Chapter 1: The Letter

"Your Highness! Have you received your invitation to the grand ball, of the Half-ground?" A servant asked the Goblin King.

"Why, yes I have indeed, and like it is any of your concern, I am not going!" The Goblin King answered angrily.

"But your Highness, this is the most important ball of the century. King Locket will expect you to be there."

"Look! Who do you think you are? I rule you and you are not to talk back to me in such a manner!"

"Yes your Highness!" The servant bowed to the king and left the throne room so that the king could be alone.

"I can never be seen again, now that I have been made a fool of, in front of my entire world!" The king thought to himself, as he sat in his throne tapping one foot on the floor. There was a knock at the door to the throne room.

"Come in!" The Goblin King ordered.

"Your Highness it is me again. Sorry to disturb you, but I have just received a letter from the King of the Half-ground. Shall I read it, or discard of it?"

"No you may read it. It must be something important! Go on. Read it… I haven't got all day!"

* Your Highness, King of the Goblins. As King of the Half-ground I am dedicating this ball to you. It seems that you are going through some rough times as of now. Because of the mortal you call Sarah. So I have invited all of the virgin maidens from the Half-ground, to the ball so that you may pick one of them, to become your future queen. This is also going to act as a treaty, saying that if you marry one of the maidens from my world, you can not go to war with me. And you are to join my side against the Dark-ground and the Fire-ground. If you do not come and choose a maiden then I will have to go to war with you.

~ King Locket, King of the Half-ground. *

"Oh boy. This does not sound good Your Highness. What are you planning to do?"

"You know, I am really getting tired of all of your questions!" The King snared, and with that he tossed a crystal at the servant. And he was sent to the Bog of Eternal Stench. Ever since the king had been rejected and defeated by Sarah, he has been really cranky, and is always in a bad mood. So he began to stop caring about what was going on in the castle. Instead he would only think of a way that he would be able to get Sarah back. He began to stop sleeping and stay awake at all hours. He stopped taking baths too. He was beginning to look older than he really was. For three years the king has been like this. He has been to ashamed to go and watch Sarah at her house, or even, look at her in his crystal balls. Things were hopeless and unimportant to the king now. He did not even care that King Locket wants to go to war with him if he does not go to the ball. He just sat at his throne twirling a crystal ball around in his hands, starring into its blankness.