Peter was about to order in some food, after a grueling night. He rarely bothered to go out as Spiderman much, since he was usually too busy being on-call as a paramedic.

By this point most of the firefighters in New York had figured out the scrawny, snarky Peter Parker had supernatural abilities, but he did his job without complaint so they kept their silence. The police seemed to appreciate the fact that at least Spiderman never got involved with minor crimes and let them do their actual jobs without interference.

So you could imagine his surprise realizing that the answering machine was blinking.

What he heard had him pause, rewind the recording and listen again.

Without a second thought, Peter began throwing things into his expanded overnight bag, and scooped up Freya in his arms. This was it. A chance to bring back his aunt and countless others. He still missed her, and unlike before he had a chance to bring someone back. Without compromising his morals or using some gods-awful ritual that required a sacrifice that wasn't worth it in the end.

Natasha didn't even ask why he appeared so fast. It had only been an hour since she called him, after finding out that Lang was still very much alive and had a way for them to set things right.

She merely pointed to a room where Peter crashed hard, since he had been working a long shift before he got that call.

The next morning...

Tony had to admit, Peter looked a hell of a lot more mature than he last saw him. Then again, he had been barely sixteen when the stones were used.

His hair was still a raven's black, though without the red streak. Peter looked tired, and was a bit too skinny, but was otherwise healthy. His partner Freya was immaculate, and clearly taken care of.

"How are you doing kid?" asked Tony.

"I had just gotten off a shift when Natasha called, so still pretty tired," admitted Peter. "Good thing I have the next few days off."

"What sort of work are you doing?" asked Bruce.

"I'm a part-time paramedic. It was a pain in the ass convincing my boss to let Freya ride in the ambulance with me, but since she's certified they agreed on the condition that she stay in the cab and not the back," said Peter.

"That's pretty cool," said Scott. "I thought you'd go for the superhero gig though. You were pretty tough back in Germany."

"You kidding? Cops hate capes," said Peter laughing. "Hero work doesn't pay the bills, and most cops carry guns as part of their standard equipment. They can tolerate a vigilante so long as they're not trying to interfere with actual police work and stick to rescue work."

Seeing the looks the older men gave him, Peter grinned.

"Spiderman is tolerated by pretty much all the first responders of New York because it's well known he has actual rescue training and only gets involved when needed. They even have a code to ask for help discreetly without the higher ups being alerted."

He was sure his aunt would be immensely proud once she learned about this fact. He knew she worried about him working as a vigilante...though being a paramedic was pretty dangerous too. Most of his coworkers knew they were in good hands when he was working the shift, because he could handle himself in a fight.

He was pretty sure most of them knew he was Spiderman or at least a mutant, but kept quiet because he was in the trenches the same as them. He didn't try to 'save' everyone, but used his powers and knowledge to save as many as he could.

When Peter heard about the plan, he had to snort.

"You do realize that if you time it right, we could get three of the six stones in one go, right?"

Everyone turned to the youngest member of the group.

"Say what now?" said Rocket.

"Time, Space and Mind were all in New York during Loki's so-called invasion," explained Peter. "I know for a fact the Ancient One was keeping the Chitauri out of the New York sanctum the entire time. What were the other stones anyway?"

"Soul, Reality, and Power," said Natasha.

Peter had an odd look on his face.

"Wait. This 'soul' stone. What did it look like?" he asked.

Tony pulled it up, and Peter's face had a rather...interesting...expression.

So you could imagine everyone's disbelief when Peter twisted his hand...and a familiar orange stone appeared.

"I thought Thanos destroyed them?" said Rocket.

"He did," agreed Peter. "However what he didn't know was that there was an equal receptacle of the energy the Soul stone had before he wiped out half the damn universe."

Peter did another twist, this time the stone turning into an odd gem with a marking of a triangle with a circle in the middle and a thin line going from the top point down straight the middle of the circle.

" the resurrection stone. Which, contrary to popular belief does exactly jack at bringing back the dead to life. All it does is summon a shade of their soul to converse with. Needless to say it drove the first owner mad, since he asked for the power just to talk to his dead wife."

Tony blinked.

"Wait. Before the Snap, you said something about 'fell chasing that which was lost'," he said slowly.

"In my past life there was a fable about three brothers encountering and partially thwarting Death. In exchange Death gave each of them a boon of their own choosing. The first chose a wand...which magic users in that world use to cast spells...that was undefeated in battle. The second chose the ability to speak to his dead wife. But the third asked for a part of death's actual cloak."

"I already see where this is going," commented Natasha. Peter grinned at her.

"The first brother died after bragging about his shiny new toy, and was stabbed in the back by a rival who then took possession of the weapon. The second kept bringing the shade of his dead wife back, but it wasn't her and he died from madness and grief. The third lived out a long life, and greeted Death like an old friend before handing off the cloak to his oldest son. Three guesses where the energy from the soul stone went when Thanos destroyed it?"

Dead silence, mostly from the fact that the one "Avenger" that they had all dismissed due to his age and open dislike of the title had been holding one of the stones they needed this entire damn time and had said nothing.

Peter had to chuckle, as Freya meowed in the odd 'pocket' he had created in his new suit, because he refused to leave her behind. He never went anywhere without his familiar these days, and Freya seemed to enjoy herself. Besides, the looks he got walking a cat in New York were pretty entertaining overall.

Being in New York during the invasion was beyond interesting, and he went with Bruce straight to the Sanctum. He opted not to use magic, because that would ruin his fun.

Peter had to do a doubletake when he saw Tony go through the portal with a literal nuke.

"Wait...Tony sent a nuke through the portal?"

"Yeah, you didn't know?" asked Bruce.
"I was evacuated with the rest of my school and forgot my phone at home. And after the fact I was too busy trying to make my aunt and uncle's days easier because they lost a lot of friends and coworkers in the invasion, or were too busy trying to recover from the aftermath," explained Peter.

Bruce pointedly ignored the way Freya would grab the aliens near them and toss them so hard into the walls that they didn't get up again. He still had trouble processing "tentacle alien cat thing".

It hurt, seeing the Ancient One again.

"I wouldn't go in there. We just had the floor waxed."

"We came looking for Stephen Strange," said Bruce.

"Uh, Bruce? Strange didn't become Sorcerer Supreme until after that mess with Ultron. He's probably in surgery right now," said Peter. "For that matter I'm probably across the Brooklyn bridge by this point, since my school was just far away enough that the evacuations were already in full swing."

That got the Ancient One to look at him, hard.

"What exactly happened for Stephen's position to be given to a much younger person?"

Peter grinned at her, and she was briefly taken aback by the obvious comfort he had around her.

"About a year after this invasion, I wandered into the sanctum mistaking it for yet another library and ending up never leaving. As for Strange...he was taken out when the instigator of this entire mess was practically handed the stone by him directly, and then the giant purple dildo decided to wipe out half the universe," explained Peter.

Bruce choked at the description of Thanos.

"Giant purple dildo?" he half asked.

"What? I called him that at Sister Margaret's and the name just stuck considering the damage he did," shrugged Peter. "No way am I dignifying that asshole with an actual name."

The older woman seemed more amused than irritated.

"So Stephen handed over the stone to this...person?" she asked.

"He said something about us being 'in the endgame' now," said Peter. "I only heard that part from Tony after the fact, since I was too busy trying to keep everyone else from flying off into the upper atmosphere."

It said volumes that the Ancient One didn't even hesitate to hand the stone over to Peter, rather than Bruce.

She did have to make one comment though.

"I must ask...why a flerken for a familiar?"

Peter grinned and scratched Freya under her chin.

"She makes transporting injured patients to hospitals a lot easier, never mind bringing supplies. It was harder getting permission to have her in the ambulance than it was training her," said Peter cheerfully. "Besides, nothing shuts up mercs in the middle of a heated barfight than threatening to have them eaten by the bar's unofficial mascot and into the trash."

Wade had about died all over again...mostly from laughter...the first time it happened. Most of the mercs were much more wary of the unassuming 'cat' in the bar, and got sick enjoyment seeing the what the fuck expressions of the new idiots or out of towners.

The maternal expression on her face at that hurt. He missed her dearly, and always thought of the woman as a sort of grandmother figure.

A few hours later...

"You lost the stone?" said Peter incredulous.

"Not lost...misplaced," said Tony.

Peter had an exasperated look on his face. They only had a set number of these...Pym particles to use, and only managed to get two of the three they were after. At least they didn't have to bother with the soul stone, since it had been in his possession the entire time.

"How did the meeting with Strange go?" asked Tony.

"It didn't," said Bruce.

"Strange didn't become Sorcerer Supreme until after Ultron," explained Peter. "Once the Ancient One heard he had literally handed the thing over, she gave it to us because clearly he saw something."

"So what now? We don't have the Tesseract, and Loki is who knows where," said Steve. "We have a set number of trips we can take."

"Not exactly," said Peter. "That was the case when we had to rely on the Pym particles to get around time. Now that I have the stone, I can just manipulate it directly. Only problem is that it's going to leave one hell of a trail for the giant purple dildo to potentially follow."

"Giant..." started Tony.

"Thanos," said Bruce quickly. Tony couldn't help it, he started snickering at the nickname he was absolutely going to use from now on.

"Also, I had no idea you flew a freaking nuke into that portal over New York," admitted Peter.

"How did you miss that?" said Tony.

"Forgot my phone that day, and I was too busy being evacuated at the time to bother looking at the sheer mess that was the city," shrugged Peter. "After the fact...well, it's not like I was going to bother looking up what the Avengers were doing when I was too busy making things easier for my aunt and uncle, both of whom were part of the first responders trying to clean up the aftermath."

"How old were you?" asked Steve.

"About eleven or twelve?" said Peter. He saw Steve doing some mental math.

"You dragged a fourteen year old kid into that fight in Germany?" said Steve incredulous.

"Thank you! Someone who gets it!" said Peter.

"Are we still on about that?" said Tony.

"I will never stop harping about that," said Peter. "Do you have any idea how awkward it was explaining to my aunt about the whole spider bite fiasco? She had trouble sleeping for a solid month before she realized I wasn't being some reckless vigilante now that I have powers."

Though the less said about the fit she threw about Sister Margaret's, the better. She calmed down a bit upon realizing Peter wasn't actually out acting as a mercenary, but simply doing dishes and the cooking for those that well as patch them up on the cheap.

He still did that, but the pay was much better and he had a little side room that he had hidden rather well for mercs who needed a place to crash until the heat was off for something they screwed up. Being considered a neutral among those in the know had it's perks, like automatic immunity from damn near any gangs in the surrounding states.

He wouldn't protect cop killers or general assholes, but someone who had the misfortune to piss off the wrong person and putting their family in danger was another story.