Chapter 46:

Sarah looked down at the pendant in her hand, rattling it around. She pulled it to her lips and she kissed it gently; then pulled it over her neck. She turned and looked at Uther who was looking at her. She smiled faintly at him and when proceeded through the doorway back into the castle. Walking down the hall she could only think of what she would do when he returned. Uther turned and looked at her walking down the hall, paying no attention to anything but the pendant that dangled around her neck. He watched as she bumped into the wall a few times, trying to hold in the laugher so that she would not know that he saw her do this. He shut the doors and walked out into the gardens. Traveling through them, he reached Sarah and Jareth's bedchamber. He looked up at the bedchamber balcony. And saw Sarah was standing on there.

She noticed him and he did not realize it. But when she waved, he turned around and walked away. Sarah just thought to herself that something must be bothering him. For he always waved to her before. She watched as he continued to walk away. But then she shrugged it off and returned to looking out over the Labyrinth and thinking about Jareth. Suddenly in the distance she could see a clear object coming towards her. As it got closer she recognized what it was. It was a crystal. She put out her hand as it approached her. She saw Jareth in the crystal. Smiling she gazed into it. But then it popped, but more proceeded to come to her on the balcony. She could not tell where they were coming from. She thought that they were from Jareth; she was completely wrong. The crystals started going past her and going through the door of her room. She followed the crystals out of the room; down the hall. The crystals led her straight to the room that she had fixed up for Jareth father. She opened the door and walked inside. She really had no comprehension of what was going on. As she entered she turned to see Uther sitting on his bed, reading a book. He turned his head and looked to her. His smile suddenly disappeared when he realized that something was not right. He crawled over to the side of the bed.

"Sarah?" he called to her while staring at her in confusion. He received no answer from her. Waving his hand in front of her she did not blink. *Oh no what have I done?* He thought to himself. He had been thinking about her; and wanted to see her. He had not realize, that he actually reached her. He sat her on the bed and laid her back onto the bed. He closed her eyes and began to say Jareth's name. Suddenly Jareth appeared in his room.

"Father what the hell did you do?"

"I was thinking of her and she just appeared in my room and she will not wake up from the trance that she is in. You have to do something."

"Why were you thinking about her?"

"Worry about that after, right now you need to wake her up." Jareth nodded his head and looked to Sarah's sleeping form. He sat down beside her on the bed and gently lifted her head. Kissing her passionately she opened her eyes and looked at him.

"What is going on? Why are you here?" After she asked that she turned to see Uther standing in the corner. "What did you do?" She inquired looking at him. He just shrugged. Jareth placed his hand under Sarah's chin and turned her head towards him. He gazed into her eyes and smiled.

"You are alright Sarah. There is nothing to worry about."

"Oh Jareth just hold me." Jareth wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tightly. She did not want to let him go. But he sighed and released her from his grasp, getting up from the bed. He just watched as she turned her head away from him. He closed his eyes and sighed again. He could not bare the thought of leaving her again but he had to go. Walking to the window he was stopped by the call of his name.

"Jareth"! Sarah cried getting off the bed. She was dizzy and began to fall to the floor, but Jareth ran over to her and caught her. She was clinging to him. It was too much for her to handle at the moment.

"Sarah you need to sit down."

"Jareth I want to come with you."

"No Sarah not in you condition."

"Please Jareth." She cried.

"Sarah…you can't. I don't want anything to happen to you, and our baby." Sarah looked down and nodded her head. She began to cry. Jareth could hear her sniffles, even though she tried to conceal them. He again put a finger under her chin and tilted her head up. He smiled a faintly to her, whipping a tear from her cheek.

"I will be back. And don't cry for me. You must be strong Sarah. Where is the fire that I saw in you when I first met you?"

"I don't know Jareth…I just don't know." She broke down crying; sliding down to the floor and covering her face in her hands. The sobbing only got worse. Jareth stoked her hair,

"I love you." Then he vanished. Uther, who was still in the corner walked over to Sarah and put his hand on her shoulder; to try and comfort her. But there was nothing that he could do to make her feel better. She felt so confined and helpless. At this time she wished she was not with child. So that she could go with Jareth. She could not stand the fact that he was away from her. The time in the castle was going to be so different now that he was gone.