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Third Person POV




Snape looked at all the Acromantulas approaching him as they descended from the dark trees, some emerging from the forest as they all surrounded him, leaving no side for their prey to escape, having been fortunate to find a student there alone.

"It seems Hogwarts can also provide something interesting..." He said to himself, looking at each of the creatures, as he twirled his wand and cracked his neck as a small stretch.

The giant spiders emitted a sharp and annoying sound seeing their prey so calm and even looking at them as if he were enjoying it. For the Acromantulas, seeing their prey there waiting for them made their instincts alert to the threat coming from him, making them cautious before beginning their attack.

Seeing this, Snape scoffed. "So... are you going to act or not?" He asked with a small smile, as the Acromantulas became enraged by it.

They wasted no more time and advanced against the boy, who quickly tightened his dagger and lunged at the first one that attacked him, running towards it and sliding while cutting off one of its legs. As it screamed and lost its balance, he jumped onto a second spider that was running towards him from behind.

The second spider saw Snape in the air and tried to catch him with its leg, but Snape grabbed its hand while jumping on top of its head, cutting its multiple eyes with a swipe of the dagger.

As it screamed in darkness and shook with Snape on top of it, he jumped and pointed his wand at its head while pronouncing, "Goodbye, Bombarda!" He said as his magic exploded the spider before he fell to the ground.

He saw a group coming from the side, pointing his magic at the ground, "Incendio," creating a small wall of fire as the spiders stopped advancing to go around the side, meanwhile giving Snape some time to deal with the others that were already upon him.

As other spiders quickly began to attack, Snape cast a mercy spell on the spider whose legs he had cut, "Confringo," as it fell dead. He felt something in his instincts and spun his body upwards with a somersault as a web passed by him, making the Acromantulas begin to launch long-distance attacks.

Landing on the ground, he began to dodge the webs with his superhuman agility coming from various creatures as they tried to catch him while he evaded their jumps. They had already grouped in that place, and Snape was dancing among their legs, fangs, and webs.

"I'm much stronger than when I entered that portal, so it's quite simple to deal with them in a way..." He thought.

While he was in the midst of that chaos, more and more spiders approached. He jumped onto one, plunging his dagger into its head, killing the creature instantly. He turned his body as the spider fell dead and used the freezing spell "Glacius," to freeze the legs of another trying to attack him at that moment. Quickly, he jumped, avoiding the attack of a third, and cast a cutting spell with his wand, "Diffindo," on the one that was frozen, breaking its legs as it moaned in pain.

Spinning in the air, he turned to the last attacker and plunged his dagger again into its eyes, while jumping again, casting "Bombarda" as he did with the first ones, and killing already some of them while their companions were becoming increasingly irritated with these humans killing them. He cast another spell to explode the one that was in agony on the ground, without feet, killing it. There were still more than 10 of them, all enraged, while Snape looked at them all without caring much, just gave a small smile. "I hope you entertain me for the rest of this morning," he said, as all the spiders returned to attack.

At a certain distance from there, two creatures with the body of a horse from the waist down and the body of a man in the upper part while holding a bow and arrow in their hands, noticed strange sounds coming from the forest.

"Are you hearing this?" asked a centaur.

"Yes, it's coming from that side..." The second centaur pointed.

"That's Acromantula territory..." the first murmured.

"Yes... Something is happening there... there's a battle."

"What should we do...?"

"Let's take a look... those explosions are magic by a wizard, which makes me think a student must have gotten lost there."

"A student? Here? It's madness at this time and deep within the forest. That couldn't be possible... Even with a guardian."

"Either way, it's better to investigate."

"We just have to be careful, we are only two and if a group of Acromantulas appears, I don't want to be devoured."

Both proceeded as explosions were happening on that side, until at one moment, everything went silent, yet they continued riding and after 5 minutes they arrived at a clearing, but what they saw left both centaurs shocked.

"What the hell happened here..." One of them asked shocked as the place was filled with several bodies of Acromantulas lying on the ground, some cut, others in pieces, some cremated while the fire still consumed them.

The other Minotaur with the bow raised for any remaining enemy, approached with his hooves one of the fallen Acromantulas and began to study it. "It wasn't just magic... this was caused by a blade, a small one." The man noticed.

"Do you think a student did this?" His companion asked coming to his side.

"I highly doubt it, I know of no wizard who could use a blade to kill Acromantulas, we should ask the director and report this. We may have a wizard invader in the domains of Hogwarts, he must deal with it." The centaur spoke.

"Then let's go, I don't want to see the army of Acromantulas that must be coming here at this moment."

So, the two started to return and it didn't take long for the place to be invaded by hundreds of Acromantulas who screamed furiously looking for who had done this to their kin.

As for the author himself, he was by a lake still within the forest, he was cleaning a bit of the green blood that had stained him in the battle with a simple spell, while turning his attention to a vial he picked up.

"I managed to get quite a bit of this venom, I can create some interesting potions with it." Snape commented, he had picked up not just venom, but bodies of the spiders, unfortunately, he didn't have a dimensional bag with him, but discovered he could store some bodies in the system.

"I hadn't paid attention to the inventory of this system... but now I see how it can be useful..." He said looking at the squares on the screen being filled by the bodies he killed, there were at least 5 blocks filled, which was his current limit in the system.

He looked at the vial and thought to test something, he had acquired this condition almost 2 days ago, but hadn't done any tests yet, as he opened the vial with the venom and placed it on his dagger, making a cut on his hand.

[System! Poison Detected! System blocking the current threat!]

[System! Your Ability, Monarch Immunity, is activated! You are immune to diseases, poisons, illnesses, and mental attacks, nullifying any threat to your internal system.]

He felt his body eliminate any poison that entered his body with some satisfaction. "So this really works..." He murmured with a small smile.

He stored the venom in his pocket and his dagger, looking at the lake in front of him, he didn't know which part of the forest he was in, just exploring the place and finding it quite pleasant.

Footsteps He heard the sound of footsteps and noticed a creature approaching him, but there was no threat from the creature. It was a Thestral, something Snape was already familiar with, the old Snape had seen them due to his mother's death but never interacted with them.

However, unlike before, the Thestral looked at him without fear, just curiosity reflected in its eyes, it was approaching Snape on its own.

"What do you want, little friend?" Snape spoke seeing the creature coming so close that it sniffed him, but Snape felt no threat, so there was no reason to be on guard with the creature he also had nothing against.

He calmly touched its head, while the creature had strong breathing like any horse.

"Do you like being petted?" He commented calmly as he scratched the creature's head which just shook in response.

Other footsteps began to emerge and more Thestrals appeared, heading towards Snape with foals, there were at least 6 Thestrals surrounding him.

"You really are curious creatures..." Snape spoke. "But I feel a great affinity coming from you..." He admitted as he sat down and the Thestrals didn't leave his side, he sat on a rock in front of the lake while the "death horses" also settled around him.

"I'm going to do something I haven't done in a long time..." He thought about his old hobbies, something he had practiced since childhood as Morou. Which was drawing.

He took out a notebook and a quill from his clothes and began to draw the lake in front of him, while imagining Thestrals on the other side to include in the drawings.

He was at this for a while until he finished the last stroke. "It's been many cosmic cycles since I made a drawing... but I haven't lost so much practice after all..." He said with some satisfaction as he looked at his completed work.

"I had even forgotten how doing such simple things could give me so much pleasure..." He murmured and saw something catching his attention in a corner.

He opened the system and saw his daily mission still to be done with 1 kilometer already covered due to the fight he had with the monsters.

He turned to the audience that had accompanied him the whole time looking like dogs, but calm. "You don't mind accompanying me while I do some exercises, do you?" He said and started as soon as he found a leveled ground next to the lake.

He did his 100 push-ups, squats, sit-ups, and began running through the Forbidden Forest, but with the Thestrals following him the whole time.

After a while, as he was in a corner of the forest with no one bothering him anymore, just with a pack of 10 Thestrals, since as he ran, more of these creatures joined the others, even the foals played around him.

"It was great meeting you, but I doubt I can take you back to school..." He said looking at the creatures. They seemed a bit reluctant while Snape wondered how they were getting so attached to him.

"Anyway, I must be going, I promise I'll come back to see you later." Snape spoke as he began to withdraw from the forest heading back to the school again, since it was lunchtime at that moment.



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