"Invisible and inevitable, like a butterfly that beats its wings in one corner of the globe and with that single action changes the weather halfway across the world."

Chapter 1: Mysterious Package

September 11th – 11:32am – Peach Creek High School, Art Class B2

The Eds have changed a fair amount since their trek to Eddy's Brother's house to run away from the other kids trying to kill them. Ever since they were forgiven, the Eds have vowed to never scam again, and try to earn their money legitimately. Which has been a bit less successful in earning money, as Eddy's habits to go on the cheap end have caused problems, but regardless, the three have remained very close.

At least for a time, as once high school rolled in, they were forced to drift apart due to the massive workload that high schools offered, even outside of school. But at the same time, the three have also developed new skills and found what their calling might be.

We find Ed, sitting on a bar stool facing two easels, he had his jacket off showing off his red and pink stripped vest, which went with his baggy trousers and black shoes. Ever since Ed discovered that people drew the comic books and could make it a job, Ed decided to try his hand at becoming a comic artist, so he began to prioritise art classes.

On the left easel was a few doodles of monsters he wanted to have for his comics, but he knew he had to have more original designs, but given he's extremely dumb, and his IQ has not risen by much, it was taking a lot of his mental power to come up with anything remotely like what could work.

On the right easel was his project, trying to paint a bowl of fruit, this was going far better, as he was simply copying what he saw, and the accuracy shown that he had a lot of potential as a artist, but he lacked a lot of ideas.

Ed stared at his left easel, scratching the top of his head, which had more hair grown, not much but far noticeable than a bunch of small strands before. All of the monsters he drew were too alike in the comics he read and was told specifically by Double D that he has to come up with more original concepts.

The more Ed tried to come up with ideas, the more he ended up back into a circle, eventually, he thought too hard again and felt a pain in the back of his head. Ed sighed a little. "Original ideas bad for Ed." He muttered, before deciding to turn to the bowl of fruit and resume with his lesson. Drawing what he saw was way easier than coming up with his own anyway.

A few more minutes passed, and Ed felt his phone buzz in his pocket, he quickly took it out and looked to see it's a notification on his Social Media Account. He checked to see it was another selfie from Jimmy and Sarah, who started dating half a year ago, something Ed thought they were already doing years ago, but at least Sarah has been keeping off his back since, so he appreciated it.

He looked back to his right easel to see the drawing he made was finished, so he could take a short break before moving on. He did a quick scroll through and discovered a bit of news that got his attention, it was a ten-hour marathon of the best horror movies cable TV could offer tonight.

"Horror movies great for Ed." He soon lost his smile, realising he might have to do it alone, schoolwork has been making them distant due to so much work to be done both during and outside school. "Not without Eddy and Double D."

He looked left and right, reposted the news piece, then put his phone away and went back to his left easel to try and think about what monsters to design.

September 11th – 11:35am – Peach Creek High School, Science Class D1

We find Edd, or more commonly known as Double D, studying intently at a small terrarium containing a cactus, specifically, his own he named Jim. His clothing attire had hardly changed, but he now wore a red biker-like vest over his orange shirt and red wrist bands, he had lately gotten into rock and heavy metal music, with Skillet becoming one of his favourite bands, and had altered his attire slightly to match it, he theorised it was a potential phase, feeling the slight enjoyment of rebelling, even if he hasn't done anything of the sort, he did considered buying and learning how to play a guitar.

But Double D had decided that he wanted to go into the science division, specifically to help the world improve the plant-life and nature in general and hope to reverse the changes in the climate. So, he prioritised this instead of whatever phase he was going through.

He was studying any potential changes in his cactus under this new environment, and using a formula he crafted to see if he can make his cactus survive in an environment that cacti typically cannot. If he can perfect this formula, then he could use it as a basis to help plants survive in all environments, so they can grow and prosper, should reversing climate change be inevitable.

Double D moved back from the terrarium to rub his eyes, feeling the strain, before turning back to it. But he was soon distracted by the reflection of the terrarium, he could see a young black-haired girl staring at him from behind.

He turned to see this girl, it was Janette, another student. "Oh, salutations Janette, can I assist you with anything?"

"Well, I was hoping you could help me with my homework at my house after school?" she said with no subtlety of what she was really interested in.

Double D merely sighed. "Sorry, but I've got plenty of arrangements to perform at that time. Being a scientist and all."

"Oh, ok. So, rain check?"

"Yeah… rain check."

Janette soon left, with Double D going back to study his cactus. Truthfully, it wasn't the first time he's been asked by a random girl, he knew all the social cues. He's not against getting a girlfriend, but he's been getting frustrated over how many girls have been trying to ask him out, out of the blue, and without any form of conversation first. To most guys, it would be a blessing, but to him, it was a curse. He'd rather be in a relationship with a girl he can actually have a connection with.

As he stared back at the terrarium, he saw himself in the reflection, but no one else. Which just made him sigh again. "I wonder how Ed and Eddy are doing? We don't hang out as much as we used to."

He realised he couldn't focus anymore, he looked over to see the teacher being distracted, so he sat back on the stool and got his phone out of his pocket and began scrolling on social media. So far nothing on his side, other than photos of various rock bands he follows, a mysterious new fruit being discovered in the science category, but he soon noticed something Ed reposted.

It was the monster movie marathon happening tonight. Double D immediately perked up. He hasn't watched any horror movies in a long time, especially with Ed or Eddy, so he immediately reposted it, it's something he actually wanted to attend, but soon lost his smile, when he remembered that Ed and Eddy will likely be too busy to attend, so he just put his phone back in his pocket, then he dug into his other pocket and took out an iPod, put his earbuds in and began listening to music as he continued to study the terrarium.

September 11th – 11:40am – Peach Creek High School, Locker Room.

Eddy was sitting on the bench wearing his baseball uniform and helmet, he was waiting for the training session to begin, in his left hand was a padlock he found on the ground in school a few years ago, but in his other hand, was a set of lockpicks he found in the junkyard before he found the padlock, and has been picking the lock with them, to unlock them, then he would relock the padlock and do it all over again. A fidgeting habit he developed while he's either waiting or is frustrated with something.

He soon looked forward with an idea the moment he thought about him fidgeting with the lock again. "Hey. That'll work! I could make some kind of fidgeting toy, something that spins, or clicks, or something. I'll make big bucks!"

But soon he lost his smile. "But it'll require a lot of testing… I don't know where to begin… I'll need a lot of plastic and metal… and they have to be in good quality… so I can't just find them and that's it… which will cost a lot of money… and I won't make enough selling them with these kids meagre allowances." He sighed before he began picking the padlock again. "Forget it."

He soon got fed up with picking the padlock and put the lockpick and padlock back in his pocket, before turning to the baseball next to him and picked it up to look at it.

This was consistent with Eddy recently, ever since that one scam that went too far and he had to flee to his abusive brother's home, he's vowed to never scam again, any businesses he tries has to be legit, he doesn't want to lose the other kids faith in him, especially since they all see him as a better person, even Kevin, who has actually became a good friend in the recent years as well as being in the same baseball team.

Eddy took up sports because he felt like he could actually become rich this way, without needing to scam others. And despite Kevin being a surprisingly good friend, he still felt lonely, he felt like he wasn't doing this because he wanted to, but that he felt it was all he could do with his new moral compass.

He looked around in the locker room to see no one else, especially Ed and Double D. But soon he heard his phone ping and he dug into his pocket to look at it. There were two notifications, one was a message from Kevin saying two minutes until practise time, and the other was a notification on his social media account.

He responded to Kevin saying he'll be there, then he got his shoes on as he checked his social media. To his surprise, it was a horror movie marathon happening tonight, and Ed and Double D have already reposted it. Eddy then smiled as he reposted it himself. "Sweet! Are we actually planning something for once?" He then lost his smile. "Wait, why would they? They're way too busy with their crap to spend time together anymore!" He just huffs as he put his phone back in his pocket, grabbed his baseball bat and made his way to the door.

As he made it to the door, he saw Kevin waiting there as he was on his phone, and quickly turned to him with a smirk. "Ready?"

"As I'll ever be."

The two began to walk down the hallway to the playgrounds. The two were silent for a moment, until Kevin broke the silence. "So, I just saw you reposting something. That movie marathon thing."

"Yeah, looked cool."

"You gonna check it out?"

Eddy shrugged. "If I have time… and… well never mind."

Kevin stopped and placed his hand on Eddy's shoulder, making him stop and turn to him. "It's Ed and Double D, isn't it?"

Eddy sighed. "They never have time for anything. It's always schoolwork this, homework that!"

"Highschool's a bitch, isn't it?"

"And then some. So, I'm probably not gonna watch it, besides, I need to do more practise with my pitching… so…"

"One day won't hurt."

Eddy turned to him with a raised eyebrow. "Huh?"

Kevin shrugged. "C'mon man, it's Friday, you'll watch it tonight, probably nap the next day, Sunday you're energised, get some pitching practise in, and you should be good Monday."

Eddy felt baffled by this, Kevin was usually quite strict with his sporting regimen, to see him suggest Eddy to slack off felt very strange. "You're serious?"

"Yeah. I mean, you gotta take breaks anyway."

"Yeah but…"

"And lemme put it this way, Ed and Double D also reposted it, didn't they? Sounds to me that they want this just as much as you do."

Eddy fell silent for a moment, but then he smirked. "Yeah, you're right. I'll ask them after school. Thanks Kevin."

The two end up fist bumping as they continued their way to the field. "No problem. But I'm expecting you to bring you're A Game today, got it Fielder Dork?"

"Loud and clear, Captain Shovel-Chin!"

September 11th – 3:12pm – Peach Creek High School, front gate.

Double D was seen just exiting the school, he was checking out his phone while continuing to listen to music, he got a notification from his father saying the two will be on a business trip for two weeks and they're forwarded a supply of food and extra money, this actually pleased him, but it also wasn't surprising. His parents are almost never there anyway and have been there less often since he's gotten older, but knowing his parents won't be around for even longer now, does mean he can at least feel more rebellious and try his hand at new experiments, so long as he has any mess cleaned up before then.

As he looked ahead, he saw Ed and Eddy at the gate waiting for him. Even though they barely do anything with each other anymore, they at least walk each other home every day without fail. There he saw Ed with his new green jacket on, it didn't look different other than the sleeves had fire patterns on the end. And Eddy was seen with a yellow short sleeved jacket over a red vest, blue jeans that are ripped at the bottom and red shoes. His new most outstanding feature was that he now had four strands of hair instead of three. As the three greet each other, the trio then began to walk home.

"So how did your day go?" asked Double D as he took his headphones off.

"Crap." Eddy said bluntly. "Training went well but that's it."

"Original ideas and designs are harder than it sounds." Said Ed feeling disappointed. "Fruit paintings going well though."

"My climatising adaption experiment is going incredibly slowly, but surely. Though… I got in trouble from the teacher for listening to my music again."

Eddy smirks and shrugs. "This is the most I've seen you ever get in trouble."

"Naughty, naughty!" said Ed in a joking manner.

"Yeah. But my parents won't find out. They're going away for two weeks and left me with food and money."

Eddy and Ed turn to Double D with a surprised look. "Wait… So, you'll be on your own, properly now?" Eddy asked. Double D nods. Eddy soon smiles. "And Kevin told me to take a break from training!"

"Which means…?" said Double D in a suggesting tone.

"Horror Movie Marathon!?" asked Ed looking more excited.

"Yeah!" Eddy exclaimed. "We haven't done anything together in years!"

"Exactly! Let's take advantage of this!" exclaimed Double D.

"HORROR MOVIE MARATHON WITH EDDY AND DOUBLE D ARE GOOD FOR ED!" Ed shouted as he grabbed Double D and Eddy for a crushing group hug, both of them looked like they were suffocating, but they smiled regardless.

"YEAH!" Eddy pushed himself up and loosened Ed's grip. "LET'S GET THAT CASH! BUY AS MUCH JUNKFOOD AS WE CAN! AND BINGE WATCH THAT MARATHON!"

"And the best part!" exclaimed Double D. "No parents for two weeks! You can sleep over at my house for the whole two weeks! We can hang out before and after school!"

"LET'S DO THAT!" Shouted Eddy. He then climbed onto Ed's shoulders and gave him a light kick like a horse. "GIDDY-UP ED!"

"NEIGH!" Ed began to run as fast as he can, carrying both Eddy and Double D, the three cheered as loud as they could.

"THE EDS ARE BACK TOGETHER!" Double D shouted. The three finally feeling truly happy again for the first time in years.

September 12th – 7:45pm – Peach Creek, Edd's Home.

A powerful storm thrashed itself around the town, the only thing louder than the rain crashing onto the ground was the immense lightning that struck every now and then, it was as if Thor himself was in a terrible mood. But this was of no concern for Double D, nor Ed, and Eddy, as they were sheltered from the storm, Double D's home was very secure, in fact it felt more relaxing with the sound of the rain from outside.

He and the other Eds all sat around in the living room getting ready to watch the ten-hour marathon. Double D lied on one side of the couch with his back to an armrest and a laptop on top of a small table over his legs, he had a spreadsheet open with a list of all of the foods and drinks they bought using the money his parents left for him, he was making sure they had all the essentials to make sure that they would not miss a single moment of their marathon, by keeping themselves awake with the sugar. They would've happily accepted jawbreakers into their mix of junk food, but sadly the shops were completely sold out of them.

A second later, he looked up to see that Ed had just finished moving one of the single chairs in between both couches, where Eddy immediately sat on it and grabbed the remote, Ed himself jumped onto the second couch and quickly snatched a large bag of popcorn.

"This is it!" Eddy said with an excited feel to him. "Ten hours of awesome movies and no stupid Sarah, schoolwork or anything else to get in our way. We can finally be a trio again."

"Yep! Sarah and schoolwork bad for Ed and horror movies!" Ed responded in his delightful yet dopey demeanour while giving a thumbs up.

Double D closed the spreadsheets and turned his head towards the TV. "And with neither mother or father here to instruct us on the appropriate time for sleep. I must confess, I have never been awake all through the night since I was about five, spent the entire night-time just studying on my ant farm."

"Heh, sounds like you were living the life there." said Eddy sarcastically with a humoured smirk on his face.

Double D couldn't help but respond with a chuckle himself. "Different people, different interests."

"Yeah whatever." Eddy then pressed onto the remote and began to search for the right channel. "Which channel was it again?"

"237" said both Ed and Double D respectfully.

Eddy flicked over to the said channel but frowns a bit when he sees that there were commercials on. "Hey! Where's the horror?"

Double D checked the time on his laptop. "We still have twenty minutes left. We managed to get everything ready ahead of time. All we can do is wait." Eddy and Ed sighed and simply slumped back on their chairs and waited. Double D himself found this a good opportunity to surf the web and check any of his emails. He also started playing his usual playlist of rock and metal music, loud enough for the three to hear, quiet enough for them to have a conversation. The three started headbanging in rhythm to his music.

"That music is the best thing you could've gotten into." Said Eddy as he continued to move to the music.

About ten minutes had passed now and there was no change of scenery. Ed and Eddy were still slumped back on their phones waiting for the movie to start, but they kept moving either their head or feet to Double D's music, while Double D kept himself busy with web surfing, swaying from side to side with the music, sometimes even typing to it. But during his surf, he discovered an article that got his attention and began to read. After a minute or so of reading, he lost his smile and looked really concerned. "O-Oh my!"

This got the other Eds attention. "What is it Sock-Ed?" asked Eddy.

"Oh, I just got a bit of unfortunate information. It's something you won't be concerned with."

"Ah c'mon, might as well tell us, it'll be more interesting than these stupid commercials."

"Well... I was just informed that Simon Mervaradi had passed away."

"... Who?"

"Figured as much. He and his brother were the ones who founded the Mervaradi Mafia Family, I'm sure you've heard of them right?"


"Well, Simon chose to leave the life of a mafia gangster and left them all to his brother, Mortimer Mervaradi. He then led a life of extreme wealth through building and selling weaponry. He was very well known, not just for his excessive 'clean' money or his ability to craft some of the best war machines in the world. But the fact that he was seventy-seven years old and barely looked forty."

He flipped his laptop around and showed the other two a recent photo of Simon, looking noticeably young despite being incredibly old.

"Damn, he's aged better than my own brother." said Eddy in a humoured tone.

"Is he a wizard?" asked Ed.

"Doubtful, Ed." said Double D as he flipped the laptop back around. "No one really knows how he's aged so amazingly well. Still, I suppose even the healthiest of men cannot survive complete vaporisation from a giant explosion."

"Is that how he snuffed it?" asked Eddy.

"Yes, it says that he perished when the time machine he was about to enter exploded due to a bullet striking the machine."

"Well, he WAS a mafia boss in the past, odds are he had to have some enemies."

"Given that and that he built war machines for a living. I can agree. Still, he was heavily respected by many scientists, and his donations to charity was recognised."

"Meh, can't erase the past, the other kids may have better respect for us after seeing what my brother was like, especially Kevin, but they still won't let us do any scams without a glare, that's why I stopped. And that really big one that took out half the cul-de-sac." Eddy sighed a little. "Does make me miss the old days though, it just felt easier."

Double D speaks up. "That may be true, but we have to be grateful that they're accepting us for who are we now, and we do have our means of having a healthy and happy career."

Eddy shrugs. "I guess, but-"

They were suddenly cut off by a tremendous banging sound coming from their door. Edd turned to the door to see the silhouette of a head coming from the upper window.

"At this hour!?" Edd exclaimed. He stood up, paused his music and walked towards the door.

"I bet it's Rolf giving away some of his vegetables again." Eddy responded.

As Double D opened the door, there he saw an unfamiliar face, a tall individual wearing thick sunglasses and a large coat that covered most of their body. Pitch black trousers and shoes and a thick black scarf that covered their mouth and nose, the figure could not be identified in any way possible, age, gender, nothing. This ominous figure stood there silently, looking down at the suddenly nervous boy. The individual just stood there with the rain crashing down on them and a large metal box clutched tightly in their leather gloved hands.

"Um... c-can I help... you?"

The figure just stood there silently, until they reached down a bit and handed him the metal box whom he took with his shaking hands. The figure stepped back a bit before turning around and walking away from the house. All he did was watch this figure walk away into the darkness of the night before disappearing. Double D looked down at the metal box he held onto, there were no marks or emblems, completely clean of any personalisation. He had absolutely no idea what just happened, but he managed to collect his thoughts and closed the door behind him after stepping inside and dried himself and the box with a nearby towel, he kept near the door.

He walked back to his own couch and sat on it, placing the metal box on his lap. "What the heck is that?" asked Eddy as he and Ed both walked up to him.

"I... I don't know, some weird man... or woman... handed me it."

"I bet it's Kevin trying to prank ya, he does know we're hanging out tonight." Eddy and Ed both sat on either side of him. "Well go on then, open it."

Double D felt hesitant at first but went against his better judgement. He unclipped the locks on the front of it like a suitcase and opened it. Inside of the box was something none of them expected. Inside the box was an old, ragged book with a strap around it to prevent it from opening.

But on top of the book was something else, it was a beautiful jewel in the shape of a long-winged butterfly, it was a black colour with a purple line going through each wing, the black and purple looked to have been made from two separate gemstones, the antenna were jagged and the whole thing looked to have several edges like a brilliant-cut gemstone.

"Wooooooooooooooaaaaaaah..." All three said in amazement at the beautiful looking jewelled butterfly. Double D gently picked it up and examined it from a few different angles.

"This looks astounding. It looks to represent a Purple-Hairstreak Butterfly, they're dispersed throughout southern areas of Europe, wherever there are oak trees; even a solitary tree may support a colony. It is frequently overlooked as adults remain largely in the canopy where the main adult food source is honeydew; they fly more commonly in the evening of a warm summer's day. They are only driven down to seek fluid and nectar during prolonged drought."

"Yeah, yeah. But can you imagine how much we'd get for this jewelled beauty?" Exclaimed Eddy with his greedy look on him.

"Always thinking of money." Double D sighed as he placed the butterfly back into the box and picked up the book instead. He removed the strap and opened the book gently, so as to not damage it. But the book was completely blank on the pages he opened up to, he checked another page, it was blank too, he scrolled through several more pages, all of them were completely blank. "This book is... empty?"

"An empty book and a priceless looking bug gem?" muttered Eddy. He reached for the jewelled butterfly again and examined it. "Still, that guy's pretty awesome! Think of all the jawbreakers we could eat."

"And all the gravy!" exclaimed Ed.

Double D gently took back the butterfly and placed it back in the box. "It's probably a gift for my parents, they're always getting bizarre items to trade and such." He then noticed a small note stuck to the bottom. He gently took it and read the note. "W-What!?"

The other Eds took notice of the note and looked shocked. The note said that it was for Double D specifically, but the date it was sent was forty years ago.

"This is impossible... Why would a package be sent for me before I was even born!? Several years at that!?"

"Maybe it had to do with one of the insane mad slug-rabbit men from the planet Zombozio Four the third!" Ed exclaimed in a panicked tone. "Who could predict the future by kissing their own antennas while clapping with their four feet!"

There was a bit of an awkward silence until Eddy spoke up. "Boy I really missed this." He then turned back to Double D. "Look, trust me Double D, it's probably just some joke to freak you out. My bro did all sorts of stupid pranks like this before. Now c'mon, there's only a few minutes left before the horror marathon begins."

With that, Eddy walked back to the couch and grabbed a bag of chips and a soda can. Ed jumped to the second couch and picked his bag of popcorn up again. Double D felt too concerned with all of this, he had a gut feeling that this was not a joke, someone wanted him to have this book and butterfly, desperate enough to even send him it long before he was born, but he wondered why it took so long to arrive. He eventually decided to leave it for the time being, there was not much he could do now, he placed the book, the note, and the butterfly back in the box and closed it. He then got ready for the marathon.

September 12th - 11:32pm - Peach Creek, Edd's Home.

They had just gotten to their third movie for the marathon, only five more remained. Ed and Eddy constantly changed from scared to excited, then back to scared, Double D concluded that the sugar rush was kicking in. He was enjoying the movie too, but he was still pondering over the package, so much that it distracted him a bit from the horrors, so he had the least scares compared to the other two. He couldn't get over this, he couldn't understand why or how someone could send him something before he was born, especially knowing his name and where he would be.

He looked over to the metal box with the items inside of it, sitting on the other end of the couch from him. Despite wanting to save it for later, knowing there wasn't much he could do for the time being, but he still could not get the thought of it out of his mind. Nothing of it made sense.

Edd felt as if he needed a bit of a walk to clear his mind, even if it was a quick one, which was perfect timing as he had to answer a call of nature. He slowly got up and began to make his way upstairs. "Back in a bit."

"Taking a leak?" asked Eddy.

"Affirmative. Too much soda." He made his way upstairs and across the long hallways to the bathroom. He rubbed his head a bit, still feeling bewildered from all of this.

'Just how could someone deliver a package to me before I was even born? How would they know my name and home location? Did my parents have something to do with this? They must've done, how else would they have known to send me a package? And how come it took so long to get here? It was sent forty years ago. Why did it take so long?'

He eventually entered the bathroom and closed the door. Somewhat trying to keep the situation out of mind since he still cannot do anything right now.

After finishing and washing his hands, he left the bathroom and turned to the side. But he felt shocked to see a tall slim shadow quickly move to the left where the stairs were. "W-What was that!?" he whispered.

He felt hesitant, but slowly walked forward to where the shadow went. He peeked his head around the corner looking down the stairs, he saw no sign of anything that could've cast the shadow, there were no objects that bared a close resemblance, this disturbed him heavily. Either he was imagining things, or they have an intruder.

Double D seriously hoped he was just imagining things, but he remained cautious as he slowly crept down the stairs keeping a sharp eye out for anything suspicious, each step made an eerie creek, something he was used to honestly as they always made that noise. As he made it to the bottom, he saw that Ed and Eddy were still watching their horror movies, oblivious to anything. He could've just deduced that the horror movies were making him paranoid in thinking that there was an intruder - especially since their last movie was about a shape shifting monster that posed itself as a lamp which was bought by a couple for a housewarming party - but at the same time, he wasn't prone to his eyes playing tricks on him during horror movies, and with his parents gone for two weeks, he was responsible for the house's safety, so he didn't want to take any chances.

Making his way to the kitchen, he turned on the lights, he then began to search around for anything out of the ordinary, he checked in the cupboards, drawers and even in the washing machine, dryer, fridge, freezer, and dishwasher. He then made his way to the cupboard under the stairs and examined in it after turning the small light bulb on in there, nothing out of the ordinary in there either. He quickly made his way to the dining room and examined everywhere he could, including inside of the glass cabinet, still nothing out of the ordinary.

He walked back to the stairs and had another look around, he wondered about the possibility that the intruder going back upstairs, he felt like it was unlikely as he would've heard them walk back up due to the stairs being quite loose so it would cause a lot of squeaking, a defence mechanism his dad set up in case of intruders. Now that he thought about it, there was no way what he saw could be the shadow of an intruder, if they had indeed gone downstairs, he would've heard the squeaky floorboards.

'Maybe I was just imagining things.' Double D thought, perhaps it was the junk food and horror movies causing this. He slowly made his way to the couch and sat back down on it.

Eddy noticed him out of the corner of his eye. "You took a while; you got lost on the way?"

"I... I was distracted."


Ed took a big sip of his soda, feeling a bit more relaxed now that he had something to drink, he then looked to the left out of the corner of his eye for no real reason, only to have his eyes go as big as dinner plates in shock to see a slim pale hand reaching for the metal box in between him and Double D. Ed spat out all of his soda.

"IT'S THE SHAPE-SHIFTER!" Ed screamed getting the attention of the other two.

Ed immediately jumped off of the couch and used his unnatural strength to life up the couch and was about to slam it on the hand. Double D and Eddy jumped out of the way in time as Ed slammed the couch down with great force, a black blur shot out of the smashed furniture with the metal box, and landed ten feet from the Eds.

It was a girl who looked a year or two older than them, was the same height as Ed with a curved body, she had thick black markings over her red eyes, pale skin, long pointed ears, and wore a purple dress with black markings, long open sleeves, it was open at the top revealing her shoulders and the tip of her chest, she also had a black collar around her neck with a red jewel in the middle, the skirt part of her dress was short, revealing her black leggings and black boots. But her most outstanding feature was her long flowing blood red coloured hair that reaches down to her had an intimidating yet alluring aura. She was also holding onto the metal box in question.

The second Eddy got a good look at this girl, he took notice of her stunning beauty, her fine curves, long flowing hair, and unique attire. "Woah…" Eddy mumbled. "This chick's ten-outta ten." He turned to Double D. "Is she one of the chicks who tried to hit on you!?"

"THE SHAPE-SHIFTER HAS THE PACKAGE!" Ed picked up the other couch and ran up to the girl in an attempt to attack her, the girl jumped out of the way right before Ed smashed the other couch onto the ground.

The girl however was distracted as Eddy grabbed the metal box and tried to pull it out of her grasp. "Hey hot stuff! That doesn't belong to you!" Eddy tried to pull as hard as he could, but the girl wasn't budging, instead she willingly let go causing him to go flying back and losing his grip on the box, as it hit the ground, it popped open revealing the book and the jewelled butterfly. Eddy sat up and tried to reach for the butterfly, but the girl quickly jumped over him and landed in between him and the butterfly, Eddy got easily distracted as the alluring girl was right in front of him.

The girl picked up the book and had a quick read through its blank pages. "Hm, boring." She threw it away and picked up the jewelled butterfly but noticed that Ed was charging at her again with the fridge, the girl dodged again and threw a roundhouse kick into Ed's face sending him flying into the kitchen wall. The girl then placed the jewelled butterfly into her sleeve, then suddenly ran towards the window and jumped through it effortlessly. Double D ran to the window and saw the girl run off into the darkness of the night at high speed.

He turned back around to see his wrecked living room, and Ed and Eddy who walked up to the window as well seeing where the girl had run to.

"W-Who the hell was that!?" muttered Eddy.

"I... I don't know." He responded.

September 13th - 5:13am - Peach Creek, Edd's Home.

Once a peaceful home, now overrun with police officers examining the crime scene, Double D had explained what had been stolen, but did not mention that it was Ed who threw the couches and fridge around, he felt it was more beneficial if the thief was blamed for it, he also explained what the thief looked like. Ed and Eddy had left to go home after the incident, mostly because they didn't want to have any interactions with the police, Double D was a little annoyed but understood them completely, even he didn't want to be talking to the police like this.

We find Edd sitting on a foldaway chair the police had set up near their cars outside his home, thankfully the rain had stopped completely, he couldn't believe what had happened though, first there was the package sent to him forty years ago, being a blank book and a jewelled butterfly, somehow the sender knew his name and where he was living long before he was even born, then encountering a strange blood haired girl in a purple dress who outright stole the jewelled butterfly, he had no idea what was happening anymore.

But worse was that the first time he could hang out with Eddy and Ed without having to worry about anything was completely ruined, he didn't know if they were gonna get another chance like this ever again. He was sad, upset, and even furious, listening to his music via headphones didn't help either.

He couldn't bear to tell his parents about the incident, although he knew his parents would understand, he still felt responsible for what had happened, he also felt bad for not trying to help his friends stop him, he just watched. He looked down at his lap to see what was left of the package, the metal suitcase like box the book and jewelled butterfly came in, the blank book was still in there, but he was confused as to why the thief went all this way to steal the jewelled butterfly but not the book.

He let out a sigh as he opened the metal box to see the note and the book next to it, addressed to him and sent forty years ago. He felt as if the book and jewelled butterfly held a lot more importance to him than anything else, just below the Eds, despite being together for not long at all, he desperately wanted to find out the truth, but now that one of them had been stolen, he may never find out. Double D took one last look at the open box, and was in complete shock, the inside of the box had writing engraved in it. He moved the writing closer to his eyes to take a proper look and saw what it said.

"Property of Dex-Labs Inc."

"D-Dex-Labs Inc!?" He knew exactly where that was, Tech Square, the city of the future. But the company was founded six years ago, this confused Double D more, a package sent to him forty years ago was stored on a box that belonged to a company that founded six years ago. This didn't make much sense, but he knew one thing, if he were to confront Dex-Lab's President, Dexter, then surely, he would have the answer. Best part was that Tech Square was only a day away, he would have plenty of time to get there and come back long before his parents would return.

Double D immediately ran back into his home ignoring the police officers examining the crime scene, ran to his room and grabbed a large backpack, he then got a spare change of clothing, a map and compass and even a few tools just to be safe, and lastly, the metal box, he also placed the blank book in a special pocket in his bag. He ran back downstairs and opened the kitchen cupboards to grab a few snacks and drinks. After placing them in the bag, he zipped it up and made his way out of the house.

He looked behind him to see his house, now even further away than last time. "I won't be long." He muttered before turning back around and walking further along the road, eventually leaving the cul-de-sac, and was making his way through the streets. He took his headphones off so he could listen to his surroundings.

And good timing too, it wasn't long before he heard an unusual noise, he looked left and right to find the source of this odd noise, it sounded much like the squeaking of thing tyres and metal, slowly getting louder. He looked behind him to find the source.

"SOCK-ED AT TWELVE-O-CLOCK!" Eddy shouted as he sat in a small basket on the front of a bicycle Ed peddled with all of his might. Ed reached out and grabbed the panicking screaming Double D as he was dragged a bit at high speeds before being placed on the seat behind Ed.

"What the devil!?" he shouted, trying to adjust to the speed they were going.

"You're after that chick, right?" Eddy said with a confident smirk. "Do you really think a wimp like you can win her over- I mean, get your jewel back?"

"All for one and one for all!" Ed shouted. "We're coming with you!"

"B-But gentlemen-"

"No buts Double D." Eddy interrupted. "We stuck together when we tried to find my brother, and we'll stick together now! Besides, that chick totally ruined our horror movie marathon! She ruined our first time hanging out in years! So we're gonna keep hanging out to make up for it! Even if it's leaving Peach Creek again!"

"That shapeshifter will not know what hit it! Ruining horror movies for us is bad for it!" Ed responded. "So where are we going?"

Double D felt a bit teary eyed, seeing his friends help him out like this. "T-Thanks guys." He quickly pulled it together and focused. "We're departing for Tech Square! That metal box the book and jewelled butterfly were in were made by Dex-Labs, if we can get in contact with Dexter, he might shed some light onto the situation."

"Tech Square it is!" Eddy responded with an arm pump. "Full speed ahead lumpy!"

"You got it!" Ed began to peddle even faster. "Lead the way Double D!"

"With pleasure!" Double D responded feeling the rush of the high speeds and the confidence his friends gave him, he felt an adrenaline rush, the feeling of excitement, he was finally with his friends again and for a big adventure over a movie marathon, he felt exactly like it was when they were kids and he couldn't be happier. With his friends by his side and this exciting speed, he felt as if this will take no time at all, but this could also be the start of an even greater adventure than before.

To be continued

So, this is an experimental fanfiction of sorts, I don't know if I'll fully go through with it, but I at least wanted to start the first chapter to see how it goes.

So, the experiment is that it's one long massive story, but it's told from the five different perspectives. If you're following me specifically, then you'll have already received a notification for five different stories. I think it'll be pretty fun, though it's obviously hard work.

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