Peter was half asleep when he suddenly shot up as if tased. Freya was meowing at his side anxiously, and he wanted to groan because he could feel the house shake and knew it was going to be a bad day.

His aunt May was already up, having woken within the first five minutes.

"What's going on?"

"Earthquake. Bad one from the feel of it," he said gruffly.

To his credit, Wade was nice enough to make breakfast because he knew the two would have a really busy day. Peter was already turning on the news, since it had been at least an hour since the quake hit.

"Our top story this morning, a magnitude 6 point 3 earthquake hit Manhattan. Reports indicate that the possible center was just off the area known by locals as Hell's Kitchen..." said the reporter, dutifully reading off the teleprompter.

Peter didn't have to look at the answering machine to know it was going off. An earthquake that big meant all hands on deck, regardless of whether it was their day off or not. May was still in the process of getting a new job as her old position had been filled. However they did promise references if asked.

Which meant she was free to help out the rescue efforts, if only to provide first aid and triage.

Peter was already getting his gear ready, as he would be search and rescue first. He knew paramedics from all districts would swarm the place, but people trained in rescue were much more limited.

As he was getting ready, an idea occurred to him.

"Hey you think the guys would be willing to get their one good deed out of the way for the year?"

Wade blinked.


"Domino alone could be useful, and in this sort of mess we could use a bit in case of looters too stupid to realize today is not the day to be an asshole."

Wade snorted at that. Disasters could bring out the best...and everyone.

"You can always ask," he said.

Peter was already doing a mass text out to his contact list for Mercs. He was a little surprised at the response he got.

"What did they say?" asked May.

"I'm getting a lot of positive responses, some even offering to do supply runs from outside the county, since the closer stores are likely to get hit first."

Peter's next move was to call the coordinator in charge of rescue, confirming he would be present and to ask where people could donate supplies and the like.

By eight, Peter, May and oddly enough Wade were on their way to the disaster zone.

In Hell's Kitchen...

May grimaced at the sheer devastation, but knew exactly what she had to do. She went to the first aid tent and when her credentials were verified, she was accepted right away and given some PPE to get to work. Peter on the other hand went to find the coordinator to find where he should start his rescue efforts, while Wade went with him.

"So what exactly do we do?" asked Wade. He had never been on this side of the mess before.

"Right now we find survivors, and if possible transport them to safety. If you find a corpse, mark it with this," said Peter, handing him some spray paint. "Our priority is the living...the dead can be put to rest later once the recovery efforts begin."

"Got it," said Wade, a bit nervous.

"Hey Parker, we got another volunteer!" shouted the captain.

Peter went over with Wade.

"So what's your name?"

"Matt, Matt Murdock," he said.

Peter observed him for a bit. And internally wanted to groan, because he could tell in an instant the guy was blind despite wearing his sunglasses.

"Right. Stick close to us for now," said Peter. "If you hear anything, let me know so we can direct the first responders."

"Got it," said Matt.

The morning was filled with dirty, grueling work. Peter had to get his first aid kit restocked at least five times, mostly by sending Wade back to the command center.

After a while, Peter confronted Matt directly.

"You're the Devil of Hell's Kitchen, aren't you?"

"I'm sorry?" said Matt.

Peter made sure no one was looking or listening. Then again everyone was focused on recovery and not their quiet conversation.

He held out his hand.

"I'm Spiderman," he said simply. "The lunatic with the motor mouth is Deadpool."

Dead silence for several moments.

"Daredevil," said Matt quietly. "What gave me away?"

"Really? You're blind man able to locate barely alive survivors using echolocation, how did you expect not to get busted, especially by another hero?" said Peter incredulous. "Especially since you're actually helping during the crisis rather than throw money at it?"

Matt snorted in amusement.

"So why did Spiderman go into search and rescue and not general hero work?" he asked.

"There's enough capes that go around fighting crime and pissing off the cops. The real heroes are the first responders who help during a crisis...not potentially create one. Besides, cops carry guns as part of their standard gear. I'd rather not be shot trying to do their job for them," said Peter.

"Parker, breaks over! Got another building two blocks down with potential survivors!" shouted the captain.

"On it captain!" he shouted back. "Let's get back to work."

Peter found himself climbing through an ungodly amount of rubble, while chatting with Matt. By this point Wade' been requisitioned by the cops.

Namely because some of the gangs didn't take too kindly to that many cops in their turf. Most of the cops realized they could plead the fifth about any injuries if they politely asked Wade to deal with the idiots for them, and arresting them after.

It was one thing to disrespect a cop's was another trying to act tough in front of a guy who had no issue shooting you in the leg or bringing out the knives to cut you up and wouldn't lose any sleep over it. Most of the gangs figured out real quick to shut up if Wade started walking their way.

And that was before the other frequent fliers at Sister Margaret's got involved.

"Alright Parker, how the hell did you convince that lot to bring in extra supplies?" said Derek.

"Oh good, I wasn't sure if the cops would let them through with the gridlock," said Peter cheerfully.

"Parker, a word," said the captain.

Peter found himself standing before the incident captain like a child about to get a scolding.

"So...the extra supplies?"

"I made a call to my contact lists to see if anyone was willing to make a supply run or volunteer to help out," said Peter.

The captain gave him a long, measured look.

"As long as they help out and don't cause trouble, they are not my problem," she said finally.

Peter and Freya went to the medical tent where his aunt was working. May looked as exhausted as he felt.

"You boys look hungry," said May. She was taking a much needed break as well.

"Thank you, ma'am," said Matt. He accepted the water gratefully. The meal was...edible, at least.

"So what's the count?" asked Peter.

"Twenty dead so far, but we're still counting the injured. You've saved at least thirty people so far, and that's just the ones that your group saved," said May. "We got lucky."

"So Matt, what's your day job?" asked Peter.

"I'm a lawyer," he replied. "I take on a lot of lower-income clients most won't touch."

"And you're local, so obviously the people here respect you," said Peter knowingly. "Or at the very least trust you to be an honest person."

"What about you?" asked Matt.

"I work as a paramedic," said Peter. "I'm working towards a doctorate, but that's slow going for the most part."

The two ate quickly, and rested while they could. After all, there were still people buried in the rubble that needed help.

"Alright boys, back to work in fifteen!" said the captain.

Peter gratefully crashed on his bed that night, as did May and Wade.

The next morning...

"Parker, think you can get that band of thugs to do some real work?" said the captain.

"What do you need captain?" he asked.

"Got a building, about three blocks from here. Debris is keeping us from reaching the interior, but a few strong hands should be able to get us through to the people inside. Got at least three kids trapped," said the captain.

"On it," said Peter, already heading out.

"And take Murdock with you!" she shouted. He gave her a thumb's up.

Peter walked up to the mercs. There were a few new faces among them, though Wade had to go on an assignment.

"Alright guys. We're heading to one of the buildings three blocks from here. There's a lot of debris, and they've confirmed a few kids are trapped in the building," said Peter.

"Lead us on, Shrike," said one of the mercs gruffly. "You're the boss right now."

Peter felt incredibly gratified to hear most of the mercs mutter an agreement to it.

As they headed to the building, Matt spoke to Peter quietly.

"Shrike?" he asked.

"I worked part time at a merc bar. Though I've had to cut back on that since I got a job working as a paramedic. The guys know they can call me to come patch them up no questions asked," said Peter. "Shrike is just the name I go by at the bar."

"Shrike might be baby-faced, but he's one of us," Domino piped up. There was a smattering of agreement. "We wouldn't have gotten involved at all if he didn't ask us to."

As they reached the building, the devestation was obvious. There was a kid crying out for his mother, who was likely inside.

Peter was with him in an instant.
" your mom in there?" he asked. The kid nodded. "Do you remember where she was when you last saw her?"

The kid pointed at a section that was particularly unstable.

Peter looked to Matt, who was very quiet and doing his best to listen.

"I still hear a heartbeat. She's alive, but it's fading," he said quietly.

The mercs looked to Peter.

"He can echolocate like a bat," said Peter. "But too much will overwhelm him."

"Got it," said Domino. "Alright dolphin boy, you're with me."

"Dolphin?" said Matt.

"Bats are assholes that carry disease," she said flatly. "And dolphins do that echo shit too."

It was hot, grueling work shuffling debris around. The earthquake hadn't been kind to this part of the city. However no one said a word of complaint, especially once Peter went in with Freya.

The mercs respected what Peter and Freya did during nightmares like this. He was one of them, after all even if he didn't take on assignments.

It was weird, being thanked by the cops they normally tried to avoid. Mostly for acting as a deterrent for the locals, most of whom didn't appreciate all the outsiders.

By the time it was over, Matt had a list of new clients more than willing to pay him for his work in getting them out of mischief between hits.

He also had the number of someone more than happy to come and patch him up for his own...side job.