The at the outskirts of the Kaka clan's villages, a certain grim reaper was lazily taking a nap not worrying about anything. Yet his nap was cut short after hearing sounds of footsteps. After opening his eyes and turning his head to the direction of sound. He noticed a brown haired young man, wearing black jacket and black pants.

Boy decided to crouch down, then ask the man a question."So are you coming to the party?"

"What?" Ragna looked at Naoto with a look of confusion.

"Hydes Birth-"

Ragna cut him off. "I know the kid got b-day. I'm asking why would you assume I'm coming?"

Boy then scratched the back of his head and continued. "Well Hyde does consider you a close friend. You didn't know?"

Ragna then circled his eye's unenthusiastically. "Yeah for some reason kid, dumb enough to do that. Lot of 'em actually. I'm pretty sure no one will be happy to see my mug."

In return the boy just smirked at his statement. "You should have more faith in people, old-man. There are a lot of people that are happy to see you. Ruby, Yang, Mitsuru, Akihiko, all of the investigation team, Heart and many more."

After that, he stood up, then went in the direction he came from. While he disappeared all together. Ragna was still laying on grass, trying to continue his nap. Only to silently grumble. "& #% punk." He then stood up and started to walk in the opposite direction to his companion.

At the Beacon Academy dormitory. The team RWBY room was as lively as ever.

"So what should I get him?" Ruby Rose, the red huntress, voiced a question that had been bothering her for a while. Since Hyde Birthday is about to come.

"Well that tricky question. Me and him are close friends, yet it was hard to figure out a present for him. He is not someone who wants things." Her partner Schnee Dust Company heiress gave the answer. While searching up something in her scroll, with an informative look.

"Yeah that is the case. I just settled for something I like and am betting he will like it. It's probably sloppy, I'm not sure he is really into it. But it's better than nothing is it?" Resident secret Faunus commented, while seated at her desk and warping the aforementioned present. Using striped black and white warp and purple ribbon.

To that gold haired huntress in-training added "Eh, it's still better than what I got." While laying in her bed.

To that Weiss nervously asked "…I'm worried, what did you get him?"

"Eh, just a nice accessory of the Atlesian brand. Still not sure about it." She said while fiddling with one of her golden locks.

"Oh that's better than what I was worried abo-'' heiress was about sigh with relief only to be cau-

"I was considering getting remnant style adult magazines. He is a healthy, big boy after all." Blonde brawler dropped the bomb.


"Geez calm down girls I was joking." Said blonde while trying to hide her smirk.

Ruby squeaked "That's a horrible joke and you know it!"

"Ok-ok-ok, let's move on. Hey Weiss, what did you get him?" Blake decided to move the conversation forward.

White haired fencer was caught off guard for a second. "Oh me, whatI got for him is not important."

"Hey hey hey, ice queen. You were curious about my present so I got the same privilege."

"Yeah Weiss pls, I need to know too."

Rose Xiao-Long sister were insting with two different faces. One of cute puppy and other of face that were telling her she got black mail on her.

After signing Wiess gave in and decided to humor the two. "A tea set."

This received a semi-confused glace from her raven haired teammate. "He doesn't seem like a tea person." She said by the time she finished warping her gift.

"Yeah. But it's a thought that counts. Plus I bet my inheritance he still appreciate it.''


"Rubes you ok?" Yang asked her lil-sis.

"No I'm not! I can't find a present for my boyfriend. It's bothering me." Ruby then launched herself at her pillow.

"Hey, hey, hey sis. Just don't fret. I'm pretty sure he will be ok with anything you get him." Yang attempted to reassure her sister. While trying to signal the rest of friend to support her.

Ruby instead retorted. "Yeah that's the thing, anything be ok. But this shouldn't be just ok. It's something between us two. Something special, do you get it? The boom in his heart and spark's everything."

"Well something special between you too. Is kinda too vague." Weiss noted, while overlooking two sets of white warps. One featuring icy blue snowflakes and other featuring black snowflakes.

Blake then added. "Doesn't help that you make it complicated by mentioning it specifically being important. I think you could do what we did. Get something he will think of you.'' Continued Blake.

Yang decided to add her partner's idea. "Or something he could find only in remnant.''

"It doesn't need something to be useful. Though alone counts.'' Weiss tried encouraging her teammate.

All of this made Ruby headgears start working. Something he would think of her. Not necessarily useful, it could be something to remember her by. And something she likes. Then it made all sense and everything was perfectly connected in her imagination. "THAT'S IT I GOT IT! Thanks girls, I need to run!" After shouting and scary god out her team. The leader of team RWBY jumped off her bed to the hall. Running somewhere unknown.

"Well that happened, I still don't get it. But it seems she got on the right track." Yang said with fondness in her voice.

"Or wrong"


"I'm just saying."

April of 14th

On the streets of Kanzakai a certain group of teenagers was moving to Kido residence. Investigation team was strolling down the streets of Kanzakai. Most of them discarded their school uniforms, to more casual clothes.

Yosuke was leading the charge. With Yu the team leader just behind him. "Man, this party is gonna be awesome! Can't wait to see the look on Hyde's face when they see the presents we've got."

"I know, right? They're gonna be totally blown away by our amazing gift-giving skills!" Chie nodded at Hanamura enthusiastm.

"Let's just hope they don't get too embarrassed by all the attention. We don't want to overwhelm them on their birthday."

Kanji, who was behind, joined with rest. "Yeah, seriously. I just hope they appreciate the effort I put into wrapping this present. Took me forever to get it just right." He said while massaging the back of his neck.

Naoto on the other hand tried to reassure him."I'm sure they'll appreciate the thoughtfulness, Kanji. It's the sentiment behind the gift that matters most."

Then the bear looking mascot jumped between two. "I can't wait to dance the night away! Woohoo! Party time!" Dancing in almost disco and ballet fashion.

Kanji has been caught off guard by eccentric bear dance. "Whoa there, Teddie! Let's try to keep the dancing under control this time. Last thing we need is to cause a scene."

This made Naoto comment at teammate antics. "Yeah, we don't want to end up on the news again for all the wrong reasons."

"Let's just focus on having a good time and making sure our friend feels special on their birthday. That's what really matters." Rise as she jumped high in the air.

This made the kingpin of steel chuckle. His team always knew how to raise up the atmosphere. "Now let's move, our King awaits us with presents!"

"Yo what's up with medival rp bro!"

"Oi, oi, oi, I call dibs on being bard!"

"Then I'd be mage or cleric?"

"Then I'd be a monk with fiery legs of steel."

"Eh Chie-senpai, Yukiko-senpai and Rise-san you going along with it?"

"Beary senpai of senpai, what a real man is!"


In Kido residence, life was bustling. For once Hyde didn't wear his school uniform. Instead of wearing black t-shirt, with dark red pants. Said the owner of the house and the guy having birthday today. Was super busy, alongside other roommates. Hyde was arranging stuff on the table. Mostly aligning various snacks, drinks, and table cloth too.

Linne was tying some red and purple ribbons, with Waldstein (discarding his claws) using his high to help the nightblade princess. Vatista on other hand was inflating balloons. Don't ask, some FLS magic. Everyone just moved on with their lives.

"Ok think, It's just enough for all the guys coming in. Now let's check the pastries." Hyde was about to make it into the kitchen.

"I think you're getting worked up about this too much." The voice of his reincarnating roommate, caught his attention.

Vatista then stopped inflating balloons. "Worked up-Alarmed, disturbed, worried, bothered, distracted. Feeling of something interferes with the normal arrangement or functioning."

"What small-one said." Waldstein added.

"Also why is the one guy having a birthday, making preparations for a party. Weren't other youngster's supposed to do it?" Linne asked a question that had been bothering her for a while.

Hyde turned toward his roommates. Then solemnly looked at the floor. With an awkward smile. "This is important for me. Because for a long time, I sort of was a loner." He started to raise his head finally facing his roommates. "But with becoming In-Birth. You guys came, then a phantom field happened, then suddenly the circle increased." Hyde's smile didn't look awkward. But genuinely happy. "This is sort of my way of saying. How I appreciate you guys, say thank you to all of you." He finished making all living room residents speechless.

Until Linne coyly smirked. "Well aint ya melodramatic?"

Vatista closed her eyes. "Thank you, gratitude, grateful, appreciation. A positive expression to someone else's actions." She then opened her eyes. They locked eyes with a boy who had two toned haired boys. Then shyly turn her head away.

"Ha-ha-ha! That's what real men do. Speak with their actions and speak what is on their minds. You're actually a growing boy!" Waldstein started to knock his chest area, with a large smirk.

Waldstein's comment made Hyde cheeks red. "I take that as a compliment old-man." Hyde said as he rubbed back of his neck. Then he decided to move to the kitchen again. Only notice something not right.

"Hey who touched muffins!" He shouted enough to make the other three in-births tilt their heads. All seem to lose color and we're looking like kids that have been caught.

Few hours later

After making another set of pastries, then scolding his trio of "freeloaders". Time has come, so have guests too. Hyde and his roommates were waiting for them in the living room. Then *ding-ding* a sound was heard. House owner then opened the door. Only be treated by the first batch of guests. Yuzuriha, Tsurugi and Orie.

Yuzuriha straight gone for a passionate hug. "Hi kid! How ya been doing also happy birthday! Come here and give your sister a hug." That later turned into a head lock and light nuzzle. "Turning into the big man I see!"

"Hi Yuzu- ok ok ok thanks for the hug, happy to have you too." After that, the two separated and Yuzuriha moved into, living room to greet the other resident.

Tsurugi then was next. "Yo Kido happy birthday man" Two did fist bump.

"Thank you Tsurugi." After he moved on. What one could have noticed,a large rectangle flat cardboard he was carrying. Half the size of his iconic shield.

Last guest left. "Happy birthday Kido-kun."

"Glad you made it, Harada-san and you too Tsurugi." The two just hugged, then Orie moved further, after the previous two guests.

After the theme, more guests entered. It was Heart alongside her party. Asuka and Yumi with their respective teams and rest of friends. Then Akatsuki.


"Hyde-kun happy birthday to you!"

"Kido-kun, allow me to congratulate you on your celebration."

Soon more guests followed. Ragna, Noel, Makoto, Tsubaki, Mai and Naoto Kurogane. After them were SEES and the investigation team. Hugs, handshakes and pleasantries were exchanged.

"Well 90% of the guests are here. All is left is-"

"Us yahoo! Happy birthday buddy!"

With an enthusiastic shout another group entered.

Team Rwby, Jnpr with Sun and Neptune.

"I guess coming last is a sign of plsentary in the remnant."

"Well we would've made time. If someone didn't stop near every store and cafe with pancakes!" Weiss, without hiding it, was staring directly at Nora.

Young Valkyrie as answer, decided to blow raspberry.

"Great to see you guys." Hyde noted, as lead the last batch of the guests to the living room. But after that he was alone with the last visitor. Which was Ruby Rose. Who was standing alone in the hallway, as if inviting Hyde near her. "Honestly I missed you, the most" After saying those words Hyde jumped to hug Ruby.

"Nah I missed you more." She returned, while not resisting Hyde's hug much. She then kissed Hyde's cheek, at which he giggled.

"How can you get this adorable, everytime I meet you." Hyde lightly joked.

In return, the young hunteress answered. Move her index finger to her mouth "Tsssh. It's my semblance. Don't tell anybody."

At that they started uncontrollably giggle at corny jokes and their poor attempt at flirting. "Come Ruby, everyone waiting for us." Taking hold of her hand.

Two moved towards the living room.

There, everyone was waiting for the birthday boy and his girlfriend. Everyone was gathered in a very spacious living room, humble Kido abode provided.

Everyone gathered around a birthday cake. It was a wide rectangle chocolate cake, adored in raspberries and cranberries by the sides. On its 'roof' were written iconic words, "Happy birthday" with many candles equal to Hyde's age.

"Come blow them away, Birthday boy!" Junpei lightly tackled Hyde from behind.

Lilac then cheered "Yeah what you're waiting for!"

"O-o-o! Don't forget the wish." Minori noted.

Soon Hyde closed his eyes. Then bend down near the cake. Then blew all of them away. Finally commemorating the date of his birth. While also wishing inside.

'I want to live a bright life. One where I can form bonds. With whom I will laugh, cry and remember them fondly. Without regretting my choices. I don't want to be a bystander any more. I want to reminisce about past, live in the present and step boldly in the future.'

"Now it's time to feast children! Eat and drink as your belly likes!" Suddenly Waldstein shouted, as some fictional Viking. But everyone did proceed as the big man suggested. Enjoying Hyde self-made pastries. So much Heart asked for the recipe, he promised to give it later.

Now after everyone had pleased their stomach. It's time for the main event, we'll sort the main event. Since Birthday is actually the main event. You get me do you people? So back at party *cough*.

"So how exactly are we gonna determine this?" Junpei asked questions that were bothering most of them.

Tsurugi then loudly coughed "Don't worry Junpei-san. I brought this" In his hand was something that looked like a Junpei cap… because that was it.

"Hey when did you?"

"There are like 40 of us I think. Best case would be drawing lots." He proudly said maybe expecting lil bit of support. He was about to continue and explain his ide-.

Only for someone to catch Tsurugi off. "Eh boring, let me do it!" Lilac decided to take the cap from Tsurugi's hand and launch it into the ceiling.

Scattering contests of cap. Which were random pieces of papers. People in the room either caught them or just picked those on the floor. Each paper, the size of an average leaf, had a number written on it.

"Ones who got the lowest numbers will go first. The ones who got highest go last. Pretty simple ain't it?" Said lil demoness as in a proud voice.

No one exactly disagreed. It was pretty simple and they agreed to the idea. Only one who probably had contempt for the proposal. Tsurugi who had his idea literally blown away. Ignoring him now question arose, who got number one.

Hyde then decided to ask. "So who got the number one?"

"Oh, oh, oh, oh me-me-me-me!" Shouted The Carnivore Who's Discarded Womanhood. Chie apparently got herself the honor to be the first one to show her present. As she approached the birthday boy, she gave him a green box wrapped in yellow ribbon. After accepting the gift, Hyde carefully unwrapped the box, inside were a set of 7 boxes with a disk of what seemed to be a movie.

"I'm more of a kung fu enthusiast. But I do also appreciate good swordsmanship movies. I bet you love this series of films." Chie said with excitement. Audience watching it smiled over the spunky dragon's enthusiasm.

Hyde observed the boxes from a quick glimpse of movie descriptions. It was about a wandering swordsman who just happens to get in trouble and when he does. He uses shadow as his allies to fight his adversary. "Thanks Chie, I appreciate it very much." He said with a bright smile, he might not have been a movie enthusiast. But he did appreciate good movies.

Next was Ren but the present was from all of team JNPR. What they brought was an olive green traveling backpack. "We hope if you ever decide to go camping. You take it's sort custom made by all of us." Ren said.

"Yup, all life essentially needs. Like an extra super place for pancakes." Nora demonstrated said place as if it were the only important function of a backpack.

"We kinda hope if opportunity presents itself. Maybe we will go on a camping trip together." Pyrrha asked.

Jaune then added "Yup and I know the best place for that."

"I'd honestly be happy to do that guys." Hyde enthusiastically agreed.

Next we're Asuka and her team just like JNPR before them, they too did a team present. A kite tall as Hyde himself, maybe even taller. Said kite looked like a large red and black fish kite.

"It was Hibari's idea, Yagyu was the one who came up with the design. While the rest of us helped make it." Asuka explained the way kite gifts come to be.

While Hyde genuinely appreciated the gift he did mention the question that was bothering him "Honestly I'm not sure whether I'd be able to launch it?"

This time Asuka teammate Ikagura chimed in. "Of course alone you will never be able to launch it. But with a team, it will be possible." At that both Yagyu and Hibari nodded their heads. "So you could enjoy it with your friends."

Hyde really liked the sound of it. Launching a kite with Linne, Vatista, Ruby, Yu and everyone else. Sounded great to him.

"Or you know. You can always call upon me and other hot girls to help." The trail of thoughts broke off when Katsuragi entered Hyde's personal space. She was about to mention something else. But Asuka and Ikaruga stopped before Ruby took out Crescent Rose.

Next was Linne, Vatista and Waldstein. The trio of Hydes roommates. What they were holding was a book.

After taking it Hyde asked "What's this guys?"

"A photo album featuring us and everyone else." Linne was one to answer.

Waldstein continued. "It has images of our trainings, parties, memories featuring you boy."

"Memories, storage, remembrance, record, recollection. Something remembered from the past." Vatista noted.

Hyde carefully examined, inner material of the album. There were a lot of photos. One with Linne and Wald trying to figure out the dvd. Vatista playing video games. One where Hyde cooks food. Shot of him and other keystone holders defeating the system. The Linne pirate barrel game. Finally, a big shot of the people he met through Phatom Field.

He closed the album. Then hugged the trio. They returned the hug. "I love you all three."

The trio silently agreed. While the quartet was having an emotional moment. Guests in the living room were appreciating the emotional scene. Individuals like Heart dropped tears of joy.

Following on was Neptune alongside his best friend Sun. The two each had their own presents. Neptune gave Hyde red mirrored aviator glasses. Saying 'It will make him stand out even more and add 90 to badassery.' Which made Hyde chuckle. Sun, on the other hand, gave him a Bonsai tree.

"I'm not sure whether to decorate the tree up your alley. But I betcha this guy will help with boring time believe me." Sun proudly proclaimed. "If you need tips on how to take care of them. I'm always ready to answer man, I got many lots of trees. I know how to take care of them."

This then made Blake curious. "I didn't know you were into Bonsai tree decorations."

"You gotta learn a lot about me." Sun answered.

It was Rise's turn. She gifted Hyde with a golden and red Karaoke microphone. Hoping he brings it to any possible future parties. So she, Weiss or anyone would have a good time. Or he himself if possible.

This time was Tsubaki's turn. Who gave Hyde shogi. Which, as she said, was designed by the finest craftsmen from Ikagura. She hopes he takes interest in the game.

Next according to the lot was Ken. Who got him Neo Featherman Scrabble. A 'definition version' of fighting game featuring from Neon Featherman series. Yukari even noted that she did voice acting for it.

After Ken it was Yang's turn. She got him a fancy watch of an Atlesian brand. They weren't super advanced ones. But we're like your typical mechanical ones, made with great details. Hyde really appreciated "I bet ya gonna have a great time with them." All appreciation went away after the horrible pun.

Afterwards was Teddie who got him. As he claims beary best present. 'Best book of pick up lines by Teddie'. Yeah it had a polar opposite reaction, yet Hyde valued the thought itself.

"Yeah thanks Ted, I appreciate it."

"Your praise makes unbelievably beary happy!"

Next was Yumi and her team. Just like Asuka's team they made him present together. A blue ninja costume. From most guests it definitely was an unusual present. But Hyde, Ruby, Yosuke, Makoto and a few others did find it cool.

Now it was Akihiko's turn. Who got him red colored hand wraps? "Yeah I know a strange gift. But I just hope when you train, you'll practice proper safety." At that Hyde nodded. It wasn't a bad gift.

After one SEES member it was the next one turn. Yukari handed a Hyde pink box, wrapped in navy blue ribbon. He took out a modified mp3 player. A pretty old model, of cylindrical shape. Thought seems to be modified.

"I heard you have a hobby of playing guitar and listening to music. So I hope you like it. About its look. Well I knew someone else who was into music. They often were seen with this mp3 player. You kinda remind me a little bit of him. So I hoped you'd like it." Yukari told him, she was telling it with nostalgia. Yet one with a solemn tone. Something that other SEES members were sharing

Hyde was eyeing the item for a while. "Thank you very much Yukari-san. I will treasure it very much." Out of nowhere Hyde bowed before her. Which made Yukari smile.

This time Naoto Kurogane was one to give his present to Hyde. In the palm sized box was dark black lighter. Which kinda did bewildered most of the guests.

Naoto.K scratched the back of his head awkwardly. "Yeah I guess it's another unusual gift, I know. In my clan there was tradition between close friends to give each other lighter. It was purely a symbolic gesture. Wishing someone to 'live bright' just like a fire lighter produces."

Hyde eyed black lighter for a while. Then opened it and ignited it. He stared at flames for a second, then turned it off. "Thank you Naotot!" After that two did a fist bump.

After that display of quote Waldstein and Kanji "Manliness in action".

This time it was the turn of an extraordinary maiden. Who took a big notebook titled '101 recipes of love'. "This book contains all recipes of sweets for lovers. Bet you and your girlfriend would enjoy it." After starting her wish. Heart turned towards Ruby, showing thumbs up. Which huntress in training returned.

Next was Makoto who got him a pair of dumbbells. Which is written on 'will and determination' on them. Hyde wasn't really a fitness person. But just like Akihiko present, he appreciated her gesture anyway.

Following her, was Weiss' turn. With her present box, Hyde unwarped it. He took out a porcelain black and yellow tea set. One featuring petals of red, white roses. A beautiful decoration.

"I'm not sure whether you are a tea person. But it's more of a symbol. One that reminds you of not only me but of Blake, Yang and Ruby of course."

"Oh ice queen you do care!"

"Of course I do Yang."

Hyde smiled. He loves this set already.

Following one ice queen was another one. Mitsuru passed Hyde a pretty large notebook.

"As Yukari said. You like music, with this notebook I hope maybe you can write your own songs with it."

"Thank you very much Mitsuru-san." Hyde looked at the notebook. Pretty much all his colors, red cover with black patterns.

This time it's Mai's turn. Who gave Hyde plushie of yellow and black snake. While Hyde wasn't into plushies. He appreciated it anyway. Plus maybe Linne will be cool with it.

According to the lottery it was Aigis turn. Her present was a Polaroid Camera. "I want you to remember the bonds you share with people. So use this camera to help you with it." It was a statement from a SEES member.

"My turn already, jeez." Stated Ragna. He took out what looked like a badge. It had a design featuring blade slashing the chains. "I just want to tell you. None has the right to control you. You alone should be deciding how your life goes." Then Ragna gave unknown actor, the aforementioned badge. After that Hyde eyed the badge. Then locked eyes grim reaper. Both smirked at Rachel other. Then two fists bumped each other.

Yosuke was next on the line. He gave Hyde a new pair of circumaural headphones. "They are best for either listening to music or for playing games."

After second in command of the investigation team. Leader was next. His present was a fishing set. Not just any but, legendary fishing pole: EXPLOSIVE FISHING SET. "I hope in the future, we may get an opportunity to go fishing together."

"Sure, bet ya out of us. I will get a bigger catch." Hyde raised his hand for fist bump.

In return Narukami raised his hand for fist bump too "Don't get too cocky buddy."

After an enigma of a person. This was Lilac's turn. Her present was a pair of red and dark purple rollerblades. Her friend Yoriko, on the other hand, got him a book on occult. To reassure everyone around the room. She said that the book is more of an encyclopedia of various Hearts' worlds, made by Yoriko.

Marie got him a pretty interesting present. A city globe of Inaba. "Don't think of forgetting about us. Or I'll bring storm to Kanzakai" Marie Joked.

This time it was Orie's turn. Who got a Hyde jet black jacket, one that featured golden wings on its back. "I think you would look great with it. I also think your girlfriend will like it too." Orie coylie noted.

Junpei was next. He got him a baseball bat. He noted how his sword swing does resemble a bat swing. He hoped in the future if possible they all would play baseball. "Don't worry sensei Junpei will help ya with the game!"

After Junpei was Tsurugi. Who got an interesting present. Portable table and chair set, something Hyde didn't expect. "Yeah I kinda was out of ideas. But even then I hope you'll find some use for them" he said. After that both boys did fist bumps.

Then it was Labrys' turn. Who for the present got Hyde keychain with sword. Not any sword, but an insulator. Turns out it was a custom made keychain she herself worked on.

From one custom made present, to another. Kanji was made using his skills with fabric. Made him guitar strap. "I thought your guitar needs a fancy strap. Nothing much." One that had his name Hyde Kido written in bright red.

Next was Akatsuki's turn. At first glance his present seemed to be an odd one. A typewriter, since no one uses a theme anymore. "I know that in your time. People don't use these. But it's more of a symbolic one. Back in my world, I had a typewriter just like this one. Mostly used for reports, but also I used it for recording my diary. It helped me stay sane after I got frozen. Sometimes writing your thoughts into paper helps, even if you don't show it to anyone."

This time it was Fuuka's turn. Who got the Hyde compass? "Yeah, a pretty sure odd gift. But you don't know? Even then I hope it works as a symbolic gift. So that you never lose your way." After that Hyde took a compass from a teal haired lady.

"Thank you Fuuka-san. I will value it, no matter what."

This made Fuuka smile.

Next was the Naoto Shirogane gift, which was a complete volume of featherman manga. According to her, this one adapted half the season. But at the same time, starting in the middle. It is derivative from the show a lot so Hyde still could enjoy it. Without watching original.

Yuzuriha was next got Hyde black haori with red flames like patterns on the end and sleeves. "Now look at it you kid. Maybe many years ago I would've never imagined you wearing a haori. Well ain't time flows fast?" She said while ruffling Hyde's hair. "Hyde when you wear this haori. Wear it with pride. Because for me, you might as well be sougetsu."

"Yes, Yuzu-nee, I will!"

Now this was Blake's turn. Her present was a book series. "It's a book series about a man with two souls. I'm not sure, if you'll like it. But it's not just a book with an interesting plot. But also with a deep message, one you'll definitely appreciate."

Noel's gift was a series of poems she herself made describing Kanzakai. She wanted Hyde to remember what he saved, not only his life. But beauty a lot of people enjoy.

After her was Amagi inn heiress Yukiko. Her gift definitely was one he will use for a while. A pack of various high quality coffee. Yeah Hyde definitely didn't expect that. Also the pack could definitely last for five or ten years.

Next was the hard kicking fighting machine Saki. Her gift appropriately was a nice pair of jet black sneakers, with crimson highlights.

Now every guest but one showed off their presents. This was Ruby's turn, of course no pressure. Since she is nothing more than Hyde's girlfriend. Yeah despite being confident in her gift, Ruby still was nervous. And forty onlookers didn't help the case.

But it's now or never. Red huntress in training, took out a long box. It was wrapped in red warp and silver ribbon. After Hyde took the box, he carefully started to unwrap the box. What he found was a gun.

Not just any gun. But an action lever rifle. Handle and butt of the rifle, alongside its barrel part, were colored bright red. While the rest of it, minus lever and trigger were black. Lever and trigger were highlighted by shiny silver.

After being taken aback by the present Hyde finally spoke up. "Ruby, I don't have words. This is beautiful but, eh how to say it."

"I'm pretty sure Kido-San doesn't use a rifle, he is more of a sword guy." Enigma of person Yu Narukami spoke up, what was on everyone's mind.

But Ruby had an answer. "Yeah I do know that. But you didn't see it all."

After that, Ruby motioned Hyde to take the rifle. Then she pointed him to pull the lever. Deciding humoring her Hyde, did as he was shown. Then the next second rifle started to transform.

Butt end and handle straightened out. Now becoming one smooth straightforward handle. The lower parts of the barrel moved back revealing another silver part. Said part then moved forward revealing itself as a sharp blade. Now the rifle become a long sword.


"Oh so cool!"

"That my Ruby for ya."

"Of course it is also a sword."

After some excitement from guests and some trying to process what just happened. Ruby again spoke up. "I know you got yourself a super cool sword. Insulator is cool as heck, anything I make will never top it. But this weapon doesn't need to be useful. It just can be something to remember me by, to be the symbol of our bond." Sated Ruby trying not to blush at her own words.

Hyde took another glance at the weapon. As he again looked at it. He can't help but admire it again. Not just because it was cool as heck. But because it's something Ruby made. He then looked back at its creator. He locked eyes with a silver eyed huntress. Then smiled.

After that he hugged her, Ruby returned the hug. Only be caught of guard by kiss on forehead.

"Thank you Ruby. I love your gift."

After that Hyde separated from Ruby. He turned towards everyone in living room. "Thank you everybody!"

"Happy Birthday Hyde!"

The End!