Ahoy! Do note this first chapter is mostly setup for our protagonist(s) and how exactly they End up in One Piece. More notes at the end, regarding How I'll Handle the more broad subjective parts.


Tapping his pencil on his desk, he stared at the blank screen, with maybe a paragraph written in a word Document.

"Jeez this is so boring." He says, a bit of a higher voice for a man.

He was fairly tall, at six foot with natural red hair and fair skin. Dark green eyes dart around on the page, eventually drifting to his wrist as he grabbed it to rub it, Fairly large biceps, with a more lean body beneath a pair of sweatpants and a plain white T-Shirt.

Leaning back, his chair creaked in his room as he rubbed his face, grabbing his phone.

"No better time to procrastinate on a paper than now." He mutters to himself, opening up YouTube and scrolling through his feed, before finding a video.

"Create your own One Piece Isekai Adventure!"

'Didn't Z tell me to start watching One piece? Over a thousand episodes isn't exactly my thing right now, but whatever I'll check out something related to it.' Tapping on the video, it loads for a solid minute, before a voice from behind him goes:

"Hello there!"

Much like a cat, He jumped out of his chair, hit his hip on his desk and smacked his head against the wall.

"What the he-" his sentence stopped as he looked up and saw quite possibly the most beautiful figure in his life.

"Xiangling, with bunny ears?" He asks aloud, as the figure looked at herself up and down and shrugged.

"Yeah, that's what you'll see me as, but I've come here to say: Congratulations! You've been chosen to get transported to the World of One Piece!" She says cheerily, closing her eyes and leaning forward.

Nodding, The man gets to his feet. And says:

"Okay, I'll believe you seeing as you suddenly appeared in my house and have a 1:1 appearance to a fictional character. Slight issue; I don't wanna go, and I have absolutely zero knowledge of One piece, sooo thanks, but nah."

The fairy raised an eyebrow and chuckled, before saying:

"Oh Austin, you don't have a choice here. Your fate has been sealed! Now we have to choose your fate here!" She says cheerily.

Snapping his fingers, Austin says:

"Worth a shot. Not too keen on leaving for an extended period of time. How long would this take?"

The fairy shrugged and says:

"Depends. If you're lucky, 27 seconds, unlucky, your whole life. Up to you really." Austin shivers before he just shakes his head.

"Alrighty then well what do I need to do?"

"Not a whole lot, but you need to pack some clothes, two full sets at that. AND one item. If you don't pick a set of winter clothes, you get a full set of… Dora the Explorer themed Winter clothes!" Austin shivers at this, going:

"Alright then. While I'm packing, how do we determine this all?" Austin asks, grabbing a large Blue and black backpack and putting his clothes in it.

"Well you also get to pick out one thing you own. Anything really. Just don't try to pull a fast one on us and grab a chest full of stuff. You're only getting the Chest, Mister!" The fairy teased. "Well there goes that plan." He says, as Austin picked out his first outfit.

A T-Shirt with The Metallica logo on it, with a pair of jeans and a belt.

"On top of that, we now get to roll for a buncha stuff!" The fairy said excitedly, as she went on to say:

"If you have a pair of dice you want to use-"

"I don't have dice. I play dnd with my friends, but I just use the dice goblins to roll." Austin interrupts, packing his second pair of clothes, a camo Black Winter coat with Snow pants and a pair of gloves, with a blue and white beanie.

"Right, well here!" She says, presenting a collection of dice.

Nodding, Austin takes the collection and says:

"Okay, what all am I rolling for here?"

The fairy took a clipboard from nowhere and said:

"First things first, location. Roll the D6."

Austin wordlessly grabbed it and rolled, Clattering on the desk as it came up 5.

"Ooh. Paradise. Interesting." Austin perked up.

"Well sounds like its the best case for me really!" An eyebrow was raised from the fairy as she floated and crossed her arms.

"Ahh, sure! Paradise! Now roll a D20 to see where exactly you'll end up."

Austin rolled, turning up a 2.

"Little garden…" the fairy said, writing something down on a clipboard.

"Well I'm a farmer. Gardening isn't all that different." The fairy seemed to cringe as she said:

"Right. Not THAT different. Ok, now roll a D100."

Austin took a moment to grab the D10 and percentile, but paused, as he asked:

"What the heck would I need a D100 for?"

"Well its a random item. On top of an item you bring to the other world that you own, You're allowed one random item from the roll of a D100."

"One item?" Austin asked, as the fairy just nodded.

Reaching into his desk, Austin pulled out a MP3 player, with attached earbuds and a Solar charger installed.

"… I'll allow it." The fairy said, a smirk on her face. Austin then rolled his dice, getting a 10.

"Okay, a medical backpack. Stocked full of emergency supplies and impromptu surgery materials. Fortunate!" Austin resisted a fist pump as the fairy went on.

"Now, two more things; first being your clear condition and something a little extra…." She said, trailing off a bit before continuing. "Roll a D8." Austin did so, as the fairy swooped up the Die before Austin could register the actual roll.

"Aaand that much is a secret, for some groups, that is." Austin thought for a second before jumping at the thought.

"Wait, My Clear condition? As in the way I get back?"


Austin gestured at himself, as he tried to get the fairy to understand what he was trying to say, only giving up as she gave a ditzy look.

"Eughh. Ok. How exactly am I supposed to get back if I don't know my task?"

The fairy raised an eyebrow before simply stating:

"That's the point. We're trying to make things more interesting by throwing a curveball! So you explore your choices and opportunities more!"

"Oookay, we'll how specific is it? Like throw a rock in a specific lake or… I don't know, Kill the main character?" The fairy stares for a moment before saying:

"Well, not as specific as the first one, but the second one… potentially, depending on when you do it." Austin facepalmed and said:

"Well can you at least tell me a few different things I could do to help narrow it down?"

"Hmm sure! You can:

Find the One piece

Kill a Sea King.

Defeat an Admiral, Warlord, Yonko, any of those caliber people.

Walk on a sky island.

Survive for two years, easy enough.

Become friends with a giant.

Meet a straw hat, or become a marine captain or higher in rank!" She had listed off rather excitedly, floating slightly in the air and putting a massive smile on her face.

Austin nodded, pretending he knew what half the options were as he simply stretched as he let the fairy continue.

"Now, A gamble! If you want to- completely optional- you can take a risk or get something of immense value! Only need to roll 1d8 to see!" Austin looked at the die that the fairy held out, staring at it as he spoke.

"What kind of advantages could I get?" The fairy floated around him, listing on its fingers as it spoke.

"Welll, things like legally owning land wherever you appear, your physical stats being doubled, but on the contrary, you can get a starting bounty of 100 million belli, and starting with absolutely nothing!" It said with a smile. Austin nodded and mentally presumed there was more but said nothing, simply taking the Die and rolling it.

Clattering against the desk as it appeared to start going to six, before settling in 2.

"Oh! OH! That's pretty good!" Austin flinched at the fairy's sudden outburst upon the roll's outcome, as it continued.

"You get the opportunity to bring one of your family or Friends with you to the other world!" Austin's eyes widened as his mind immediately ran through nearly all of his contact lists.

"Now, some stipulations-". The fairy continued. "See, as far as Family goes, the furthest you can go is a Cousin, and one that you see consistently, so no distant family somewhere in Berlin. And for friends, They can only come with you if they consider you a friend as well. So you can't just say you Met Bear Grylls and are friends." Austin lightly scoffed in frustration at that, as He already had an idea in mind.

"Now, They also get to roll on the tables except for the location, they'll be with you!"

'Ok. Kind of an important choice here. Normally I'd just take my dad, but seeing as we'll be in a world neither of us know anything, not ideal, besides, he still needs to take care of our family. Friends? Not many I'd subject to abduction, but One that knows a fair deal about one piece is ideal. Samantha? She started not long ago, but I know for a fact she has horrible luck when it comes to rolling. Knowing her she'll roll the table that makes us go hardcore mode. Manny? Don't know if he's too into one piece. He's a clever guy, but not too physically impressive. I know fighting is a thing in one piece so maybe not him…

Brian could work. She- He, is pretty well built, but not really weeb enough for one piece. Z… i mean he's kind of unhinged when it comes to anime and Isekai, but he likely knows the most about one piece out of all my friends. That and he wouldn't mind an adventure. Soo I suppose he's the best choice.'

"Ok, I choose My friend Zander to accompany me." The fairy nodded as a small portal opened, primarily blue in color as it swirled and whirled, as the sound of boots clacking on hardwood eventually made itself heard, as out through the portal came a darker man, Obviously African in descent as Dark Chocolate skin rang out flawlessly apart from his hands, where callouses found themselves. Brown eyes and white teeth stood out, as his hair, while slightly longer than it should be, was in a fade. He wore a Plain Black T-Shirt with a heavy Brown Zip up hoodie, Jeans, and Cowboy boots.

"Hey! Austin, Good to have you pull my ass out of there!" Zander said, his normal voice being that of a high bass. Austin simply looked confused as Zander pulled Austin's hand for a half-hug.

"What? Were-"

"Had an Isekai fairy of my own come for me. She was kind of a bitch. Who knew Queen of sunlight Guinevere would laugh at the thought of me being a slave off the bat? Anyways-". It was Austin's turn to interrupt as he went:

"Wait, Slave? There's Slaves in this world?!" The Isekai fairy clapped its hands and went:

"Questions are for later! To little garden you go! Just grab me by the hand and close your eyes, and when they open, you'll be in a new world!" The fairy held both its hands out, waiting for the boys to accept.

Zander winked at Austin, before firmly grasping the Fairy's hand and closing his eyes.

Zander seemingly turned into stars at that moment as Austin nodded, tenaciously grabbing the fairy's hand.

"I believe in you! You can make it back if you want!" It went, as Austin's vision went black.