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Ice cream in bed

Moe was at a kind of Impasse. On one hand, He was having the time of his life driving around a city he didn't really know with his volume blasted in the middle of the night.

On the Other hand, His suspension was absolutely fucked. Probably not beyond repair, but definitely something that needed attention in the near future. Having calmed down, Moe pulled over, opening up his wallet to look inside, finding that his I.D was missing entirely.

'... That's concerning. Didn't I have one before?' Moe purses his lips and checks his pockets to make sure he didn't put it somewhere else, before he shrugs, taking out the Credit card inside instead, looking at the address posted on it.

Taking out his Scroll, he types in the Address on the Navigation app and gets a hit, at what appeared to be an Apartment complex on the other side of the city.

'... That'll take me at least two hours with no traffic. This city is massive.' Moe started the directions and drove.

Vale was certainly the most intriguing City that Moe had ever seen- and likely ever will see at that. It was segmented into five "Districts" with Beacon a well, beacon On top of the mountain, a waterfall separating it from everything else. But being in the Northernmost district, The Wall separating the city from the outside world had Massive turrets on it, moving ever so slightly constantly, before occasionally snapping to some target on the other end of the wall and firing. While it was suppressed, it still was enough to be heard as a loud POP from nearly a mile away.

'Guess that's how you keep a city in such a hostile world safe.' Moe Thought to himself as another pop Sounded off.

'Relatively safe at least.' He thought, just driving by as he watched a guy get the brakes beaten off of him in an alley. Leaning back in his car, he debates internally what exactly his plan is.

"So I don't know what the layout of the Apartment is, and there are supposedly people in the apartment. My apartment. Assuming They're armed, I don't have Aura at the moment, and They hate my guts, I'd say my chances of successfully breaking in are… Not great." He says to himself, finally pulling up to the apartment complex. Its a bona fide Shithole, with a multitude of people smoking outside, and Moe was certain he could see some people trading drugs.

"Lovely." Moe killed the engine, and locked the doors, exiting the car. He took a step, before realizing that his shirt was sticking to his chest uncomfortably with the still vaguely wet blood stuck to his thick body, outlining a somewhat thick stomach and broad chest. As well as a few horns sticking out from the stomach.

Moe sighed, taking a glance around and unlocking the car again, leaning in to take off the shirt and just walk around without a shirt, but zipping up his coat. Not making eye contact with anyone, he ascends a flight of stairs, and reaches the third room on the left, holding the keys in his hand. Debating for a second, he doesn't use his keys and instead knocks three times. It takes a second, before he hears a:

"Already Moe? What the fuck is your issue, Got the money?" Moe rolls his eyes, looking in the peephole.

"Of course I do. Why else would I be here?" Moe asks, taking his fingernail and cutting open the flesh under the fingernail once again. Pulling his hand back, he straightens his stance, welling up blood in the palm of his hand as the door made sounds of being unlocked. The door opened as a hand reached out to grab him, before moe acted first.

"Explosión!" The guy who reached out of the door was enveloped and then blasted back by a burst of bloodflame, instantly hemorrhaging out all his orifices, as well as a new one in his chest, as Moe kept pressing the attack, Entering the room, as he slashed his bloodflame claw at another guy in Black with a black emblem on his lapel, before moving once again, Moving on to someone who took out a knife, he slashed first left, then right, before crossing his arms, lunging one last time while slashing directly into the guy's flesh with both arms. In a split second, all the bloodflame claws burst, causing the poor soul to take every slash, His eyes bleeding as he spat out blood, as blood also seeped from the open wounds, as he collapsed.
"What the hell is going on?!" A voice from down the small hallway said, most likely from the open room to the left, a bedroom from what little Moe could see. He didn't charge the bedroom, as he took a quick glance around, seeing the knife the guy pulled, a curved dagger. He quickly picked it up, as he grabbed it by the blade and threw it just as the last person left the room, pinging off a black aura surrounding the man.

'Finally someone with aura to test the bloodflame with.' He looked fairly groggy, as if he just woke up, before the adrenaline probably hit him as his eyes narrowed.

"What did you do!?" He yelled, Bum rushing Moe.

Moe had remained calm, Taking a solid stance, before slashing at the open air, not hitting anything with the first slash, as the Guy tried to stop, narrowly missing the burst of blood flame. Moe, Not saying anything, had simply put his fists up, ready to block hits to his face. The Thug, however, instead pulled a knife of his own, a similar looking black dagger to the one previously. He feigned an overhead stab, before actually just making it a downward slash.

Moe didn't fall for it and remained blocking, getting a slash to his forearms, as He tried to counter with a thrust from a bloodflame claw, as it did connect, the Thug merely tanked it, as the bloodflame burned against his aura, as it was made apparent that his resistance to the Bloodflame wasn't all that good, as he spat out blood, before backing off.

"The fuck is that?!" He shouted, spitting out blood.

"Magic." Moe said sarcastically, as he threw out a normal jab, glancing off the aura as The Thug counterattacked with a stab, which moe avoided making lethal, by only getting a superficial cut to his stomach, as Moe grabbed the man's shoulder, gripping tightly, before throwing the man down, letting go only when he was properly staggered, slashing bloodflame to his aura, all across his body.

The Thug grunted as his aura shattered from the Bloodflame bursting, and the bloodflame finally getting to him as he hemorrhaged from his chest and mouth, falling flat on his back. Moe pursed his lips and crossed his arms, as he pushed his hand against the thug and Infused the blood into himself, only enough to heal the superficial wounds he sustained, as he then looks around the room.

"On one hand, I'm glad That I was able to deal with that quickly and not much injury. On the other hand I'm disappointed that The guy with aura died quickly." Moe thinks to himself, putting his hand to his chin.

'Which means that either bloodflame burns through aura like none other, the guy, even with aura was incredibly weak, or- Oh fuck the blood is everywhere.' Moe only now realized that his apartment was now covered in blood, small remnants of flame and corpses with an open door.

Moe closed the door, before dragging the corpses into a pile next to the window, with a fire escape on it. He took a quick glance, before spotting a Dumpster across the street. He heaves two corpses over his shoulder before quickly descending the fire escape, sneaking on over to the dumpster, repeating the process, before blasting the contents of the dumpster with bloodflame, running back to the apartment quickly.

He put his hands on his hips and looked at the rest of the mess, a bloody scene still, quite literally as Moe sighed, taking a deep breath in through his nostrils. Savoring the scent of blood in the air.

'I guess I can get used to this, or rather need to.' Moe thinks to himself, deciding to walk over to his room, taking a quick look around, not finding much but more clothes and the bed. He plops his ass in bed, and lays down, exhausted from the events of the day.

"Who would have though reincarnation would be so tiring. As well as tons of murder. Lots of murder. He takes off his jacket, not bothering to shower despite being sticky with blood, letting the illusion over his body fall, revealing horns and scars, his Horn sticking into his eye, deeper than a few hours ago. Closing his eye, He takes shallow breaths, finding they help him fall into a deep, kind sleep. And it did, as his breathing leveled out, the man lightly snoring afterwards.

Smut warning-

Moe Dreamed. He walked down a hallway, Robes covering most of his form, most everything in the room was indiscernible, everything except the literal rivers of blood flowing from on high, descending down into a pool below, which Moe knelt at, his hand gnarled with a horn starting to bud from the back of his hand, which he dipped in the blood, lifting it up and out of the pool, as he looked up and offered the cupped blood to something suspended in front of him, before his chest felt odd, as he looked down he felt blood seep through the robes, a line of fresh blood starting to drip, as he stood up, he removed his robe- a searing pain as he did, before he felt a shocking sensation, Seizing up slightly before his eyes snapped open, having slight troubles breathing as he snapped his eyes around calmly, feeling a weight on his chest and stomach, as his eyes dipped down, finding the Ice cream themed Shortstack from earlier straddling his stomach, with a hand pressing down on his chest. Despite it being dark, her eyes glowed in hot pink as she traced lightly in the slightly coagulated blood on his chest.

It took him a second to realize that she was spellings something out, as he looked even more down and saw that not only was he not disguised, but the letters spelled out in wiped off blood:

"What are you?" Moe felt his chest tighten as he realized that she saw his unfathomably mangled looking face as well. But looking her in the eyes, Moe identified it wasn't disgust or horror, but rather curiosity, and a look of unfathomable lust. Neo was Horny.

"I know Sign. I'm… I think Its called an Omen technically. A, uh, Faunus with a mutation for more horns than just my head." Moe said, nay, lied as Neo merely nodded, signing with one hand:

"Hot." as she scratched into his chest, drawing some blood as she bent down, kissing his chest.

'Ah. fuck.' Moe thought to himself, bringing his hand to grab the small of Neo's back, finding that the Girl wasn't wearing her undershirt, her Corset. He took his chance and slid his hand down, slipping his hand down her pants, fiddling with panties. Neo acknowledged by a slow inhale, before leaning up, starting to grind into Moe's Stomach as she took off her Jacket, leaving her entire torso and upper body bare for Moe to see. Moe took his free hand, the other following soon after as he reached up to grab Neo's Soft and surprisingly large mounds of flesh, rough hands kneading them as Neo breathlessly moaned, as moe tried to sit up more, making Neo slide down onto Moe's own lap, practically being lifted by Moe's Erection. Her mouth Formed an "O" Shape as Moe started playing with her nipples, still with his pants on, as Neither could get enough of the other's body, Moe going in for Neo's Neck, Starting to suck and nibble on the soft flesh, as his sharp teeth drew blood, With neo gasping, digging her nails roughly into Moe's shoulder.

Starting to grind into Moe's crotch, Moe held back a groan as he sucked the blood and sweat from Neo's neck. Normally blood tastes like nothing more than a bitter Metal liquid, but Not for Moe, not from Neo.

She tasted like a subtle huckleberry with hints of copper. Moe greedily sucked some more in, careful not to slurp or taste too much.

'This is gonna be a bitch to clean up.' Moe thinks to himself, grinning internally as he removes his hands from Neo's chest, as she remains confused for a moment, shuddering as she felt Moe pick her up with a surprisingly little amount of effort, placing her on the bed, as he quickly fumbled with her belt slightly, before removing her Pants, leaving Neo in a chocolate brown Pair of Panties. Kneeling down, Moe moved them aside, watching as Neo looked in a slight amount of concern as Moe's teeth got closer, before he opened his mouth, a large, thick tongue coming out and pressing against Neo's Entrance. Soundlessly, Neo gasped as her back arched slightly, the bed creaking while Moe forced his tongue deeper into Neo's Pussy. Her tight walls trembling slightly as he did, enjoying the vanilla taste of her, looking up to see that her head was thrown back while she grinded against his face, his nose pressed against her clit.

Moe grabbed her hips and lifted them, getting a better angle while Neo herself wrapped her legs around Moe's Head, pressing him further in.

Moe, despite not being able to breathe, didn't really want to pull back either, as he gripped her hips, simply enjoying the feeling of Neo in his hands. He Pushes his tongue even deeper in, spelling out Her name with his tongue as Neo Audibly moaned, before Her inner walls contracted, Cumming hard on Moe's Tongue, face, and all in his mouth. Moe didn't hesitate to swallow as he smirked, watching as Neo's chest heaved, her eyes having turned from pink to brown, catching her breath. Moe, finally pulling back to breathe, blinked a few times as he realized that his neck had cracked from the sheer strength that Neo had used to hold him there.

Standing up, Moe began to remove his belt, before a ping went off. Eyes darting over, Moe recognized Neo's Pants and the glow that came from one of the pockets.

The Nearly Nude Neo had caught her breath somewhat, as she reached over to grab the Scroll, as Moe stood there awkwardly. Her face went from a satisfied look, if still hungry, to one of disappointment. She stood up, tapping away at the scroll as Moe got the message.

'... Well that's disappointing.' Moe thought, as Neo started putting on her pants, as she signed to Moe:

"I've got to leave. I'll be seeing you more though, You've got a lot that I like~" She grabbed her jacket and tossed it on, tracing a finger across Moe's Chest, walking out as she didn't bother to clean herself up, Leaving Moe in the bedroom with a clothed erection and very confused.

End of Smut

Ten minutes later.

Moe stood in the shower, finally getting the blood from the day off him, as well as the Remnants of His and Neo's "Fun". He stood there, debating as the water descended from his horns to his body and hair.

'Why? Like actually why did she seek me out to Fuck presumably, and also not to fuckin kill me then and there. She's plenty capable enough. The blood stuff is pretty hot though.' Moe washed his face before turning the shower off, rubbing the area around his poked in eye.

Locking in, he rummages around with nothing but a towel on as he finds a map of Vale, before looking at the desk, Seeing a Brochure on Beacon academy.

"Right. If I'm going to Make something for myself I should use my knowledge of the future to my advantage. Seeing as this is before the Show even starts, I'll assume I have a week before beacon at a maximum. That means Neo and Roman were being commanded under Cinder and the two younger ones actually attending beacon; Mercury and Emerald, were not here yet. Cool. I have something." Moe glanced around, finding a notebook and a pen, before starting to scribble stuff down.

"Training comes first, Then a Dynasty of my own. So exploration of the surrounding woods and whatnot." Moe stayed up the rest of the night, Writing down what his plan was exactly.

Smut is harder than I thought. Especially if you've never done it before.

I convinced myself to make more of this. Nobody else did lmfao. Anyways, Make sure your blood is in your body and stay safe.