Curse of Time

Whatever is after

He opened his eyes slowly, he was laying on a soft bed, hearing the birds singing outside.

He rose from the bed, still not realizing where he was.

He went to the bathroom as he used to do everyday and washed his face, when he looked in the mirror, a sudden realization came to him upon seeing his reflection.

He was in his dorm room.

He was wearing his armor and hoodie.

He had his old long hair back.

Jaune Arc blinked few times at the mirror, but nothing changed about his appearance.

The last thing he remembered was dying after using the weapon, he saw the shock expression on his friends faces, he remembered the hurt on their faces when he died.

He shook his head, no, he did this for them, so they can live on, they may be hurt now, but it's better than being dead.

Jaune left the bathroom and looked around the room.

It was the same as Beacon, down to their clothes thrown everywhere, he chuckled when he saw a bunch of snacks with a note saying "NORA'S SNACKS".

He left the room, nothing else to see, he saw team RWBY's room.

The door was about to their not so safe beds, he remembered the game nights they had and how Nora crashed the beds, he smiled and continued walking.

He reached the cafeteria, surprisingly, it was empty, he never saw it that empty.

"Weird, why am I here, why is the school empty" he kept walking around, walking by Port and Oobleck classes.

"The last time I saw Beacon was …" jaune immediately started running.

The last time he was here, the fall happened, but Beacon stood now, he may be in the past, he may be able to stop it.

He reached the elevator for Ozpin's office, he went in to see Ozpin, he was always in his office.

When the elevator door open, he saw the office room wasn't there, it looked the same when Ruby used her silver eyes.

Jaune eyes widen on the individual who stood in the middle of the room.

Shining bronze armor, the same with both the shield and the weapon.

Red hair moving by the winds, and Emerald eyes looking at him, through his soul, he couldn't say any words, tears started forming.

"Hello again, Jaune" those words made Jaune dash immediately for a hug.

He didn't care if this was the past, he didn't care if this was a dream, he didn't care if this was death itself in his partner form, he just wanted to hug her one last time.

Pyrrha Nikos was ready for him, opening her arms ready for the hug, she stumbled back a little, but held him tight, he held her tighter.

"Guess that answers the question of did you miss me" Pyrrha said, holding her partner close.

Jaune didn't respond, still sobbing, still holding her tight so she won't disappear on him.

After few moments, Jaune regained his ability to speak.

"H- How?, where am I?, is this the end?, are you my Pyrrha?" he asked looking at the outside the window, seeing that nothing existed outside of Beacon.

"I'll explain everything, do you want to go on a walk?" she asked him with a small blush on her face, Jaune was too eager to agree.

"So this is the everafter, the real one" Jaune asked, he was kneeling down to touch a red rose in Beacon garden.

"You could say that, after your self-sacrifice, you died, but not a normal death, you used the Relics which removed you from existence, the brothers themselves didn't know what to do so for now, I'm your guide for the next stage" Pyrrha said, smelling the flowers.

"What's the next stage, what's going to happen after" he asked standing up.

"I'm not sure myself, but don't worry, they won't do to you what they did to Ozma" she replied.

"How do you know about all of this"

"Well I am your guide, I should at less know that, besides, I did watch over you guys in your adventures" she said with a smug smile.

Jaune stopped in his walk, he looked at the ground, guilt on his face, he clenched his fist and tear visible in his eyes.

"I'm sorry Pyrrha, you died because of me, I was too weak to help you fight Cinder, you had to send me off, you had to protect me, and now you're dead because of it" tears started hitting the ground.

"What are you talking about, it was my decision to go fight her alone, I don't regret sending you away Jaune, I would have done the same to any of you, I was the strongest, which meant I had to face her, although I'll admit I made a stupid decision, but I don't regret it" she gave him a quick hug and a smile.

He wiped the tears and nodded, they continued walking.

The Scenery slowly changed from Beacon's garden, to forest, with a lot of trees everywhere, Jaune felt it was familiar, but couldn't describe how?.

The day slowly became night, as they walked deeper in the forest, until Jaune noticed a red cape.

"Ruby!" Jaune screamed, but the girl didn't turn, instead, she looked like she was spying on someone.

Pyrrha walked pass her, Ruby not even noticed her, Jaune followed her and his eyes widen.

Ruby was spying on him, or his other self.

He saw himself swinging his sword, he remembered training at night with Pyrrha's training videos.

"So Ruby saw that huh" he thought as Pyrrha stopped the training video and the world stopped.

"You know, I didn't make those video so you can hurt yourself " she said, not turning to him.

"I didn't hurt myself, I was training, so I won't let RNJR down" he couldn't look at her because she was right.

He was using those videos to hurt himself, so he won't forget what he needed to do, so he can avenge her.

"Don't you dare lie to me Jaune" she turned to him tears I'm her eyes.

"You clearly were hurting yourself, you clearly wanted to through yourself in danger to Avenge me, how do you think I felt, giving my life for yours only so you can throw it back in my face" tears fell to her cheeks anger showing I'm her eye, anger at him for endangering something Precious to her.

"Even now, it's too early, you went and throw your life, you should have lived your life" she was looking at the ground in shame for her outburst, but Jaune gave her a hug.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I wasn't in a good place then, all I wanted to show that I could fight by your side, I wanted to prove I wasn't a failure".

Few seconds passed before breaking the hug, tears stain on their faces both.

They continued walking and chatting about team RNJR adventures, and each time they mention something, they walk into that scene.

They walked past Ruby laughing at Jaune's hoodie, walked past their fight with Tyrian.

They stopped at Ren and Nora's talk, both Jaune and Pyrrha had pained expression on their faces.

They reach a building in Mistral, Jaune immediately recognized it.

"Haven's fight" he whispered, and Pyrrha nodded.

Inside the time was frozen again, The scene pained both Jaune and Pyrrha.

It was the moment where Jaune watched hopelessly while Weiss got impaled by Cinder's spear.

"You always wanted to help other, to be a hero, and you always complained about not having a semblance" Pyrrha chuckled at the last part.

"I desperately wanted to help, I didn't want to be a burden, you told me that semblance is the reflection of the user will, and my will wanted my friends to be safe, to be strong" Jaune had a sad expression.

"All because of you, I didn't want a repeat of what happened then, so my semblance worked for that" he sighed when the scene continued, Jaune running to Weiss and unlocking his semblance.

"And that why I fell in love with you, you wanted to help no matter what, even though you had no training and no aura, yet you joined Beacon to be a hero, I don't know if this is selfish or selfless of you" she covered her mouth and laughed softly.

"Yet I dragged everyone with me because I wanted to play hero" he said, already moving on.

Pyrrha Caught up to him, she wanted to argue, but the scene already started to change.

She was faced with a picture.

It had 8 people in it, a boy holding 'help me' sign in the middle and 7 other girls around him.

She knew what this scene was about before turning, but she heard the shouting before she turned.

She saw Jaune yelling Oscar pine, Ozpin, she reminded herself.

The scene stopped when Jaune graded him and slammed him to the wall.

"Just to make sure, you aren't the one controlling this Pyrrha " he asked with a grim Expression on his face.

"No, I am a guide, but I have no control over what we go through, I'm just here so you won't be alone in all of that" she said.

His face didn't change, but he nodded nonetheless.

They left the house and went to sit in the park, Jaune took a long breath then sighed.

"When we discovered that Salem is immortal, I felt hopeless" he said.

" I thought your sacrifice was for nothing, just a stalemate for Oz, and I knew he wasn't Oscar, yet I took my anger on him".

" But you did apologize to him in the letter, you talked and resolved the issue" she said, a hand on his back for comfort.

"Did I ?, I apologized in a fucking letter, I was too scared to apologize in person, yet a still asked him for help, he's way better person than me".

"All those Scenes shows me useless, a burden, an angry child lashing out at the world like if it took my favorite toy away, how the hell did become a hero" he stood up and looked at the sky, looking for answers.

" A hero is someone who always try to help people no matter what, a hero is someone that never gives up, a hero, no matter how difficult, no matter how impossible the task is, he does it with a smile on his face, knowing he saved someone life" Pyrrha walked pass him and faced him, she held her shield in front of her.

"A hero, like you Jaune, you never gave up hope, you waited for RWBY in the everafter, you save your friend Weiss life in Haven, you stood by Ren and Nora in their worst time, you Jaune, saved our friends in your final battle, so they can live on, you're a hero in ever since of the word, and I knew you would be" she smiled at him, teats started to fall for her and Jaune.

"And here is where my path ends, but you, Jaune, your path hasn't reached its end, so another guide will help you"

"Goodbye Jaune, thank you for looking out for our team" Pyrrha smiled at him.

Pyrrha's body started to turn gray, until she became stone.

Jaune opened and close his eyes, He was standing in front of Pyrrha's status in Argus.

Tears fell, but the smile stayed, his partner, his friend, was proud of him, and that what matter.

"Salutation friend Jaune" Jaune entire body froze, he recognized that voice, he only knew one person who says this kind of greeting.

Penny Polendina stood behind Jaune, her green eyes shined in the dark with the color green, while her long hair was ruffling in the air, She had sad smile on her face.

Jaune couldn't move, his eyes focusing on her chest, Penny saw it and laughed softly.

"Seeing something you like friend Jaune?" she said playfully, but he still didn't move, so she started walking towards him.

"P- Penny…" he finally spoke her name and her smile grow.

"Yes it's me, it's been a while, hasn't " Jaune wasn't moving, so she took the Initiative, wrapping her arms around him.

He stiffened, but returned the hug.

"I- I, I'm sorry " he said, holding her tighter, afraid of her escaping.

"It's OK, friend, I'm your guide for what to come" she rubbed his head, letting the teats fall.

When he finished, the scene changed again, now they stood in a cross-walk in mantle.

He recognized the place, and he saw the kids crossing the street.

"Ruby did say, not all heroes wear capes, you took a job that help kids, not for profit, not for glory, you just took the job that needed to be done but no one wanted it, you're a great person Jaune, you're the only one who doesn't see it" Jaune looked away embarrassed, Penny's compliment came out of nowhere.

They walked through the streets in silence, Jaune unable to say anything, which left Penny to talk for the both of them.

Eventually they reach… Salem.

"How, why…" the new scene was him, Yang, Ren and Oscar trying to leave the Whale like Grimm.

"I'm not sure myself, it's the work of a higher power like the brothers, and the why" Penny gesture to Ren, she put her hand on his shoulder and he did the same.

Suddenly Jaune could see colors around everyone, he remembered Ren telling him about his semblance evolving.

Jaune looked at himself, golden light shining from him, he didn't know what it meant, but Ren was talking to Yang, telling her how he wasn't scared, that he believed they can make it.

Jaune took his hand off Ren and walked off.

"He believed in you Jaune, so did Nora, and so did I, I trusted you in my moment of weakness, and you did it" the scene suddenly changed.

The world colors started mixing together and changing into a new scene.

This one had Jaune blood run cold.

He saw red dripping off his family sword, he saw the tears in his eyes, his other self eyes.

He saw Penny closing her eyes with a smile, and he froze in his place.

"I'm sorry Jaune, I asked you to make a hard decision, there wasn't time, and I was already injured, it was either that or cinder getting the power, and you were the only one who could make this hard decision." Penny hugged Jaune in the back.

"I'm so sorry I made you go through this, if I was faster, stronger, I wouldn't have made you do it" Penny's tears stained the back of Jaune's hoodie, but he didn't care, he turned around and gave her a hug.

"I'm sorry you didn't have time to enjoy your human body, I'm sorry I wasn't strong enough to protect you, and I'm sorry I wasn't that good of a friend" he said.

"I'm just happy I got to know you all, you all were my friends, my family, and I'm happy I died protecting it" Penny laid on the ground closing her eyes.

"This is as far as I go, your next guide will be the last, thank you Jaune" Penny closed her eyes, she turned to dust.

Everything around Jaune turned to dust, even the ground, and he started falling, he closed his eyes, knowing where the next destination going to be.

He opened his eyes to the familiar sea, he has been seeing it for years now.

Jaune looked down on his clothes, he was in his Rusted Knight armor, but it wasn't Rusted.

The armor was shining like new, he looked at his weapon and found he wasn't holding Crocea Mors, but a different one.

White blade, with the exterior Red and golden, Jaune held Crescent Rose in his hand, but it was different, with new colors.

He started to swing it around to test it, it felt natural, like he spent years holding it.

"New weapon?" the voice came from the trees, he couldn't see who it was, but he knew.

"Alyx" Jaune said.

A young girl came from behind the tree, she had a smile on her face.

"Hello my knight, I don't think you're that happy for seeing me huh" Alyx Scratched the back of her head.

"No, it's good to see you Alyx" to her surprise, Jaune came and gave her a hug, she returned it, and both started walking.

"So, you know where I'm going this time" Jaune asked, walking besides the younger girl.

"Yep, but first, tell me what happened, I'm kinda out of the loop".

"Sure" he smiled and told her how they got back to Remnant, how they helped Vacuo, how they took the fight to Salem, and how he sacrifice himself to save his friends.

While all that, they passed the market, the castle, and the paper pleaser village, Jaune smiled throughout it all.

After all, the everafter was his home for years, and he was happy to see it all again.

"We're here" Alyx said, but they were in the middle of the sea, they were walking on water this the last 10 minutes.

"Are you sure Alyx" Jaune started to look around, but he couldn't see anything for miles.

"I am sure of this, Rusted Knight" the voice wasn't Alyx, Jaune turned his head immediately and the world shifted.

He was standing in a dark blue void, a woman, or what appears to be a person, stood in front of a fire.

"The tree" he said.

"You have reached the end of your journey, Jaune of Arc, tell me, how do you feel" she asked, not looking away.

She was holding a small wooden statue of Jaune, or multiple once, each with different design, each different story.

"It wasn't what I expected, when I went to Beacon, I wanted to leave my mark on the world, I wanted to make my family proud, I was selfish" he walked to the table on the side, it had wooden statues of Pyrrha, Penny, and Alyx.

"But now I feel like I'm stupid, my family would have been proud no matter what I picked, I could still help people even if I wasn't a huntsman, yet I don't regret my action, if I can do it all again, I won't change a thing, I'm OK with my death" the Tree finally faced him.

"Then Jaune of Arc, there isn't anything I need to say to you, you said your final goodbyes, you got the closure with the ones you felt you let down, and you stand in front of me, content with what you achieved" The Tree smiled at him.

"You can rest now, knight of the everafter".

Note: yep that's it, I'm surprised if how much I changed with the original script, this chapter was supposed to be no names mentioned, Pyrrha, jaune, Ozpin, and Salem just chatting while seeing their friends move on, I changed my mind though, this feels better anyway.

Also, Confession: this whole story wasn't planned, this was supposed to be a one-shot, ruby jaune talking about their problems, the hopes for V10 was very low, so I made this as a sendoff, but Jaune line when he finished his talk with ruby felt like a final goodbye and I rolled with it, it felt right so I continued.

Although I look at both Ruby and Weiss letters, I feel like I could have done better with them.

This chapter will be either hit or miss, my favorite chapter to write was Oscar, oddly enough.

Anyway this is the end, but I have a little omake at the end, just for fun, and for the people who would get the reference.

Anyway, thank you guys for reading this story, I enjoyed writing it, and I may make a new story later on, hope you'll read it when it comes out.

HaziX out.

Omake/extra story

"you've done well, but if I may request something before you go to your rest?" The Tree walk and gesture for him to follow, he did.

"My creation, the brothers, got frustrated with your actions" Jaune winced at that.

"Not what you did, but how you did it, the fact you used the Relics and destroyed the only way they can get back to Remnant pissed them off, so they decided a battle, for the fate of Remnant, a battle that will end another Remnant struggle for good" the Tree explained.

"There's other Remnant?" Jaune asked, the tree nodded.

"What I request from you is, to join the battle and try to prevent the death of people of that world".

"What do you mean".

"You'll understand when you get there-" she opened a portal," for now good luck, and I recommend putting the helmet on" he did and walked through the portal.

"What the hell is that" Jaune screamed, or one of Jaunes screamed.

The Rusted Knight opened his eyes and found himself in his old dorm room.

But in front of him stood team JNPR with another version of himself, he looked around and saw 2 other himself.

One was wearing a green hoodie with a hunting bow, while the other had a black t-shirt and white jacket, and he looked confused.

" Will Team JNPR please report to the headmaster's Office. I repeat, all members of Team JNPR to the Headmaster's office. Please also bring Jaune Arc to the Office. If anyone should see Jaune Arc, please escort Him to the headmaster's office and come in person Yourself. Thank you."

Jaune, the Rusted Knight Jaune, the one who sacrifice himself to save his friends, knew something bad is happening.

"I feel weird connection with the one who looks like me the most, is it something like magic" he wondered leaving the room.

He saw team RWBY haven't 3 other Jaunes.

One was wearing a set of armor like himself, the other looked normal and a little scared.

But the last one, he had a smile on his face, he looked around and saw him, his eyes widen, he mouthed, 'rusted knight' and winked.

Jaune immediately knew, no matter who that jaune is, he's dangerous.

Note plus : Royal Arc because I'm rereading it again with Relic.