Prologue: Summer Recap

Hi my name is Naruto Namikaze.

Or actually I'm a clone of the original made real.

Which was a whole ordeal in itself.

Me and my girlfriend Will Vandom, also a clone of the original made real, came into this version of Earth from another dimension to live out our new lives.

But got one hell of a surprise.

Mainly my parents Kushina and Minato being in this world too.

I have no idea why they were here, only that I had a message from someone who said,

I figured you would like this new life with your parents in it. Enjoy Naruto. Signed, P.

I didn't know who P was or how they knew about me, Will, and my parents, but I was entirely grateful for the chance to live a life with my parents.

Especially with Kurama in the mix as me and Will found out he was cloned off of the original as well.

Though he did get turned into a regular fox, at least he could still talk.

I just wish I didn't have to grow up again.

Oh yeah I should probably mention this.

When me and Will came to this dimension we were de-age to that of three year olds.

Embarrassing, but honestly not the worst thing that could've happened.

Though for some reason we all lost our ability to use chakra and magic.

We could still use seals though, so that's a plus.

As the years went by we got really close with a family known as the Tennysons.

There was Max, a pretty cool down to earth old man.

His son Frank, a businessman who loves his family very much.

Frank's wife Natalie, a well mannered housewife that has a mischievous side to her.

And Gwen, Frank and Natalie's daughter, a girl whose kind of a stickler for rules but is very smart and someone not to be messed with.

As the parents and Max became good friends so did me, Will, and Gwen.

Though there are cases where Will and Gwen argue a lot of the time.

They're like water and oil.

But I know the two care for each other like sisters. Even if they don't admit it.

All I can say is that I lived a pretty good life here in this dimension.

At least until that fateful summer.

Me, Will, and Gwen went on a camping trip with Max to see the world on summer vacation that our parents approved of.

And it started out pretty normal.

Well except for Max feeding us marinated meal worms and smoked sheep tongues.

Luckily I have some experience eating bugs from Shima's cooking from that time I trained in sage mode on Mount Myoboku. Didn't make it any better though.

I mean seriously, "This summer's going to be an adventure for your tastebuds."? More like an adventure for our nightmares.

After that whole ordeal I went walking through the forest enjoying the sounds of nature.

Until something shot out of the sky and headed towards me.

When it crashed I investigated to see what it was.

However a watch in a pod was not one of them.

Even more when it shot out and clamped itself on to my wrist.

After trying(And failing) to get it off I was curious on what it was and it could do.

But never did I expect it to turn me into a real life alien!

I turned into a fire alien that could shoot out fire and I thought it was cool.

At least until I accidently started a forest fire.

After accidently scaring Will and Gwen, we were able to figure out how to put out the fire and plan our next move with me being turned into a alien.

Thankfully it had a countdown and I turned back to normal.

Afterwards we found out that the watch allowed me to turn into ten different aliens. Each with a different set of powers.

When suddenly we heard a report about the camping ground being attacked by robots.

Naturally being who I am I rushed in to help, turning into a alien that controls crystals, and destroyed the robots saving the people.

After that I decided I would become a hero using my ten alien forms to help others and those in need.

And it was pretty awesome.

Dealing with criminals, fellow aliens, magicians, knowing I was doing good for the right reason, and grateful knowing I had the others backing me up.

I was during that time we found out the watch was called the Omnitrix, the most powerful device in the universe.

Hearing that made me realize how important the thing on my wrist was.

Especially when I meet him.

The intergalactic alien warlord and conqueror, Vilgax.

Apparently he wanted the Omnitrix to rule over the universe using the aliens in the watch as a endless army to make everyone bow down to him.

Naturally I wasn't going to let that happen.

The battle was hard and tough but I was able to send Vilgax packing.

Did I mention I found out that Max use to be a alien police officer called a Plumber?

No? Well it was pretty wild finding that out.

As the summer went by we dealt with more aliens and criminals.

While also finding out the Omnitrix held more aliens inside of it, meaning more powers for me to use for hero work.

Though there was a mishap were one of my alien transformation Ghostfreak went rogue and I had to destroy him.

And that's when something horrible happened.

Vilgax came back.

Along with another enemy of mine.


A person who can absorbs energy from anyone and thing. Someone I had the displeasure of meeting who I thought was someone I could connect with.

But it turns out he misused his powers to benefit himself and to hurt others putting people in danger.

It didn't help that he had all my powers and even used them to frame me.

At least until he became a combination of my alien forms and himself.

Something he blamed me for.

I would've has serious trouble facing both Vilgax and Kevin if I hadn't unlocked master control of the Omnitrix that allowed me to handle my arch enemies.

Plus with help from Max to trap them in the Null Void.

After that things went back to normal.

That is until me, Will, and Gwen went into the future.

Where we found out I became a national hero called Naruto 10,000.

Apparently I would have access to 10,000 aliens in the future.

Pretty cool.

Until I found out the future me was an asshole who took his heroing WAY too seriously.

I mean blowing off my friends and family? Even Will? I couldn't believe what I would turn into.

Luckily we were able to give my future self a much needed attitude adjustment.

From there we kept doing our summer of butt kicking.

Though there was some interesting things that happened to say the least.

Like being hypnotized by a midget.

Dealing with Charmcaster and having me and Gwen swap bodies, though that was before she swapped with Gwen earlier.

On the brightside Will and Gwen got her spell book meaning they would learn some magic which made Will very happy.

Actually saving Christmas with me being a stand-in reindeer, Will and Gwen being elf helpers, and even Max being Santa Claus.

Fighting a alien werewolf.

Though I did gain a small crush on someone named Kai Green, but it was short-lived as she liked my alien werewolf form better and wanted me to actually be her pet dog.

Will and Gwen didn't take too kindly to that which I was grateful for.

Especially when they double-punched her in the face.

Then I had to deal with someone ripping off my alien heroes into a stupid show that made them look SO lame.

Next we had to fight a alien mummy.

And I was thinking at this point I would probably have to fight a alien frakenstein.

Which turns out I did, while also dealing with a resurrected Ghostfreak.

After that we meet an old flame of Max's Xylene, who sent the Omnitrix to earth so that Max could wield it, but it went a little off course and I found it.

Thinking back on it, even though I did a good job having the Omnitrix, that made sense to give it to Max.

Y'know with him being famous Plumber and all.

But I managed to win her over and she let me keep the watch.

And not to sound weird, but I kind of see where Max was coming from in liking her.

Things were quite for awhile.

Til we had to deal with Dr Animo who tried to set off a animal mutant dna bomb.

But I stopped him in time.

Though afterwards we noticed something weird was going on with the Omnitrix as it was slowly turning orange.

At first I thought it was alright being that orange is my favorite color and all.

Until we got a surprise visit from Tetrax and we found out what was wrong with the Omnitrix.

It was set to self destruct. And it would destroy the Omnitrix, along with who was wearing it.

Aka me.

And so Tetrax took me on his ship to find Azmuth, the creator of the Omnitrix, to shut down the self destruct.

Of course I later found out that Will and Gwen stowed away to help me. And honestly I didn't mind as I knew I would need the help.

Though there was the unfortunate news that I might lose the Omnitrix once the self destruct was deactivated.

Now don't get me wrong, I love having the Omnitrix and turning into aliens being a hero.

But it was also a chance for me to have a normal life again.

Besides as Max showed me you don't need to turn into aliens to be a hero.

Anway we followed the dna signature of Azmuth to Incarcecon a prison planet that held the worst of the worst.

Only we didn't find Azmuth.

It was his former assistant, Myaxx.

Who just so happened to be the same species at Vilgax.

It honestly gave me mixed feeling, but I wasn't shallow enough to judge a whole species just because I had beef with Vilgax.

It was then he found out the worst part of the self destruct.

When the Omnitrix detonated it would generate a blast powerful enough to destroy the entire universe.

Really? The whole universe? WASN'T THAT A BIT EXTREME?!

But the bad news didn't stop there, Vilgax, he somehow got out of the Null Void and was chasing me to get the Omnitrix as usual.

Say what you will about the guy, but his persistence is admirable.

Not that I would ever tell him that of course.

After a space battle and losing Gluto who sacrificed himself to save Will and Gwen we landed on the planet Xenon and headed towards Azmuth.

It was there we saw how he let the place go as there were vines everywhere, only we later find out they weren't vines, but endless barrage of wild Florauna aka Wildvine's species.

They outnumbered us and kept on coming.

After saving Gwen from one I was blinded by one of the Florauna who almost captured me.

But it didn't.

Reason being...

Cause Will jumped in it's path and got caught instead.

Seeing Will in danger I threw caution to the wind and activated the Omnitrix to turn into Four Arms despite Myaxx warning me about the countdown.

But I didn't care, I needed to save Will.

I ripped the Florauna to shreds heading towards Will to save her.

But there was too much.

And I lost Will making the Florauna leave us alone.

Naturally I was devasted.

I tried to open the hatch doing everything I could to open it thinking there was still time.

But Tetrax stopped me saying the Florauna wouldn't stop until they had one of us.

I didn't take it very well.

I was so enraged, so angry, that I demolished a part of the wall screaming how it should've been me over and over again as I turned back into my human form.

I... honestly didn't know if I could go on without Will.

Thankfully Gwen was there for me in my time of need. And I couldn't have been more grateful to her than I was now.

After that we left the area on our hoverboards to continue to find Azmuth.

It was then that Tetrax told me and Gwen about his past.

How he didn't care for anyone and was a bounty hunter for hire.

To him it didn't matter if they were pure evil or not as long as they payed well.

It was then his bounty hunter life lead him to Vilgax who needed something for a plan of his.

The plan was for Vilgax to invade Tetrax's home planet.

When they didn't surrender Vilgax destroyed it to make an example of them for those who defied him.

Naturally Tetrax was horrified at what he did.

And it was there he swore to never let Vilgax get his claws on another powerful weapon ever again.

The story inspired me and Gwen to get the self destruct to be taken down.

So that Will and Gluto's sacrifices weren't in vain.

It was then we came to a door that Azmuth was behind as he saw us through his camera and showed us what he looked like through a holographic projector.

He knew why we were here and what we wanted.

So it came a shock to us when he didn't want to help.

I felt angry and told him how Will gave her life for the Omnitrix to be turned off.

And then Azmuth had the audacity to say it wasn't his concern.

It was then I finally snapped.

One thing you need to learn about me is that I'm a very chill and forgiving person.

But when I go over the edge, even my friends and loved one are afraid of me.

Such was the case with Gwen, Tetrax, and Myaxx as I went ballistic turning into Cannonbolt and rammed through the door in a fit of rage.

Azmuth then mocked me saying I wasn't a hero and sped up the countdown.

But I wasn't in a listening mood. I wanted blood.

And luckily I had a volunteer.

I took down Azmuth with a fastball special making him pay for the things he said.

When it was all said and done Myaxx said how she never wanted to piss me off and get me that mad.

Something I'm sure Gwen and Tetrax agreed on.

It was then we found out that Azmuth was really a Galvan, Grey Matter's species.

Thinking about it, it didn't really surprise me as it should've.

Maybe because I knew how smart Grey Matter was and how he could create anything out of regular appliances.

As I turned back to normal Tetrax demanded that Azmuth stop the countdown.

But Azmuth states that the universe being destroyed is the best thing that could happen given his apparent inability to see the good in people, revealing that the Omnitrix was intended to be a device for understanding all the beings of the universe, and people like me and Vilgax have caused it to be perceived as a weapon.

Gwen didn't like the assume prejudice he had towards me and went off on Azmuth.

How I never misused the Omnitrix and always used it for good and to help others because it was the right thing to do.

I followed up on saying how if I lost the Omnitrix I wouldn't have cared as I could still be a hero and do good without it.

I always put the needs of other before myself, while it may be a flaw of mine, it helped make me who I am as I never thought about my needs first.

I even asked how Azmuth must have someone in the universe that he cared about that was important to him.

I however wasn't expecting to see a sorrow look on Azmuth's face when I said that.

Meaning he did have someone he cared about. And judging by his face, he cared about them a lot.

Before anything else could be said the base got under attacked.

By of course Vilgax.

The guy seriously didn't know when to quit.

We all charged outside to face his forces and it started out rough, but we were able to turn it in our favor.

Manly because of two extra helpers.

Being Will and Gluto.

I was overcome with happiness and relief seeing Will I couldn't help but cry.

Of course I kissed the living daylights out of Will that left her speechless and a blushing mess.

It made Gwen laugh, but I swore I saw her look in envy.

Will explained how she survived as Gluto came back from the smallest of parts that was on her saving her from the Florauna.

After that we layed the smackdown of Vilgax's forces.

But we were slowly getting overwhelmed.

Then in a insane move I removed the energy burst deflection device that was on the Omnitrix and it released a massive shockwave that shut down majority of Vilgax's army.

So that was a plus.

Even more when Azmuth decided to remove the Omnitrix core turning it off.

It made me glad that I wasn't in danger of blowing up anymore.

And when Azmuth put it back, I was ready to kick alien ass.

It was then Azmuth gave me a big surprise.

And I so mean BIG.

As in I got a new alien transformation that turned me into a GIANT alien the size of a very tall building.

With it I made quick work of the rest of our enemies and sent Vilgax flying.

Saying our goodbyes to Azmuth and Myaxx(As the former let me keep the Omnitrix as he thought it was nothing but trouble but knew it was in good hands with me and the latter felt working with Azmuth again was better than being in prison.) we made it back home to Max and everything went back to normal.

Well at least normal for us.

Though we did attend a wedding as I was the ring bear and Gwen was the flower girl, and it was pretty alright.

Well except for the bride's family being aliens and not on board of the wedding, but that was just a minor ordeal.

Then we had to deal an old Plumber Max knew, Driscoll who wanted something called sub-energy to make himself a powerful overlord or something. He even made a mercenary group of old foes we defeated to destroy me and the gang.

Calling themselves, The Negative 10.

Ugh, so uncreative.

After that we was nearing the end of our summer vacation and had to get ready for school.

But not before we had to deal with Vilgax one more time.

Only it led to my secret being exposed to the people of Bellwood.

Luckily Max has something that wiped everyone's memory so that was taken care of.

Though Mom and Dad were pretty proud of all the things me, Will, and Gwen did during the summer.

Kurama on the other hand was mad at the adventure we had and didn't talk to me or Will for a week.

As time passed there wasn't really a need for me to use the Omnitrix lately, so it was decided by Max that we got it off me.

Which let me tell you the whole process was annoying as hell.

Luckily, I was still able to hold on to it in case it was needed again.

Though I did get some Plumber training from Max and the academy he enrolled me in. So that was fun.

And even though I'm not using the Omnitrix to beat some bad guy butt, somehow something tells me I will in the future.

But for now, I'll just chill with my family, Will, and my friends and just enjoy some level of normalcy.

My name is Naruto Namikaze.

And I'll be seeing you guys next time.

See ya.