Chapter 2: The New Galaxy

"Where is the Traveler?"

Keep calm, no reason to panic too much. His heart raced. His feet were cold.
The readings showed that there was Light and Darkness, just as he expected, but there were no readings of concentrated amounts anywhere. There is no Traveler in this galaxy, no Darkness constructs as well.

"We need to find the Sol system, maybe find out what happened with the Traveler. Scan for any frequencies, and if there are any that are artificial, notify me."

The next few hours were filled with maintenance checks and cleaning, with most of the equipment in his ship thrown around from the portal and the turbulence.
"I have found something!" Arce's voice called out in his head, bringing his focus off from weapon maintenance. He hurried up to the scanners where Arce was working. His eyes looked over the data streaming across the screen, seeing the artificial structure of the signal. He also noticed that it was nothing the Vanguard, Fallen, or Cabal used, while the Hive made use of their Hive magic. "We might be dealing with an unknown alien civilization, one that hasn't been found by the Traveler or annihilated by the Darkness. We must tread carefully."

Arce looked at the data more carefully, also seeing the major differences in frequency and wavelength. They were going to be dealing with unknown technology, language, and culture if they wanted to travel around the galaxy in their quest to find the Sol system. "Should we stay stealthy, or contact these aliens?" She looked at him with a questioning look. The Warlock stayed silent for a bit, looking at the screen with a thoughtful expression. He then sighed and sat on the chair next to him, "Engage the stealth drive, we need to translate their language and find out how large an area they are holding on the galactic scale."
A silent thrum went through the ship as the engines went into low-power mode and the SIVA nanites in the ship moved outside to coat most of the ship and react to all changes accordingly to keep the spaceship hidden.

Their slow advance toward the signal's origin had lasted for many hours. In that time the Warlock had drafted some plans up for a long-term mission, where he had to ration resources and possibly build fabricators for ammo resupply and armour repairs. Primary ammo was not a problem, as after helping the Awoken Queen in rescuing her Techeuns, they had helped make a primary ammo forge in the Ghosts, fuelled by Light. This had saved many Guardians from danger, as the required Light was so small that it did not affect the abilities, by supplying an infinite amount to their primary weapons. Veteran Guardians thanked the Techeuns profusely, some even gifting Ascendant Shards.
The gifts were accepted and in response, gave the Guardians new weapons to use.

Anyway, the lone Warlock thought about how big the Mk 1 forges would probably be: the special ammo forge would probably be as large as a bookcase, churning out five bricks every two minutes; heavy ammo forge would take half of a room, which was about 4x5x3 meters. Which was huge! Luckily, he has many rooms that fit the size criteria for the forge, he just had to find the most convenient place for it and place the special ammo forge next to it.

"Arce, I believe we will make so many innovations on this journey." She smiled in his mind, excitement finally setting in with the prospect of adventure.