Watcher Curse

Chapter 1

Artist: Rachiepieuwu

They all stepped into the portal.

The Tree told them it would take them where they are needed the most.

So why, why did he get sent back to Beacon initiation.

Was he not needed, was his part just the Rusted knight, was he not important enough for the final battle?

That wasn't the worst part however.

Jaune Arc, the Rusted Knight of the everafter, couldn't control his body.

He watched as his younger self offered a hand for his best friend Ruby.

He watched, unable to do anything, he watched them chat, watched them running to the hall, watched them talk to Weiss and Yang.

He tried to scream, tried to take their attention, but nothing worked, until.

"Wow, I'm lucid dreaming, neat, at least I didn't get a nightmare before initiation" Jaune said walking around in his own dream.

He has never been in this place before, he saw a huge tree in the distance, a castle, and a small village.

He walked to the village but didn't find people, but crystal shaped like a star walking around.

"I didn't know I had this wild of an imagination" he went to pet one of them, but a hand grabbed his.

"Don't." a Knight in a full armor said, his armor was Rusted, and it took Jaune a minute to realize who he was.

"You're the Rusted knight, which mean this is the everafter from the fairytale." Jaune but all scream with joy.

The girl who fell from the world was one of his favorite fairytale, he always dreamed to become the Rusted Knight, or to meet him like now.

"Easy Jaune, we don't have time for you to fan over me." the Rusted Knight said, letting go of his hand.

"How do you know my name, oh right, this is a dream, of course you know my name" Jaune started to look around the area.

"This isn't a dream Jaune, I don't have enough time because you're waking up, so listen carefully, you need to go to Ozpin and warn him of what's coming, you need to tell him about Cinder, about lionhe-" the Knight didn't finish his words, the world started to change.

Jaune woke up with a dizzy feeling in his head, and his body was alert, as it was ready for trouble.

Jaune shook the feeling, but remembered what happened in the dream and felt a weird feeling in his chest.

He gripped his heart, feeling his pulses, he took a deep breath and went to change.

"It was just a dream Jaune, you don't need to go and talk to the headmaster, you don't need to stand out with your fake transcript." Jaune thought as he made his way to the cafeteria.

He saw Ruby and her sister, he decided to sit with them, they chatted about the initiation, teams, and plans for the actual school.

But Jaune felt the dread in the air, but both Ruby and Yang didn't seem to notice it.

They all sat up to go to the locker room, where they stored their weapons. Along the way, Jaune saw a teacher, Glynda Goodwitch, if he remembered correctly.

"Maybe I need to ask about that name the Rusted Knight said, maybe it was some kind of future warning." he excused himself and went to talk to the teacher.

"Mr Arc correct?, how can I help you" she saw him coming and asked.

"Ahh, nothing much, haha, I just wanted to ask, do you know someone in Beacon called Cinder" she raised an eyebrow, and Jaune felt his cheeks heating up.

"She's kinda of a friend of mine, I wanted to see if she made it into Beacon haha" the teacher bought it and looked through her scroll.

"I'm sorry to inform you Mr Arc, but I don't see anyone with the name Cinder, but don't worry, if she got rejected from Beacon, she would have gotten into another academy, like Haven or Atlas" she explained, and Jaune nodded happily and left fast.

"Why did I put myself into that situation, who the hell is Cinder anyway, is she the Rusted Knight girlfriend or something" Jaune thought, and immediately felt like someone about to hit him.

He flinched and looked around, he didn't find anyone, he continued walking, but the feeling of someone watching him stayed.

When he reached the locker room, he found it empty, the last 2 people just walking past him, he hurried to get his weapon and to follow them.

He found himself at a cliff in front of the headmaster and the teacher from before.

"Mr Arc, you finally decided to show up, I must say if you do succeed in the initiation, you'll need to work on your timing." everyone laughed at that, Jaune just nodded and stood beside Ruby, both feeling the embarrassment.

"Well as I said, the first person you make eye contact with will be your partner, then you'll need to locate the Relic in the forest, and come back to Beacon, fail to do that, and you won't be joining us in Beacon." the headmaster explained.

And he was looking at him the entire time, Jaune wanted to shrink on himself from the Embarrassment.

He saw the other students getting launched to the forest, it didn't take him long to realize what's about to happen to him, but he was late to ask how to land.

Jaune found himself in the sky, with no hope of landing, and without aura, his death was all but guaranteed.

"shit shit shit shit, I'm going to die, I'm going to die. Why did I think it was a good idea?" why did I think this was a good idea, Pyrrha really saved my ass a lot of time" Jaune thought but stopped when other thoughts, not his, was said in his own , I'm becoming insane before my death.Let me help you with that. the other voice said again, Jaune couldn't think about it before the voice continued.

"For it is in failure that we achieve immortality, Through this, we are bound to our task, impossible to achieve, yet we move forward. Cursed by duty and unbound by time, I release your soul, and by my hand, I start the cycle once again. " the voice said.

Suddenly, Jaune felt a strange power comes forward, a rush of adrenaline thorough his vain with something else.

"Is this aura?, it feels amazing" Jaune happiness didn't last long, the ground came at him fast.

The impact sent a wave of vibration in the area. To Jaune surprise, he wasn't hurt at all, but the ground looked way worse with the crater that he made with his fall.

Jaune dusted himself and looked around, he didn't see anyone close, so he asked.

"What the hell was that, what's that voice, are you still there" Jaune shouted, but no voice came back.

He sighed and pulled his scroll up, it should show his aura lvl on it, and he was too scared to ask why his didn't show before, the obvious answer was because he didn't unlock it, but now.

The scroll showed his aura lvls, which was a relief for Jaune, he unlocked his aura on his own(or whatever that voice was) and it spared him to ask someone to do it, or what he actually was going to do, act dumb so they'll do it.

A sound from the bushes alerted him, he pulled his sword and shield, and he vaguely remembered how his father fought with Crocea Mors.

But what came out wasn't a grimm, it was a girl with long red hair, emerald eyes, and a worried expression, he sighed and lowered his weapon.

"H- hey, how can I help you" he stammered a little but extended a hand.

"Oh hello, guess we made eye contact, I'm Pyrrha" she shook his hand.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Jaune" he replied, she looked at him strangely.

"I'm Pyrrha Nikos…" she said again, confused.

"… and I'm Jaune Arc" Jaune had a confused look on his face, but Pyrrha changed the subject.

"You were about to ask the headmaster about a landing strategy, I thought you would need help-" she looked at the crater, "- guess you didn't need it after all" she laughed nervously.

"Oh yeah, well, my aura really saved me there, haha" he scratched the back of his head.

"It must have taken a lot of aura from you" she said as she started walking beside him.

"Yes, it took about 10%, hopefully I won't lose more" he didn't meet her eyes, instead, he kept looking around.

"WHAT?, just 10%?, a fall like that without a way to slow the fall could take from 40% up to 60% aura, you must have a large pool of it" she was amazed of how much durability he has, that if what she was saying was true, it was pretty amazing.

They made their way to the ruin, Pyrrha explaining the part the headmaster choice to not tell him for being late.

Unfortunately, a deathstalker made his way there before them, they saw Ruby, Yang, a black hair girl, an orange hair girl, and a dude fighting it.

They rushed to help them, or more like Pyrrha rushed to help them while Jaune barely shielded Ruby from the giant nevermore in the sky.

"Hey Ruby, need some help" he said, trying to sound cheeky.

"Haha yeah kinda, thanks for the save… vomit boy" Jaune growled and Ruby giggled.

Around them, a white hair girl froze the deathstalker, which gave them time to make a plan.

"Let's go Jaune, I have a plan, can you get everyone here?" he nodded and gestured for everyone to come close.

Ruby told them the plan, which wasn't bad, Jaune had to fix a few problems before the deathstaker started to move again.

They all ran to Beacon, on their tail was the deathstalker and the nevermore.

The girl Nora used grenades on it, slowing it down, a weird feeling came to him, pride?, nostalgic feeling, he didn't know where it came from, or why it came now.

He shook his head, he needed to focus on this fight, but before he realized it, they already killed both the deathstalker, and the nevermore.

"Wait, what, what happened" Jaune looked around, stunned of what happened.

"That was awesome, your move with the shield to send me flying up was awesome, let's do it again" Nora was so close to his face, their noses touched.

The boy, Ren, only chuckled while Pyrrha gave him an approved smile.

"What the hell did I do?" Jaune thought, as everyone was collected by the headmaster.

"Congratulations students, you are now part of Beacon".

The team ceremony happened like a flash, Ruby and Yang were on the same team, team RWBY, his first friend in Beacon is a team leader like him.

Him, Jaune Arc, the one who faked his transcript, became the leader of his own team, team JNPR.

Jaune laid on his bed, after sorting how two boys and two girls can live in the same room for the next 4 years, it wasn't hard, specially that his team all agreed with his decisions.

His partner, Pyrrha, was a sweet girl, and apparently famous, she looked happy when he told her he never heard of her, which was weird.

His other teammates, Ren and Nora, Ren was quiet, smart, and helped with Nora, Nora was the opposite, she's energetic, loud, and love to remind him of how he killed the deathstalker, which he doesn't remember how.

Jaune closed his eyes, knowing tomorrow is the start of the classes, and it was already late.

Jaune opened his eyes to a strange place, he realized a moment later that he was dreaming again, the same place too.

"So I guess I'll be continuing that dream huh" he walked around the beach, looking at the ocean.

He saw something on the shore, a body, he realized.

He ran to check on him, forgetting that he was In a dream.

The girl, because of the long hair and green skirt, was laying face down, not moving.

"Oh shit, hey, are you OK?" he ran to her. He saw her pale skin and cursed.

"I'm here, don't worry, I know CP-" Jaune cut himself off when he turned the girl to face him.

The girl, had long orange hair, her green eyes faded, blood line coming from her mouth, Jaune looked down and screamed.

A stab wound under her heart, the girl was dead, murdered, and he was on an island with no hospital, no police, no huntsmen to help, he was about to lay her down again, but she gripped his arm.

"She can't get the Staff and the power… but there is something you can do…" her dead eyes looked through Jaune's soul.

He couldn't scream, he couldn't move, he just stood there, a dead body talking about…, something.

"I'm sorry, Penny, I wasn't strong enough to save you, and here we are now" Jaune recognized that voice. He turned and saw the Rusted Knight.

Jaune was about to ask him for help but stopped, his eyes dipped low, he saw the hero's sword, dripping with blood.

"W- who, who are you" Jaune stumbled back in fear, "the Rusted Knight killed that girl, he would kill me too" Jaune thought.

The Rusted Knight stabbed his broken sword into the ground, and removed his helmet, Jaune was stunned.

"I'm Jaune Arc of the future, your future, and if you don't do something about it, you'll end up here". The Rusted Knight smiled a sad smile.

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