Watcher Curse

Chapter : 8

Artist : RachiePieUwU

"Weiss and I found Blake, she's at Vale's Docks, looks like there's a fight, come as fast as you can."

Pyrrha put her scroll away and continued running.

She didn't expect Blake to be faunus, or that team RWBY would breakdown that fast, of course, they went to help their sister team to find Blake.

Weiss didn't care and just left to Beacon, leaving everyone to look for Blake, except...

"Which is weirder, Jaune and Weiss found Blake, or the fact they were looking for her in the first place?" Nora asked, she and Ren were behind her.

"Jaune and Weiss seemed close of late, Jaune haven't asked her out in a while, and Weiss seems to gravitate around him a lot lately." Ren said, he held his scroll sending a message for the rest of Team RWBY.

"Do you think they started dating?" Nora asked Cheerful.

Pyrrha's face darken, Nora notice that and tried to change the subject.

" Ahh, so Pyrrha, any progress with capturing our fearless leader's heart?" she asked, but instantly regretted seeing the frown on her face.

"Lets focus on the task at hand, I'm sure we can ask Jaune how he convinced Weiss to search for Blake." They nodded.

And that was the question, wasn't it.

When they left Jaune in the room today, he looked at the verge of breaking down, they didn't know what to do, so they let him figure it out on his own, and if he didn't, they would be here for him.

They witnessed Blake and Weiss fight, they both were pretty mad, and none of them gave ground.

Until Blake let her secret out by accident and ran away, Weiss then left to Beacon, with a complicated expression on her face.

"And now, she and Jaune went to look for Blake together, did she go to talk with Jaune?, he'll definitely tell her to make up with Blake, but they aren't that close, are they?" Pyrrha was left to wonder, before Ren spoke.

"I suggest getting our lockers, Jaune did say there's combat, we better be prepared." Both Pyrrha and Nora nodded.

"Hopefully there isn't much combat." Pyrrha thought.


Maidens, as Rusty said, are terrifyingly strong.

He got his shield up in time to protect himself, unfortunately, the force alone sent him flying to the other side of the Docks, slamming into one of the containers.

"What's the matter, Jaune? Aren't you strong enough to beat a maiden?" she taunted him, walking slowly, fire coming out of both eyes.

Jaune felt anger surge through him, she wasn't Cinder, she stole that body, and he needed to do something about it.

"Cinder." The other guy screamed, his eyes widen, and tears in them.

"What the hell are you doing Cinder?, why are you helping them? What happened to you?" he tried to approach her.

"And who are you again?" those words cut deep in the faunus's heart, shown by the betrayed look on his face, he stopped in his track, shocked.

Fake Cinder took that chance and sent a burst of fire at him, luckily, Blake tackled him out of the way.

Sun you idiot.

"Wait, that's Sun?" he thought.

Monkey faunus with blonde hair and abs, yes, he's Cinder's partner.

"Sun, this isn't your Cinder, don't lower your guard." Jaune shouted at him.

The blonde Faunus looked at him, he clearly had a lot of questions, still, he nodded anyway.

"Oh, so you know, great, now I can take my revenge on someone worth it." She stormed him with legion of fire, he started to run away, knowing if he used his shield, he'll get burned, thankfully, he still had allies.

Fake Cinder found her lower body frozen, she quickly summoned fire, but bullets rained down on her from Blake.

She hastily removed the ice and launched towards Blake and Sun, however, they were prepared.

Both of them used their semblance to dodged at the last second, two clones, one made of light and the other made of darkness left in their place, Cinder flew at them, letting her smash through the wall because of her momentum, an explosion came to life.

"Anyone has a plan?" Blake asked.

"Something is wrong, this isn't her semblance, and she fights totally different from what I'm used to." Sun explained.

"I have a plan, but I need preparations, can you guys hold her for 2 to 3 minutes?" Weiss asked, both Blake and Sun nodded.

Jaune however, knew how strong Fake Cinder really is, he shared a look with Weiss.

"What's your plan?" he asked.

"I'm planning on doing White, I think Rusted will be the best course of action here." Blake and Sun looked confused, but the message was clear.

I trust you with this, Rusty.

"Don't worry, I'll get us out of this." Rusty thought, sending a nod to Weiss, who immediately notice the subtle changes in Jaune.

"What's that?" Sun asked.

"It's something Jaune and I have been working on." She didn't elaborate any farther.

Weiss stepped back, a huge glyph in front of her, Rusty stood at the front of everyone, while both Blake and Sun stood on both of his sides, weapons at the ready.

Fake Cinder came out screaming, the dust warehouse was up in flames now, accompanied by Fake Cinder flying at them.

Both Sun and Blake started to shoot while Rusty's body started to glow white, he then dashed in to meet Fake Cinder in the middle.

She swung her flame sword at him, he parried the first one with his shield, and used his sword for the other.

He amplified himself And smashed her face with his shield, he tried to use the gravity dust in the shield to send her off, but forgot that his younger self has yet to make that upgrade, Fake Cinder saw his confusion and took it.

He didn't expect the scream coming from her, nor the flames coming out of her mouth, literally, burning Rusty.

Aura protected him, but it gave Fake Cinder an opening to kick him to the ground and continued her assault.

Sun and Blake fought side by side, both dodging her strikes using their semblance, yet Fake Cinder made a quick work of them.

She made to finish the Job with Sun, however, a scream came from behind them.

The scream wasn't human, everyone froze in place, but both Fake Cinder and Rusty knew that voice very well.

Jabberwalker, one of the most feared creature in the everafter, alone, they could remove anyone from existence, it black skin was cyan blue, yet still, his 4 horns still stood at the top of its head, his tail move like a third hand, and its inhuman movement sent shiver down Rusty's Spine, and somehow White slain it, he didn't expect less of her.

The Jabberwalker lunge at Fake Cinder, taking her by surprise.

She tried to fight it off, but the tail wrapped around her hand, slinging her left and right.

Yet she didn't give up, fire came out of both eyes, she put her hand on it face and fired.

The fire blast was so great, the warehouse fire looked like a torch.

Everyone was crushed by the display of power, Rusty knew, Jabberwalker isn't something easily dealt with, yet, Fake Cinder killed it with ease.

"Impressive planning for weaklings like yourself, but you missed on one keen detail." She told them, dusting off the white powder from Weiss's semblance, she was gasping for air, her hand on her chest, clearly, she lost a lot of aura.

Realization dawned on him, he felt so stupid because of that.

Fake Cinder was a Listener, she was a knight of the everafter, which mean, she dealt with Jabberwalker.

Looking at Weiss' face, the same happened to her.

"Now, I do remember trying to kill you, yet, just like a cockroach, you survived, this time however, you won't be so lucky." a spear materialized in her hand, she didn't take aim, and just throw it at her target.

Rusty didn't have to do anything, Jaune already taking control back and rushing to Weiss, oddly enough, she was doing the same.

The spear didn't care though, it kept on course, both Jaune and Weiss stopped when they reached each other.

Jaune stood at the front, his shield out just in time, however it didn't persevere, The spear pierced through the shield, but it didn't reach his body, ice dust stopped it from reaching.

They both were gasping for air, Jaune took a lot of damage, while Weiss used almost all of her aura to summon the Jabberwalker, who got killed.

"Well Well Well, looks like the power of love saved you again, just like last time, but now, there isn't a silver eye warrior to save you." Jaune and Weiss shared a look, they knew they couldn't survive this now, yet, they gave each other a smile.

"NOO." The scream was high-pitched, yet Fake Cinder stopped in her track, she recognized that voice, and for a small moment, she felt fear, but it was quickly wiped by anger.

She spun around quickly, only to face a giant beam of green energy coming at her.

She concentrated her power to form a fire barrier, it held true and stopped the attack, but she was spent.

"Looks like I need to kill the android again." her hands on her knees now, still she held her evil smirk.

In front of her stood six people, each armed and ready for a fight, she could take them all, but she would be too weak after, and there's still a chance their Headmaster will come to help them.

"Call your pet, Roman, looks like we're done here." She turned her back to them.

"Wait Cinder." The blonde monkey scream.

"Why?" it was the only thing he could say, beaten on the ground, she smiled cruelly at him.

"Because it's fun, after so long, to see people's expressions when they die." She laughed while walking to Roman, Who up till this point was just a watcher, beside him stood a multicolored hair girl, she was as tall as Ruby, yet she looked much older.

"You're not leaving." Ruby roared and dashed forward, Scythe deployed.

"Ruby, stop!" both Jaune and Weiss screamed, fake Cinder only smiled when the tip of the weapon came close to her face, before shattering to pieces of glass.

Silence rained on them, the only sound was the flame in the background, quickly covered by the sirens of the firefighters and the police cars.

"Soo, guess you two made up?" Yang broke the silence, which jolted everyone to move and help their friends.


Weiss and Jaune were stuck together, literally, their bodies were frozen together while Jaune held his shield with a hole in the middle of his family symbol.

"We need to have a long talk to share information." She whispered, and he nodded, the lack of information started to hurt them.

It was obvious that Rusty and White's world are different from this one, which mean they need to verify a lot of information.

They saw their friends helping Blake and Sun up, the latter looked defeated, but he cheered up when Penny helped him up and gave hima hug.

"He definitely gonna Want an explanation, I say we give him it." Jaune said, accepting the help from his partner to break the ice.

"And how do you plan on doing it?" Weiss asked, while Ruby tried to pull her out of the ice.

"What are you two talking about?" Ruby asked, even Pyrrha looked interested.

"How to coordinate our attacks like a team combo, if our two teams are that close, might as well learn to fight together." Weiss answered, and by the way her eyes and face expression changed, it was White who talked.

"That's a grand idea, although, we might need to delay it after the Vytal Festival." Pyrrha chuckled.

"Well, let's hope this ends soon, so we can return to Beacon, I'm tired." Jaune yawned on seeing the red and blue lights.

Oh do I have news for you.


It took the police 2 hours to take their statements, and after that they called Beacon, which led to the Deputy to come and collect them.

Even though it was late, they still got a lecture about how reckless they were, and how bad the explosion from the Docks going to effect Vale as a whole.

After that, they were allowed to leave, of course, Jaune, Weiss, Blake, and Sun stayed, the Deputy stressed how important to not share anything with their teams.

They nodded, and thankfully, she gave Sun a room in Beacon as an 'early' arrival for the Vytal Festival, and they couldn't find Penny after the talk with the police, but Sun told them not to worry about her.

Weiss and Jaune shared a look before they entered their respected rooms, they both heard the loud voices of their teammates and sighed.


"Jauny." Nora charged, as he closed the door behind him, thankfully, Ren held her back from crushing him.

They were all in their pajamas, ready for sleep but waiting for him.

"You guys should have slept already, we have classes tomorrow." He was too tired to change his clothes, so decided to not bother.

"We just wanted to check on you, after this morning, you looked… troubled." Pyrrha said after a little pause.

"More like dead inside, but now you look perfectly happy." Nora was more blunt, which got rewarded by a glare from both Ren and Pyrrha.

"Did I really look that bad in the morning?" he asked, surprised.

"In all honesty, yes, you didn't look well at all, we wanted to give you space and not Intrude." Ren explained

Was he really that bad, probably with the information from the Tree, and Rusty's feeling, he ended up looking depressed.

But who wouldn't be, he lost his friends, or to be more accurate, more like Rusty, he lost his friends forever because of what, doing a good job?, being a good person?.

I'm fine, I didn't lose them, they are here, even Pyrrha's here.

Jaune sighed Internally.

"I got bad news yesterday about a friend of mine, I just couldn't stop thinking about it, that's all." Jaune told them after getting a few worried looks.

"I'm sorry to hear that, if theirs anything we can do to help?" Pyrrha asked, both Ren and Nora nodding eagerly.

Can I ? Jaune nodded

"there is something." They all looked eager.

"We need to get stronger, far stronger, because the enemy that we're facing isn't a merciful one, each of us need to be strong to cover each other's back, we need to stick together, because I can't lose any of you, not again." The last word was but a whisper, none of them heard it, they all were focus on Jaune.

He found himself drawing in hugs from all of them.

"Don't worry, fearless leader, we are strong, and we'll get stronger, because team JNPR is the strongest."

"We can start a training session, it would help us get stronger."

"Don't worry Jaune, nothing will happen to the team, as long as I draw breath."

They all smiled at him, his breath hitched, but he returned the group hug.

I will not fail you guys this time, I'll stop this vicious cycle, I'll stop the fall, I won't lose anyone.

Jaune could feel Rusty's feeling, he felt the tears but didn't comment on them, his team was his family, he didn't know what he'll do without them, and clearly Rusty lost them.

Cinder watched all that with a complicated expression, she cried on seeing Sun's suffering, she was quite ever since then, but assured him that everything was ok.

After a few seconds, the team broke the hug and all went to sleep the night, it was a long day.


"So you two made up?" Yang asked them.

She kept looking between Blake, who was on her bed, and Weiss, who stood at the door with a Ruby hanging off her.

"We didn't talk it properly yet, but I confidently say things we go back to normal." She made her way to her bed, trying to take off her team Leader.

"You want us to give you a minute?" Ruby asked.

Weiss didn't know, she looked at Blake and she nodded.

"It would be much appreciated, and on your way, can you get us something to drink?" Ruby jumped and saluted, dragging her sister with her.

"How did you find me?" Blake asked after a moment of silence.

"It wasn't hard when you guys started a shootout, Jaune and I were already looking for you." That was the lie they agreed on anyway, they couldn't tell their teams they had an older version of themselves in their heads.

"Why were you looking for me? I thought you hated the whitefang?"

"I do hate the whitefang, they have been the enemies of my family's company for years now, I can't tell you how many times I saw my friends disappeared." Blake looked uncomfortable, but Weiss decided she deserved that much.

"There was this one time in mantle, I was 7 and the whitefang tried to kill me." Blake was about to say something, but Weiss cut her off.

"I know you weren't there, trust me, I had nightmares about it enough times," she sighed and continued.

"The car that I was in got wrecked, and whitefang surrounded me, I wasn't a fighter then, just a scared little girl,"

"Then, a kid my age came in and saved me, he surprised them with his attack, which allowed him to take my hand and run off, he took me to a shelter for faunus, who all recognized me, they called the police to help me, but the whitefang found the shelter first," Blake expression darken.

"The whole place got destroyed and faunus died, the kid who saved me survived though, we survived enough till a huntsman came and saved us, I never saw that kid again, I couldn't even thank him,"

"What I'm trying to say is that the whiefang aren't peaceful anymore, they're ready to take the lives of children, if Atlas started doing that then they aren't better than Grimm,"

"I don't care about your past Blake, you're my friend now, I knew about your past from the start, but I put faith in you, and it paid out, it seems." Her eyes got wet, but kept eye contact with Blake, who stood up and gave her a hug.

"I'm sorry, I can't say I understand your pain, but I understand that it was hard on you, thank you for accepting me." Weiss returned the hug.

"Awww" the voice drew their eye to the door.

A Yang Xiao-Long stood there, with 2 cans of soda, and behind her Ruby who had another 2.

Yang threw the cans to Ruby in favor to draw her scroll and take a picture.

"Yang, I'm going to kill you." Weiss growled and summoned a glyph under Yang, which sent her flying through the window.

"So you guys made up." They nodded to Ruby, who smiled back.

"YES, team RWBY is back together. " She announced.

"More like team RWB, the Y got thrown out." They heard the complaint sound from outside, but they ignored it.

"So Weiss, you and Jaune, thought you hated him." Blake started.

"Don't even start, Belladonna, we're barely friends."

"But you two found Blake together, it must mean you two have a special bond." Ruby said, handing them their soda.

"Please, I would never settle for that blonde idiot." she rolled her eyes.

"Oh you won't be settling baby, trust me, you be doing a great investment, you saw how handsome Rusty is, he also a great kisser." The voice said, Weiss's face started to turn red.

"Are you ok?" Blake asked.

"Wow, I can't believe I just called myself baby"

"I- I think I have a little fever, I better head to sleep, now if you excuse me." she walked past them to the bathroom.

"What the fuck did you do with Rusty behind my back" she screamed in her head.

"Calm down a little, I just kissed him in the everafter, you know, the place where I have my own body, besides it was a spur of the moment at the time, we were both a little emotional, nothing else happened, not yet at least." She added the last part, which made Weiss's face go beyond Ruby's cloak color.

"Please, stop doing perverted things in my head"

"Hey, my body my choice, and you started to get along with him" Weiss felt white smile at her lovingly.

"I won't force you Weiss, but I'm just telling you the best option" she felt the wink and Weiss growled.


Jaune opened his eyes to a blue sky, he blinked few times but quickly realized where he was.

In a dream, thankfully, he was at Beacon.

"Dammit, Arc." he heard the growl from beside him, he looked to the left and saw Weiss sitting beside him in the cafeteria.

"Damn your stupid semblance and its ability to kidnap me from my dreams, I swear if I end up stuck in your body I'll-" she was cut off by a hand.

"Shut up, snow angel, at least he's friendlier than you." Cinder smirked her way, Weiss slapped Cinder's hand off.

"Don't you ever call me that." Weiss glared at her, but Cinder just smile grow.

"Sure, Weiss cream." Weiss was about to return the comment, but Jaune spoke first.

"So the three of us here, looks like all the Watchers, I can use some help on this one." he started to look around the empty cafeteria.

"What do you guys think this is? The only people I could enter their dream were the everafter knights, and as the Tree said, We are the only one left."

"We need to look around, we may find something." Cinder said, and they all stood up, they walked through the cafeteria's doors.

The moment they stepped out of it, they weren't in Beacon anymore, instead, they were surrounded by bright green trees, the sound of bird flying around, and they saw two black Ravens flying above and landing on the small house in front of them.

"Well, guess we don't have to look that hard, thanks Jaune's semblance." Cinder said sarcastically.

"It's better than looking through Beacon, do you know how large Beacon is, it would have taken us hours if not days." Weiss huffed and started to walk to the house alone.

"Wait, Weiss, we don't know why might this belong to-" their eyes all turned to the sound of the house door opening.

"Weiss! You came early." a woman, who couldn't be much taller than Weiss greeted her, her hair reached for her shoulders, the tips a little red, she had a bright smile and shining silver eyes, Weiss was stunned, but the woman quickly gave her a hug.

"W- Wait, w-Who are you?" Weiss asked, pulling away from the hug.

"Don't act like that Weiss, I told you, the team is a part of our family, same with JNPR." she chuckled, she noticed Jaune and Cinder coming from behind.

"oh Jaune too, I didn't know your team finished your mission so soon, I'll need to tell Ozpin to crank up the difficulty next time." she gestured for them to get in, Weiss was about to complain, but both Cinder and Jaune pushed her in.

"Cinder, can you be a dear and call your sisters and tell them their friends are here?" Cinder froze in her place, she looked the woman up and down, she was shorter than her, her red and black dress looked similar to what fake fall wore.

Cinder broke the glass storage on her belt, reforming it as a sword with her semblance, then held it against the woman chin, making sure to not touch her white hoodie.

"Young lady, what do you think you're doing?" the woman asked, her tone changing.

"Who the hell are you." Cinder's eyes narrowed, and Jaune and Weiss hands fell to their weapons.

"Who the hell am I? Well, let me tell you." Cinder found herself stuck to the wall from the woman's kick, a weapon suddenly appeared in her hand.

"What did I tell you about cursing in the house? Who am I? Well, I am your mother, I didn't carry you for nine months, I didn't breastfeed you, but I damn well raised your sorry-ass, WHO AM I? I am Summer Rose, I'm The Rusted Rose, and if I hear you curse again, your father won't be able to hold me to discipline you."

Note: and with this, we start the point of the story where Jaune's semblance starts to act up, and our first victim is Summer Rose, to clarify, this isn't another world, It's summer's dream from another world, big difference, more would be explained later, this is just so you guys don't think summer is alive or anything, I thought to do it, but nah.

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