as parts floated to place assembling more pieces of the monitor at a time to completion without physical contact by using an invisible force.

At last the monitor's shell was fully completed surrounding it's inner core, all that was missing was the eye of the monitor which the Forerunner had in his hand. He opened the palm of that hand out in front of the nearly completed monitor and the invisible force that was constructing the monitor picked it up and it permanently latched on the eye.

There was moment before the monitor's receptors began glowing green and finally the eye activated. It began to speak with a female voice. "Where am I...? Who am I…? How do I know how to speak?" It asked in slight confusion as it was processing information in it's head faster then any supercomputer could ever comprehend in that time.

The lifeworker decided to speak with a voice of amused curiousness. "Welcome to the world monitor, today is your birthday. Delta Contingent." He said with a cheerful tone and smile under his helmet.

"Wait, isn't my designation 2722 Delta Contingent? Hold on... how did I even learn my full name without you telling me?" Delta asked with confusion in her voice.

The lifeworker just laughed at the newly born monitor. "Oh don't worry about that, it happened to your fellow siblings I created as well when they were born." he shrugged.

"Siblings?" Delta asked tilting her head curiously.

"Yep, but first before I introduce you to your fellow monitors, since I told you your first name and you already know the rest. Allow me to introduce myself." he lowered his head and torso with one on his back and the other on his chest like he was on a stage. "My name is Albis Aluirlian Targale, a lifeworker in service of the Forerunner Empire, at your service." He said pleasantly. "And I am your creator." He stood back straight with his arms folded behind his back in a gentleman like fashion.

"Albis? That doesn't sound like a Forerunner name in my databanks." There was a small pause before Albis sighed in disappointment.

"Whaaaat? Aw how disappointing. Why does all my creations immediately point that out after my well performed act?" He then stood form. "It may not be a Forerunner name but it's still a good name, it has that sense of royalty and high standard." He said trying to gain the agreement of the newly born monitor.

"Sir with all due respect, I was just born a couple minutes ago." Delta said plainly.

"I mean you are processing information faster then that a human mind can process so naturally I would assume you are already mature enough since activation to understand humor. Maybe I'm too optimistic sometimes when it comes to AI." He said before signing in self defeat, "Fine, let's get to proceedings then."

About an hour later, Albis had finished up all the maintenance and check ups with Delta seeing that she was fully operational.

"Well that covers it you are completely functioning properly and you're processing information at incredible speeds. I think it's safe to say my little emerald pumpkin, you are a-o-k." Albis said with enthusiasm.

"Emerald pumpkin? I don't get it." Delta understood what those two words were but didn't understand the meaning behind them.

"Oh relax it was just a complement and a silly comment." Albis pats the monitor on the head playfully. With Delta not reacting much. "You'll learn more about humor as you grow up mentally." He reassures her. "Now come on let's go meet your brothers. Alpha, Beta, and Gamma are waiting for you. Follow me." Albis gestures Delta to follow him. "We're about to participate in a long term social experiment to study a particularly special people." Albis deactivates the field that was keeping Delta in place allowing her to float around fully outside of the construction barrier. He walks to the exit while she follows him.

"I was lucky enough to gain the permission to independently do this research by the Liberian though I got to follow some guide lines and overseers which is of course logical. I can tell you though the rest of the high council bureaucrats don't like me that much especially the Didact and Master Builder due to my ethnic background and attitude but the Liberian is a nice lady when you are her friend." he nonchalantly stated.

"Intriguing, you are indeed quite odd creator by first impressions alone." Delta replied.

He just laughed in return. "I get that all the time." He said in a relaxed tone. They left off screen as the room's door slide closed.

Delta and Albis made their way down the stair way, traversed a few halls and open sections while Albis was introducing Delta to the facility making some humorous quotes here and there and Delta was learning his humor. Eventually they stopped at a door where Albis stepped to the side "I believe it's only fair if you be the first one to meet them face to face." he then asked, "Are you ready to meet your siblings?"

"Affirmative." she stated in return.

"Okay just make sure to stay lively." he said with a smirk.

The door opened and Delta entered, in front of her were three monitors other monitors one was monitor with a medium blue orb, one with a yellowish cadmium orb, and lastly blue aqua color. All three were huddled around observing at a hologram map of newly made settlements on a planet of some kind. They turned their heads and studied Delta. "Greetings I am 2722 Delta Contingent I am a newly crafted monitor reporting for duty. How may I assist you" her cheerful tone was heard and Albis turned the corner and with playful enthusiasm "And she more then quite ready for duty!"

The three monitors nodded their heads and began to introduce themselves.

The medium blue orb one spoke. "I am 757 Alpha Impartial at your service. I am the head leader who shall be judging when some actions shall or shall not take root." His voice was more a mature kind of type. He took his job seriously and made sure that everything was done in a well ordered manner and always made sure not to mess up his authority.

Then the cadmium yellow orb was the next to speak. "I am 959 Beta Perspective. It is a pleasure to meet and you among our ranks." she had a more polite tone in her voice. Out of the monitors she was the nicest and the most formal.

Last to speak was the aqua colored monitor. "258 Gamma Influence at your service. I hope you don't cause trouble for our job." His tone was plain and lacked much friendly formality as it should have.

"Well I can see that he's perhaps the boring type." Delta thought in her head.

Delta joined the side where Gamma was at as Albis took his spot that was in front of the monitors where he decided it was time to speak.

"Good evening my fellow creations, it is really a great gift to have you all here today." Albis said with excitement.

"Today is all of your birthdays the day you became living sentient beings. I have a great question to ask you all? Are you ready for some learning?" All the monitors looked at him confused. "Excuse me sir what?" Alpha was the one who stated first. "Sir we don't need that we are Ais we have already learn the capabilities of functioning our tasks on our own isn't that how we were designed?"

Albis let a small giggle "Weeell tell me do you know how to operate the entire installation on your own accord?"

"Of course we can it's in our programming and- wait… why can I see the records and all the functions but yet not fully understand them?" Alpha's previous serious demeanor began to fade as it soon turned to confusion. Delta and the other monitors did the same and found out they couldn't fully understand them neither despite having all the data in their memories. A mixtures of "Wait what?", "Uh?," and "How is this possible?" came from Delta and the other two monitors.

"Oh yeah about that... I willingly chose not to program you monitors to instantly understand the functions of Forerunner tech or some of it's history... so you wouldn't mature so quickly!" Albis said in between small childish laughs.

"WHAT!" All the monitors yelled dumbstruck at what their creator had just revealed. All this time all four monitors couldn't believe it. Then it dawned on them on why they couldn't fully comprehend the certain things that they felt they should have known answer to or why they felt so confused when they woke up. All four of them were not instantly mature or professional by designed when they woke up. How could Albis do this?

Albis was laughing on the floor at the reactions of the monitors before he slowly come downed and stood back up coughing a bit and giggling. "Well… you maybe wondering why I did that the reason-"

Alpha, Beta, and Gamma with the exception of little Delta interrupted him as they flew their heads in front of him bumping each other for a second on the way. Their original presented personalities were gone and were replaced with unprofessional and childish panic like responses.




"I can't believe this…" uttered Delta. AIs were supposed to run installations and from the beginning they were supposed to be completely mature and comprehend in all forms of history and functions of technology of the Forerunners. No wonder why the mentioned council don't like him…

Albis laughed a bit and waved out his hand. "As I was about to say, before I was interrupted. The reason why I did it was because well one this installation won't be operating for at least the next two or five Earth solar orbit cycles (Freakin thanks to the bureaucrat oligarch jerks in the Ecumene) and two well… because I didn't want you guys to be instantly omniscient adults upon activation with all the narrative views of what the Forerunners programmed into you but rather learn from a less closed minded but nor too open minded kind of guy."

Delta, at her creator's reasoning with curiosity but still bewildered. To her it didn't make logical sense at all. "With all intended respect that does not make any logical sense at all!" Beta yelled.

"You're right it doesn't make sense but to me I just wanted some fun playing parent and raising you all like children, and before you further panic like little kids you'll be able to learn extremely quickly don't worry your learning processors are still fully operational." replied Albis he had expected this reaction to come from beings who have the personality of adults but also the knowledge mentality of children. He was always fond of teaching and raising kids in his life before he volunteered for this position willingly.

"You monitors should be free to comprehend of what I call the arts, literatures, and the morale ethics of creation through personal experience not by programmed doctrine like those guys in the Ecumene preach. Comprehension and understanding of the truth comes from what you experience and witness in details not what you are told to hear from a bias narrative." He replied with his arms cross behind his back.

"I fail to understand how being designed with all the information of the Forerunners at your disposal is a negative trait." Gamma groaned in annoyance.

"It's called freedom of imagination and having free thinking and perspective. That's why the Librarian allowed me to have this position after all. I could have asked for more honestly if I wanted to but I wasn't interested in having influence or any kind of power in the council. Just a position where I can observe humans more directly." He revealed.

"After all humans are perhaps the most intriguing living beings that has ever spawned from creation itself." Albis had said mainly to himself. "Capable of performing the greatest deeds of good and of evil and ability to mentally adapt to certain situations and environments. I wish for humans to reascend to their rightful place in reality that was wrongfully taken away from them but under a good code of ethics or morals as you would say so they would instead of being perceived as enemies by the Forerunners. They could be seen as trustful allies and friends one day. But in order to do that you will need to understand them. The details always matter and how you go along with that information. To guide them with their freewill intact."

"So that's why my little monitors I'm going to be of a teacher to you. In this unprepared installation I'm pretty much the one charge. From me you are going to learn human history, literature, and many other things that make them uniquely special. That is the freedom of choice." He said with bright eyes under his visor. "First thing to do would you like to understand to learn about how languages and cultures develop how they affect the outcome of a civilization?"

The monitors looked at him uncertainly.

Delta's voice then spoke in the background as she was narrating her early life.

*"Yep, this is my creator. He was quite the humorous kind of being. Unlike most Forerunners he wasn't as serious as them. He was freer spirited, cheerful, and bit too immature if you ask me but he was still a good individual."*

*"It took about 5 years as he predicted before the first human settlers were shipped here and the settlements established. In that time he pretty much treated us as if we were his own kids, he schooled us, played with us, he even had us have a bed time schedule where we would sleep while he read us both fictional and non-fictional books. Of course overtime we learned very quickly being AIs we had a mental capacity to comprehend and process data much faster than normal organics could and soon we were able to run the installation by ourselves in a few months. But even by then he treated us as his children and students like some adorable human father figure seeing his son learn how to walk. He even had us participate in games about world building simulations and they were pretty fun."*

*"We would often see him make art pieces and paintings, make up so many worldbuilding scenarios you could swear he could have been a fantasy literature writer with thousands of years of experience under his belt but the surprising thing is when I looked at his record he had only been serving as a lifeworker for a few decades and not much about him is known before that."*

*"He was mostly interested in humanity often calling them the most special species he's had ever known even more special then the Forerunners. He would compare things like what took the Forerunners over a million years to do Humanity accomplished in only ten thousand years. Even if they were still outnumbered nearly 150 to 1 by world numbers alone they put up a very good defense and if they had more time to develop they could have surpassed us very quickly. Simply by looking at the records the humans were able to adapt pretty well with the precursor technology they learned about to last a thousand years besieged."*

*"He did display his disgust though about the Ecumene council ordering to regress humanity to such a primitive state. He explained that they took away their culture, ripped away their knowledge, separated families from each other, and their very identity just so they can keep their power and justify under the excuse that it was a righteous cause to protect the Mantle and the Forerunners from such brutish savages. The only thing they did was punish the majority for the crimes or mistakes of the few. That was a crime in itself he said. I have to say he is correct it's not everyone's fault because the decision of their leaders."*

*"Things were like that for a little while until finally the approval was given and some primitive humans were shipped here to be observed. The installation was pretty large about 1.2 times the size of their homeworld they lived. Me and my siblings watched them develop over time and we placed scenarios here and there where they would learn quickly about something and develop upon something or guide them on a certain path based on what our creator Albis chose. As for him he would sometimes go out and walk amongst them being a sort of traveller or philosopher and sharing his writings and mindset to people out of fun or to subtly guide the humans on a good path."*

*"On our observation world we made sure the environments were healthy and completely compatible to human life. They full of green forests, grasslands, and gardens that grow the perfect fruits for their health as well as populate it with the right animals to inhabit them that humans could use. They slowly developed over time from small villages to towns then city states and then nations as the generations past. Not only that but because of our subtly manipulations of their surrounding environment we made sure that their lifespans had increased to over 300 years to even 400 years. As a result their knowledge grew a lot faster and with such long lives their population had quickly increased thanks to least hostile but helpful conditions we gave them."*

"Albis tried his best to present humanity as a great potential help to the Forerunners in the long run to the Ecumene and proposed a social education project to reascend humans back to their original status but through helpful means that would allow them to perceive the Forerunner in a good light. This however was out right rejected by the Didact and the Master builder who saw humanity as threats to all of the Forerunner who left unchecked could spell their ultimate doom in the end and that any attempts to help the humans would only end in folly and that they should be left where they are. The Liberian though she did agree with most of Albis's assessments and observations of humans didn't support what Albis had pushed for saying that she thinks humans should develop on their own. Much to my creator's disappointment because he wanted to properly guide them and let them learn about responsibility. He may have been respectful of her decision but disappointed."

*"Back on our observation world several more monitors would create from four to eight. The new four consisted of 6312 Obligant Tyrant who had quite a fascination of creatures and fauna as well as history as my creator had taught him. His color was mainly red. I worked with him quite a lot storing data of the beasts he studied. He's quite nice. Then there was the Gunbarrel twins as I would call them 2244 Aggressive Offense and 4422 Aggressive Defense. Both had a golden color coming from them and as the nickname and official names imply they quite the active twins and their specialty was testing explosive, kinetic, and energy based weapons and defense and how best to use them. They sure did love testing antimatter bombs. But they did make sometimes a mess of things. Then finally 7766 Silent Witness. His job was to basically keep things clean and quiet when it was necessary. His encased shell was bit different from ours having an obsidian shade to it but despite not interacting with us that much he was a pretty polite and formal person."*

*"Each of us gather our skills over time instead of them being instantly given to us but we learned them over time thanks to the kind guidance of our creator which I really am kinda grateful for in some regards."*

*"Everything seemed to be going well, wars still happened but they were few and far between, diseases didn't happen very often, and humans seemed to be getting happier. They treated each other very well and thought of each other as a caring family. They made such great works of art and had brilliant caring minds. Thanks to my creator he gave them stories of an omnipotent caring creator who loved everyone but wanted them all to be discipline and have a good righteous heart where everyone was created equal and where law and forgiveness reigned and not to be deceived by evil that seek to corrupt and pervert. Morale things relating to such including taking care and nurturing nature."*

*"Unfortunately, things eventually started to go downhill at some point. A movement would rise where the original and Godly traditions were seen as obsolete and oppressive promoting that a single governing body should be made to run and take care of everything down to the smallest individual decision. Things unravelled over a few centuries and wars increased dramatically and invasive security and narratives built for propaganda rhetoric to promote further social control. Eventually it became a highly advance totalitarian state with a shadowy council behind the scenes that brainwashed the most of its population and had total control wiping out the past, tracking it's people, and using things like literature and nonsensical theories to promote themselves further while those who showed the slightest hint of disagreement or disloyalty disappeared or made an example of. Even a mass profane genetic manipulation program was indoctrinated. We couldn't believe what we were seeing and were completely shocked at this outcome. They would even weaponize diseases to stay in power."*

*"That's when Albis seeing this had enough and ordered that this regime must be dethroned and that its citizens be freed. There were some pockets that resisted the regime but they were few and far between because of the society revolution and reset. We sent our security and sentinel forces to deal with the ones responsible for this disaster, this nightmare. They resisted for a time and used their technology against ours but they couldn't compare. They lasted for a few months before we completely overwhelmed them and there was no place their party and shadow council could hide that we couldn't find or see them."*

*"After their defeat we investigated what happened and what led to this horrible outcome. We found out that after one of the past wars when a few really evil like cultures had once existed there was a secret society that rose in power from the shadows within the population that instigated this by promoting a deceptive ideology that eventually spawned several different brands of itself amongst the population in the free states which led to the cultural revolutions, famines, and other things that led to their rise to power."*

*"It wasn't long before those in the Ecumine found out about this and to put it short they saw this as proof humans could not be trusted. With too much freedom they would devolve into this mockery and thus any attempts of such similar proposals were soundly rejected outright. Albis was sad that much of his work had been undone but he still held faith that humanity has a good destiny if they are guided one day. Eventually the observation installation would be repurposed for military use once another conflict began...but that's for another story."*

*"Me and the other monitors were still assign to Albis for a while and he ran some smaller observation sites but we would be reassign to other occupations overtime. My duty was still to gather and record data."*

*"I often wonder what could have been had humanity and the forerunners worked together instead of the way the forerunners had ended it."*

(Video ends)

As it had finished, all of them members of Night raid took their time to process everything that they had saw in regard to the monitor, Delta's life. All of them look at said monitor, who was also looking at them. Tatsumi was the one who spoke up. "I say, you got a pleasant backstory…. Well except…" he was being touchy on the activation of the Halo rings that wiped out all of the Forerunners.

"I like this Albis guy. He seems to be a father figure to his creations" Bols said. To him, her creator was a loving and caring one despite his immature and childish personality.

"And also how he taught all of you and your siblings." Run said his favourite bit. To Akame and Kurome, they and everyone else never knew that Delta and eight siblings. EIGHT. But at least, they were under better care than them. "And since you said that there will be other parts of your backstory, I cannot wait to learn more about your past and this Ecumene."

"Thank you for your comments, Reclaimers. You won't be disappointed on what's to come." Delta said. Hearing that did make her miss her creator. She wonders what his he doing now ever since he somehow mysteriously disappeared.

"Awwww, thanks for telling us, Emerald Pumpkin." Leone cheekily thanked the monitor, who immediately froze in place.

She tried to keep her embarrassment hidden when the blonde said what her creator's nickname for her. "W-w-w-w-what did y-y-y-you say?"

The blonde just shrugged at the robot's response. "What, I did say Emerald Pumpkin." And that stamen then hits Delta with embarrassment. The only people that she didn't feel embarrassed saying that was her creator, Albis. "What's wrong? You do not like being called 'Emerald Pumpkin'?" She began to laugh as the monitor went silent.

"Leone!" Mine said as she was making the monitor more embarrassed.

"You seemed quiet about calling you Little Delta. Well, here's good news, some of us won't even call you that." Najenda said, which made the monitor sigh in relief and manage to go back into her normal self.

That helped Delta in any way better. "That would be better, Reclaimer."

Embarrassing or not, some of the members like Seyru, Sheele, Mine, Lubbock and a couple of others found that name to be heart-warming. That was until Leone had to bring up a subject. "Say, are we supposed to be watching the next episode of Halo Legends now?"

Hearing that immediately broke the monitor's embarrassment and went back to her normal personality. "Oh. I forgot about that Reclaimer."

"Alright, enough with the chit chatting, I want to watch some more Halo Legends." Lubbock said with a bit of excitement of what the next episode would be.

Akame and Kurome, however, did know that this one may be a touchy subject to them and since Delta gave them a box of tissue for each, they are ready for whatever was the next episode is going to bring for them and Night Raid.

A/N: Wow, that was quite a backstory for my OC, Delta Contingent. And since there's a lot to cover about her, I am going to split it into three parts, which are going to be side stories. Now then, you may need to wait for a while until I complete this next chapter because it will be quite emotional for Akame and Kurome.

Next chapter: Homecoming

Extra scene 1

Meanwhile deep below the surface of the Empire where tons of metal made up the interior and where many drones were constantly working performing maintenance in a chamber there were many tanks with liquid in them that was meant to heal the worst of inflicted wounds.

In one of them it contained one patient. It was a young girl no more then a teenager with long blonde hair and smooth pale skin. She had been unconscious for months and was having of nightmares of when her and her father's carriage was ambushed by three men. She tried to fight one of them that held an axe alongside her guards but was critically injured in one swing. They butchered the guards who were protecting them and one of them killed her father before her very eyes. Then the youngest of of the three with flute walked up to her took out a knife and skinned her face while she screamed in pain and horror then everything went black.

Hours passed and she fell in and out of consciousness while feeling the unbearable pain with blood flowing out of her wounds. The last thing she remembered were these strange metallic floating creatures that were surveying the area and having these blue lights that were hovering over the bodies back and forth. She wondered if they were Danger Beasts or something and were going to kill her if they found out she was alive but the pain was too much for her and she was deathly afraid. Amongst these oddly strange shape beings a metallic obsidian ball with a red orb was floating near her and noticed her. She was scared. Then something unbelievable happened...

It spoke.

"We got a live one here. Critically harmed with broken ribs, leaking vital fluids, internal bleeding, and rapid blood loss." It responded. Two of these floating bugs came to her and lifted her up in the air carefully while injecting her with something and adding liquids meant to stop the bleeding and help with the damaged tissue.

The obsidian ball floated to her face while her vision was darkening and said to her "You are going to be alright reclaimer."

Her eyes opened a bit and she found she was not in the terrain she once was. She was in a room with metallic flooring. "Where... am... I..." she mentally said frightened.

"It's okay reclaimer. Everything is going to be alright. You are safe here." A familiar voice said but she couldn't determine the source. "Just rest for now. You are going to need it. All will revealed later. Just rest easy little Spear." The voice said her name. She felt something pinch her back and her vision faded again.