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(Academy god aka me pov)

"Alright class Rookie of the year is Naruto Senju the Kunoichi of the year is Hinata Hyuga and dead lasts are Sakura Haruno with that out of the way know that your all ninja come back here in two weeks for team placements" said Iruka "WHAT HOW DID THIS CLANLESS LOSER BEAT ME" said a enraged Sasuke "take it up with the hokage Sasuke" said Mizuki while everyone gets up to leave except Naruto *naruto's thoughts* *i did it mom and dad one step closer to making you proud* as naruto smiles at the sky shedding some tears "HA HA THE LOSER IS CRYING" laughed Sakura "maybe he's crying because he's made his parents proud if I was in his shoes I'd do the same" Said Shina adjusting her glasses "Shina's right Sakura don't make fun of him for crying as a ninja you should never lock your emotions away it will only do harm" said Shikamaru "thanks guys" said naruto as Shina blushed behind her coat and shikamaru fist bumps him as Naruto is leaving with everyone once Naruto leaves the academy the wind feels like a hug from his family as he hears "we will always be proud my dear Naru" he looks around seeing nobody but he knew who it was. (Yes I'm crying shut up)


"I'm home" shouted Naruto the moment he said that he was suddenly in between to large heavenly mound's (shut up boobs are awesome) "oh my baby I heard you made rookie of the year and found some girlfriends" said Tsunade with a big grin "PERVY SAGE IM BURNING YOUR BOOKS" said a embarrassed red faced Naruto a shiver ran up a certain pervert at the hot springs "kukuku you made rookie just like your father and me" said Orochimaru

"of course uncle Orochi I'm gonna make everyone I love proud and to answer you question mama yes two girls Ino Yamanaka and Hinata Hyuga also Kira Inuzuka she's a tomboy but she's cute Shikamaru Nara is super smart but very lazy. Choji Akimichi he gave me a bag of chips. Shina Aburame we spent hours talking about bugs and thats the longest people have heard her talk. the two i don't Like Fangirl Sakura aka banshee and Emo broody Sasuke Uchiha" said Naruto Tsunade and Orochimaru shudder when he said fan girls "so Naruto who do you think will be on your team" asked jiraiya appearing in the window "I hope for Shina maybe Kira I know there gonna do the Ino–Shika–Chō so that out of the picture but no for emo and pinky sorry Itomi" said Naruto (somewhere in the village we see Kakashi buying a tiny mask for his mini him smiling because he's just sensed more conformation proving him right and somewhere else in the village we hear someone yelling and hip attitudes and the flames of youth)

"What about your sensei my little Naru" said Tsunade "I hope Itomi or Kakashi, Asuma and kurenai are cool but I'm crap at genjustu and I don't like that Asuma smokes way to much" Orochimaru and Tsunade laughed at that comment "oh trust me someday I'll have to replace his lungs" said Orochimaru.

(Scene change to night at the Senju house also small lime)

(Naruto sneak into his moms room crawling into bed with her) *Im really gonna do this mom's boobs are the best and we have no milk* Naruto pops out Tsunade's boobs and starts sucking out her milk "ahh~ just like that's it my little Naru" moaned Tsunade as she pulls him closer Naruto slowly starts falling asleep from drinking Tsunades breast milk.

(First every lime go easy on me now back to the regular story)

(Author pov)

Tsunade wakes feeling something heavy on her chest thinking it's a certain pervert she rips the blankets off to see her Naru-Chan sucking on her nipples "Naru hunny wake up" said Tsunade kissing his forehead As naruto wakes up he realized where he is "IM SO SORRY MAMA I WAS THIRSTY AND WE DIDN HAVE ANY..." Naruto tried to say before Tsunade stops him "oh my dear Naruto I'm not upset in fact if you want mama's milk again all you have to do is ask" said a red tinted Tsunade Naruto starts blushing and leaves but before he goes he says "okay" as he walks out to the academy blushing like crazy "oh my little Naru still can't handle those emotions" said Tsunade

(At the academy)

Everyone is talking Sasuke is brooding and Sakura is (QUIET!?) Naruto walks in and takes his seat "hey Naruto" said Shikamaru "hey shika what's been happening" said Naruto "nothing much just the normal it'll be a drag if not" groaned Shikamaru "haha same old Shika everything is a drag to you " chuckled Naruto as they keep talking Choji comes and joins "here naruto" said Choji giving a bag of chips "thanks my big boned friend" said Naruto, Choji chuckles "thanks naruto at least you know the right words to call me" said Choji as they start talking until Iruka and Mizuki walks in "Settle down everyone the ninja here will be your sensei's (Skipping teams 1-6) team 7 is Naruto Senju, Sakura Haruno, Sasuke Uchiha sensei's are Kakashi Hatake Itomi Uchiha Said Mizuki (sasuke's thought) (NO IM STUCK WITH A LOSER AND A CLANLESS LOSER AND MY SISTER) just as Naruto slams his head into the desk and shouts "PERVY SAGE THIS HAS YOUR NAME WRITTEN ALL OVER THIS" shouted a sad Naruto with a rain could over his head "what's wrong Naruto" asked Iruka "my mom and uncle asked who I'd want as a team and i said not those two but ill try to tolerate emo king and banshee Fangirl queen" said a depressed Naruto the class giggled at his nicknames "I'm sorry naruto but good luck, moving on team 8 Shina Aburame, Hinata Huyga, and Kira Inuzuka you sensei is Kurenai Yuhi team nine is still active Neji Huyga, TenTen, Rock Lee there sensei Might guy and team 10 is Shikamaru Nara, Choji Akimichi, and Ino Yamanaka your sensei is Asuma Sarutobi" said Iruka "we would like to congratulate you all for graduating and we hope you all become great shinobi" finished Mizuki "team 7 I am Itomi Uchiha one of your sensei's please meet me on the roof" said Itomi Naruto started walking up there knowing where Kakashi is "Itomi sensei want me to go get him" asked Naruto "you know where Kakashi sensei goes" said Sakura "yeah" Naruto said dropping his head "WHERE" gritted Sasuke "memorial Stone where Rin, obito and Minato are his team 7" sighed Naruto his "teammates" now quiet looking down in shame as he jumps towards training ground 7 with the rest of team 7 following as Naruto walks up to Kakashi and hugs him "Kakashi Sensei you do know that mom,dad,Rin,and Obito and your pops Saikumo wouldn't want you to fall to your demons again I'm here" said Naruto looking up and his surrogate big bro "thank's Naruto I needed that" said Kakashi patting his head "emo and pinky this is a kia stone my teammates his father my sensei are on this stone obito uchiha gave me his eye and his creed In The Ninja World, Those Who Break The Rules Are Scum, That's True. But Those Who Abandon Their Friends Are Worse Than Scum." Team 7 goes and sit on a nearby bench for introductions (no they do not know who Naruto's parents are only every Jōnin and Anbū in the village the civilian council does not know) "now that where all here let's start introductions my name is Itomi Uchiha, my likes are tomatoes, training, music, and my family. My dislikes are arrogant people, perverts, fan girls, and people who think they're better then everyone and people who think there status in life means they can do anything. My dream is to become clan head and my goals after training you adorable munchkins is to return to anbu commander" said Itomi as Sasuke mutters something about women not able to be clan heads someone in the inuzuka clan compound Tsume starts growling about stupid sexist men "I guess it's my turn" said kakashi "my name is Kakashi Hatake I can't say my like because your too young my dislikes are those who turn there back on there friends those who can't see what's underneath the underneath and pedo's and rapist your turn Broody he points at Sasuke. "MY NAME is Sasuke Uchiha I have no likes I dislike everything my dream is to beat someone who thinks she's better than me and my goal is to show everyone that the Uchiha's are the best" said Sasuke with Sakura of course eyeing him like meat Itomi sighs and frowns at his likes (I'm not even doing Sakura's we know her's) "ok Naruto your next" said Itomi "I'm Naruto Uzumaki Senju my likes are plants, training, foxes, RAMEN,my mom, uncle Orochi, and Pervy sage aka the toad sage. My dislike are perverts, rapists, pedo's and those who are blind by stupidity and rage my goal is to revive my clans and become the greatest Hokage since Great grandpa Hashi" finished Naruto both sensei's smile at him *Itomi and kakashi's thoughts* *we have a arrogant brooder and fan girl and Naruto at least one is good* "alright tomorrow is the genin test so meet us at training ground 7 and you might not what to eat breakfast" said Itomi BF'ing away with kakashi (body flicker) "well I'm gonna go vist my mom at the hospital also eat breakfast it was a suggestion that's all" said naruto BF'ing away as well


as always most of the CVC (civilian council) is pissed (baring Mebuki Haruno Sakuras mom) "WHY DOES THE DEMON GET BOTH PRODIGIES AS HIS TEACHERS" screeched the Civilian council KI blasts the room shutting them up "ONE HES NOT A DEMON TWO MY DAUGHTER AND KAKASHI ARE HIS TEACHERS BECAUSE MY DAUGHTER WILL HELP WITH SASUKE AND HIS SHARINGAN AND MEBUKI'S (hope it's right) DAUGHTER LOSES HER FAN GIRL PHASE AND KAKASHI IS THERE TEACHER BECAUSE HE ASKED" Shouted Fugaku and his wife "I apologize lord third but I will not have them call my daughter a quote "demon whore" I will not stand for it" said Mikoto "it is alright Mikoto besides I was about to say the Uchiha clan has full right to kill anyone who calls your daughter that name same with my anbu for Sakura" said Hiruzen "thank you lord third for protecting my daughter" said Mebuki "Now the meeting is over Danzō my old friend I'll need your help with something please come to my office" finished Hiruzen


"What is it that you need old friend" said Danzō "I need you to use the Reanimation justu for Hashirama, Tobirama sensei, Mito, and Madara" said Hiruzen "are you sure you want to do this Hiruzen" the old monkey looks out the window and sighs "yes they need to be here to help me get rid of the Civilian council of good I got the go ahead from the fire daimyo I just need you to get body's that where given willingly" said Lord third "of course it will do our old bones good seeing our Sensei and both Mito and Hashirama will lose it when they see Naruto" said Danzō walking out "oh and Hiruzen they know your protecting him right" said Danzō walking out Hiruzen smiles and a picture of Minato "he's just like you Minato"


"Hey Iruka Sensei you came to get ramen too?" Said a surprised Naruto "oh course it is the best ramen"chuckles Iruka as they both take their seats as Teuchi and Ayame the father daughter duo start there order they both see Naruto jump pass them with the sacred scroll "I didn't know you where stealing the sacred scroll Naruto" said Iruka "I didn't ether" said Naruto as he gives chase while Iruka goes to tell the hokage "that's a bad Transformation dude" said Naruto "GET OUT OF HERE YOU LOSER" Said Sasuke "Sasuke you idiot who ever told you to steal this is playing you" said Naruto "ha I'm not being played I'm a Uchiha Elite" yelled a smug Sasuke "Sasuke the civilian council played you they hate me I know why but I can't say but since I'm fair I won't kick your ass for stealing my family's scroll but ya mom will" Naruto says as he snaps his fingers as sasuke is surrounded by ninja and his mother is holding a wooden spoon "SASUKE BARTHOLOMEW UCHIHA YOUNG MAN YOU DROP THAT SCROLL THIS INSTANT AND COME TAKE YOUR PUNISHMENT" said the matriarch of the Uchiha Clan everyone backs away even harden ninja know to not piss of Mikoto she's wasting called the red eyed demon mistress for nothing as Sasuke is hauled off by his mom Naruto speaks "I know sasuke is smart but this is just dumb" as naruto sees a note fall out of Sasuke's pocket he starts to read it "Sasuke Uchiha by order of the civilian council you are to steal the scroll of sealing and transform into the dem.. Naruto to blame it on him if you do this you will be rookie of the year" as Naruto finishes reading it he shouts "HEY MIKOTO THE CIVILIAN COUNCIL WHERE THE ONES WHO DID THIS" Mikoto rushes over "show me Naru-Chan~" Mikoto says a a sweet voice everyone but naruto goes pale he just blushes at the nickname "t-this note" naruto says blushing up a storm Mikoto grabs it reads it then shows it to Fugaku "SASUKE YOU BROUGHT SHAME TO OUR CLAN I WILL ASK TSUME IF SHE WILL LET US USE HER KENNELS AS PUNISHMENT BECAUSE YOU WILL BE CLEANING THEM UP TOMORROW MORNING AND ITOMI WILL NOT HELP YOU WITH YOUR SHARINGAN" shouted a very angry Fugaku "um uncle Fuga he can't do in the morning unless you ask kakashi and Itomi to push back our genin test also Sasuke I wouldn't try to blame it on me" said naruto with a fox grin "oh? Really" said Mikoto smiling like demon "help me"whispered Sasuke "nope I can't help you sasuke you fucked up" said Naruto "Naru what I say about swearing" said Mikoto naruto blushes "one kiss per swear" said Naruto more red then tomatoes Mikoto taps her lips as naruto shuffles up towards her a pecks her lips "good boy Naru now off you go to the old monkey with the scroll okay we will be there soon with that letter" said Mikoto as naruto picks up the scroll and runs to the tower "Naruto dear boy what are you doing here" asked Danzō "the dumbass civilians played sasuke to steal the scroll I'm bringing it back while he is dealt with by Mikoto and Fugaku" said Naruto "good job Naruto I know your parents are smiling upon you" finished Danzō "thanks grampa Danzo" said naruto as he hugs him and walks with Danzō to the hokages office "Michelle I brought the scroll back is gramps in" asked Naruto "oh good job naruto yes the hokage is in go on in" said Michelle the secretary "thanks for not hating me auntie Michelle" said naruto as he gave her a flower she smiles and waves goodbye as Naruto started walking into the hokages office "GRANDPA I BROUGHT THE SCROLL BACK AND I KNOW THE SECRET TO PAPERWORK" shouted Naruto "TELL ME PLEASE" Pleaded Hiruzen "your gonna smack your head on the desk when I tell you" said Naruto "so it's something right infront of me" figured Hiruzen "yep it's a clone technique" chuckled Naruto including some anbu "ARE YOU KIDDING ME THE SHADOW CLONES" screamed Hiruzen smacking his head on the desk [HAHAHA AND HE'S CALLED THE PROFESSOR] "HAHAHA KURAMA CALLED YOU DUMB" laughed Naruto the hidden Anbu snicker at the hokage "I swear I knew sensei made the justu for more then spying" said Danzo (10 minutes later after the old monkey calms down) "here's the note Emo lord had" said Naruto both old warriors chuckle at his nickname then get deathly quite reading the note "well I have to go if your gonna do something gramps you might want moms permission" said Naruto as he leaves (THE END FOR CHAPTER 3. 2803 Words)