I do kind of like having multiple projects going, though it does make it a little easier to lose track of what I'm doing. But, that's what outlines and notes are for.

-Story Start-

Disbelief. Horror. Astonishment. Awe. There were a host of adjectives Tony would like to attribute to everything he had seen within the last hour or so of pattering around with Boruto in his garage. But alas for once, he might really be at a loss for words. Watching the direct copy of the child that had casually started juggling knives again disappear in a puff of smoke, Tony held up a finger once more.

"No no, that makes no sense, do it again."

Boruto was grinning even as he rolled his eyes, "I can do it as many times as you want, but it won't change. It's chakra, not magic."

"It might as well be magic. You're making a complete clone of yourself, complete with memories and a will of its own? That's impossible." Tony watched as Boruto indeed did the impossible thing again, the copy giving him a jaunty wave in return. "Where does the mass come from? Never mind the complicated nature of how you copy yourself and a complete neural network, can it talk?"

Clone Boruto gave Tony the finger, "I can do a lot more than that old man." It never saw the fist to the back of the head, but Boruto and Tony turned to look at an irritated looking Cammy who was carrying two plates loaded with food.

"You've been at this all day, you both need to eat." Coming around and placing the plates down on the hood of one of Tony's cars, Cammy had to admit it was fun to see her brother and this inventor come together like this. Boruto was sociable enough sure, but making actual friends was always hit or miss with him. This was, nice.

Giving it some thought and considering it, Tony finally tapped the earpiece in his ear, "Jarvis, when's the last time I ate?"

'Thirty-six hours ago sir.' Prompt and to the point, Tony couldn't fault his electronic assistant.

"Well, oops. Guess grub is a good idea."

Boruto was already pulling one plate into his lap, making short work of the fried rice and chicken dish his sister had graced them with. "With some luck you'll get to meet dad. You really wanna see the world broken, he does that all the time."

Tony nodded enthusiastically as he grabbed the other plate that was offered. He had to admit, the food was good. "What do you mean? How crazy is your dad?"

"Well, like one time, Mom got pretty mad cause dad started messing with time seals again and-" Another feminine voice cleared their throat, and all eyes turned to Himawari coming into the open space as well. "Oh, am I talking to much again Hima?"

"Just a little Bo-kun." Himawari bowed light to Tony who saluted with a fork before turning to Cammy, "Can I borrow you for a moment?"

Cammy nodded and knocked Boruto on the head, "Sure Hima." Turning to follow after her older sister, Cammy looked back and winked at the pair of men, "Don't blow anything up." Then she was gone, following after her sibling.

Tony exchanged looks with the teenager sharing a meal with him, "Do you blow things up regularly?"

"Enough that even my dad is kinda impressed." Dad was the explosion maniac. Getting praise from him on the subject was considered a high honor. Just so long as he didn't get a visit from uncle Deidara he'd be happy about it.

"Huh. I wanna meet your dad sometime."

"I think he'd like you Tony." Boruto figured if dad showed Tony how seals worked and Tony figured out how to power them with electricity instead of chakra, they'd both have a field day with new tech. On second thought, it might be a good idea to keep them as far from each other as possible. This Earth probably wouldn't survive them pairing up.

Walking away from the two, Cammy considered Himawari's back, she was idly fiddling with her fingers, a tell tale sign something was bothering her. "Sis, you okay?"

"Hmm? Of course I am." Himawari turned bright eyes to the auburn haired Uzumaki, though she deflated a bit at the knowing look she received. Great, maybe she had been more out of it than she originally thought. "Okay, so maybe I'm worried about some things."

"Statement of the century folks. Com'on Hima, what's wrong?" Cammy and Himawari paused at the stairs near the home's entrance. The concrete and glass was nothing like the warm wood and island atmosphere of home. Yet another reminder of just how far off they had been thrown. "You homesick?"

"Aren't you?" Himawari's question was blurted out instantly and she immediately regretted it upon seeing the twitch from Cammy. No. Cammy would be having a ball here. A world away from ninja duties and the expectations of the Uzumaki and Terumi names. Cammy could be whoever she wanted to be here if she so chose. It was Himawari that was having the most trouble. "Sorry."

Cammy stepped forward, gently taking Himawari by the hand and leading her to sit on the stairs. "Okay, spill. You've been worked up the last few days. I thought you were holding it together pretty well."

"I was. Am. Still am." Sighing as she knew she was making excuses, Himawari finally shook herself and leaned into her sister, "You're right. I'm not doing well."

Rolling her eyes and wishing Himawari would get to the issue, Cammy still slung a supportive arm over her sister's shoulder, "Sooooo, this isn't just because we're lost in space and time is it?"

"No. I um….I think I know why we've been left here."

That surprised Cammy a bit, "I thought we figured out dad couldn't find us. Not until Boruto either figured out how to set up a beacon or learned about a method to get us home himself."

Himawari had meant well. She just hadn't wanted to see Boruto punished harshly. She just. She didn't think things would go this far. She knew the rules, they all did. Still. "What if…what if I saw Boruto do something…take something he wasn't supposed to?"

Something in Cammy's gut began to twist. "What? Hima-"

The dam broke. "He said it wasn't a big deal. Dad had praised him for his work so what was this one broken rule. Boruto's a ninja, father goes on and on about how ninja are supposed to be tricky and inventive and-and-"

Cammy paused her sister, taking her by her shoulders and turning her to face her, "Hima. What did Boruto do?"

Seeing the worry and concern in Cammy's eyes, Himawari had a hard time maintaining eye contact, "Boruto. He…he took one of the forbidden masks. The Mask of the Void." Voice going quiet as she finished, Himawari had to look away as the guilt built up in her. So she missed the look of shock on Cammy's face as well.

"He…that. What the FUCK!?" Cammy didn't mean to shake Himawari so hard, but of all the rules to break. Taking a forbidden mask was top of the list of things none of the children even considered to do. All of the parents went into great detail about just why those masks were forbidden. What could happen if they were misused. What sort of horrors would be unleashed on the world if they fell into the wrong hands. "Himawari, please. Please tell me you didn't help him."

"NO! No. But. I saw him with it. He made me promise not to tell father and mother. I knew what would happen if he got caught but he promised me. He assured me he would put it back when he was done. He said he just needed it to finish his jutsu."

"Did he return it Hima?"

"..." Himawari couldn't meet Cammy's eyes, and that said enough for the younger girl.

Standing and beginning to pace, Cammy ran through their options in her mind. If Himawari was telling the truth, then dad leaving them here made complete sense. Boruto was in deep shit. Especially if he never put the mask back. Himawari would be in trouble not just because of association, but because she never brought it up to one of their elders. But that left her, stuck here by chance? No. Father was firm about punishments, but if you were innocent he would cut you slack. She hadn't known before now, and hadn't be involved with Boruto's research outside of their spar. Which meant there had to be another reason. Something that they would only figure out with time. "Hima."

"I'm sorry. I know I should have said something and told father but. But you know how Boruto feels and lately they haven't been understanding each other well and-"

Cammy came back over towards her frantic sister, drawing her into a hug with a sigh. "Okay okay. I get it. You don't need to apologize, especially not for Boruto's idiocy." A hand came up to stroke Himawari's hair as said girl started to calm down into her bosom, "Now. We don't know for sure if that's why we're stuck here. So let's not go insane trying to figure it out. For now we know Boruto messed up, so we leave it to him to fix it."

"But I…I should have-"

"You should have nothing. You aren't his keeper. Maybe next time speak up and leave it to the adults to figure out, okay?" Cammy pushed Himawari back so they could look at each other, giving her a kind smile as she tried to exude a calm she might not entirely feel. "Try to think of this as a well needed vacation and leave it at that."

Gaze going down to her lap, Himawari nodded slowly. "I suppose that's for the best."

Cammy grinned and winked at the shorter girl, standing and helping her sister to stand as well, "I know it is. Com'on, let me introduce you to one of this world's greatest forms of entertainment and we can gush out together."

That got Himawari a little curious. "What's that?"

"The Real Housewives and K-pop."


Later that evening and sitting before a computer deep in his work lab, Tony sighed as he looked over the analysis of the new arc reactor core. At the same time, he was typing away, putting together a more streamlined manufacturing process for the future. Wouldn't do to need a core and not have one, and pretty sure making a new one in his basement would only hold up for so long. Plus he supposed, now that he wasn't dying, it would be a good time to come clean about his situation. At the least, Pepper deserved that much. Maybe she could help him with these kids?

"Sir, you have an incoming call."

"Huh, didn't know I had internet privileges again. Put it through." Had the kids reported to Fury that he finished his research? Possible since Phil was gone already. The thick Russian accent that came through his earpiece was not who he expected though.

"Tony, you've been busy."

"Huh…and you're supposed to be dead." Vanko? Really? Now why on earth would that lunatic be contacting him? Thousands of guesses on that one.

"Word of my death has been, greatly exaggerated."

Muting his mic, Tony keyed away on his screen, "Jarvis, start a trace."

"On it sir."

"You know Tony, I used to think just making you bleed was enough to bring you down. I was wrong, I think."

Unmuting the mic as Jarvis worked, Tony nodded with a small grin, "Big of you to admit that. Growth is a good thing."

"Yes, and you were right. Double the cycles, more power. Thank you."

"Aw buddy, we should get together, have a pow wow. What do you say?" Tony watched the map zoom in slowly. He didn't like that expo was included in the search area. "In fact, why don't I come to you?"

Chuckles answered him, "Don't worry Tony, I'll see you soon." The line went dead and with it, the phone trace.

"Jarvis, tell me you found the bastard."

"Unable to finish the trace sir."

Tony was staring at the map, the expo was within view which unnerved him. But there was another location that spiked his blood pressure even more. Hammer Industries. He was already up and moving towards the core, "Let's get that armor up and running, time for a field test."

"Sir several features are not ready for assembly, and we don't know how the core will react-"

"Don't be such a mother hen Jarvis, let's go." Removing the core in his chest and replacing it with the new triangular core with ease, Tony twitched as new power seemed to flood his body. "Oooh, that's new. What is that? Coconut? Why am I tasting coconut?"

"Unknown reactions are to be expected when testing wasn't completed sir."

Tony wasn't worried about it. He needed to get going. Vanko couldn't know where he was, but the whole world was probably expecting him at the Expo. Which meant that was where Vanko was headed, which also meant Pepper was in danger. A no go in his mind.

"I have a feeling you are about to do something you shouldn't be doing, Stark-san." Himawari's voice only startled Tony a little, a sign he was starting to get used to the kid's vanishing acts.

"What if I told you it was vitally important?" Tony turned to watch the girl carefully, taking note that her gaze dropped to his neck before coming back to his eyes.

"You've completed your work. You have your cure."

Tony reached up and tapped the new reactor in his chest, "Correcto."

The teenager seemed to be deep in thought at that, "So, I suppose our mission is complete then. We'll need to find new accommodations then." Thanks to Cammy, Himawari wasn't so worried about that. She'd be willing to bet Cammy would have them set up in the nicest place they could find and not having to work at all within a few days if she really tried. Pair her with the tech savvy Boruto and they would have a set up life of leisure easily.

Pausing as he thought about the kids staying with him, Tony shook his head as he decided things had been rather nice with them around. Plus the blond one was pretty smart, and they weren't here of their own choice. Bonus, it might piss off Fury. "Nah, you should stick around. I've got a project or two me and the twerp are gonna try. Plus, I need more time to get you to relax a bit. You're too stiff for a kid your age." Already walking deeper into the lab where the suit manufacturing was located, he didn't need to look to know Himawari was following him. He was starting to get used to not being able to hear their footsteps.

"That is, appreciated, Stark-san."

"What is it going to take for you to call me Tony."

"And act of the Kami, most likely."

"Shame." Tony paused as the floor cleared out before them, a circular hatch opening and the new red and gold suit of armor was slowly being raised into view. "I really do need to do this though."

"Then we're coming along." Boruto's voice answered in return, and Tony turned back to see all three teenagers standing together, the boy giving him a cheeky grin.

Tony was already holding up a hand, "No no, this type of stuff is dangerous, like, bullet holes and explosions dangerous."

Boruto was already shrugging as Cammy sighed and unsealed an oval surf board from her stuff space. "So a normal job for once, good. I was getting bored."

Cammy shook her head and handed said board to Boruto before unsealing another one, "I'll focus on keeping people safe, I won't be fighting anyway."

Himawari bowed to Tony as he backed away from them, letting the armor fold around his body as the ceiling opened above him, "We were tasked to guard you, Stark. We shall see that through."

Tony sighed as the armor folded around him and sealed, the heads up display and its systems coming alive near instantly. "Well, unless you can fly, I don't think you have much of a choice." And then he was gone, repulsor jets rocketing him up and away from his home with one destination in mind.

Behind him, Boruto smirked as he watching the light from the suit of armor fade away into the distance, "You put a seal on him Hima?"

"Of course, never removed it either." Himawari sighed as she accepted a flight board from Cammy, all three sharing the same deep blue coloring. "I hate these things."

"You just hate fun." Cammy quipped back easily as she hopped on her own board, the seals coming alive and allowing her to float in space before her siblings. "I really don't wanna fight anyone. But we're Uzumaki, we stick together right?"

Boruto was up next, performing a quick twist and trick with his board before ascending through the ceiling. "You got it sis! Family first, everything else second!"

Himawari climbed on her own board, feeding it chakra and ascending through the air to follow her siblings, "Next vacation, we find a world with fluffy bunnies and plants made of candy."

Cammy saluted her as all three siblings came together and held hands, "You got it Hima. Oh, and Boruto, I owe you a beating." With a final flash and a cry of indignation, all three were gone.


Naruto was always curious about new technology or information. It was part of why he traveled through the multiverse with his various wives. Sometimes for a good vacation. Sometimes to pick a fight with someone strong he respected and others, to put down some asshole who thought themselves a conqueror. Today was more about his curiosity. This Earth his kids found themselves on seemed to be a hive of activity recently, and this event was no different. Standing in the shadows of the hastily erected facility, Naruto stared down as a tall and muscular blonde man sank to his knees in the mud. Before him was a hammer, one that from Naruto's senses had a will of its own. Or at least, some type of intelligence was there. The man looked like he lost a friend, and Naruto knowing what he did about sentient weapons, considered that was a complete possibility. Even so, the sigil that burned into the sign of the hammer had Naruto's curiosity, but he needed more information.

So he watched as the man who previously fought his way through every armed agent in this place, now allowed himself to be lead away quietly with no contest. Keeping to the shadows, Naruto watched as he was led into a single room, left alone in a chair with guards at the door while a unassuming looking man came in to question him. There was nothing to give though, at least, nothing that seemed to please the questioner. Unsatisfied, the man left, leaving the brute alone.

Ready to step in himself, Naruto was interrupted as a new player came along. Seeming to phase out of the very wall, a dark haired man in a sharp business suit stood before the dirty and mud covered blonde. As Naruto watched from the shadows, more words were exchanged between the two. Certainly more than before. They were brothers? Another man from another world it seemed. Asgard? Mjolnir? Hmm, interesting indeed. This Loki practically oozed deceit, something Naruto picked up on but this Thor didn't seem to notice. Either he trusted him just that much, or Thor was a bit thick. Watching Loki smirk as he faded away and Thor seemed to sink further in on himself, Naruto picked the former. Which meant, Naruto was ready to have a chat with the former god as well.

At least he would have stepped out of the shadows, if the Agent from before and a new man hadn't made their way into the holding room. My my, what was this? Guess he would be watching on for a little longer. Of course the Agent didn't believe that Thor was this new man's, Dr. Selvik's, assistant. Even with that, the Agent let them go without a fight, something Naruto was happy to take advantage of as the Agent was left alone to watch the pair leave in a rush. Naruto didn't know the man, but he had a certain tinge to him, chakra.

"Lot of weird stuff happening lately." Phil wouldn't have normally let the good doctor go with the brute of a man, but something told him to let it happen. That and orders. Phil would always follow orders.

"You have no idea buddy."

Heart nearly jumping into his throat, Phil turned quickly to the blonde man practically melting out of the shadows. Tall, sporting black and orange pants, an orange muscle shirt and a black trench coat, the whiskered offender offered him a jaunty wave and a grin. "New Mexico is certainly becoming a popular place."

Naruto shrugged, coming forward to stand within arms reach of the man, "Naruto Uzumaki, at your service. Something tells me you know my kids." Seeing realization dawning on the man's face, Naruto reached out a hand, "I hope they haven't caused you too much trouble."

Phil reached out and took Naruto's hand. The grip was firm, but not crushing. "Uh, Phil. Phil Coulson. And no, been rather helpful actually." If this was indeed the teenagers' father, did that mean he was here to get them? But why was he here in New Mexico? "No offense, but why are you here and not retrieving your children."

"Oh, I'm keeping an eye on them. Don't you worry." Naruto stepped back, eyeing Phil carefully before grinning again and sending out his senses for his latest target, "They're in a bit of trouble you see. Well, two of them are. The third is gonna get a visit from her mother later on today once I have a look around myself. Hope you don't mind."

Phil felt some indignation work its way into his chest. He didn't like how this alien…extra-dimensional being, other worlder? Who cared. It was odd to feel like this being decided he could walk around with impunity, as if he owned the place. "I'll have to admit that I do, this is not your world."

"How do you know that?" Naruto kept his tone light, smirk still on his face as he could see the gears turning in Phil's mind. It was always fun to mess with people. "Look buddy, I'm not here to cause trouble, start a war, or kill anyone. Call it sightseeing and leave it at that. I'll be out of your hair in a week, tops."

"And your children?"

Naruto paused as he considered that, how long should he let them stew this out? Real question was how long would it be before Hinata and Mei finally had enough and pulled the plug themselves. "Depends on them really. Speaking of…" With a thought an all black mask bearing no eyeholes appeared in his hand. "There we go. Safe and sound. Anyway, I'm sure you've got people watching that Thor guy, right? You'll be able to find me then for the next few days." And then Naruto was gone, leaving Phil alone to ponder just what had happened.

In the end, he decided it was good that he didn't have to make decisions. "Fury isn't going to like this." A grown man just disappeared right in front of him. That was just another addition on the slew of abnormal occurrences lately.


Tony came in as softly as he could, the crowd before him cheering as he touched down and stood calmly. The grounds around the Expo were calm and controlled, no sign of danger or destruction just yet, so he counted his lucky stars he got here quickly. Waving to the crowd and spotting Pepper among them, he opened his radio to include the heavily modified suit Rhodey was wearing. "Hey buddy, long time no see."

Heaving a sigh and knowing this wouldn't end well, Rhodes was not in the mood for Tony's ego tonight, "Let's not do this tonight Tony. This is not the time."

"Oh buddy you have no idea. Keep your eyes open will you." Tony moved away from Rhodes, zeroing in on the flustered and slightly worried Justin Hammer. He made note of the three dozen armored suits in the background. Drones by the looks of them. Worrisome. "Where is he?"

"Where's who?" Justin was quick to deny anything. It was a problem enough that Tony was here, but he could spin this.

"Vanko, where is he?" Tony was ready to snag the man by the front of his jacket, but in an explosion of smoke, three teenagers were behind said man. "Well shit." That two of them were floating on surf boards while the third, Himawari was already on her feet, her own board poofing away in a smaller smoke cloud. "I thought I told you three to stay home."

Rhodes couldn't help but grin, ignoring the weirdness as something Tony cooked up, "You have kids now." He couldn't keep the smug out of his voice, just knowing that Tony would pick up on it.

"Shut up, long story."

Himawari stood next to the average looking man who's gaze moved between Tony, themselves, and the suddenly moving group of machines behind them. "We have a job to do Stark-san."

Rhodes screen lit up, and panic began to set in right away, "Whoa whoa, Tony! Weapons systems are coming online, all of em! You need to run, run! You're the target!"

Tony took it all in, and started to formulate a plan. "Alright fine! Sweet tooth, watch the idiot. Twerp, redhead, watch Pepper! She's the other redhead in the crowd!" And then he was gone, several of the other machines taking to the sky after him along with the heavily armored black suit of armor holding his friend.

Watching the pandemonium set in as the drones began to open fire on the retreating Iron Man and as the crowd began to realize that something had majorly gone wrong, Boruto and Cammy turned to Himawari. Boruto was bouncing on his toes, eyes searching between the attacking machines and his sister with glee.

Who sighed and waved him off, "Go on, have fun."

"YES! Who wants a Rasengan enema!" And then he was gone, explosions left in his wake.

Cammy looked around, spotting two redheads in the crowd, making their way behind the stage with a purpose. At least they were together. "Well, guess our work is easy."

Himawari was already turning away to follow after the retreating man she had been asked to watch. "Shadow them, I'll follow the apparent cause of this mess." Then they split up, the sisters sharing a look as Himawari stepped over broken and destroyed machines left by the excited Boruto. With their luck, some monster of a machine would show up in a bit to make things worse. Diving behind the curtain of the stage as she followed the thin man in the business suit, Himawari considered that at least she and Cammy wouldn't have to deal with combat.

Though as the man rounded on a group of technicians at a bank of computers, hands on his hips as he issued orders, she locked eyes with a flustered Cammy behind the approaching Pepper and sighed. Of course she was after the same person, just her luck.

Pepper noted the teenager that had been previously with Tony and sighed. Connected or not, there was more to concern herself with right now. "Who's in charge here?"

"Oh god, what?" Justin turned to spot the wannabe CEO and scoffed loudly, "Look, go away, we have everything under control. We don't need you." Turning away from Pepper he leaned in to one of the sitting technicians, "We do have everything under control don't we?"

"We're locked out sir, the whole system is down."

"How can it be down? It's our system!"

Behind them Natasha was already moving forward, but she was preempted by the slip of a girl Himawari taking Hammer by the wrist and twisting it harshly. She couldn't stop the smirk that bloomed on her face as the smaller girl slammed him into the table and attached a slip of paper to his back. "Well then." Girl had skills.

Himawari's patience had long run out, "Answer her questions before I start breaking things."

"Uh uh, yeah. Yeah of course."

Pepper didn't pause, she'd wonder at the apparently very talented teenager later, "What's going on?"

"Someone's hacked into the system and has taken control of the drones." Answering without a second thought, Justin began to panic. He wouldn't normally have said all of that.

"Who could do that? Who built the drones?"

"Vanko could do it, he built the drones."

"Vanko? The same guy who tried to kill Tony in Monaco? Where is he?" Pepper was already pulling her phone out, local police on the line as she relayed information in between her questions.

"Yeah, he's back at my lab."

Natasha was already turning away, "I'll find him."

Himawari released Hammer, stalking after Natasha with a cold look in her eyes, "I'll assist. Cammy, watch after Pots-san."

Cammy relaxed against a crate of equipment and saluted her sister. She certainly didn't want to get in her way at the moment, "Can do. Have fun."

"Fun isn't what I'd call what's about to happen." And then she was gone, Himawari disappearing with Natasha and a worried Happy who rushed after the pair.

Justin stood slowly, rotating his shoulder and messaging his wrist, "What the hell was that?"

Pepper moved forward, pushing Justin out of her way, "Stand aside, you've caused enough problems I think."

"I mean yeah but-" Someone pulled him back, rope coming out and tying his hands together behind his back, "Hey!"

Cammy shrugged as she relaxed as Pepper got back to work, "Stay quiet and watch. Something tells me you should be used to others cleaning up your messes." Boruto was having fun, Himawari was on the warpath, which meant she could relax and watch the show. Yay her.

Far away and pulling a lightning covered hand from the chest of one of the last drones in the area, Boruto sighed and kicked the broken machine for good measure. These guys were nothing like the golem back home. At least those put up a fight. These things were too simple, to focused on the flying and scampering Tony in his special armor. Bah. Oh well, the least he could do is seal them away and save them for experimentation later. Shrugging and getting to his self imposed task as the crowds around him continued to evacuate, Boruto considered what else he could get up to while unsupervised. Sure Tony asked him not to steal any of his armor. These things didn't count though right? Boruto didn't think they did.

His radio sparked to life, "Boruto!"

"Whaat Hima, I'm busy." Descending the wide steps leading up to the venue they had been in, Boruto sealed away machines as he went. All parts were to be taken. Never knew what would be useful later.

"No major techniques! You use anything bigger than a Rasengan and I'll come find you."

"Yeah yeah, I hear you." Not like anything here would need something bigger. Even a chakra enhanced kunai could pierce these things with ease. "What's got your panties in a twist?"

"You really wanna start with me Bo-kun?"

Boruto knew that tone. He knew that tone very well. "Nope, never mind, I'll be good."

"Better be. I'm off to go find the person behind all this." And then she was gone.

Left alone to figure out what to do next, Boruto huffed and considered his next course of action. Unsealing the flight board given to him from Cammy, he supposed he could hunt around for Tony. Taking to the sky and extending his senses, he realized he didn't really need to as he watched two suits of armor come together and crash through the glass ceiling of another building not far away. "Well, that was easy." Best to go and see if he could help out.

Far away and sitting calmly in the front seat of a rapidly moving vehicle, Himawari sighed and considered what to do. This was supposed to be an easy job, yet here they were all split up and somehow in the middle of barely organized chaos. Were father's missions like this? "Are we far Ms. Romanoff?"

"No, and call me Natasha." Already in the middle of changing, Natasha's mind was focused on the mission. "Once we get there I'll infiltrate and locate the target, can you watch my back?"


"Absolutely." Both Happy and Himawari looked at each other before the younger girl shrugged and the older man frowned deeply, "You are not leaving the car."

"Apologies, but you can't stop me."

"I have both age and probably a hundred and fifty pounds on you. I think I can handle you."

Natasha smirked and shook her head at the distracted bodyguard, "Pretty sure she'll break your kneecaps if you try it." That would be fun to watch, but they didn't really have the time for it."

"You have to be joking." Happy's eyes turned up to the rear view mirror and caught a glimpse of the expanse of flesh there. Thusly he was not watching the road.

"Watch the road pervert." Himawari's voice saved them from ramming into the rear of a semi-truck.

"I've got it." Happy didn't believe it nor would he either as they soon pulled into the front entrance for Hammer Industry's main office. "I'll lead the way, stay in the car young lady."

Himawari was already out, following along besides Natasha, "You don't have the authority to order me around."

Rushing around the vehicle and ready to reach out and grab the slip of a girl, Happy and Natasha paused as a front kick obliterated the entrance, sending steel and glass inside with a wail of alarms. Himawari strode in without a care, while Natasha shrugged and followed along. "Wah?" Happy took a moment to reboot, considering that a child being able to destroy a good section of wall was not normal. Yet there was a guard heading their way, and he needed to protect them. "Got him!"

Natasha slipped by the first guard, letting Happy take him, "Sure thing."

Himawari noted the group of security guards pouring out from the hallway ahead of them. This would be some decent stress relief. She needed it. Eyes shining and noting the continued lack of chakra within any of these individuals, Himawari made short work of the dozen men coming before her. A juken strike to the knees of the first two had them writhing in pain on the floor as she slid between them. The next wielded a baton, which passed through empty space as she leapt up and over him. Another deceptively soft strike to the neck this time had him knocked out before he even hit the floor. Already forgetting about him, the next man received three strikes in quick succession to the hip, midchest and finally the shoulder to spin him around and disable him. He was then kicked into the group behind him, where Himawari was already making handseals. "Genjutsu: Hell's viewing technique." Watching the four men scream and foam at the mouths, a small smirk formed on her lips as they sank to the floor and fell unconscious. Someone attempted to sneak up behind her, and she turned to deal with them.

Which turned out to be unneeded as Natasha was there, a stun disk launched and stuck to the last guard's neck with ease. He was down in convulsions and little else. "Well, Fury wasn't kidding. You're kinda scary."

"I'm sure we'll get along just fine Romanoff-san." Himawari smiled brightly and bounced once on her toes. She was feeling a little better at least.

"Uh huh." Natasha looked around at the carnage left in the girl's wake and shrugged. "Com'on, let's keep going."

"On it." Both women left, turning the corner and laying waste to the remaining security guards in their way.

Behind them Happy gave a final uppercut to the tougher than he expected front guard. Watching the man flop to the ground unconscious, Happy mentally patted himself on the back for a job well done. "I got him!" Turning and expecting to find the girls waiting for him, he was instead met with a hallway full of men moaning and writhing on the floor. Stuck and confused, Happy decided things were getting a little too weird for his liking.


Tony sighed and finally sank down to the mossy ground beneath him. He and Rhodey had dropped rather hard into what looked like a japanese botanical garden. Nice, cozy, not what he wanted to find himself in at the moment. Next to him and still body of his friend was laid out while Jarvis worked on hacking into the reprogrammed suit. He had to thank Hammer later for making his night just that much harder.

Barely even twitching, Tony's attention was diverted by another body dropping down in front of him. "I thought I told you to watch Pepper?"

Boruto shrugged as a Rasengan powered up in his hand, this one swirling with liquid fire, "Himawari and Cammy are handling that. I've been assigned with robot cleanup."

Tony held up a hand quickly, "Whoa whoa, this one has my best friend in there."

Rhode's voice chimed in from inside the immobilized suit, "Aw thanks Tony, means a lot." The sarcasm was thick in his voice.

Boruto shrugged, letting go of the technique and looking around at their surroundings. Not quite home, but it was loads better than Tony's place. "Think you can do something like this at your place? You need a touch of nature."

"I'll think about it." Tony sighed and relaxed back. He wasn't going to question how the kid took care of all of Hammer's drones and instead just be thankful that one threat was taken care of.

"I hate to interrupt but I thought you might like to know you have your friend back." Natasha's voice rung out in Tony's and Rhode's suits, a smile on her face as she smiled into the camera before her.

Tony did in fact nod, "You have no idea how good that makes me feel. Rhodey, get up, time to work."

Faceplate opening up, Rhodes was quick to complain, "That's it, you can have your suit back."

"Oh you're fine. This is nothing compared to the week I've had. I was literally dying."

"You were dying!?" Pepper's voice broke out over the line, causing everyone on the radio to pause."

Rhodes delighting in the panic on Tony's face, "Oh, this'll be good."

Tony tried to work through all the scenarios he had built up in his head, "Well uh, dying might be a strong word. But I'm good now. All better."

"But you were dying! As in you didn't tell me something majorly important like that?"

"Uh, now's not the time for this, we can circle back and-"

"Nows not the time? When is the time with you? You'll just make more excuses and-"

"I'm trying to survive a Hammeroid attack here. I promise, we'll talk about this when I get back."

There was silence between them all for a long moment, before Pepper finally sighed and nodded, "You promise?"

"Scouts honor."

"Oh you were never a scout. And you better explain why there are more kids now!"

"It's not like that!"

"There's another cute girl here! You look like a pervert!"

Rhodes held up a finger, "Did we forget about the drones?"

"Shut up!" Both Tony's and Pepper's voice rang out, force Rhodes to take a few steps back while holding his hands up in surrender."

Boruto chuckled from next to him, "I sure hope I don't turn out like that when I get older."

Rhodes looked down on the kid, trying to decide why a teenager was here at all, "There's a story behind you being here, isn't there?"

"It's a good one, that's for sure."

Tony sighed and finally turned back to his friend and the kid, "I gotta go Pepper, we'll talk later."

"We better!" The line cut off, and the three were left alone in the clearing.

Finally got a good look at the other addition to their group, Rhodes had a lot to say "I didn't want to say anything before, or really have the time too, but why is there a kid here?"

Tony shrugged and helped his friend up, "That kid will rip you out of that armor if I ask him to, be nice."

Boruto smirked and twirled a kunai around a finger, "Or don't, I don't mind."

"Be nice Twerp."

"Make me old man."

Tony rolled his eyes as he gave Rhodes a once over, "Gotta admit, all the bells and whistles, it's…something."

Rhodes put his hands on his hips, "It's called being a badass, you could learn a thing or two."

"It's called overcompensation, subtle is good."

"You and subtle don't go in the same sentence."

Boruto cleared his throat loudly, "Uh, not to interrupt the old ladies, but shouldn't we be getting back?"

Tony's eyes flicked to his heads up display and thus his radar where several blips were closing in. "Nope, we've got incoming, we need to prepare."

Rhodes pointed directly at the short blonde in their midst. "That means you need to beat it."

"Oh don't you worry, I'll show you what I can do."

Tony considered heading this off, and instead decided to trust the kid that apparently could travel between worlds. "Actually, good idea. Stay hidden, if it looks like we need a hand, step in."

Boruto paused, turning calculating eyes on the brown haired inventor. He wasn't technically supposed to take orders from him, at all, but he did trust the older man. A least, a little bit. "Fiiine, I'll stick to the shadows, I'll be the trump card." And then he was gone, leaves kicked up in his wake after a quick shunshin.

Rhodes pointed at where the kid used to be, "Should I be concerned about that. Cause I have so many questions."

Tony chuckled, "He's a ninja."

"I have even more questions now."

Both men paused in their bickering as drones began to drop all around them. On the bridge settled over the fake river. On the loamy banks of grass and moss. One crashed through one of the smaller trees, but there were barely a dozen here, maintaining that Boruto had made short work of most of the reinforcements that had been left behind. Tony and Rhodes exchanged looks, before both of their faceplates dropped back into place with a snap.

Stark rocketed forward, a repulsor blast blowing a hole through the chest through one of the marine drone variants and sending it crashing back into the dirt. Next as he landed in front of another heavily laden missile variant, a first came up to knock the next drone's head off almost in one shot. Still hanging on by a thread, a hand came around to try and grasp Tony by the head, only for a chest blast to tear it's arm off at the shoulder. Tony pulled it around by the remaining arm, pulling it into the line of fire from the remaining drone before him. Weapon fire finally put it down for good, before a half group of mini missiles was launched from his shoulder. The last drone on his side was blown apart with ease, and Stark was already turning to assist Rhodes if necessary.

Rhodes had just as easy of a time of it, machine gun on his right arm nearly sawing one of the drones in half as his armor was bathed in oil and grease. The multi-barrel mini-gun on his back riddled an approaching drone with holes, never giving it the time to bring its own weapon to bare, thus sparing him the effort of taking it down him. The last drone stepped over its fallen brethren, arms coming down to grab him. Bringing all of his guns to bare, Rhodes chewed the offending machine to bit within seconds, leaving it a steaming pile of wreckage on the ground as he huffed and turned to find Tony. Seeing the inventor had as well made short work of his attackers, Rhodes motioned around himself.

"Told you, badass."

Tony sighed and shrugged, "Messy is the word I would use."

Natasha's voice perked up in their ears, "Tony you've got another signal inbound, lot stronger than all the others."

"Most likely Vanko then. Finally." Tony would soon be proven correct, another larger suit crashing down through the glass roof to land in the soft earth before them. The faceplate opened up, providing them the view of the previously thought dead Russian inventor in all his smug glory.

"I told you, we'd meet again Tony."

"Gotta say buddy." Tony eyed up the black on black suit with some concern, "I'd really rather talk this out."

"Heh, that time has long past. Time to put you down for good I think." Both of Vanko's arms came up, before a quick thrust down released arc whips from both forearms. Arcing electricity and crackling with power, Vanko closed his faceplate with a final grin. "You deserve this, Tony."

Tony powered up all of his repulsors, "This could have gone a lot better Vanko!" He was forced to pause as Rhodes put a hand up in front of him. "What?"

"Forget it, I'm gonna bust his ass with the ex-wife." Rhodes toggled the specially made bunker missile at his shoulder, priming its firing sequence and waiting for the small rocket engine to start up. "Get back."

They all watched the small missile take off, flying straight and true to finally thunk harmlessly against Vanko's chest. It finally fell to the ground, sparking and sputtering with a pathetic whine that lef the clearing once more quiet short of the electrical arcs of Vanko's weapons.

"Hammer Tech?"

"Uh, yeah."

"American made, not so good." Vanko's laugh grated on their nerves, and Tony finally had enough.

"Yup, time to go!" Racing forward and avoiding a whip swung his way, Tony noted one of his repulsor blasts glanced off of the heavy armor of the larger suit. A backhand knocked him away to tumble through the dirt.

Rhodes followed up, sprinting towards the opposite side and opening fire with every weapon he had. Vanko's armor was a lot tougher than he expected, and a whip came around to catch the barrels of his minigun. Damaged and out of commission, he continued on with his assault, until another strike from a whip caught him in the chest to toss him away.

Tony was already up and priming his main weapon, until a whip caught him around the neck. "Well, this is less than ideal."

Vanko could feel victory within his grasp, grinning inside his suit as he captured first the red and gold Tony Stark and then the black and grey Rhodes, "I will peel you from that armor like fruit."

"Okay, I think this is good for me to step in now!" Jumping out from the trees, Boruto arced above them with a massive Rasengan held above his head, arcing lighting as it went. "Taste lightning!" With a heave, he threw his technique while maintaining control with a chakra string. A light application of wind chakra allowed him to boost himself away from the soon to occur conflagration of light and heat.

Front row seat to the chaos, Tony and Rhodes road out the sudden dome of destruction that engulfed Vanko. Several bolts of high voltage electricity dug furrows into the ground, a scream echoed out before nearly as suddenly as it began, the dome dissipated and left the charred and smoking remains of Vanko and his armor to collapse to the ground with a crash.

Boruto alighted upon the ground next to Tony with a huff, nose held high as he put his hands on his hips, "And that's the end of that. I'm awesome, you can praise me now."

Stuck looking between the crater that was once Vanko and then the boy with supernatural powers, Tony couldn't stop the chuckle that left his throat. A chuckle that turned into a full throated laugh as he pulled the remnants of the arc whip from around his neck. "Ooooh, I can't wait to meet your father."

Rhodes slumped but refused to look away from the smoking corpse, "This isn't normal right? Like, this is new isn't it?"

Tony nodded along, "Yup, I'm just trying to ignore the weirdness."

Boruto shrugged but kept his senses up and alert, "Remember old man, you invited us to stay with you."

"Don't make me regret that."

Rhodes couldn't process that, and decided it was time to return to base, "I think…I'm taking my leave. My weird shit-o-meter has officially pegged out."

Boruto gave him a level work, "Isn't that Tony's suit?"

"Was." And then Rhodes was gone, leaving Tony and Boruto alone in the garden.

Sighing heavily, Tony readied himself to go and find Pepper. "Time to face the music."

Pulling free another sealing scroll, Boruto walked around the garden to seal away all of the broken drones and finally Vanko himself. "You've really got it bad for this Pepper lady, huh?"

"She's, important to me." He could admit that easily enough.

Boruto figured it was a lot more than that. "Whatever you say old man." Well, at least this hadn't turned out to be completely boring. Plus, now he had more stuff to play with!


I might run this one like OG LoN. Start slow, making minor changes and eventually go off the canon rails depending on how far I go. Or until motivation burns me out. Time will tell.