I had a thought. As fun as the isekai genre can be, I find myself having more fun with the types that have people revive as literal monsters. Your become a plague dragon but only want to be a harmonious good boy? Peak. You're now a spider and have to eat your siblings. Yes please give me more. You are now bone daddy leading a pack of high functioning idiots. I will read hundreds of chapters and you can't stop me.

Anyway, send me your non human isekai recs. I'm curious what you degenerates are into.

-Story Start-

"Breath in and feel the life that vitalizes you. Feel the energy pool at your navel and build…" Himawari muttered to herself as she sighed and worked through a slow but calming morning stretching routine. Mama Tayuya's lectures stuck well in her mind, reminding not only Himawari but the rest of the Uzumaki children of their connection with the world around them. And thus, even in a world not her own, she worked to maintain such a bond. Though this world's energy was different, somehow both more and less vibrant in its own way, there was still an abundance of life energy to mingle with her own. Sure in this concrete and steel expanse of human development it was harder to access, but it was there if one knew where to look. Plus, she needed the routine, needed the familiar.

Situated on the rear balcony of Tony Stark's home, overlooking the ocean and the beach of southern California, Himawari admitted to herself that she was not holding things together as well as she put on for her siblings. Cammy adapted well, her introduction to this world's technology and social system was as easy as tossing a fish in a river. Within a few days she would know all the latest trends, the who's who of influence and power, and where to find the best beef ramen. Boruto wouldn't be bothered either, lost in his work and his own world. He was focused on their goal of getting home and correcting their mistake. But Himawari?

She knew something was wrong here.

Father should have had no problem finding them and bringing them home already. That he hadn't either spoke that they were on a world that was difficult to find, or impossible to locate. Or, what really worried her was that he knew where they were and was happy to leave them be for now.

Boruto had broken the rules after all. A cardinal sin that even the eldest Uzumaki kids hadn't thought to touch.

Father wouldn't exclude Cammy or Himawari from the punishment either, they were family, a team, what one did reflected on all of them together. Which meant, if Boruto was to be punished, they all were to experience it together. Did it seem unfair to an outsider? Most likely. But did it drive home the point of the lesson to everyone in the family? Yes.

Shaking her head as she bent and twisted herself until her chest was flat on the recently cleaned ground while her feet touched down just in front of her head, Himawari firmed herself. So this would be one of the longest times she was away from home and the family. She was strong. She would adapt. Because she had no choice and perhaps there was a lesson there in and of itself.

"That can't be comfortable." Tony's voice rung out clear in the morning air, clad in a black silk robe and bunny slippers, the man took a sip from a steaming mug of coffee, "Mighty flexible."

"Have to be, Stark-san." Himawari twisted and flipped until she was back on her feet, adjusting her sportswear before turning around to look the man over more professionally. He looked like he hadn't slept well, perhaps he had stayed up late working after she had gone to sleep. "Do you need anything?"

"Who doesn't, and didn't I tell you to call me Tony?" Said man grinned at the perturbed look on the girl's face as he turned away, a plan in mind for the day. A long night with a projector and tapes of his old man gave him some interesting clues, and his mind was racing with ideas. "I'm gonna be busy today, probably shouldn't be disturbed."

Hearing the unspoken, 'leave me alone' Himawari nodded along easily, "I'll make sure Boruto keeps it down."

Shuddering at the blonde of the trio, Tony never wanted to get involved in whatever these kids were capable of. He had shown the kid his garage above his workshop, the brother having asked for a larger work space. Already all of his cars had been moved to the corners and out of the way, and the floor space was beginning to fill with papers and scrolls full of doodles and mathematical equations that Tony didn't have the time to make sense of. Maybe after he settled his own problems. "Yeah, please do that." Already strolling away, Tony needed to sneak out as well, he needed to make it back to his office, former office, to retrieve some things.

Bowing lightly though she knew the man couldn't see her, Himawari was already headed back to their room to change while feeling out for where she could feel Boruto. She'd keep an eye on the man of the house as well, he had a feel of mischief about him she didn't like. Walking through the now clean hallways and expensive looking decorations, she idly nodded along to the resident Shield agent as he was as well making himself a cup of coffee. "Good morning Agent Coulson."

Paul raised his mug to the girl from his place at the bar, "Good morning to you Ms. Uzumaki." Best to be polite, even if she was a kid, he'd rather not find out what upsetting her might bring down upon him. "Everything going alright this morning?"

Himawari nodded with fake enthusiasm, "Of course, just going to change and then shadow Stark-san for the day." She'd also check in with Cammy, see how her sister was doing. "Do you require anything of us today?" Technically this was a mission for Fury, but it didn't hurt to check in with his agents.

"I should be good, need to make a few phone calls and check on some news." Tony's eccentricities aside, the world continue to turn and they were never short on problems.

"Understood, contact me if that changes." Waving over her shoulder, Himawari jogged the rest of the way to their shared room on the second floor. As the door slid open quietly she nodded to a grinning Cammy who was sitting at a desk by the far window. Her sister was idly poking away at a smartphone, but she knew Cammy's attention was now on her. "So, what's the verdict?"

Cammy shrugged as she closed the phone and paid physical attention to her slightly sweaty sister. "This world definitely doesn't know a thing about chakra like we do. As far as their concerned chakra is a mythical energy that has no real uses outside of healing properties and mysticism." As she paused and watched her sister, she did offer a slight grin, "There are a lot of cartoons though about just what they think chakra can do. Daddy would probably love em."

"I bet." Nodding along as she unsealed a new change of clothes, Himawari set about changing into her mission clothes. A near copy of her mother's old attire, though the jacket wasn't as thick and sported orange highlights. "I thought as much, anything interesting and useful?"

"Well, just this country alone would put the Elemental Nations to shame probably. Technology is off the charts buuuuut daddy could probably still wipe the floor with them. The strongest weapons they've ever made, these nuclear warheads, are about as strong as one of dad's v1's."

Another nod, "So technologically advanced, but military wise somewhat lacking."

"Hmmm, I wouldn't say that. Comparing anything to daddy probably isn't very fair. Oh, but the music here is killer, and some of the entertainment they've come up with is pretty awesome. You should come check it out." Cammy eyed her dutiful sister with some concern. Hima had been cheerful and determined ever since they figured out they were stuck here, but something was nagging at her to look after her older sister. "Plus, this city we're in apparently has some real variety of food choices, we could go on a restaurant crawl."

The thought of savory baked goods did sound very enticing, but Himawari shook her head quickly as she bounced in place once and made sure none of her equipment made any noise. "Maybe later, after this job is done. I'm gonna go check on Boruto."

Cammy held up a hand as she stood up, preventing her sister from leaving right away, "Let me go do that. How long did you sleep last night?"

"I don't know, few hours." More like thirty minutes.

Cammy knew it was a lie right away, "Why not take a nap, I'll check on Boruto and shadow the old man." There was a roar of something coming alive, and both girls cocked their heads as the floor underneath them seemed to rumble. "Is that?" Just her luck.

Himawari was already moving, "You check on Boruto, I'll see what Stark-san is up to!" Then she was gone, chakra enhanced speed carrying her through the home with ease as she jumped over the main stairwell railing to land in a three point crouch in the entryway. Seeing a white vehicle pulling away from the home with speed, Himawari sighed as she tracked her target's retreating form. Fury had warned them, she supposed it was a good thing she had placed a Hiraishin seal on the intelligent man ahead of time. Standing and holding up a hand to focus her chakra, she nearly missed Agent Coulson coming up besides her.

"Short guess, Tony got away?"

"Not for long, I shall return shortly." Then she was gone, leaving the Agent blinking at the suddenly empty space.

"I…am not going to think too hard about this."

"Probably for the best." Cammy drew Coulson's attention from the stop of the stairs, grinning down at the man and offering a cheery wave, "Just call it magic and let that be enough."

Nodding along, Coulson decided he would do just that, "Yeah, magic, sure." His report for today would certainly be interesting.


Tony smirked as he enjoyed the sudden freedom of driving along the California coast. Put him on house arrest would they? Hah. Fat chance of that. Though, today's outing did have a good reason. He needed to get to Stark Industries and find that Expo display, which should still be in his old office. Next would be seeing Pepper, which reminded him he should probably apologize. Maybe. He hadn't exactly been keeping her in the loop. Flowers would be good, or wait, didn't she mention something about strawberries once? It was California, he should be able to pass a strawberry stand or something along the way. Always a whole foods or the like if one looked hard enough.

"Stark-san, why have you left your home?"

The young girl's voice that was suddenly in his hear shot his heart well into his throat. "Good God!" In his panic, he swerved into oncoming traffic, nearly colliding head on with a big rig only to regain control and weave back into the correct lane, though with many honking horns and a raised salute or two. Taking a breath and regaining some measure of control, Tony turned to Himawari who was certainly not in his passenger seat when he left the house. "How do you keep doing that?"

"Trade secret I'm afraid. Please answer my question." It would be a little work, but she was sure she could transport Stark and his vehicle back to his home in mostly one piece.

Trade secret she said, yeah sure, "I need to pick something up from the office."

Humming and considering that, Himawari wondered at Fury's orders, "What you need to retrieve, is it essential for your work?"

It was easy to nod at that, grinning as a convenient strawberry stand was in fact along the road they were on. "I can't get it done without it." Seeing the girl fall into thought over what to do, Tony pulled over to stop next to the strawberry stand with a grin, "Strawberries?" Motioning to the portly latino man walking his way, Tony considered that he both did not have his wallet and two, did not have any cash on him. "Uh…one box, one box….here take this will you?" Already fiddling with his watch, the man tried to dissuade him from the action. "It's fine it's fine, here take it." Holding the watch out of over the smaller girl in the passenger seat, the man finally relented, taking the watch and offering the strawberries to Tony, "Oh, uh, I don't like being handed things. Ms. Uzumaki, if you don't mind?"

Barely paying attention, Himawari took the box of strawberries with ease. Seeing the bright red fruit in her hands, Himawari came out of it to smile at the jovial man, "Oh, thank you."

Nodding and tipping his hat, the man smiled back, "You're welcome." There was a moment as he eyed the young girl in the passenger seat before turning an odd look to Tony himself. Nothing was said but Himawari had a feeling the man wanted to say something to the older inventor.

"Ah, thank you!" And then they were pulling away, Tony merging back into traffic as he considered that an obviously rich guy driving around with a teenage girl was not in fact a good look. "Is there any chance I can send you back home?" He'd wasn't sure if Fury's little secret gang would protect him if someone called the local pd on him.

Shaking her head, Himawari took a strawberry and popped it into her mouth, savoring the sweet goodness that splashed on her tongue. It took her a moment to chew thoroughly and swallow, but the smile she offered Tony was completely genuine, "These are sublime! Maybe we should have gotten another box."

Well, so the girl could smile, how about that. "Uh yeah, they're great aren't they?" Blinking as he felt like he had gotten side tracked, Tony enjoyed the drive for a moment before remembering that he had asked the girl a question. "Soooo, back home?"

"Only if you are coming as well."

"Uh no, got stuff to do."

"Then I shall remain. I was tasked with guarding you." Munching away on another three of the sweet fruit, Himawari was now a fairly happy girl.

Welp, there went that. Knowing he was stuck with the girl, Tony considered the silence. Silence he didn't like and didn't want to continue, and he supposed this was a great time to get some questions answered. "So, you and Fury, Shield training you guys from birth or something?" He didn't think Fury was the type, but then again he was a spy. You never knew with them.

"No, actually we had only just met him." If Fury hadn't told Stark anything, then Himawari wasn't going to either. That was Fury's business, and with luck they wouldn't be here long enough to worry over. "What of you. I've been curious about that machine in your chest." It had been hard to miss, the energy it produced was blinding to her anytime she used her Byakugan near him. It was almost hard to see the man with her technique active.

"Bet there's a story there." The sun was blocked out as they drove through a tunnel, the roar of the R8's engine echoing loudly all around them. Flooring it for a moment of fun, he looked over to see the younger girl none impressed. Shame. "Well, question for question, it's a device to keep me alive. Well, it was, now it's killing me."

Himawari paused in her snacking to look up at the older man in dark sunglasses. "You'll die without it?"

"At the moment, yes."

"And your work is to replace it?"

Tilting his head this way and that, Tony finally shrugged, not like this kid would understand most of the technojargon, "Well, it needs a new fuel source, it's current fuel source is poisoning me. So I'm in the middle of finding a new and better replacement, fast."

Gaining a thoughtful look, she wondered if she was about to overstep her bounds. No. Auntie Uchiha would probably praise her, "I could attempt to purge your system of the poison. I do have some healing capabilities."

Tony waved her off easily, "Nope. If what I have planned works, I'll be right as rain within a day or so." He also didn't want to find out what her idea of healing could be. For all he knew she'd stuff him full of ninja herbs or something.

Himawari nodded along with a bright smile, "Well, I hope you are successful. You seem like a good person Stark-san, the world would not be the same without you."

"You barely know me kiddo." Tony would not consider himself a good man. A drunk, a narcissist, and add neglectful self centered jackass to the list. But a good man? Not him.

Himawari had turned to look out over the scenery passing them by, "Call it a woman's intuition Stark-san."

Rolling his eyes, he wondered if she and Pepper would get along, "Thought I told you to call me Tony?"

"Of course…Stark-san." Himawari smirked as Stark groaned and the vehicle accelerated again. This could be fun she decided, in fact, maybe Cammy was correct, a nap was in order.


Pepper Pots was not in the best of moods at the moment, nor would she be anytime soon. The Expo was coming up, Tony was MIA and having given her the reigns of the company…a company he was honestly supposed to be running, she could say that the next person who walked through that door with bad news might just get tossed out the window. Or at least, she'd have Happy do it. Putting her phone in the crook of her shoulder as she navigated through emails and listened as a Senator tried to cajole her into give some answer about Tony's whereabouts, she prayed for some type of distraction.

"Sir, sir you can't go in there without an appointment!"

"It's okay, I'll be fast, honest."

"Sir! Ms. Pots is a busy woman-"

"Yeah, I know, I used to be your boss you know."

"And sir, we do not approve of un-authorized visitors, no matter what their reasoning is-"

"She's an exchange student, it'll be fiiiiine alright?"

Sighing heavily and eyeing the door, Pepper decided that the universe had a sick sense of humor. Tony's voice sounded both irritated and smug, one of which was the usual with him while the other was new. Seeing the door open and said man walk in, slightly harried but looking in good spirits she almost wanted to smile. Then she remembered who was responsible for all of her current headaches and her frown deepened. Her secretary marching in just behind him as he waltzed into the room was quickly waved off. She'd figure out what he wanted quickly and send him packing, unless he was coming to either apologize or take over the company again. Both would be preferred really.

"Ms. Pots, are you listening to me? I really need an answer if Mr. Stark will be returning to his patrols as Iron Man. The public has a right to know."

"Returning as Iron Man?" Pepper's voice trailed off as the last addition to the room walked in quickly. The demure teenage girl with short cropped black hair and pale eyes was certainly not someone she knew. The blue pants and lighter top and jacket were nice enough, but what was an asain teenager doing with Tony of all people-

She was going to murder the asshole.

"No, Iron Man will not be making any appearances anytime soon. Possibly ever. I need to go." The phone was clicked off before the senator had a chance to respond, leaving the room mostly quiet as the door closed behind her secretary. Left with only a tv droning in the background, a news story about Tony's meltdown party and her ascension to CEO of Stark Industries playing, not that her mind was on any of those events right now as she eyed the strawberries in the girl's hands. "Do I even want to know Tony? Cause if this is what I think it is, this is low, even for you."

Rolling his eyes as he relaxed into the chair across from Pepper, Tony just knew everyone was going to get the wrong idea about this. He really should have just turned around and took Himawari home. "It's not what it looks like." The whirligig moving back and forth on his former desk was beginning to bother him, but trying to focus on Pepper was much more important. "I actually, uh, came here for something."

"Did you now?" Pepper eyed Tony with glacial eyes for a moment before turning to the girl standing off to the side, "Please tell me he isn't the massive pervert this makes him out to be."

Himawari smiled and shook her head, "Stark-san has been nothing but a gentleman." Having made her mission slightly harder, she had no problem making Stark's day just a little harder in return. He was an adult, he could smooth things over with his friend, lover? Wife? She didn't have a good read the woman.

Focus turning back to the former head of the company, Pepper eyed her watch for a moment before grunting, "I don't have a lot of time Tony, what do you want?" She needed to go soon, Happy would be here any moment with her bags so they could make for the expo.

"Can't I just pop in to see how you're doing?" Seeing that Pepper was not buying it or impressed, he eyed the strawberries in Himawari's hands, "I uh, was thinking of you ya know."

"Thinking of me…" Pepper eyed the slowly diminishing supply of strawberries with some fascination. On one hand, the Tony she knew would never think of someone else even offhandedly. On another, "You do remember, I am in fact deathly-"

"Allergic, yeah. Yeah I remember that, now." Tony sighed and scrubbed a hand through his hair, body deflating somewhat into the chair as Himawari suddenly felt very uncomfortable and thought about leaving. With some manic energy, he was back up and leaning against the table while smoothly sliding away from the rotating distraction, "I'm trying, you know? I remembered there was a connection right? Just uh. Well, and why I'm here. See the party and-"

Pepper held up a hand, finally much to mentally overwhelmed and really not prepared for whatever Tony was about to start ranting on about. She had work to do, while he got to gallivant off to whatever his heart desired. "Look, I'm going to stop you right there. I'm BUSY Tony, so much in fact that in less than five minutes I will be getting up and walking out of this office to attend the Expo that you should in fact be attending and running. Instead it is me, while running this company and putting out fires that some of which you have started. Do you know what it's like running a company Tony?"

"I uh, yeah, I remember."

"Do you? Really, because if you did why on God's green Earth would you be here making my day just that much harder Tony?" Sighing and reigning in her emotions with some major effort, Pepper considered what she wanted to say. Eyes sliding to the third person in the room, she decided to leave it for another day, if that other day ever came. "Tony, look. Go home. Figure yourself out, get cleaned up." She eyed him up and down. He was not his usual well put together self. Call him a lot of things, but the man normally dressed and carried himself to a standard that few could match. The rumpled and smelling like he hadn't showered in days man before her was not the usual Tony Stark. Unfortunately, with their history or not, she didn't have the time to figure it out for him. "Come find me when you actually want to help someone other than yourself, alright?"

Thoroughly chastised, Tony nodded along, "Look, I know I messed up okay? I do. But, I-" Interrupted yet again as the door swung open, all eyes turned to the smartly dressed red head walking into the space with a clipboard in hand. Behind her and holding the door open, Happy Hogan, Tony's former bodyguard stood waiting with a set of rolling luggage for Pepper.

"Ms. Pots, your flight is wheels up in thirty." Natasha smirked at Tony as she strode past him, not surprised at all that he was here after the message she had received from Coulson. Eyeing the girl in the corner polishing off a box of strawberries, they exchanged a small nod that was unnoticed by Pepper but caught by Tony. "Your itinerary." Natasha handed over the clipboard and attached folder with ease as the other woman thanked her and finished tidying up her space, folder and a small amount of paperwork quickly stashed away into a satchel.

Centering herself and standing, Pepper eyed Tony quietly before sighing. "I'll see you after the expo." Pepper walked around her desk, coming instead to stand before the shorter teen in the room and instead offered her a small smile, "I don't know what's going on, but if he gives you any trouble. Anything at all, you call this number." Handing over a business card, Pepper watched the girl smile at her and nod before turning away to join Happy at the door. No further words were exchanged as the pair left, leaving Tony alone with a secret agent and a super powered teenager.

"Uuuuugh why can't I get this right?"

Natasha smirked as she walked by, "Maybe tone down the playboy act and stop being such a jackass?"

Tony rolled his eyes as he waved her off, "I'd be missing the good parts of me."

Teeth flashed at him as Natasha looked at him from over her shoulder at the door, "And how's that working out for you?" And then she was gone, leaving him alone with Himawari who stood off to the side quietly. Eyeing the girl for a moment as the tv continued to drone and the motion art on the desk continued to loop over and over in his peripheral vision he finally snapped and grabbed hold of the plastic construction. Taking hold of the tape on the desk, a few manic wraps had the art frozen in place and whining away at being denied its purpose.

"Feel better?"

"Like you wouldn't believe. And you could have helped me out a lot back there sweet tooth."

"This was more fun, as you would say."

"Joy." Tony sighed and looked around the office. Standing finally and walking around, reminiscing about times past. To think this used to be his office. The large window view was still nice, though having his stuff boxed up and shuffled off to the corner wasn't so nice. "Where'd I go so wrong…" Muttering to himself wouldn't help, but he felt a little better.

"Father usually brings home a truckload of sweets whenever he messes up. That and a real apology seem to always work." Well, the third act was something none of the kids thought about to long. They all had to come from somewhere right, and the less trauma the better. "You do know how to apologize right?"

"I'd have to do something wrong for that to happen." Answer almost coming automatically, Tony sighed as for once Himawari's eyes turned cold. A shiver worked it's way up his spine. "I'm…working on it." Wouldn't be much of a point to apologize if he was dead anyway.

Walking around the desk as Tony moved to the corner to look through his things, Himawari took in the view of the city before them. It was no Uzushio and she missed the giant airships that would peacefully float through the air in their colorful decorations and patterns. Here they had giant airplanes and smog filled air. Auntie Ino would hate it here, so would father most likely. "Auntie Honoka would say that it's never to late to set things right."

Pulling a sheet away from the expo display that was been set aside for storage, Tony eyed it carefully while considering what the girl was saying. "You aren't wrong." Mind trying to focus, Tony decided to complete his idea, but now to get this massive thing home in his sports car with a passenger to boot. "Well now I gotta lug this out of here."

Himawari turned around, looking at the nearly three meter slab of wood with a critical eye. Shrugging she walked over while unrolling a storage scroll, "This is what you came here for?"

"Among other things." Tony watched as the self proclaimed ninja pressed a portion of unrolled parchment to the display. There was a massive poof of smoke and when it cleared that section was gone without a trace. Blinking rapidly as the girl repeated the process with the second half, he was left speechless as she rolled up the scroll and turned to him with hands on her hips. "Wah?"

"That was what you needed correct? I stored it away for easy transport."

Well that finally got his attention on something else. "How does that work? Ninja magic? No no, this is the real world, how-"

Himawari giggled as she could see the naked interest on Tony's face. She finally got it. Why she was comfortable with the man. He reminded her of father in some ways. "Call it magic and leave it there. Maybe I'll explain it one day if I'm allowed."

"I have so many questions."

"Save your life and apologize to Pots-san and I might answer some."

To be able to make so much mass disappear in a blink and it looked like it didn't bother her weight-wise at all. It had to go somewhere. A pocket dimension? Particle space reduction? Something else entirely? Wasn't their a doctor who experimented with stuff like that? Tony Stark suddenly had more questions and ideas than just finding a new element to save his life.


Groaning and stretching his arms high over his head, Naruto relaxed back into his chair within his office as the day began to wind down. Uzushio was still as busy as ever and while he rarely needed to come into the office himself to run things, there were still times when his undivided attention was required. A meeting with visiting royals from the southern islands was certainly one of those times. However, now as his office was empty and the tower began to close down, he had a small moment of peace to himself. A moment that he knew wouldn't last.

Thoughts proving true, dainty hands slid along the back of his chair to coil around his shoulders and neck, "Hmmm, I seem to have caught myself a Naruto, all alone and defenseless." Mei's voice whispered into his ear, and Naruto hummed in return as he relaxed back. Looking as young and healthy as when he met her, Naruto figured it must be a perk of being bound to him as they all were.

"I'll have to chastise the guards, they're slipping." Naruto joked with her easily, eyes closed as he mentally prepared for what was coming.

The door to his office opened, another of his wives, Hinata, edged her way in and closed the door softly behind her. "Maybe we bribed them for their silence beloved." A lavender sundress clung to her form today, her hair much longer and braided down to just above her knees. Having quit ninja work so long ago, she still wasn't looking to return to it even if she kept some skills sharp.

Something Naruto reminded himself of as the woman came forward to sit on the edge of his desk. "And what would two beautiful women want with little old me so late in the evening." Not like he didn't know but at least he hoped they would hear him out before attempting to beat the tar out of him.

Mei came around to shimmy her way into his lap, arms snaking around his neck and holding his gaze fast. There were few times when Naruto really stepped in when it came to raising the children. Most of the women had taken it upon themselves for that task. But when Naruto put his foot down for certain aspects, usually they all understood. He wanted to be a good and involved father, one that he had wished he could have had when he was younger. Yet, what was happening now was hard to understand. Of her three children Cammy was not a fighter. Talented yes. Determined yes. Absolutely beautiful like her mother. But to allow her to be taken to another world? Unsupervised? "We need to talk, before any fun stuff can happen."

Hinata nodded in agreement, okay with Mei taking the lead in this conversation. "You will hear us out, won't you beloved?"

"So long as you will hear me in turn." Naruto nodded easily. He loved his wives, all of them. His children were everything to him as well and he honestly would never allow them to come to harm willingly. If Hinata and Mei fully rejected this plan, he'd pull the plug before they even made it home.

Seeing Hinata nod to her, Mei sighed and relaxed back as she gathered her thoughts. She knew the taboos as well as any of the others, Uzumaki law and traditions put in place to insure that not only would the clan be protected, but the world wouldn't fall into chaos. They had much more power than anyone realized, and they wanted to make sure no one ever abused it. "I understand Boruto broke our law. I do. But, for this. Do Cammy and Himawari both need to be involved? You know Cammy does not want to be involved in combat or anything related to violence in general. And Himawari is too sweet of a girl for this. She's followed in yours and Hinata's footsteps sure…but are you sure this is okay for them?" All of the children adored Himawari for a reason, the girl always so upbeat and earnest in her love for her family and life in general. To see her caught up in a punishment for her twin brother was disheartening.

Bringing his hands up to run up and down Mei's legs more in a show of comfort than anything else, Naruto would be completely honest here with them. No reason not to be. "Boruto's punishment has a reason, you both understand that, correct?" Seeing both women nod along, Naruto continued, "Cammy is easy enough to explain. I'm not expecting her to fight or change her mind on taking up ninja duties. I want her to use this to broaden her horizons, to see a world and possibilities greater than she was taking advantage of here."

Mei had to interject, some frustration working into her tone, "But she could do that here my love. With us, her family."

"Where she would be sheltered from the consequences of her failures, right?" Naruto gave Mei a knowing look, one that saw her break eye contact to look towards the windows. Mei was very enthusiastic in everything she did, even after she'd retired from being the Mizukage, she'd put her all into being a good and loving mother. "It's not a dig at you or any of the others, but there is such a thing as a hug of death."

Hinata picked up there, leaning over slightly to focus more on her husband, "Does that apply to our daughter as well?"

"Well yes and no." Seeing Hinata's raised eyebrows, Naruto pressed on. "Himawari lacks one thing that honestly if she had, Boruto may not be in this trouble if not for her."

That brought more questions for Hinata's mind, "How is Himawari responsible for what Boruto does? Is she to be his keeper?"

"No, but do you really think Boruto broke into the vault with no one, absolutely no one knowing about it?" Naruto could see the realization dawning on Mei's and Hinata's faces and sighed heavily himself. He knew Himawari wasn't one to steal or break the rules herself. But the girl cared so much. So much in fact that she'd also bend the rules to prevent someone else getting in serious trouble. Naruto wasn't so mad that Boruto was playing with time/space seals and jutsu. No, the real danger had been in what Boruto made off with in order to accomplish his task. "Boruto took a mask from the vault. I'm sure he convinced Himawari that he only needed it to complete his technique and that's probably true, but she should have come and told one of us. Any of us. Heck even Fuyuki or Ryujin would have been fine. But she held it in. Those two need to learn."

It took some effort from Hinata to understand what Naruto was saying, without allowing her emotions as a mother to affect her reasoning. Two of her children were a literal world away, and she could not help them. They knew their children would start flying the coop sooner or later, but it still felt early. She wasn't ready. "If…if I say bring them home. Will you?"

"In a heartbeat." Naruto had no hesitation in his answer because it was the truth. These were still his children's mothers and even though they were in trouble, Boruto and the others were his precious children. But there was a bond there that he would not have as their father, much as he had a bond with them Hinata and Mei would not. "But please, give them a chance. Our kids are made of sterner stuff."

Mei held up a finger, "I would like to, at some point, go and visit Cammy at least once. It doesn't have to be right away, maybe a few days from now to a week. I just…this might be the longest we will be apart."

"Just say the word, we'll figure something out." Naruto grinned as Mei came back and hugged him tightly. From there he watched Hinata from over her shoulder, a hand coming up to brush Mei's auburn hair lightly, "Would you ask the same?"

Hinata wasn't sure. If she saw them, would she be able to hold back from requesting them to come home right away? Would she be angry with Boruto? With Himawari or both? She wasn't sure, it was a rare mix of emotions in her heart right now. "Possibly. I will have to think on it." She knew they were safe, and Naruto would not allow serious harm to fall on them. Bruises, scrapes, but never something life threatening. "You are a stern father when you wish to be." What happened to the push over that the kids all had wrapped around their little fingers?

"They're all getting older, I can't let Tayuya or Kami forbid Kaguya be the main stern parents of the group." The Uzumaki were a family oriented and loving lot. Love hard, fight hard. And yet, they all had certain blind spots that occasionally overlapped. Allowing the children to fail was a hard sell for everyone. With a groan as he reminded himself that he was doing this with good intentions in his heart, Naruto hugged Mei tightly for reassurance. For himself or her was up for debate. "I do mean it though. If any of you truly feel like I'm letting it go to far, I'll call them back right away."

Hinata shook her head, "We will follow your lead, so long as you keep us updated."


Mei chuckled and nodded with her head on Naruto's broad chest, a new thought now in her mind now that she knew her daughter was safe and she'd be able to see her soon. "So, I hear you've been out picking fights with Kami from other realms?"

Ooop, maybe he wasn't out of the fire just yet, "I uh…no?"

"Kaguya has a big mouth dear, and not just for the fun bedroom activities."

"Shit." Naruto would bind and gag said fallen Kami later and toss her in a closet. She's the one who kept getting him into trouble lately!


"Sooo what is it this you're doing in my garage now?" Tony was more than a little curious, taking a small break in all the construction he was doing to his home. Having bore several holes in each floor in order to pass large power lines directly to the basement, he had caught sight of the massive array of drawings and seals all over the floor and in some cases the wall of his garage. After having Himawari explain some of it to him in very basic terms, it had only peaked his interest more. Sure he couldn't understand any of the writing and he had rather dubious feelings on this chakra, he could certainly understand the mathematical formula that he could see.

Boruto was only half paying attention to who was talking to him, mind stuck in a circle as his calculations continued to return different and sometimes conflicting answers. "I need to calculate this realm's specific point within the universe so I can start a plot point back home." He knew home's universal value, at least that was what dad called it. But just knowing that wasn't enough. It was like a phone number. The further away you were, the more information you needed. Area code, country number, international line. Each layer more complex than the last.

Looking over the blonde boy's shoulder as he sat crossed legged on the floor in black pants and a matching tank top, a jacket tossed over the hood of his cobra without a care, Tony noted a very complex set of equations that looked familiar. "I'm guessing you have to account for each realm playing havoc with one another as well?"

"Yeah, universal drift. Each realm pulls and pushes against one another, if you don't account for it, you could end up on on the correct planet, eons after everyone you knew is dead."

Tony tilted his head this way and that as he could hear someone walking down the stairs towards them. "It looks like a three body problem, which to date, is impossible to figure out, even for us and all our technology." Another tilt and focus, Tony frowned as he realized there was more to it, "No. That's like, is that nine different factors you're trying to work with?"

Groaning and tossing his hands in the air, Boruto needed a break. Falling back and collapsing on the floor, he eyed the dust and dirt covered man with a critical eye, "Yeah. Which like you said is more than impossible under normal circumstances, not without some help at least. Dad can do it easy. I…I needed a tool to help me the first time." Which still rankled him. At his age dad was fighting against literal Kami and ninja from legend, and yet here he was, unable to figure out how to get back home.

Seeing the kid was more than a little frustrated, Tony shrugged and held out a hand to help the kid up, "How bout a break, wanna see something cool?"

Boruto eyed the hand with some trepidation, "No offense, your version of cool and mine might be a little different."

"I get the feeling you like science, you'll like this. If not, we'll go blow something up."

"Deal." Boruto grinned and clasped Tony's hand, letting the older man pull him up easily, "Might as well take a break, my brain feels like it'll melt out of my ears at this rate."

"I used to feel the same way in college. You look a little young for my usual go to though." Tony was already turning away, noting Coulson opening the should have been locked access door and walking towards him. "You'll live, probably."

"Thanks for the confidence old man."

"I'm barely forty kid."

"Never mind, might as well be ancient. If you move fast enough will your bones turn to dust?" Boruto smirked as the elder inventor gave him a cross look, probably not used to such sass from teenagers.

"You're a real charmer, you know that?" Tony wanted to say more but Paul was within spitting distance, "What's the word? Coming to help?"

Paul reached out, offering a hand that Tony took and shook firmly. "On the contrary, I've been reassigned. I'm here to say goodbye and good luck."

Huh, guess he should have expected that eventually. "Well uh, good luck to you."

Coulson eyed the blonde next to Tony with a guarded expression but didn't say what was fully on his mind, "I think you'll need it more than me." With a jaunty wave, Paul was already turning and walking away, New Mexico was calling, and his flight was already waiting for him.

Tony and Boruto exchanged a look before the younger shrugged with a carefree look, "So about blowing something up?"

"Well with some luck we will not be doing that today." Tony led the way, following after Paul though instead heading down deeper into his home instead of up. Here there was another access panel at the bottom of the stairs were Tony quickly entered his pass-code, "And here's where the magic happens!" The glass door slid open to allow access to his workshop.

Boruto eyed the labyrinth of machinery and equipment, several mechanical arms diligently working away on a set of tubes that he noted were drilled through the walls and curved slightly out of sight. "It reminds me of Auntie Karin's lab."

"You have a family of scientists kid?"

"Something like that."

Tony nodded along as he strode through the organized chaos of his lab, noting another curiosity of his, "Your dad have a lot of siblings? You kids seem to have a lot of aunts." Making it to the power lines hanging from the ceiling he started to prepare the particle accelerator for use.

"Nope, dad was an only child. Auntie Karin is one of his wives."

That brought Tony to a pause, "One of?" Just what kind of life did these kids come from?

"Oh yeah, there's our mom, then Cammy's mom who's the former ruler of a nation on our world. Then there's aunties Yugito and Samui, who aren't really wives but dad sure treats them like it. Auntie's Honoka and Karin, Mama Tayuya and Grandmama Kaguya. Oh, can't forget Auntie Koyuki, she used to be a famous actress but now she's a Daimyo. Oh and Mama Ino, who really really likes to keep busy." Boruto closed his eyes and put a hand to his chin, unintentionally mimicking his father's thinking pose while missing Tony's growing look of shock and awe. "There's also Mama Temari and Auntie Kotohime. Never get on Mama Temari's bad side, she has a scary temper when she's mad."

Nope. Something told him Tony did not want to know any more about their family dynamics than he ever needed to. It sounded exhausting. "Something tells me your dad doesn't sleep much."

"Yeah the old man is always tired, doesn't say why though. Probably from running the country." Boruto shrugged, Himawari always giggled when the conversation came up, as if he cared. "So what're you going to show me?"

"Ah, right, come over behind me will ya?" Hooking up the last power line into a conversion unit with ease, Tony tapped the earpiece in his ear, "Jarvis, you ready?"

"Ready and waiting sir."

Boruto perked up at the voice produced from the speakers, "Whoa, who's that?"

"I am Jarvis, just a rather very intelligent system. I run Mr. Stark's day to day operations."

Boruto nodded along as Tony checked and triple checked several components all along the black tube spanning the underground of his home, "Huh, so like. A robot then?"

"Mr. Stark has not built a body for my intelligence, so I would not consider myself a robot no."

Boruto missed Tony's grin as he waffled over the idea. "But you're an artificial lifeform, right?"

"Just an intelligent system, artificial life form is much more advanced than I am."

"And you are housed here in his home right? And you can interact with the world?"

"Somewhat yes."

"So then technically the house is your body, thus, you're a robot."

Rolling his eyes and finally distracted enough, Tony turned to the teen, "You're rather hung up on this."

"Cause robots are awesome!" Boruto threw his arms out wide, motioning to the mechanical arms that all raised themselves up as if curious about the outburst.

"Hmm, by your definition, I suppose yes I am I robot then…"

"Not you too Jarvis, can we focus please?"

"Perhaps I would like a body of my own after all sir. I could better attend to your eccentricities."

"Not the time Jarvis." Tony slapped a clear prism into a center housing on the accelerator, closing the hatch and making sure it was aligned for eventual turning.

"Sounds like to perfect time to me." Boruto chuckled as Tony turned to him sharply.

"You are quickly becoming annoying."

"Everyone else says I have a talent for it."

"Jarvis?" Irritation clear in Tony's voice, he took a deep steadying breath as Jarvis finally finished preparations for his task.

"Yes sir. Powering up particle accelerator now." Following that statement the home's lights dimmed. Major amounts of power were being shunted now into the basement level to power the grumbling piece of machinery that Tony needed to synthesis his new element.

"Alright, and now the magic happens." Tony grinned and returned to the prism element of the accelerator, ready to turn and focus the particle beam on the housing near the center of the room containing the hopefully new core for his arc reactor. "Watch the light show."

Boruto's eyebrows began to raise as he could feel the massive amounts of energy building within the tube in front of them, it almost felt like one of Auntie Samui's techniques, if not powered by chakra. "That's a lot of energy."

"I really need to ask how that chakra stuff works eventually." The room around them began to vibrate and rumble. Within the viewport of the accelerator tube Tony could see the blue beam of light beginning to solidify and thicken, proof that acceleration was going well.

Boruto shrugged though his eyes were glued onto the beam of light as well, "Not that hard to figure out, chakra is the mixture of our physical and mental energies that we use to power our techniques and seals." Sure it was a gross simplification of it and Dad would probably bop him in the head for it, but it was good enough for someone who had absolutely no knowledge of it.

"Kid if it was that simple, we'd be able to use chakra as well." Taking hold of the tuning aperture, Tony began to try to turn the focusing prism to direct the beam. There was a moment as he realized he needed a lot more force to do so, but a handy two foot wrench provided the necessary leverage.

Boruto watched as the inventor began to physically adjust the beam of light out of its original path, the laser burning and cutting through equipment and framework alike before finding its destination at a circular housing containing a triangular piece of metal. There was a flash of light as the beam filled said metal with energy, before Tony hit a big red button to shut everything down. Unlike what Boruto thought, the energy coming from that little triangle was somehow ever higher than what that beam had produced. "What in the…"

Proud of himself, Tony sighed and tossed the slightly warm wrench in his hand aside, "And that boys and girls is how you synthesis an element that has never been seen before. What should we call it Jarvis? I'm thinking badassium personally."

"That is certainly an…idea sir."

"You doubt me?"

"I think for legal reasons you might find it hard to patent the name."

"Yeah yeah, begin analysis and check power output and stability would you?"

"On it sir."

Boruto had a scroll out, a ink brush drawing away at a seal he could probably produce from memory, eyes focused on the slightly blue glowing metal. "You mind if I take a look as well?"

"How will you do that?" Tony watched as the kid's strange doodles began to float off of the paper as he drew them all. They were all glowing different shades of yellow and red, surrounding his new core in a sphere while lazily floating in the empty space. "Okay, I have new levels for my weird shit o meter. Jarvis?"

"Unable to scan the floating writings, but they are not interfering with my scans of your temporarily named badassium."

Deciding he could probably leave it alone, Tony shrugged and let the kid do as he pleased, "Promise not to blow up a city or try to steal my power armor?"

Boruto was once more barely paying attention, scroll filling with writing and diagrams without his input, "Your stuff is cool, but wouldn't be much help where I'm from."

Settling in to watch, Tony felt like he could finally let his curiosity roam a bit. "So you use chakra pretty much for everything where you're from?" Tony didn't want to believe travel between dimensions was real. Sure string theory was a nice thought experiment, but humanity had no way of really proving it. And yet here these kids were, doing shit that should be pure fantasy.

"Yeah, body enhancement, elemental control, seals. We can use it to generate electricity or even modify reality itself to suit our needs." Boruto finished his copying of the element, stowing the scroll away for later. He might not be able to do anything with it, but Auntie Karen might.

"So your sister taking out a section of my wall was chakra?"

With a nod Boruto turned to the inventor he had a bit more respect for now, "Yeah. At least one use of it." Boruto held up a hand, were lightning danced around his fingertips. "So long as you have proper training, you can do just about whatever your imagination can conjure up. Well, within limits. The body can only produce so much energy." Unless you were like dad and Auntie Naruko and had a demon sealed in your gut. Then you could cheat.

"I have so many questions." This could open up so many doors of exploration, and it wasn't like Tony was short on time anymore.

"Well, I've got time, I can explain anything that's not Uzumaki secret stuff." Boruto didn't mind the old man, he seemed alright.

Cammy poked her head in from the access doorway near the stairs, how she bypassed said door wasn't questioned, "What are you nerds doing down here?" She eyed the charred black line along the wall, the glowing triangle in the middle of the room, and one of the robot arms wielding a fire extinguisher hosing down a box that looked suspiciously cut. "You know, maybe I don't want to know."

"The old man is kind cool actually." Boruto was grinned as he put his hands on his hips, shifting from side to side.

"The old man is right here you know."

"Aw lighten up, wouldn't want your blood pressure to spike."

"I shall name you wise ass if you keep it up."

"Mama Tayuya calls me the same thing."

Cammy watched it all with a critical eye before sighing and grinning. At least Boruto was finally relaxing a bit. Now she just needed to check on Himawari. If they were going to be here for a while, they should get along with their host right? "Well, I made up some grub, so make sure to eat, don't make me come down here and force feed you." Cammy had a feeling that this Stark guy was the same as Boruto and got immersed in his work to much. Which really, having two of them was not high on her list of events to deal with.

From behind her, Himawari poked her head into the lab, "Why does it feel like someone's running a lightning powered Rasengan constantly?"

Boruto threw up his hands, "I didn't do it!"


Maybe this is better. Just put out a few stories all at once and bounce between them as I find the time and inspiration. Follow the dopamine right?