Chapter 1: Back in Action

In a city known as Bellwood we come to soccer ball field where everyone was leaving after a game has been played, near a bike rack were two people getting ready to leave.

The first person was a lightly tan skinned 15 year old young man having spiky blonde hair that had a black headband tied to it as the tails were touching his back with blue eyes and whisker marks on his cheeks, a lean muscle build, wearing a black sleeveless shirt that had a red fox face on it with a custom made burnt orange jacket over it, brown pants with extra pockets, and black combat boots. This was Naruto Namikaze.

The second person peach skinned 15 year old young woman having short bob-cut bright red hair with brown eyes and a lean curvy figure with D-cup breasts wearing a green turtleneck, blue pants, and brown boots. This was Will Vandom.

"Nice game, babe. Totally earned that mvp medal." Will grinned.

"Please Will, it was a team effort." Naruto shrugged smiling.

"Well I think you played your part well." Naruto and Will turned their heads to see a 15 young woman walking up to them, she was fair skinned having short black hair with brown eyes having a nice figure with D-cup breasts wearing a black shirt with a pink hoodie over it, a white skirt, and white shoes.

"Thanks. But I'm not one to brag. Naruto Namikaze." Naruto said bringing his hand out for a shake.

"Julie Yamamoto. And I know who you are, your name certainly gets around with the rumors people say about you." Julie said shaking Naruto's hand.

"What kind of rumors?" Naruto asked.

"Like how you got a big heart, you defend any people who's done wrong, and how you have girls flock towards you." Julie said.

"That last one is a bit of a stretch." Naruto laughed nervously rubbing the back of his head.

"Don't listen to him. He's just being modest. Hi, Will Vandom, Naruto's girlfriend." Will said introduced.

"Nice to meet you." Julie nodded.

"Anyway, we need to go. Going to see a special friend we haven't seen in a while." Naruto said pulling out his skateboard.

"Ok, well I hope to see you guys around." Julie smiled.

"Count on it." Naruto smiled back before taking off.

"Just to let you know, he's allowed to have multiple girlfriends as long as they have my approval." Will whispered in Julie's ear smirking.

"Does that mean I have your approval?" Julie grinned.

"Oh, big time. I'll try to set up a date between you and Naruto."

"Much appreciate it."

"No prob."

Will and Julie fist bumped as the former took off after Naruto on a bike while the latter watched them go feeling excited that she was given a chance to be with the most popular and well-liked person in school.

Naruto and Will made their way to a trailer park were they came up to Max's RV known as the Rust Bucket.

"Hey Max! It's Will and Naruto!" Will shouted but got no response.

"Gramps, you home?" Naruto said as he knocked on the RV door. "It's cold." He said as Max's RV was off. He looks inside and saw it untouched for awhile. "It seems like it's been empty for some time."

Will reached down and picked up a rock before turning it over to show a key before she took it out to open the door to the rustbucket as the duo walked inside. "Max?" She called out seeing the place had looked like it had been searched.

"Everything is all over the place." Naruto said before feeling something behind him and saw a human squid like creature.

"Whoa!" Will exclaimed as the creature pounced on them.

"Hyah!" Naruto said as backhanded the creature knocking it to the front of the RV before fly kicking it out of the front window of the RV and heard it scream in pain before leaving.

"Not bad." Will said impressed.

"I try my best." Naruto said relaxing his body. "What was that, though? Some kind of squid vampire?"

"Beats me." Will said before putting his hands on her head as her eyes glowed blue before turning to normal. "From what I can tell nothing was stolen."

"But it was looking for something." Naruto said as he then went to the front of the RV and flipped some switches and soon one of the many secret compartments opened up. Both Naruto and Will saw a circular object and the former grabbed it and when he did a hologram of Max Tennyson showed up.

Max Tennyson was a slightly overweight man in his 60's with peach skin having short grey hair with back eyes wearing a white shirt covered by a red buttoned-up Hawaiian shirt with a floral design, blue pants, and brown shoes.

"Hello Naruto. I left this recording where I knew only you could find it. I'm in a bit of a situation, but it's nothing I can't handle. Nothing for you to worry about. There's new alien activity on earth that I'm investigating. Oh! And don't worry about the Omnitrix, I have it and it's completely safe. Say hello to Will and Gwen for me, would ya? Max out."

"He's got the Omnitrix?" Will blinked in confusion before looking at Naruto. "But you have it. It's been in your saving place ever since we removed it from you."

"The old man is obviously sending me a message." Naruto frowned.

"You don't think...?" Will started off.

"If it is, then it means it's time to come out of retirement and get the team back together." Naruto said before looking at Will. "If you don't want to, I'll understand."

"Yeah right. You're not leaving me out of this, babe. We're sticking together." Will grinned.

"Then let's head home to get our stuff. Then we'll go get Gwen." Naruto smirked.

"Gotcha." Will nodded as she and Naruto left the RV and headed home, not knowing someone was watching them.

At Naruto's home

Naruto and Will ran inside his house making a large male red fox that was laying in the living room together perk up.

"Naruto, Will, what have I said about running in the house?" Said a peach skinned woman having long red hair with purple eyes wearing a red shirt with a black dress over it and grey shoes as she was in the kitchen washing the dishes. This was Kushina Namikaze.

"Sorry Mom!" Naruto said.

"We're kind of in a rush!" Will said.

"Wonder what's got them all jumpy." Said a peach skinned man having spiky blonde hair that had bangs framing his face with blue eyes wearing a blue long sleeved shirt, grey pants, and white goes. This was Minato Namikaze.

"Who knows. They're always doing something." Kushina said.

"We still on for date night?" Minato grinned.

"You know it." Kushina smirked.

They chuckled before sharing a quick kiss.

Naruto and Will went in his room and into the closet that had a chest in with a digital lock. Putting in the code Naruto then opened the chest and moved through his secret stash of ramen cups and picked up the Omnitrix that was inside. Feeling something nudge him he turned his head to see the fox beside him. "Hey bud." Naruto said rubbing his head making him growl in enjoyment.

"I take it something is happening for you to pull out the Omnitrix?" The fox said.

"Yep. Want to come along, Kurama?" Will grinned.

"You know it." Kurama grinned.

"Then let's jet!" Naruto said as they went and took off. The group both made it to a gym where they walked inside seeing a karate class going on that was just finishing up.

It was there they saw Gwen Tennyson bowing to her teacher.

She was a peach skinned 15 year old young woman having long orange hair that reached her waist with green eyes having a figure of D-cup breasts wearing a karate gi.

"How's my favorite redhead beside my mother and Will?" Naruto said getting Gwen attention as she sees him, Will, and Kurama.

"Sup, 'sis'." Will said.

"Naruto, Will." Gwen smiled going up to them and giving them each a hug before rubbing Kurama's head. "Still undefeated. What brings you guys here?"

"We got a situation." Will frowned.

"What kind of situation?" Gwen raised an eyebrow.

"This kind." Naruto bringing up the Omnitrix.

"Oh no..." Gwen frowned. "Let me change."

After an hour Naruto, Will, and Gwen were sitting on the bleachers while Kurama was laying down as the two duo were explaining the situation to Gwen. Gwen was in her clothes that consisted of a white shirt under a dark blue sweater, black tights under a black miniskirt, and black high heels.

"So, you think Grandpa Max is telling you he needs help?" Gwen said.

"He has to be. Otherwise, he would've never said that in his message. Subtlety was never his strong suit." Naruto said.

"He's got a point." Will agreed.

"But remember how much trouble it was to get it off last time? You put that back on you can kiss normal life goodbye." Gwen said.

"Gwen our lives were never normal. Especially after that summer." Will reminded her making Gwen knock her head as forgetting that.

"Besides, if Max is in trouble then I'm going to help him. He's like my own grandpa to me." Naruto said.

"If that's the case then I'm with you, like Will." Gwen said before smirking and jabbing her thumb at Will. "Besides someone has to make sure Will doesn't make you do stupid things like she did when we were kids."

"Hey!" Will pouted as Naruto chuckled.

"Thanks, Both of you. It's nice to know I got some backup." He smiled before looking at the Omnitrix. "Guess it's time for the Omnitrix to get back to business."

"The Omnitrix isn't yours!" The group of teen and Kurama looked to see a man in a trenchcoat and hat walk in. "Give it to me, now."

"Or what?" Naruto challenge as he and his gang got up ready for a fight.

"Or this!" The man grabbed his face pulling it off showing a walking fish-man in a white spacesuit that had a glass helmet over his head.

"Not the weirdest thing we've seen." Gwen blinked.

"But still creepy." Will commented.

"I won't ask again. Hand over the Omnitrix or I will use force." The fish-man said pulling out a blaster and shot at Naruto's feet in warning.

"Please. Will, Gwen, if you two wouldn't mind?" Naruto smirked snapping his fingers.

"Gladly." Will and Gwen grinned as their hands glowed blue and purple as they fired streams of energy at the fish-man restraining him in energy wrappings.

"Not bad. You've been improving." Naruto said looking at them.

"Thanks! He was talking to me! No he wasn't! Stop copying me!" Will and Gwen argued playfully.

"They act more like twin siblings than anything else." Naruto chuckled before turning to the fish-man. "Now if you don't mind, I'd like some answers. Like who you are and why you were following us?"

"Who I am kid is Magister Labrid, a deputized Plumber. An intergalactic enforcement officer. As for why I'm following you, it's to take back the Omnitrix. It's a very powerful device that shouldn't be in the hands of some kids and a fox." The fish-man known as Labrid said.

"Okay, first of all we're 15 soon to be 16 and be young adults." Will retorted.

"Second, we know about the Plumbers. My Grandpa Max was once one." Gwen frowned.

"And third, I know about the Omnitrix as I wielded in when I was 10. So I know how powerful it really is. Also, Kurama isn't just some fox, he's one of a kind." Naruto said rubbing Kurama's head making him growl happily.

"Damn right I am." Kurama snarked.

"Grandpa Max? Wielded the Omnitrix since 10? Then you must be his grandchild Gwen Tennyson, the magic girl prodigy Will Vandom, and the legendary Naruto Namikaze, the rising star of the plumber academy." Labrid blinked in surprise.

"Yeah, that would be us." Naruto said.

"Sorry about that. I thought you was just some kid who found the Omnitrix in the Rust Bucket." Labrid said.

"You know Max?" Will asked.

"Yes. He was helping me on a case before he went missing. Maybe we if work together we can find him." Labrid offered.

Naruto nodded to Will and Gwen as they lowered him to the ground and made their magic wrappings disappear. Naruto looked at the Omnitrix in his hand in thought before steeling his resolve.

"Naruto, are you sure about this?" Gwen asked wanting to make sure this was what he wanted.

Naruto said nothing as he put the Omnitrix on his left wrist as it secured on it before turning to Gwen.

"I'm positive. Naruto Namikaze is back in action." He said strongly.

"Then let's move." Labrid said.

At an Abandoned Train Station

Naruto, Gwen, Will, Labrid, and Kurama were hiding behind crates as the Plumber informed them about the Forever Knights receiving a shipment of illegal alien tech from a tip from Max before going missing.

"I hope we don't have to wait long for this. Was never good at stakeouts." Will said.

"Maybe because you always felt the need to take action." Gwen quipped.

"Do not." Will denied.

"Kinda agree with Gwen here, babe." Naruto said getting a betrayed look from Will making Gwen giggle. Suddenly Kurama's stomach grumbled making him groan a little. "Oh, sorry bud. You hungry?"

"Yeah, I could go for a snack." Kurama huffed.

"Don't worry I got you." Naruto reached into his pocket and pulled out a blue cube with grey wired framing and a hole on top of it(Jimmy Neutron's Hypercube) and stuck his fingers inside to pull out a steak before tossing it at Kurama who ate it with gusto.

"Dude, what is that?" Will blinked.

"A Hypercube. An invention I made as Grey Matter to hold anything inside an infinite space." Naruto said.

"Anything? Even food, people, or large objects?" Gwen asked.

"Yep. The infinite space is made through alien tech and seal, it allows the food inside to be in suspention so it stays fresh forever. For people is does the same and even prevents them from going hungry or thirsty. I found that out after Dad got accidently sucked inside for the weekend while me, Will, and Mom were away. And for large objects it can hold something as large as a mansion." Naruto explained.

"When exactly did you make something like that?" Will wondered.

"I made it after Max had us eat that refried platypus intestines casserole. I wanted to keep emergency food on me after that experience." Naruto shuddering at the memory as Will and Gwen turned green putting their hands over their mouths to not throw up.

"Oh god, I remember that." Will gagged.

"I couldn't stop crying when I saw a platypus for two months." Gwen cried.

"Hmmm, that actually sounds good right now." Labrid said thoughtfully licking his lips as the meal sounded tasty.

Not seeing Naruto, Will, and Gwen look at him in disgust as Kurama finished eating the steak.

Suddenly they heard noises and two trucks come in on opposite sides as people came out, when they did a green and black 1976 muscle car also pulled in and someone came out of it.

It was a 16 year old pale skinned young man having black hair that went to his shoulders with dark brown eyes, tall and muscular build, wearing a tight black t-shirt over a grey long sleeve shirt, blue pants, and black combat boots.

"No way." Gwen gasped.

"Kevin." Will frowned.

"You know him?" Labrid asked the teens.

"Kevin Levin. He's got superpowers and I fought him alot when we were kids." Naruto said.

"He ended up in the Null Void. Surprised he got out." Gwen said.

"Well if the squid-faced shit Vilgax got out pretty sure there was nothing to stop Kevin from getting out too." Will huffed.

"He doesn't look so tough." Kurama said.

They all then saw Kevin demonstrate the weapons that were part of the deal, though that ended up setting Labrid off.

"That's level 5 technology! Earth is only a level 2!" Labrid growled leaving the group and going down. "Halt! By the authority of the Plumbers, you're all under arrest!"

"I guess stealth just went out the door." Kurama grumbled.

"And you say I'm nuts." Naruto said to Gwen.

"Yeah, but you're the cute kind of nuts." Gwen said.

"Oh really?" Will smirked.

"You think I'm cute?" Naruto asked grinning as Gwen blushed from embarrassment.

"Is now really the time for this? Since that Labrid guy is being surrounded by the Forever Knight and squid aliens." Kurama said seeing the people getting rid of their disguises and showing off who they are.

"Kurama's right." Gwen said.

"Well let's do this. Going hero!" Naruto said slapping down on the Omnitrix.

Only for nothing to happen.

"You didn't change." Will said.

"I think I'm getting some technical difficulties." Naruto said as he saw it turn blue.

"Bad time for a reboot." Gwen said.

"Just try to get it working before I beat them all down!" Kurama said competitively as he was engulfed in flames before charging in.

"Yeah right you're beating me!" Naruto said jumping into the fray.

"Will he be okay?" Gwen asked Will.

"This is Naruto, he can still kick ass even without going alien." Will said as she and Gwen leaped into action as the area became a battle zone.

Kurama was slashing away at Forever Knight while dodging their blasts, Will fired off light energy attacks at the squid aliens, Gwen was using her magic to block attacks while firing her own, Labrid was returning fire to keep the pressure off him, and Naruto was taking down both guys with marital arts and grappling maneuvers.

"Damn, more keep coming." Naruto frowned before turning to the Omnitrix to see it glowing. "Whoa" Naruto said as it changed from a wrist strap watch to an actual green watch "Ok, liking the upgrade." He smiled as he opened it and saw a green holograph of a new set of aliens. "Don't recognize these guys, but this one looks kind of cool." He said as he slapped down on the Omnitrix and transformed.

Naruto changed into a tall humanoid, plant-like alien that has an overall green and black colored body encrusted with muck, mostly with a red flame-patterned head and root-like feet, seemingly holding black rocks, his eyes are oval-shaped with points at each end with pupils copying the shape but are smaller, his shoulders and head have red petals and his elbows and legs have green frills sticking out with the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

"Whoa, what's that smell?" Naruto said smelling the air before himself as he smelled like methane and manure. "Is that me? Well, whatever." He said.

The squid aliens looked at him and charged.

"Okay new guy, let's see what you can do." Naruto said going by instinct and igniting his hands with flames and burning the aliens. "Wow, it's like a fusion of Wildvine, and Heatblast. I wonder..." He said as he threw his hands out shooting out seeds and roots grew out the ground and pound the Forever Knights. "Sweet! So this guy can control fire and plants, but has a nasty smell to him. I think I'll call this, Swampfire." Swampfire grinned at his new name. He then saw more enemies approaching and decided to get up and personal.

"Looks like Naruto got his suit on!" Kurama said seeing Naruto go alien jumping over a knight before whacking it away with his tail but then covered his nose. "But man does he reek!"

"I wouldn't be talking fuzzball! Since we always have to fight you to take a bath!" Will said drop-kicking an alien before knocking some away with wind.

"Bite me, Wilma!" Kurama snarked firing flames at his foes.

"What was that, fluffy?!" Will shouted.

"Guys time and place!" Gwen said knocking her enemies down with a wave of magic.

"Forgot how much fun it was going alien." Swampfire said punching away three knights.

"Yo, Namikaze!"

Swampfire turned around to see Kevin coming up to him. "What do you want, Levin?" He frowned.

"Well let's see you trapped me in the Null Void all these years and you ruined my deal today. I'm thinking of a little revenge." Kevin smirked.

"It's always revenge with you, Kevin. There are better ways to live your life." Swampfire retorted.

"Please, you were always jealous of my powers." Kevin scoffed.

"It wasn't the powers I had a problem with, it was your ego and how you put others in danger to benefit yourself." Swampfire said pointing at him.

"Yeah? Well check this out." Kevin kneeled down on the ground touching the rails as he absorbed the metal covering his whole body.

"Well, that's certainly new." Swampfire blinked.

"Time for payback!" Kevin said charging.

"Guess we're doing this!" Swampfire said charging as well.

The two punched each other in the face knocking each other back before Swampfire got his bearing together and leaped at Kevin before kicking him across the face then back-kicking him in the chest making him slide across the ground.

"We can stop this now, Kevin." Swampfire said.

"Never!" Kevin growled getting up and grabbing a large metal container before tossing it at Swampfire crushing him.

"Naruto!" Gwen shouted.

"He'll be fine! The knights are getting away with the weapons!" Will said as the Forever Knights were loading the level weapons in the trucks.

"We got our own problems with these guys!" Kurama said jumping back as the aliens were spitting out yellow goo at him to trap him.

Kevin that walked up to the container that crushed Swampfire.

"And that's what happens when you play with the big boys, Namikaze." He smirked.

Unaware that green and red roots grew from behind him and formed Swampfire who then threw his arm over Kevin's shoulder surprising him.

"What the?!" Kevin exclaimed.

"Hey~" Swampfire smirks suavely in a smooth way before blasting Kevin away with fire slamming into another container knocking him out. "Nighty night."

Minutes Later

"Care to tell us where the Forever Knights went?" Labrid asked Kevin curiously after he woke up, but not before he was subdued in energy cuffs.

"What's in it for me, fishstick?" Kevin asked.

"Kevin lots of people could get hurt by those things." Gwen said seriously.

"You and Namikaze ever got together to join that love group yet?" Kevin asked as he always figured they'd get together.

"He has zero clue where they are and went." Swampfire said as he turned back into Naruto as Kevin was just deflecting right now.

"Yeah, I got no clue, but I was legit asking, you two were like made for each other next to Will." Kevin said.

"Like you were for Turbine?" Naruto said as he was looking through Kevin's phone.

"And they say I'm a thief." Kevin said swiping his phone back. "But yeah, I totally hooked with her." He smirked.

"Impressive." Naruto said willing to admit and congratulate him.

"Didn't she try to rob us?" Gwen said as the woman looked familiar as the phone showed a fair skinned woman having long black hair reaching down to the center of her back with green eyes wearing a short white jacket with the ends tied under which she wears a black full sleeved shirt, torn-by-the-edges jean shorts, black boots, and green welding glasses.

"Who hasn't?" Will said laughing a little.

"Can we focus, we need to find those knights." Labrid said as he wanted to find the shipment.

"Do you have any of their guns? I think I can track them through it." Gwen asked curiously.

"Well, I have one that I was going to keep." Kevin said as he liked to keep a piece of good tech when he could. "Beside they left before I got paid. I'm more than happy to help to get back at them." He smirked.

"You never change." Naruto said shaking his head.

30 Minutes Later

"I still think I should drive." Labrid said with authority.

"Nobody drives my car but me." Kevin said to him leaving no room for discussion from the back with Gwen, Will, and Kurama as Naruto was in front with Kevin.

"Yeah, you never mess with a dude's car. It's like a number 1 rule in life." Naruto said.

"Someone gets it." Kevin smirked before looking at Kurama. "So, you got a fox for a pet, Naruto? That kind of explains alot about you."

"Well, I am sneaky and mischievous like one." Naruto grinned.

"Preach." Gwen giggled.

"And I'm not one's pet pal! I'm a free spirit!" Kurama said smugly.

"See if that attitude gets you a girlfriend." Will scoffed.

"Please you can't cage this fox! No girl will be worthy of my greatness!" Kurama bragged.

"So, you'll always be alone?" Will smirked.

"...Damn it." Kurama grumbled.

"We're here." Kevin said as they made it to the castle.

"What makes you say that?" Labrid asked.

"Just a hunch." Naruto deadpanned as the Forever Knights always had a theme with castles. "Do you know if Driscoll's still around?" He asked Kevin.

"Probably." Kevin shrugged as he heard mention of leader of the Forever Knights.

Inside the Castle

"Anyone else getting a Scooby Doo vibe?" Kevin asked as Kurama was sniffing around.

"It kinda is." Gwen said.

"Yeah, well I still wanna blow up this castle" Will said as this looked like an outpost or even an armory.

"It's quiet, too quiet." Labrid said.

"You jinxed us man, no one ever says that. The universe will jump at that." Naruto said as they all groaned.

Naruto was soon proven right when a dragon revealed itself.

"Let's fuck this up old school!" Kurama growled before leaping at the dragon.

"I'll back you up!" Naruto said turning on the Omnitrix and selected an alien before transforming.

Naruto changed into a small, white humanoid made of silicon resembling that of a robot with green black trimmed eyes and mouth wearing headphones that are attached to a square appendage backpack decorated with a 10 symbol behind his back, green circle-shaped indents on the back of his hands, and what looks like cassette tapes on his lower legs.

"Here comes number 2!" Naruto charged at the dragon before making five copies of themselves and they and Kurama dogpiled the dragon.

"So, this one can make copies of himself, like Ditto?" Will asked.

"That was a cute transformation." Gwen giggled.

"Except the part where they feel each others pain. Ditto sucked major ass." Will scoffed.

"Freeze!" The group turned their heads to see the Forever Knights with the weapons. "Nobody move!"

"Please!" Kevin smirked absorbing the stone to his arms before he charged and started punching the knights.

"Save some for me, Levin!" Will shouted leaping in the air and fired lighting at the enemies.

"Tomboy?" Labrid asked Gwen.

"Tomboy." Gwen sighed.

"Well at least she's enthusiastic." Labrid shrugged.

"You have no idea." Gwen deadpanned.

With that the two then joined Kevin and Will in the fight.

"Is he going down yet?!" Kurama asked as he and the Narutos try to hinder the dragon's movements.

Only for it to knock them off.

"I don't think so." One of the Naruto said.

"Well, what else can that transformation do?" Kurama said getting up.

"Let's see." Another Naruto as they all went on instinct again and took a deep breath before all the Narutos released sonic screams at the dragon making it roar in pain.

"AH! MY EARS!" Kurama shouted covering said ears at the scream.

The screams got louder as dragon groaned and began to spark and fall apart before exploding showing it was a robot.

"Huh, so I can duplicate and make sonic screams. I think I'll call you Echo Echo." Echo Echo said.

"I don't give a damn what you call it, that scream was torture." Kurama huffed shaking his head.

"Whatever. Now let's help the others." Echo Echo said as he and his clones went to do just that.

"Yeah yeah." Kurama muttered following him.

"Taste my fury knights!" Will shouted electrifying the knights with more lightning.

"Take it easy, Will!" Gwen said taking down a small squad of knights.

"I'm here to help!" Echo Echo said before he and his clones released their sonic screams nailing the knights.

"Dude! Sonic scream?! Nice! This one doesn't suck like Ditto!" Will said impressed.

"Yeah, but the screams are loud." Gwen said.

"What happened there?" Kurama asked swatting away a knight as he gestured to the giant hole in the ground.

"One of the knights tried to use one of the busted weapons, and it didn't end well for him." Labrid said.

"Yikes." Kurama cringed.

"Tell me about it." Kevin agreed.

After a few more minutes of fighting all the Forever Knights were beaten. The group put all the weapons in a pile for Echo Echo to destroy them.

"If you would be so kind?" Labrid said.

"Got it." A single Echo Echo said before screaming at the weapons and they all exploded into dust. "Let's go." Echo Echo said turning back to Naruto but stopped seeing a small puddle under Labrid. "There's water coming out of your suit." He said.

"That's not water." Labrid said as he felt dizzy and seem to slowly gain wrinkles falling to his knees.

"You alright?" Kevin asked as the group surrounded him.

"There's nothing you can do." Labrid said getting weak. "Listen Naruto, you have to find where the level 5 tech is coming from." He said in urgency.

"I will." Naruto said as he promised him as he knew he was approaching death.

"That's just the tip of the iceberg kid." Labrid said. "Max was on the trail of something big, an alien conspiracy with Earth in the middle, he was working undercover. If you crack this case, maybe you can find Max and save your planet." He said as he breathed heavily.

"I don't know if I can." Naruto said as he didn't like to make promises he couldn't keep.

Labrid put a hand on his shoulder. "You are Naruto Namikaze, you can do anything." He said before his suit filled with smoke and it fell with him no longer in it.

"This is gonna end badly for whoever did this." Kurama growled in anger.

"I'm going to need help." Naruto said as he knew he couldn't do this alone.

"You know I'm with you." Gwen said as she had his back no matter what.

"Same, babe." Will said in absolute.

"Count me in as well." Kurama nodded.

"Kevin, there's no money in this for-" Naruto was saying.

"I'm in." Kevin said as he picked up Labrid's badge.

"Time to track where your souvenir came from." Naruto said holding the gun Kevin had.

1 Hour Later

"Do you want me to try?" Will asked Gwen as she was trying to pick up a trace from the gun.

"I'm sure I can get it." Gwen said as it soon glowed pink.

"Don't worry Will has a shield on your car." Naruto said as the car glowed blue as it rode off terrain.

"She's really practicing that magic, huh?" Kevin asked.

"You better believe it. I betcha I could be an even match for Hex." Will smirked.

"Soooo, got a harem yet?" Kevin asked.

"Dude!" Naruto gawked.

"What? Even when we hung out in the arcade you had girls lining up for you." Kevin said remembering the girl that came on to Naruto when he was on the dancing game.

"Not for the lack of trying. There's just not many girls that catches Naruto's attention. We just recently found one earlier today." Will said.

"What about Gwen?" Kevin asked.

"Please! The kit's been dropping off all kinds of hints that he wants her as a girlfriend, but she's not getting it." Kurama scoffed.

"Might want to take the direct approach if everything else fails." Will said. "Besides you are the one of the last of your family. So maybe you should start really looking for other girls."

"True. And my mother wants a literal army of grandchildren." Naruto said as his mother wanted a lot of grandchildren.

"Pretty sure all mothers wish that, as that's what my mom wants." Kevin said chuckling.

"I say wait til after high school or college." Kurama said scratching his ear.

"You know a couple months back your Mom and I talked to Gwen in private about you having a harem." Will said.

"And you didn't bother to tell me?" Naruto frowned.

"I'm telling you now." Will pointed out.

"I see you never lost that spunk." Kevin said chuckling.

They soon stopped as Gwen stopped a few yards away from the entrance to a mine shaft.

"What?" Gwen asked as Naruto came up to her and was giving her a look.

"Did my Mom and Will tell you about my whole harem thing?" Naruto asked making her blush very dark and freeze up. "We'll talk about this later." He said calmly.

The two then looked as Kevin knocked out the guard and removed a cover on his face revealing another squid alien.

"ID masks." Naruto said as.

They were good for scanning people's faces and becoming like them only downside like any hologram they fazed whenever an electrical disturbance like lightning striking disrupted it.

Good thing he learned about them through the academy.

"Hmm." Naruto hummed getting an idea as the group began to go down the mine shaft.

"You sure there's anything down here?" Kevin asked only to see a huge ship.

"No, nothing strange here." Will said sarcastically.

"It's freezing in here." Gwen said as she could see her breath.

"Feels alright to me." Kurama shrugged not feeling cold.

"Cold, these guys must not like heat." Naruto said as he remembered when the ones he and Kurama fought at the train station and how they reacted to the fire and the one at Max's RV that hated the sunlight.

"Any sign of Max being here?" Kevin asked as he felt this was somewhere the old man would come to.

Gwen did a reading. "No, he was here for a few weeks maybe but not here now." She said.

"What are you doing?" Will asked as Naruto used the mask to become one of the aliens and had a cart.

"Get in, we're blowing this whole operation up." Naruto said as they slipped past them. "Really should keep one of these." He thought knowing they'd be useful in the future.

"What do you feed this fox?" Kevin asked as Kurama was all on him breathing right in his face, and it stunk.

"Lots and lots of meat." Kurama smirked.

"Shush." Naruto whispered as he was going past more squid aliens "Point of no return." He said as they ran out of track, they began moving deeper into the cave they saw advanced alien technology.

Kevin absorbed the metal from a door and tore it open revealing tons of the laser lances and Gwen and Will blew them up.

"What the hell?" Gwen said seeing a white colossal seemingly more advanced version of the squid aliens.

"What are you vermin doing on my ship!" The white creature said to them sounding disgusted by simply talking to them and them being there.

"Geez and I thought Vilgax was ugly." Will said as this took the cake.

"Can you say superiority complex, much." Naruto said as the way the alien carried itself sounded too regal.

"I do not repeat myself to lower lifeforms, what are you doing on my ship?!" The white creature said as more of the squid aliens arrived.

"Did he just call me a lower life form?" Kevin asked the others.

"I think he did." Kurama said sounding ticked off.

"Rude." Gwen said as she glared at him.

"Very rude." Will agreed glaring as well.

"You dare mock a highbreed commander?" The creature said angrily.

"I'd mock anybody who uses the word mock!" Naruto said as he went through his selections before finding a alien that looked right for the job and transformed.

Naruto changed into a big bipedal brown dinosaur.

"Oh yeah! Look at me!" Naruto said checking himself out before he was tackled by the highbreed.

"He's still taller." Kurama said as he saw his friend and the alien fight.

"Then let's fix that!" Naruto said before he started growing bigger and spikier as he spun around using his tail flipping the Highbreed in the air before punching him to the ground on his back. "I'll call this guy Humungousaur. " Humungosaur said clenching his fists.

"Maggot, you'd dare face me alone?" The highbreed said sounding insulted.

"Oh, do you ever shut up!" Humungousaur said getting fed up with the alien's superiority crap.

"Give the order, we need to sanitize everything!" The highbreed leader said to a one of the other aliens.

"Sanitize?" Humungousaur asked before the highbreed grabbed him by the throat.

"Destroy all life within a five mile radius, no witnesses." The highbreed said.

"5 square miles... there are thousands of people there!" Humungousaur said in anger and disgust.

"Why should I care about maggots?" The Highbreed asked.

Before he stumbled back as Humungousaur socked him in the face.

"Guys stop the machine, I'll take care of this" Humungousaur said glaring at the highbreed as the gang did just that. "If I was Swampfire, I could easily burn you." Just as he said that he changed into Swampfire surprising him. "No way! I still have master control! In that case, let's turn up the heat!" He said unleashing a large amount of methane. "Boom!" Swampfire said as he snapped his fingers creating a spark causing a huge explosion that had the highbreed get sent flying into a wall as he roared in pain.

"You understand any of this?" Gwen asked Kevin as she couldn't read their language.

"No, let's just wreck it." Kevin said as that was his go to plan anyway as he usually had some knowledge of other alien languages and tech and began wrecking the controls.

"That's what I would've done." Kurama smirked.

"No duh, you would." Will scoffed.

"You guys really don't like the heat." Swampfire said as the temperature was slowly rising and with the ship in the air and all the holes in it letting the cold air out it was getting hotter. "They're drying up." He thought seeing wrinkles appear on them.

Suddenly an alarm went off as Naruto looked up seeing Kevin holding a chunk of machinery.

"Uh... whoops?" Kevin said as explosions began to go off all around the ship.

"Ok we're gonna crash soon. You guys go, I'll bring this sucker down." Naruto said to them as he wasn't gonna let the highbreed escape as the group left(Though Kevin and Kurama had to carry Gwen and Will as they wouldn't leave without Naruto).

Minutes Later

"Since when do you get injured?" Gwen said as Naruto had wounds as Humungousaur and they carried over to his body as he changed back from falling off the going down ship. "Him getting sick and affecting his aliens is one thing, but this is something else." She thought.

"Don't know but I don't think I want to try that again unless it's with Cannonbolt." Naruto said as he wondered why this was happening.

"So, what now?" Kevin asked wondering what the plan was if there was any.

"We keep doing what Gramps was doing, stop these aliens, and make new allies along the way as we can't do this with just the five of us." Naruto said as this planet needed protecting and knew something big was coming.

"You know I'm all for action!" Kurama smirked.

"These guys won't know what hit them." Will grinned.

"You guys won't get far without my underground alien and tech knowhow. Besides I made a promise to someone, so you got me in." Kevin grinned.

"Great let's-" Gwen was saying before Naruto grabbed her.

"Now that the highbreed is stopped we're having that little discussion now about a certain h plan you neglected to tell me about that Mom and Will told you." Naruto said not forgetting what he said before they went into the mine.

Gwen groaned as she knew this conversation wasn't going to be a nice one.

"Busted." Kurama snickered.

"So close." Will snickered too.

Later at Naruto's garage after leaving Mr Smoothy

"Dude! You got a koenigsegg jesko?!" Kevin exclaimed looking at said orange and black koenigsegg jesko a little mad.

"Not exactly." Naruto said. "I found it abandon in a junkyard and all I did was get it running, everything else, not at all." He said. "I'm hoping to add weapons and any other alien tech I get into it. Kind of like how yours is from what I'm seeing."

"Well, you didn't do too shabby of a job." Kevin said as he checked it over.

"I don't suppose you wouldn't mind helping me finish, would you?" Naruto smirked.

"I know we had problems in the past. But Naruto, this might be the start of a beautiful friendship." Kevin smirked.

"I'm glad." Naruto chuckled.

"Heh. Boys and their cars." Will laughed.

"And so the kit once again is friends with a former enemy. It never stops." Kurama thought eating burgers that was on the floor.

Gwen was slurping on her smoothie trying to fade in with the background before Naruto turned to her letting her know she wasn't off the hook.

"Now let's have our conversation while he checks out my car." Naruto said making Gwen groan. "I'm not exactly ticked that you know about the harem, I'm ticked that you lied and didn't tell me about it." He said as he thought there was more trust between them.

"Well honestly after your mom told me about how your dad was... well equipped and it transferred to you I kind of got possessive. Despite the fact I know you and Will haven't done the deed yet." Gwen said as she blushed darkly remembering the very indef conversation she had with Naruto's mother, amazed the woman could keep a straight face as she discussed such indef details with her.

"Well that explains a lot." Naruto said as he could understand certain things when his mother was concerned as he was not one to deny she was some combination of scary, crazy, eccentric, and a lot of other things. "But Gwen you've never lied to me before or even held any secrets from me, why now?" He asked her wanting to know why she kept this from him.

"Well it's always been just you and me I guess I didn't want to share you aside from Will. For more reasons than one." Gwen said as she gave his crotch a glance.

"Gwen just because I'll eventually meet other girls, it doesn't mean I won't still care about you." Naruto said as he hugged her and laughed slightly as she nuzzled into his chest "Though my mom wasn't kidding about being well equipped..." He said as he whispered his size into her ear.

Gwen's face turned dark red making Naruto burst into laughter.

"Y-You did that on purpose!" She shouted in embarrassment.

"I always love seeing you get all flustered and embarrassed!" Naruto said laughing.

"Oh, I always hated it when you teased me." Gwen said as she pouted slightly.

"Well how's about this, since the harem plan is already in motion if I like a girl, I'll run her by you and Will first considering you're my second real girl." Naruto said as he pecked her forehead.

Gwen blushed darkly again as she smiled. "Wait, second real girl, are you asking me to be your girlfriend?" Gwen asked hope present in her voice.

"And you say I'm dense, Gwen I've been trying to ask you ever since we entered high school." Naruto grinned as he hugged her close.

"Finally! It's about time you joined Gwen. I was going crazy on how we would get you to join." Will smirked coming up to them and joined in on the hugging. "Welcome fellow harem sister."

"I swear this is making me wanna hurl." Kevin said as he was watching this with a chuckle.

"Same, bruh." Kurama said gagging.

"Oh, like you're not like this with your girl?" Naruto said to him teasingly.

"Whatever man." Kevin said as he took out his keys. "Ok it's late. Later man, try not to die we just put targets on our backs." He said as there was no possible way they weren't gonna be targeted.

"Well, I can't lose my mechanic as we have work to do." Naruto said looking at his car.

"Damn right." Kevin said as he got in his car then took off.

"I'm going inside. Pretty sure my show is on." Kurama said walking inside the house.

"You mean that new bullshit show, Helluva Boss?" Will asked.

"Fuck you, pussy wagon! That show is awesome!" Kurama yelled from the house.

"Alright, Blitzo." Will said rolling her eyes.

"HA! Jokes on you I would wear that as a badge of honor!" Kurama said.

"So, take me home?" Gwen asked Naruto curiously.

"Whoa, let's go slow before we hit any action." Naruto said before laughing seeing her face light up like a Christmas tree.

"You, ooh." Gwen said lightly pushing him.

"Easy there, Red." Naruto chuckled as he opened the door for her before going to the driver's seat and starting the car before he drove her home.

"Now that Naruto has gotten Gwen, I'll see about getting that Julie girl to be next." Will grinned rubbing her hands in anticipation.

"Stop scheming about your future playmates, you whore!" Kurama shouted.

"That's it! I'm going to shave you bald til you look like a rat!" Will shouted storming in the house.

"Like hell you will!" Kurama shouted.

The next few minutes were Will and Kurama fighting with Naruto coming to break it up after he got back home from dropping Gwen off.