Notes at the end. Don't do blood Kids. Or your siblings.

Blood on the dance floor

"I'm sorry can you please repeat that?"

"Well if I'm going to be reincarnated I want to be like Mohg. My Blood boy."



"... There is physically nothing stopping or telling me not to do this apart from my concern for this next world you're in. Why?" The figure speaking was a massive formless colorless shape that pulsed larger when it "Spoke". The other, was a massively smaller formless shape that was outlined with green and purple, with white in the center that also pulsed when it spoke.

"I mean why not? Blood powers are the perfect mix between edgy and Poetic. And Mohg's design is baller as fuck." The smaller shape said, with an excited and lecturing vibrance and vibration to it.

"I understand the desire for a power of your own… Kind of your own in this instance that you believe to be "Cool" or "Powerful" but why a bastard like that." The Larger shape boomed, putting an unfathomable pulse on "Bastard".

Undaunted, the Smaller shape said:

"Eh. simple. Mohg is actually pretty baller. I mean, the moment he discovered that there was something out there that showed him a modicum of love, he accepted and escaped his shackles to chase and seek out love. Hell, His great rune had the ability to Empower OTHERS. As far as I see it, he's the only one not clinging on to the embers of a dying society, and making something for himself."


"Eh. nobody is perfect."

"Oh great I'm in charge of empowering a fucking psychopath. Its fine. You're temporary. Do, pray tell, what in the blazes do you mean by 'Be Like Mohg."

The larger form settled down, becoming more rational once again in the infinite void.

"Uh. Good question. I think the blood manipulation is an obvious one. Maybe with a bit more freedom."

"Of course."

"As well as the Whole Omen thing. Being an omen looks Dope." The Last part of the sentence was harshly cut off by the overpowering Vibration.

"Why the appearance of an Omen? You choose to live on Remnant, where People with animalistic features are scorned. Having multiple is just asking for people to be unfathomably racist towards you."

"In life I was Half Black Half Mexican in A Mormon Community."

"Fair enough."

"So Horns, Wings, Them." The Smaller form buzzed excitedly, content with his reasoning.

"They will take some time to grow, and-"

"Yeah Nihil, Nihil for the wings. If I learn how to do that. I probably won't know."

"No you shall not. Very well then. I am restricting The Extent of Omen abilities. Such as the Curse spewing. But Most abilities they innately have such as the extra body parts, and Partially the disguising oneself you can still have."

"Yay. Thanks!"

"You are way too excited about this."

"I mean, Its better than having to pay taxes to a shitty government."

"Also Fair enough. You shall find out where you are and the extent of your abilities once you transmigrate into remnant. You will have no friends or family, however your body will have a history of its own. Most likely irrelevant."

"Ah. I understand…. So can I go now or…."

"Impatience is a slow and insidious killer. The Formless mother shall not exist in this world. That is all now step forth in your new world, and for the love of everything, do not become a complete Psychopath."

With that, the Larger form overtook everything in the expanse, until the smaller form got ricocheted into the infinite expanse, turning red by the second, taking the form of a bloody gaping wound.


The Knife dropped into the dirty sink, clattering with crimson liquid, dripping down from his face, splattering the life energy and painting a sinister picture.

The man, still trying to comprehend sentience, blinked a couple times before looking up, finding a Dark man with black hair, and a couple of horns sticking out of his head, with one in particular just barely sticking into where his eye should be.

Looking down, He finds the remains of said Eye on the edge of the knife in the sink.

He then proceeded to vomit. A violent amount. After he was done, he looks up at the mirror again, being met with the one red eye and sudden realization that the left peripheral is no more, as well as depth perception being very wonky.

'Huh. My face does look pretty fucked.' While not a muscly scaly mess like Mohg's own, His face was fairly scarred up, While taking the general shape of a black man's facial structure, with some sharper teeth and of course the horn being pierced into the now nonexistent eye. His hands, while mostly human, had some pretty wicked nails, almost like claws, as well as being a bit more calloused and muscled. Dark skin looked fairly cracked yet smooth at the same time. Looking a bit more down, He wore some simple jeans and a white T-Shirt, only with a little bit of blood on the front.

"Heh. Eye've seen better days." He says, literally to himself alone, as this bathroom in particular only has one toilet and sink in it, with the door just to the left.

He shook his head, patting his pockets down, finding a wallet, a Scroll, Some Keys, and a small note.

Opening the piece of paper, it read:

"Since you're being a bastard and haven't done shit to pay us back, We're taking your shit until you do. Your bike is ours, Don't even think of going back to your apartment, we're going to crash there until you give us our fucking money dickbag."

-Black Dagger

Blinking a few times, he crumples the note and throws it away, opening up his wallet and checking out the I.D, Of a man named Moegrin Sanguinor.

"... Not my name, but I love the play on words, I accept. I'm Moegrin from here on out. Moe I guess. And Eight hundred in notes. Not sure on the transfer. Eh fuck it I'll figure it out. Not sure how to disguise myself like the handsome fucker on the I.D but I'll figure it out. Like…"

A knock came from the door as a voice hurtled out:

"Stop fucking talking to yourself and get out already. You had your emergency." Moe pursed his lips and left the bathroom, being met with a back room and pumping music playing somewhere in the near distance. Looking down at the person who knocked, Moe quickly realized he was nearly six and a half feet as the man gave him an annoyed and almost shocked look.

"You're right, you do look like shit. Get your coat and whatever trick you used to look like a normal Fuckin Faunus. Then get out." The man said, escorting him.

Moe did as he was asked, hurriedly grabbing a jacket he assumed to be his, judging by the fact it had the symbol of bloody horns on the back, and was also fit for a taller person.

Closing his eyes, Moe breathed in and imagined the form of the Person on the I.D being superimposed on his face, as he felt a slight shift, before not seeing the horns in his vision, and more hair on his shoulder.

'Never had straight hair. This appearance will be fun to dress up.'

Taking a step out, the music, once in the background, floods his ears, bumping to the point where he could feel it in his chest.

'Never been one for clubs. Or people… Why here of all places? And the club looks… Its RWBY… Ahh yes Junior's club. I guess when is a better question. Although its kind of pretentious of me to think that I'm here at any important time. I.E. Literally a ten minute window of two days. That's seen at least. I could use a drink.' He rubs his forehead a bit, having to dodge the semi intangible horns that cover bits of it.

He takes a seat at the bar, not having to wait long for the bartender to acknowledge him, despite the fact the Club in of itself was packed.

The Club was practically moving in of itself with how many people were here, the centerpiece being a rotating lights platform that randomly stopped, changed colors and focused on random people in the club.

"What- Fuck man, You don't got an eyepatch or something to cover that shit with?" The bartender broke Moe's focus on the club, as he looked over and made the older man flinch.

"Jeez here just take this if you're gonna parade your bloody socket around." Moe looked as the man offered up a simple piece of cloth, thin, but perfectly capable of being tied around the head and covering the bloody eye socket that he forgot to even attempt to cover.

"Ah. Thanks." Accepting the piece of cloth, he then reaches behind his head and ties it up, sufficiently covering the socket.

"Good, now that you're at least vaguely presentable, what'll it be for you?"

The Bartender then decided to get back into character, putting his palms down on the counter and looking at Moe.

"Uh, right. Give me a Tequila sour Shaken with ice." The bartender nods, gathering the necessary ingredients.

Moe draws his attention to his hands, pursing his lips, before subtly taking his thumb's nail and piercing the flesh under the fingernail of his index finger, smearing a small portion of the blood that resulted on the counter, hiding it from the bartender and the person that just sat next to him.

'I should have figured that my blood doesn't just immolate like that. Probably a keyword or something like that.'

"Burn." He whispered, to no avail.

'Oh don't tell me its latin. Ignis'

The blood just stayed on the counter, not doing anything but dry.

'... Well that's not promising.'


With that, the blood on the counter ignited, a small red flame setting the red granite counter aflame.

Calmly, but internally panicking, Moe placed his arm on the flame, scorching the shit out of his arm, but putting the flame out.

'Spanish, got it.' It was just then that the bartender put the drink on the table in front of Moe. Smiling, Moe accepted as he took a sip, savoring the bitter taste and smooth feel of the drink, before glancing over at the person next to him, whom also got their drink at the same time, who also seems to have drawn the attention of the Club security.

Moe nearly spat out his drink as he witnessed a Yang Xiao-Long squeezing the ever loving fuck out of Junior's nuts.

'Ah. Actually kind of lucky on this one, assuming i don't get a shotgun punch to the face.'

"Say, bartender, I'd say you take cover under the counter. I got a feeling a fight is about to break out." Moe says in his best attempt to sound smooth, with the bartender giving his own rebuttal.

"Sure. It might, won't be the first or the last time. But bullets barely break bones." Moe looked at him confused, before downing the rest of the drink, as the bartender starts shaking another.

"Now hold on there Blondie and Bastard-" Moe turns around, speaking up so they can hear him over the music.

"Ya'll are causing a bit of a scene, and it may not be any bit of my business, but I haven't the slightest clue why Some Branwen is on Blondie's shitlist, but they rarely do business or locate themselves here in Vale. So let the poor man's Balls Breathe." This caught both their attentions, as Yang turned over with a smirk to look at Moe, saying:

"Well then, Cloth boy, What's your name?" She did as requested, and let Junior's balls go, as the man let off another small squeal, before waddling away.

"Cloth boy? Is… Is that the best you got?"

"Well I could go 'Cyclops' but I got a feeling you wouldn't appreciate that as much." She says with a wink, pointing to her own eye, mirroring where Moe's would be.

"Eh, Fair enough. You got a name? I'd hate to call you blondie or Lavender the whole night, And I sure as shit ain't calling you 'Sir'." The Smirk slightly falters off of her face as she debates for a moment, as She reaches over and grabs her drink, taking a sip from the straw before she immediately retches, setting the drink back down.

"That's actual alcohol!"

"Well no shit, You're at a club. And a bar." The Bartender says, rolling his eyes, visible through the sunglasses.

"I'm Summer, Call me Summer." Yang says.

'Fake name. Fair enough. Bad crowd.'

"Well, Summer, I'm Moegrin, Call me Moe. Now, Might I ask, what possessed you to come here of all places, looking for Her, of all people." Moe inquires, taking a deep sip of his now refilled Drink.

"Hmmm Well, Some of it isn't your business, and some of it certainly isn't your business, but This seems like a good place to find missing people."

"While that may be true, I got to say, Sometimes you aren't looking at missing people, but Those who are found."

Yang looked vaguely confused at this, as she glances over to her side, and regains her grin.

"We'll have to continue this conversation in a minute or two, since we got a crowd." Yang notes, as she turns around, to start to address the security surrounding them.

"Aww, Let them watch, a crowd only raises the excitement." Moe raises his voice slightly, holding his drink in hand as he too turns around, finding that he can in fact see down the barrel of a Goddamn bazooka.

"Well having a bunch of angry men holding their own weapons at you kind of kills the mood." Yang replies, setting her right foot at the bar of the chair she's on.

"Agreed. Gentlemen… This is dumb." Moe says, trying not to shit himself.

"You skipped out on your chance to leave blondie. Time to die." Yang simply said:

"Hey, Moe, Think you can hold your own in a fight against these dudes?" Moe contemplated to himself for a moment, before saying:

"Well it depends, If The Alcohol hits in the middle of the fight and i get shot with this bazooka, I might have some trouble."

Yang then kept her smirk level, before asking:

"But do you think you would lose?" Moe's face hardened with a smile as he said:
"Nah, I'd Win." Immediately followed by The two springing into action. Yang burst from her seat, immediately clocking some poor sap in the face with a shotgun punch, whereas Moe had tossed his drink in Junior's face, immediately continuing to activate the blood powers.

"Quemar!" He yells, a drop of blood from his finger igniting, Setting the Tequila aflame and burning Junior's eyes.

"GAH!" The massive man shouted as Moe pushed the barrel of the bazooka aside, opting to punch Junior in the gut before kneeing him in the crotch, pushing him aside, he brings his fingers up to his mouth, biting them intensely, as he slashes at the air in front of another goon, who was winding up for a swing with his machete. Moe Then got off his chair quickly, getting low and jabbing his fingers into Junior's stomach. In that instance, the mid-air slash erupted into a crimson flame, as the Goon with the machete screamed, grabbing his face and neck, stumbling back and screaming.

He didn't make contact with Junior, however, as his open-hand jab glanced off of a black forcefield.

'Right, Aura is a thing.' Moe Doesn't bother too much, as he simply jumps up and grabs Junior's Head around his neck, Slamming the back of Junior's head into the ground, debilitating the man. Meanwhile, Yang was putting in the work, Taking on ten of Junior's men at the same time.

'Yeah I should probably do some training if I don't want to get my shit kicked in.'

Moe stretched his neck a bit as he looked down at the Goon who took a Bloodflame talon to the face, cringing at the sight of the man, motionless, and most certainly partially exsanguinated, as his eyes were practically crying blood, his mouth pooling blood inside of it, and lying in a pool of blood, far more than what a human body should lose.

'Christ that's effective. Granted hemorrhaging a person to the extent of bloody explosions probably shou-' "GAFSAH!" Moe's thoughts are interrupted by erupting pain in his shoulder, just next to his neck. The crimson liquid pours out of his shoulder, as Moe turns around, Slashing at the air. The Goon dodges the first one, but Moe Pressed the attack, Machete still in his shoulder, slashing four different times and only hitting him with two.

The Goon, confused at Moe's attacks, Starts to back up more, before he grits his teeth, coughing up blood, hurling over, as his veins turn incredibly red, sunglasses falling off as he starts screaming, his Sclera turning a violent red, as he starts crying blood, his Veins on his neck bursting, causing him to bleed out.

"Oh wow that's kind of gross." Moe says, as he spins around, not looking at the bloody mess he just made, or addressing the alarming fact he has a Machete in his shoulder.

'That's unfathomably powerful if I can do that to an adult man. Granted, I have a feeling other people would prove more resilient. Might do me some good to test out on someone with Aura.' Moe looks down at Junior, still somewhat reeling from the Impromptu meeting with the floor.

He Kneels down, starting to scratch along Junior's aura, before he feels a small but firm blade against his throat.

"Ah. The twins are here." He says, Glancing to his right, he sees that Yang is now beginning to deal with the twins, Giving Moe Pause.

"Or some rando." The blade starts lifting up, not maliciously, but as if beckoning him to get up, which Moe decides to obey, now standing up to look first at black and white boots, before moving up see the rest of the person, standing at a glorious 4'10" and an ice cream theme, was Neopolitan.

"... You're not supposed to be here." Moe says as he stands up to his full height, looking down at Neo who smirked at him and let her parasol blade away, giving Moe a slight bow.

"... Hm. Seeing as you didn't kill me you want something, What?" Moe asks, curious and cagey.

Neo raises an eyebrow, merely, pointing to the Machete embedded in Moe's shoulder and the blood all around the bar. Doing so, she picks up some still fresh blood from one of the goons on the ground, and gingerly tastes it, silently gagging and retching at the taste, as Moe stifles a laugh.

"Blood isn't that hot in reality sweetheart-" Moe blinked and Neo was two inches from his face, now standing on the Goon's corpse to look him in the eye, still smirking. Flinching, Moe's head went fuzzy as he stumbled back, getting lightheaded, as he glanced left and right, now finding that the Machete in his shoulder was gone, instead being held by Neo.

"That's… Alarming. You're fast." Moe falls back a bit, falling to one knee next to the first goon he exsanguinated.

Neo inspects the Machete, not afraid of getting her Gloves dirty with Moe's own blood. Tentatively she brings her hand to her mouth, giving the blood a slight look, as her eyes widened, as One could swear they saw hearts in her eyes.

'Right. Batshit crazy. But I probably won't live long with the blood loss…' Moe Glanced over to the body next to him, getting an idea, as he reached over and plunged his hand into the open wound on the corpse, a smell of Burning flesh and blood filling his nose as he said:

"Transfusión." Neo watched with curiosity as the blood pooled around the dead man started flowing into Moe, as he started standing up, the wound still present, but being rapidly healed.

"Oh this feels GOOD~" Moe stated, his voice in a growl as his illusion failed, Neo looking over in Extreme interest, the look in her eyes returning normal as they turned a Violent pink.

The Horns covering most of Moegrin's Head dripped in blood as he stood taller, at nearly seven feet, now with the coat being the only thing that really fit him, as his Shirt stretched to try to fit his form, Showing budding horns on his chest and parts of his gut, as the coat, which now reached only his upper waist rather than his ass, was dripping in blood as the shirt, once blue, was coated completely red.

"Explosión" Moe said as he stood up a bit straighter, Pulling his hand back. Neo's eyes narrowed as She froze, Before Moegrin Thrust his had forward, A bloody explosion of Bloodflame, shattering an illusion in front of Both of them, as Neo Disappeared.

Moe grunted a bit, as he realized he broke his illusion and focused on regaining his former appearance, free of any horns as he shrunk down slightly as well.

'Probably a good thing she left, I highly doubt I could take her without a weapon, let alone without any training.' Moe shrugs, rolling out his shoulder as he approached Yang, who just finished off Miltia with a shotgun blast.

"Well. That took a little more effort than I thou- Holy shit your shoulder!" Yang said, looking at the state of Moegrin. He gave a smirk back as his response; Saying: "Its fine. I've… Never had worse. But I'll be fine."

"No I mean, Oum wasn't your shirt white before? Don't you have aura?"

"Nah." Yang was silent for a moment, before saying:

"That's Pretty bloody hot if you ask me, eh?" She points finger guns over at Moe, who snorts in response and then opens his mouth, before he's interrupted by Yang's eyes going wide, before grabbing him by the collar and yanking him behind her and Crossing her arms in an X formation. As He fell, Moe saw that Junior had gotten to his feet, Aiming the bazooka Directly at Yang.

The ensuing explosion was eight explosives aimed directly at the two, causing Yang to Careen into Moe, sending the two flying out of the Front windows, and onto the cool pavement outside, intertwining the two effectively as Moe held onto Yang, and Vice versa as they landed on yang First, before rolling to Moe, with Yang now pretty much gripping onto Moe from on top of him.

"Achg, Normally I love Women on top of me but please my spine and shoulder are dying." Yang rolls her eyes with a smirk, standing up and stretching slightly as Moe stood up, Groaning at the impact and now mostly healed shoulder aching.

"Pretty impressive stuff you got there. Now tell me-" Yang grabs Moe by the collar again and pulls him closer, her eyes now red.

'Oh wow that is pretty hot.'

"Tell me where she-"

"Yang, Is that you?" Yang then froze, as her eyes turned from red to lavender again as she put on a smile and turned around, finding the petite Red and black haired girl behind her.

"Heeeeeeey sis." Yang Turns around and let go of Moe.

"It is you! And who's with you?" Ruby looked inquisitive for merely a quarter second before her silver eyes went wide and she gasped.

"You have a boyfriend don't you?! Hey Yang's Boyfriend! What's your name." It looked like Yang's mind broke for a second before she got redder than Moe's Shirt and put her hands in front of her, saying: "No! He's not! He's just some dude!"

"Sup Yang's Sister." Moe said, putting extra emphasis on Yang. Eyes flashed red for a brief moment as the Blonde's Head snapped over to Moe for a moment.

"Look, sis, Now is not a great time, can you go to dad or a Dust store for Goodness' sake, I'm kind of busy." Ruby got a look in her eye that Moe knew all too well, being an older sibling himself. It was the look of Leverage from a younger sibling.

"Well, Maybe, but I'm a little fed up with how cagey you are, I have a proposal! I leave and not tell dad about this so long as you Buy me a New Crate of .50 Ammo!"

"Jesus christ that's excessive." Moe said as Yang cringed, but she said:

"That's a little…"

"I wonder what Dad will think, about you going out into town at Sketchy places with weird older men."

"I'm only nineteen." Moe pipes in, as Yang interrupts.

"Dude you look like thirty." Moe shrugs as he takes a step back.

"Half a crate." Yang says, as Ruby sticks out her hand.

"Half a crate of Gravity ammo!" Ruby states, as Yang reluctantly accepts the handshake, as Ruby Bursts into a mass of petals and scatters away down the street.

Yang took a deep sigh of relief as Moe said:
"Should have reduced it to a mag's worth and also put your own dirt on her." Yang shrugs and responded.

"Well I'm already in kind of hot water and I don't have anything substantial."

"Damn. Fair enough. That gets expensive though." Yang shrugged and turned her attention back fully to Moe.

"Now you're going to tell me-" They were cut off again by the sounds of sirens at the end of the street, and Lights signaling the fuzz were on their way, and close.


"Shit." They both say, as Moe clicks his keys, hoping to hear a chime, which he does, and says:

"Look, I wish I could stick around longer but I don't want to get arrested on my first day here too, so We should really meet up another time." Yang glares at him as she sprints over to her motorcycle, screaming:

"Not later, Today! I'll follow!." Moe nervously shrugged, as he sprinted over to the sound of his own vehicle, Listening to the chime of his alarm, as he sees the beauty of an older Equivalent of a 1969 dodge charger, colored dark blue and with an air freshener in the mirror.

"Fair enough. This guy was either loaded or a dumbass with his money." Slowing down only to open the door, He gets in, Starting the engine, as it roared to life.

Immediately putting the pedal to the metal as he burned out for a second, before blasting off down the street, The Police seemingly taking notice of him, as Yang on her Motorbike Followed very close behind, merely a few feet behind Moe's own vehicle.

Moe, taking a moment to inspect the car's surroundings, opened the passenger glove box, finding a single shot pistol inside. With around twenty extra shots next to them.

"What the fuck is that." He says, pulling it out and inspecting it, narrowly missing a stop sign, as the police followed in close pursuit.

Yang, however, with expert Driving skills, swerved behind and sped up with relative ease, knocking on the window as Moe had to use his knees to drive for a moment to crank the window down.

"Got a plan or are you Driving around like a Madman?"

"Not a plan, Gotta lose the Coppers first." Moe stated, leaning a bit out the window as he fired a single shot at the engine block of one of the police vehicles, as the four or so cop cars spread out.

"You're a fucking lunatic!" Yang says, although the smirk never leaves her face. Moe Grits his teeth and smiles as well, tentatively reloading the pistol as he says:

"Know any unfinished construction projects around? Might be able to lose them there!" Moe says, Manually shifting the Gear down and Turning, Drifting to the right.

Yang follows without much Trouble and says:

"Don't know what you're planning, but I do. Follow me." Yang speeds up, Leaving Moe behind slightly as he has to shift up and Fast, as the Cops start firing back, making Moe Fire another back, successfully hitting the bulb on one of the Police cars, causing a light to go out.

"Eh. Kinda what I was aiming for." Yang then Made another turn, Turning onto the freeway, with Moe in hot pursuit. Moe scanned the freeway, as Yang, without any signaling, Merged across three lanes of traffic, Making more have to cut off three people, and Sending a minivan careening off the side of the raised freeway.

"Yeah Not gonna think on that, what music did this guy listen to?" Turning on the Stereo, an absolute banger started playing.


"Let's FUCKING GOOOOOOO!" Moe was behind Yang as she cut through a gap in the median and immediately started dodging oncoming traffic and Turned to make an exit.

"Oh This is where I die." Moe says to himself, Performing the same maneuver, Looking an old man in the eyes as he turns to avoid a head on collision, instead colliding with a cop car, causing it to explode spectacularly, both drivers having bailed in the nick of time.

"YOOOOOOOO!" Moe yelled, Drifting to make an exit, the other three cops managing to make it. Yang then drove under a Construction sign, that Moe just had to blitz through.

Scanning the construction, Moe Took a turn, Going up inside of a parking lot, Only filled with construction tools, as He smirked, Looking down on the ground floor, watching as Yang stopped, looking unfathomably confused, before looking at the other end.

Rapidly ascending the complex, He Goes in a straight line, no longer ascending as he blitzes off the roof, the cop cars being forced to stop, as Moe prays that he actually goes down the ramp and doesn't die like a fucking idiot. Yang gets an incredibly worried and stressed as The car goes into free fall, and glides roughly onto the ramp below, clunking Moe in the seat.

"I have a hard time believing that worked." He mutters to himself, leaving the Construction site with Yang in tow.

Slowing down a bit, the two blend into Regular night traffic, as Yang pulls up again.

"Now, Pull Over." Moe debates his options as he pulls into a parking lot for a grocery store, keeping the engine running but opening the door.

Yang, pulling up doesn't even finish stopping before killing the engine and saying:

"Now that there's nobody to Interrupt us, You're going to tell me where She is." Moe blinks a couple times, saying:

"Right, now its not a perfect location, but if I knew exactly where they were, you'd have found her and her tribe by now. She's somewhere in NorthWestern Mistral. Vaguely coastal, but not enough for tropical storms." Yang blinks a few times, before saying:

"That's it? No negotiation? Nothing?"

"Nope. NO reason to really, All I'd ask for would be a makeout session, but I'm covered in blood, and very tired after the adrenaline wore off. And I think the Tequila is kicking in. But let me tell you this."

Moe gets up and lifts Yang's chin a bit, saying:

"She'll kill you if You're persistent. That's her way. So before you end up Going and probably dying, Tell me and I'll be the guy to go with you." Moe lets go of her chin and sets back in his car, Closing the door.

Yang scoffs and says with a smirk:

"Alright big guy, I'll bite, How will I find you? Asking for my number?"

"Nope. Not privy to that kind of strongarming, but I have a feeling we'll end up seeing each other a lot more often, if you catch my drift. But Until then, I'll be around Yang, Peace." Moe gives a peace before speeding off, leaving yang in the parking lot, as he heads off.

"What else does this guy listen to?" He asks himself, not thinking about the repercussions of his actions, as he changes the next track, Hearing another absolute banger come on.


Moe Drive down the streets at the speed limit, as he stuck his head out the window, the mostly empty streets of the Outskirts of the city allowing him to do so without risking running into anything.

"There's A Staaaaaaaaar maaaaaaaaan Waiting in the Sky! He'd like to come and meet us, but he Thinks he'd blow our minds!" He sings poorly, driving fairly aimlessly.


Footsteps filled the alley as Neo Politan looked at the I.D she swiped off of Moegrin, as she wiped her mouth of both drool and trace amounts of blood, a small burn forming on her lip.

Smiling, she does a small waltz down the alley.

"Lalalalalaalala!" Moe shrieks from all the way across town, directly at the shattered moon.

Literally just an Idea I had that I thought would be fun to write. I don't really intend on doing more of this, I could probably be persuaded to do that, but It wouldn't be something anyone should read seriously. Just goofy shit to read with perverted moments and some Moghlesting.

Hope you enjoyed reading.