Okay, not understanding the hate here. Everyone keeps wondering why I'm bashing Tony and Strange in this story. I'm not. Harry had to mature very quickly and learned that actions can have long term consequences, and that money does NOT solve everything. He sees Tony as a man-child, and barely tolerates his behavior because Tony is at least trying. It doesn't help that Tony created weapons that killed an untold number of people and that he was the magical equivalent of a doctor in his past life. He's spent a lot of time trying to SAVE lives, not take them.

As for Strange...well, he was being trained to take over for the Ancient One so she could retire, and suddenly a guy you know to be an arrogant ass shows up and takes the position instead. He basically came in and stole Peter's promotion in the order out of the blue, on top of him briefly treating Peter as a child until Wong explains things.

Also, I have no idea why people are claiming Peter is on the 'moral high ground'. He literally manipulated a woman into oncoming traffic to be impaled. How is that moral high ground?

As for why Peter likes Steve Rogers more than Tony...well, he can relate to someone who made the hard decision to sacrifice himself to save countless lives, at the expense of his own.

Peter was exasperated, mostly because he still hadn't been able to find a decent partner to train up for search and rescue. He had the license, and while having an animal partner wasn't actually a requirement, it did help immensely.

Trained animal partners were worth ten times their weight in gold during a crisis.

The problem was that all the puppies and other animals Adrien introduced him to simply didn't have that connection he was looking for.

While having an animal partner wasn't a deal breaker when it came to SAR work, Peter really wanted one. If for no other reason than companionship.

Since he didn't have a shift, school was out for the weekend, and he training was out since he already had a SAR certification.

He was so bored that he picked up his phone and looked up pet stores. He had no intention of buying anything, but he could always look. After all, a certified pup didn't have to come from specialized breeders.

Finding one close by with semi-decent reviews, he sent his aunt a text telling her he'd be out for a bit and would be back by dinner. She sent him a thumb's up, as she was currently at work.

Peter walked in and just sensed that he wouldn't find anything, but he could at least look.

He was about to leave when he sensed something bolting at speed, attempting to flee the shop to the street outside.

Peter left the store, waited a bit, and saw...a kitten?

His sixth sense, which May had jokingly called his "spider sense", had him ducking down briefly to scoop up the tiny thing. It looked like a calico kitten and was completely adorable.

However he took one look at the creature's eyes...and felt a familiar bond hit and hit hard. The kitten eye's had a ridiculously high degree of intelligence to them, more than some people he knew.

It started purring under his hand, and he made a note to get some supplies for it later.

May took one look at the kitten and the way Peter brightened up, and said nothing. Though she did have to laugh at first when she saw him giving it SAR training, since she believed it to be a normal cat.

She stopped laughing when the kitten that he had named "Freya" was able to use the toilet rather than the litter box within two weeks of being in the home, and even flushed the toilet after.

May discreetly had a very hard drink when she realized she wasn't imagining that.

In retrospect, he really should have guessed Potter luck would lead to him being at the New York sanctum when Banner crashed. To be fair, he had mostly been stopping by in order to get Wong's order.

"Thanos...he's coming."

"Bloody hell," said Peter exasperated. He immediately dialed May to at least give her some warning.

I might come home late tonight...or in a few days. Also, there's a high likelihood of things going south fast, so you might want to warn the other nurses of a potential Code Black in the works. -Peter

He looked down to see May typing, before she responded...

On a scale of Germany to Coney Island, how bad are we talking about? - May

Peter winced, as he thought how to phrase this. May had come up with a new set of 'danger-level' after learning the full truth behind Spiderman and the mess in Germany. She barely tolerated the fact Peter's actual job which he used to help pay bills was in a dive bar of all things that catered to the less-than-legal crowd.

To be fair, there was a reason why Peter had never introduced May to Deadpool and had instead asked Domino to help him out.

She was more than willing after he bribed her with some special protection amulets and special potions.

Peter honestly should have expected how popular those amulets were with the mercs, especially with Domino's endorsement of them being legit. So what if they contained "mystical mumbo-jumbo" as Weasel put it? They were effective and easy to hide, plus they wouldn't be picked up on most scanners.

He thought carefully how to explain this, then looked at Banner and realized the truth might be best.

Invasion of New York-level bad. -Peter

Peter didn't need to be with his aunt to feel her wince. She had been busy for a solid month after Loki's invasion. To say nothing of how busy Ben was. The number of funerals they had to attend was downright depressing.

"Who are you texting?" asked Strange. The two had developed a semi-respect for each other since Peter had come clean to his aunt.

"Aunt May. I'm going to go get Freya and come back. Odds are I'll be dragged in sooner rather than later anyway," said Peter. "Besides, if you're facing the guy with a weird fascination with death of all beings, you're going to need all the help you can get."

"How do you know that?" asked Wong.

"Certain artifacts are soul-bonded," shrugged Peter.

Peter returned thirty minutes later...and there was a distinct change in him. There was also an extra addition on his shoulder, who meowed while curling her tail around his neck.

"You brought...a cat," said Strange.

Wong however was giving the cat a leery look, because he knew damn well what it was. The wards around the Sanctum made that abundantly clear.

"That is not a cat," said Wong slowly. "How did you find a Flerken kitten?"

"A what?" said Strange.

"Freya found me," said Peter cheerfully. He scratched under her chin, and she purred.

"She's adorable. But how's a cat going to help us?" asked Banner.

Peter had the most evil, mischievous grin on his face. He had been startled at first, before the evil, evil possibilities occurred to him once he realized the shock factor.

"Freya, could you hand me that kit I gave you earlier?"

The look on Strange and Banner's faces when she spat out a massive supply kit was hilarious.

"What in god's green earth is that?!" said Banner.

"Flerken. It's an alien species that resembles Earth cats and has a special subpocket in their stomach," said Wong. "Never seen on this close before."

Freya let out an unladylike burp, before Peter had her put the supply kit back up. Both Strange and Banner were horrified and somewhat fascinated out of sheer grossness upon seeing her tentacles.

"So why does she have a SAR patch on her little vest?" asked Strange. He looked like he had a headache.

"Because she's my partner," said Peter. "Freya passed the qualification a month ago, though the instructors never saw her tentacles obviously. It's rare, but cats can be SAR trained and certified, and can reach places most dogs can't."

Strange looked very much like he wanted a drink, the hardest one he could get.

"Why did you contact your aunt?" asked Strange.

"Wouldn't you have liked a head's up if something on par with the clusterfuck that was the invasion of New York was about to happen very soon, thus creating multiple code blacks?" said Peter.

Strange opened his mouth, before closing it and after a moment's thought grabbed his own phone and started making calls. While he was no longer involved in the medical world he did still have some contacts who would likely appreciate their own head's up.

"What's a code black?" asked Banner.

"It's when resources and personnel in a hospital are overwhelmed to the point they have to triage as many patients as possible to maximize the number they can save," said Strange absently. "During the invasion of New York, almost every hospital including those in New Jersey were stuck in a cycle of them for at least two full weeks. Fortunately, the chitauri never actually targeted any hospitals during that mess."

It was one thing to get a warning about a potential code black situation on the way from a single nurse...it was entirely another for someone of Strange's reputation and skill level to give a general warning call to all the hospitals in the area about something big coming and that the Avengers might be involved...again.

Considering the messes Tony Stark and the Avengers created in general, even a half-assed warning would be taken very seriously.

Peter had to grimace when Strange went to get Stark. The man was a menace, but he at least took things seriously when people's lives were on the line.

"What is he doing here?" asked Tony.

Peter rolled his eyes.

"I've been studying with the Order for over four years now. Only reason I never took a more active role was because they wanted me to be a legal adult first," said Peter.

Peter stayed to the side, letting Strange deal with Stark. It wasn't that he hated the man, it was just that Tony reminded him of a more intelligent...and narcissistic...version of Draco Malfoy. He still had an ingrained belief that money could solve everything, or his influence could fix anything he did wrong.

So when his Spidersense started to act up, he sighed. He heard a slight noise and looked to his phone to see a text from May.

Be safe...and my coworkers wanted me to pass on to you and Strange 'Thank you for the heads up'. -May

Well at least the hospitals were forewarned about a major headache coming their way.

Outside the Sanctum...

It was pandemonium, and made Peter twitch because he had to focus more on fighting than helping get people to safety.

"You okay kid?" asked Tony.

"There's a reason I've been undergoing SAR training. It's because I want nothing to do with fighting overpowered morons with egos too big to deal with properly," said Peter sighing. "However I'm not going to hold back like I did in Germany."

"What happened in Germany?" asked Bruce.

Peter hooked a thumb at Tony and said deadpan...

"This idiot caused a fight between himself and Steve Rogers over a piece of legislation that has caused more harm than good."

"I still can't believe you equated the Accords to the Nazis," said Tony annoyed.

Peter slowly turned to face him, his expression incredulous.

"Well I wasn't the one who literally dragged a fourteen-year-old into a pissing contest between a war veteran and an iron monger who only recently learned that actions do have consequences!"

Tony stared at him.

"You're still on about that?" he said incredulous.

"Yes, I'm still on about that! It was bad enough being turned into a literal child soldier the last time!" said Peter.

Tony clearly wanted to ask about that, but the alien wasn't polite enough to let him quibble further with the sixteen-year-old.

He was definitely asking questions later though.

"I can't believe that worked..." said Tony. "And you. I thought I told you to stay out of this fight?"

Peter rolled his eyes.

"And this is why I prefer his company over yours. You two might be arrogant assholes, but he at least figured out fast not to treat me like an errant child."

Strange snorted at that. After the display in the Sanctum and the Asgardian's visit, he had a proper heart to heart with Peter. The two had come to an understanding, and while he might look askance at the boy's age, he still treated him like an equal.

Peter knew a lot of magical medicines, but was woefully under-trained in modern medicine. Strange was a skilled surgeon and doctor, but lacked even a fraction of Peter's knowledge on healing spells.

May was the first to encourage Peter when she found out Strange had officially listed her nephew as his apprentice so he could pass on his knowledge and skills as a surgeon to Peter. While he couldn't practice his craft personally, he could at least train Peter to hold the scalpel for him.

In exchange, Peter trained Strange up on how to heal using magic, so he could at least regain some of his old craft...even if he couldn't really use it on most of his old patients.

Tony looked incredibly grumpy, especially as Peter and Strange were clearly tag-teaming against him.

Strange looked to Peter and Freya.

"I am really hoping you have something up your sleeves besides that cat," he commented.

"I held back slightly because we were still in a suburban setting. If we fight away from civilians, I'll go all out. There's a reason why I was considered a living weapon by the mages who governed the magical society I was part of," said Peter quietly, so Tony didn't hear.

Strange nodded. If he had to chose between Stark and Peter when it came to an actual plan, he'd choose the teenager every time. At least Peter showed some common sense and general maturity, and actually took responsibility for when things go wrong.

Stark was still a child playing around with toys that were beyond his level. He might have matured slightly since becoming Iron Man, but it wasn't enough.