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Third Person POV

Diagon Alley.



In a world far and very different from where the Guardians and the Rings of Power existed, a solitary tragedy was unfolding in a small, dark, and gloomy room in a busy place. While people outside the inn filled the streets with their affairs, inside there was a rather grim scene.

Hanging by a rope while his body was inert and suspended in the air, a teenager had just taken his life. This boy was named Severus Snape, and he had just finished his fifth year at Hogwarts. However, during the school holidays, he made a decision after the worst year of his life; he decided to commit suicide in that room.

Snape was known to everyone at Hogwarts for his great talent in potions and dark arts. Many said he would leave school as a Death Eater, fighting alongside Voldemort. That particular year, he received an invitation to join Voldemort's terrorist group from his friend, Lucius Malfoy.

However, before even speaking with Lucius and responding to the proposal, Snape was suffering greatly after a terrible fight with the Marauders, leading Snape to offend Lily Evans by calling her a "mudblood," severing all their ties. He was abandoned by Lily after that, the only person he truly loved and was deeply betrayed by his own actions and words, leaving a wound in his soul that could not heal.

In the solitude of his home, surrounded by memories of a better past and shattered dreams, Snape made the darkest decision. Unable to bear the weight of his pain and isolation, he chose the path of suicide, seeing in it the only escape from the torment his life had become.

The act was quick, but laden with deep sadness. In his last moments, Snape thought of Lily, of everything that could have been and everything that never would be. A solitary tear ran down his face as he said goodbye to a world that no longer offered him solace or hope.

And it was at that moment, when Snape's life was fading, that something extraordinary happened. An unknown force, a power from another world, began to manifest. The soul of Morou Kaind, entering the planet's atmosphere, flew to that room in England, driven by the explosion of energy from the Dark Monarch's Ring, and found Severus Snape's body. As one life faded, another ignited.

Snape's lifeless body was enveloped in a dark energy, forming a circle around him. It was a strange and powerful force, unlike anything belonging to this world. The energy enveloped Snape's body like a dense, pulsating mist, bringing with it a sense of ancient and mysterious power. The more magically sensitive beings in that world felt something change; the magical world pulsed with an alien intruder, especially those sensitive to death.

In a school, an old man reading a book felt a wave pulsing in the world's magic. "WHAT IS THIS?!" He exclaimed loudly. None of the portraits of powerful wizards around him knew what he was talking about, but a phoenix behind him seemed to sense it and became equally restless.

In a cave, a man sitting in meditation recoiled with something entering the magic, something much darker than his own magic. "What does this mean..." He murmured, frowning.

It wasn't just people who felt it; magical beings became restless.

"What's happening?! Why are the dragons acting like this?!" Said a man in Scotland.

"I don't know, they suddenly became like this..." Said another man, trying to calm the agitated and even scared dragons.

Meanwhile, in the darker parts of the world, the Thestrals were more frightened than ever, and people tried to calm them. This phenomenon affected the most powerful creatures and the most renowned wizards of the world, something affected the entire world at that moment, but the uncertainty of what was happening hung in the air.

Back in that room where Snape's body was enveloped by the dark aura and hanging from the rope on the ceiling, the rope was cut by this dark energy as if it were made of nothing more than smoke. The teenager's body fell to the ground with a dull thud. For a moment, everything remained silent, until unexpectedly, the lifeless body began to cough and writhe in pain.

"What is this, what the hell is going on...?" Severus Snape, who just moments before had left the world of the living, was now resurrecting, his breathing heavy and irregular. He brought his hands to his neck, feeling the sharp pain from the rope that had suffocated him. His eyes opened, confused and frightened, as he tried to comprehend what had happened.

The dark energy around him began to dissipate, leaving in the air a sensation of imminent change. Snape, still dazed and struggling to breathe, realized that something profoundly unusual had occurred. Or rather, the soul of Morou Kaind, a Guardian from another world, now inhabited this body.

Confused and disoriented, Morou Kaind, now in the body of Severus Snape, slowly got up, feeling a strangeness in his own movement. The last clear memory he had was of the fatal blow he received in the heart by the sword of the heir, or rather, by Antares, the monarch of destruction, since he no longer recognized them as guardians, but beings taken over by the corruption of the rings and their power, a moment he was certain meant the end of his existence. Now, inexplicably, he found himself in a completely unknown environment, breathing and alive.

Looking around, Morou realized he was in a small, dark room, filled with strange objects he did not recognize. The place had an oppressive atmosphere, laden with sadness and loneliness. The sense of displacement was overwhelming; everything was strange, from the air he breathed to the very body he now inhabited.

Touching his neck, Morou felt the sharp pain and the marks of the rope. "How is this possible?", he murmured to himself, his voice sounding strange to his own ears. He tried to piece together fragments of his memory, trying to understand how he had gone from the moment of his certain death to this unknown place.

Gradually, he began to walk around the room, examining the objects and trying to find any clue that could explain his current situation. Books, jars with strange ingredients, and unknown instruments filled the space, suggesting that he was in some sort of laboratory or study area, quite outdated, as if he had gone back millions of years when people used cauldrons to create remedies.

"Could I have been transported to another world?", Morou pondered as a first option, seeing that it seemed like he was in antiquity, beginning to accept the possibility that something had occurred during his death. His mind, trained to face the unknown and the impossible, began to adapt to the idea, even though the shock of the transition still weighed on him.

Still dazed and full of questions, Morou knew he needed to explore more of this new world to discover not only where but also when and how he had arrived there, and more importantly, what this meant for his destiny and mission.

He decided to move through the space in search of something that could show his reflection, as he began to notice something strangely different about his own body. There was a lightness and a strangeness to his movements that he did not recognize. Looking down, he realized that his hands seemed smaller, younger than those of the experienced warrior he had always been.

With a growing sense of disconcert, Morou approached a mirror hanging on the wall. The reflection that faced him was an even greater shock. Instead of the battle-hardened face and marked by the years he expected to see, he saw the face of a teenager. The features were different, softer, and less marked by time and the suffering of a life of struggles.

"How is this possible?", he whispered to himself, his mind spinning with the implications of what he was seeing.

Morou began to realize the depth of the transformation that had occurred. Not only had he been transported to an unknown place, but somehow, his spirit had been inserted into the body of a teenager, completely changing his appearance and, possibly, his level of skills.

Morou Kaind, still getting used to the sensation of being in a young and unfamiliar body, examined his new appearance in the mirror more closely. The reflection facing him was that of Severus Snape in his adolescence, a young man who clearly carried the weight of a lonely and troubled existence.

Snape was thin, almost skeletal, with a pallor that suggested long hours in enclosed environments and a life away from sunlight. His black hair was disheveled, falling disorderly over his face in a way that conveyed a profound disregard for his own appearance, completed with his yellow teeth. There was an air of abandonment and neglect that permeated not just his physical appearance, but also the environment around him.

"This young man died before I came into his body..." Morou concluded, looking at the rope hanging from the ceiling and the cut loop on the ground with his neck still marked.

"This is me now," Morou thought, a mix of incredulity and resignation in his voice. "How is this possible... I saw something strange in my last moments..." He searched his memory and saw himself falling and everything fading as the sword was plunged into his chest, a black explosion erasing his vision completely, but he saw two purple eyes looking at him at that moment amidst the abyss.

"Could that energy have something to do with my transfer here?" he pondered aloud, while running his hand through Snape's disheveled hair. He recalled the ring pulsating with dark energy, and how this energy had exploded at the exact moment of his death. "The ring... Could it have been it? Did I capture the power of the monarch of shadows? That's impossible!"

Morou began to piece things together. The energy of the Dark Monarch's Ring, to which he had felt a special connection, probably played a crucial role in his interdimensional transfer, but he wanted to refuse that this power now resided within him. Perhaps, in some way, the affinity he had with the ring had created a portal or a link between worlds at the moment of his death, transporting his soul to Snape's body in this alternate world.

"I can't deny this, much as I want to. This would explain my presence here, in this body, in this place," he murmured, observing the room around him, still trying to assimilate the implications of his theory. "The ring must have functioned as a conductor or a catalyst for this transfer, maybe my death was what triggered it."

Morou knew that this theory, although plausible given the mystical nature of the rings and his own connection to them, still left many unanswered questions. "Why here? Why in this body? And what does this mean for my mission and for the Order? Forget the order doesn't exist anymore... Those beings that inhabit the heirs probably brought chaos to all the worlds of the universe, not even the rulers could destroy them thousands of years ago, now they have returned."

With these questions in mind, Morou felt he needed to explore more of this new world and discover its laws and mysteries before deciding anything. Perhaps, in his answers, he would find the key to understand his current situation and what he should do next.

As Morou Kaind pondered, something happened at that moment. With a headache, a flood of memories began to invade his mind, each more vivid and intense than the last. They were the memories of Severus Snape, the teenager whose body he now inhabited.

The memories unfolded like a film, showing him scenes and emotions from Snape's life. He saw Severus's lonely and difficult childhood, marked by a broken family and a life filled with neglect and lack of love from his father while the man killed his mother. He saw his friendship with Lily Evans, a bright spot in his dark youth, and how that relationship disintegrated due to unfortunate choices and words.

Severus Snape's memories continued to reveal a series of painful and humiliating events that deeply marked the young Snape's life. One of the most poignant and distressing memories was his troubled relationship with the Marauders - James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew - during his years at Hogwarts.

Snape was often the target of their pranks and mockery, especially by James and Sirius. These interactions were often cruel and humiliating. He felt powerless and isolated, reinforcing his bitterness and resentment.

Amid this turbulence, Snape's relationship with Lily Evans, his childhood friend and the only source of kindness and acceptance in his life, began to deteriorate. On a fateful day, after a particularly cruel humiliation by the Marauders, Snape, consumed by anger and humiliation, called Lily a "mudblood" - a terrible insult in the wizarding world, especially coming from someone she considered a friend.

Snape's regret was immediate and profound, but the damage was done. He desperately tried to reconcile with Lily, but she, deeply hurt and disappointed, refused his attempts at apology, cutting all ties with him. This rejection was devastating for Snape, marking the beginning of a downward spiral of loneliness and despair that led him to this cell.

Each memory brought with it a whirlwind of emotions: the pain of rejection, the bitterness of solitude, and a deep desire for acceptance and belonging. Morou felt Snape's passion for magic, his natural talent for potions and the Dark Arts, and the tortuous path that led him to almost become a follower of this Voldemort due to his friendship with Lucius Malfoy.

These memories were intensely personal and painful, and Morou struggled to maintain his own identity as he absorbed them. He began to better understand the young man whose body he now occupied, realizing the complexity and depth of the life Snape faced.

"This boy... he lived a life filled with pain and conflict," Morou murmured, feeling a mix of empathy and sadness for Snape. "As much as he could have made better choices, his mistakes... all of this is now a part of me."

This fusion of memories and identities put Morou in a unique position. He was no longer just the Guardian Morou Kaind of his world, but also Severus Snape of this world, with all its complexities and conflicts. This new understanding left him pondering how he might navigate this world, honoring the memories and life of Snape, while seeking to fulfill his own mission and destiny against beings that are out of this world at the moment.

As he became familiar with the memories and life of the wizard, he began to marvel at the peculiarities of the magical world he found himself in.

Walking slowly around the small room, he murmured to himself, absorbing each fragment of memory that emerged. "So this is a quite backward world, without much technology, and where magic is... common?" he said, his voice tinged with surprise and curiosity. He remembered secret alleys filled with magical shops, a vast school named Hogwarts, and a government entirely focused on the magical world, in this country called the Ministry of Magic.

He ran his hand through Snape's disheveled hair, reflecting on the structure of the magical society. "A world hidden from the eyes of non-magical people... Muggles, they call them. Fascinating." The idea of an entire community living in secret, with its own laws and customs, was intriguing to him.

Remembering Hogwarts, an almost imperceptible smile touched his lips. "A school for wizards and witches, divided into four houses... each valuing different qualities. Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin." He wondered what it would feel like to belong to one of them, to live and learn in a castle full of magic and mystery for a moment.

Morou paused for a moment, thinking about the teachers and the subjects taught at Hogwarts. "Spells, potions, care of magical creatures... a vast field of magical knowledge." He thought of Snape, a rising master of potions, recognized for his skill and rigor even in his fifth year. "It seems I have much to learn in this body, in this world."

As he digested all this information, Morou felt a mix of admiration and concern. "How can I navigate this world, so different from mine? How can I use my abilities here?" The questions echoed in his mind as he contemplated his reflection in the mirror.

With renewed determination, Morou knew he needed to explore more of this world, to understand its rules and nuances. He needed to discover how his Guardian abilities could adapt and be useful in this new environment. "There is much to learn," he murmured, "and perhaps, in this world, I can find a new purpose. I'm sure the monarchs know that something strange has happened, they must be looking for me. Of all the monarchs, the monarch of shadows has always been the most feared. Maybe I need to use this power because I saw how useless I was against them..."

While Morou Kaind was still grappling with everything that had happened, something extraordinary occurred. Suddenly, before his eyes, a translucent display materialized, floating in the air like a holographic projection.

[It was an interface system, very similar to what Sung Jin-Woo, the character from "Solo Leveling", experienced in his own world.]

Morou, who had no knowledge of "Solo Leveling" or the existence of Sung Jin-Woo, was completely stunned and confused by the sudden appearance of this system. He began to read the information displayed, trying to understand its meaning and purpose.

The system seemed composed of text and icons floating before him, presenting information and options that Morou had never seen before. He blinked several times, thinking it might be an illusion or a trick of his still confused mind.

"What is this?" murmured Morou, extending his hand to touch the display. His fingers passed through the words and numbers, confirming it was intangible, but undeniably real in his perception.

"Status? Skills? Shop?" The system displayed something that appeared to be a personal status, skills, and even missions or objectives. It was an interface that combined elements of a game, something completely alien and unknown to him. "Is this... is this part of this world? Or is it something from my own world that followed me here? Or does it come from the power of the ring...?"



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