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Chapter 16: Work and Rest

- Mathias -

I signed the last document and fell down face first on my study table.

Doing all this paperwork was such a pain in the ass.

I looked at Shizuka on the other side of the room who was still working on her own pile. She hadn't even taken a moment to stretch or any breaks at all.

Truly, she was the Dragon of Paperwork.

In fact, she was a bit too dedicated and didn't take any time to chill. It was always either training or working for her.

The only times I have seen her taking a break is when Lavinia drags her along to spend some time with the other girls.

"Let's take a break for today, Shizuka." I asked her, knowing that she wouldn't if I didn't tell her to.

"I just need a few more hours to complete this." She replied.

"You have been at it for three whole days. I think it would do us both a lot of good to go out and get refreshed. What's my schedule for today?" I asked.

"You have to go to the Leviathan Capital City and meet Lady Serafall for some meeting. You wanted me to remind you to pay a surprise visit to your shop there. After the meeting, you need to go to the Gremory House and pick Miss Rias and Miss Latia up for dinner at the Dantalion House to discuss the warding of your farm areas." She quoted my schedule.

"Great. Then come with me for the shop visit and the meeting with Serafall. It would be good for you to have a change of scenery. Being cooped up in this place all day is not good for anyone. And after that we can go to the Gremory's and you can meet Akeno." I said.

She looked at the paperwork for a moment but then nodded.

"But first, let's go and eat something. I am starving." I stood up and stretched and the two of us left the room.

We still didn't have servants in our home but some of the others were learning how to cook.

All the chores of the house are done by us in turns. Magic makes most of the mundane things very easy so it wasn't much of a problem maintaining such a big place by ourselves.

In fact, apart from Shizuka and me, Ingvild and Natsume knew cooking. They had learned it recently and Ingvild was quite good at it.

We got to the kitchen and made ourselves some sandwiches before getting ready for our visits.

Normally Uncle Logan brings me reports about the sales and stocks of the shops but he also advised me to pay surprise visits to the shops to keep the people on their toes.

It was good advice too.

The shops were running fine.

The people were still new and they were the ones uncle had chosen himself so their loyalty shouldn't be an issue.

We still checked the stocks and Shizuka did some looking around, asking the staff if they had any problems.

Right now the business was new and after the stance I had taken during the opening ceremony at Lilith, people were keeping a distance.

It was probably also due to the fact that the Satans themselves were promoting these businesses and our brand had some powerful backing in the form of my allies.

Let's pray that things remain this way for a while longer.

We went to the Leviathan Castle after that. The Leviathan City was actually surrounded by a lake of sorts.

Generally, there were no huge water bodies in the Underworld, that's why our plan to make an ocean was such a new and unique idea.

There were however some lakes.

The Leviathan city was created on the top of the largest of such lakes. I guess that Leviathan wanted to flex or maybe she really wanted to live in a city of her liking. Then again, it could be due the fact that the lake water would make her attacks easier to use.

We walked up to the reception.

"Excuse me." I asked, making the receptionist look up at me.

She hurriedly got up. "Lord Buné Zagan."

"Ahahaha relax. No need to hurry so much. I have an appointment with Lady Leviathan. I was wondering if you could point me towards where I should go?"

"Certainly." The woman bowed and called someone. "Someone will be here momentarily to guide you. Please take a seat till then."

We did just that when we heard the voice of a woman who was sitting near us. "Sir….if I am not mistaken, you are Lord Buné Zagan, right?" She asked.

I looked at the woman. She was….a half devil, purple black hair and grey eyes.

It looked like she was also waiting for some kind of meeting.

"In the flesh." I replied with a smile.

"I knew it. I am Emine Drake, a magician working in the foreign affairs department. I just wanted to say that the Cuticle Berries from your farm are wonderful." She smiled as she waved a hand through her hair.

"Really! I am glad you liked them."

"They are. I haven't felt my hair feel so great for centuries." The woman said quickly. " I have tried many products but I didn't expect the Cuticle Berries to have such great effects."

"Hmm." I looked at Shizuka and then at the woman. "Do you think if we launched products geared towards beauty and healthcare, they would be appreciated by the females of the Underworld. I mean, we Devils can shapeshift to a certain degree after all."

"True. Devils can change their body shape as we want but taking care of hair and skin is still difficult. I am sure if you launch such products, it would be a great hit among the women."

We talked about a few more things by which the person called to pick us up had arrived. Dressed in a butler's costume, it was none other than Behemoth, Serafall's Rook, so I took my leave.. "Thank you for your advice. I will look into it more and see what I can do about the matter."

"Thank you, Sir."

It was always nice to see people like my products.

Behemoth bowed slightly towards me. "Lord Mathias."

"Mr. Behemoth."

"Let's go. My Lady has been awaiting your arrival for a while."

He led us towards Serafall's office.

This was the first time I had come to this place. All the previous meetings were in New Lilith at the Lucifer Castle or at the Beelzebub's Castle as that's where the Devil Research and Development Department was located.

Serafall's Castle was all about Foreign Affairs. In fact, not just the castle, even the entire city was full of people of different races, many visiting while many setting up shops.

People came here for many reasons.

It was surprising to see that the Underworld and the Supernatural world also worked in a similar way as the modern countries did.

That's why the branch of my shop here was so important.

We reached Serafall's office soon and Behemoth asked for permission before entering the office.

"Matty! Come in. I have been waiting for you for a while." Serafall greeted me from her seat as soon as she saw me.

She was dressed in a formal suit and looked completely different from her usual magical girl look.

"What? Surprised to see me like this?" She noticed my stare and asked with a cheeky smile.

I entered the room and noticed that there were other people in the room too.

I recognised two people.

Rudiger Rosenkreutz and Euclid, the latter of whom was currently standing behind her and smiling at me.

"A bit, yes. I am more used to seeing you in pink all the time." I smiled.

"See, I told you I should change the official Leviathan uniform to Magical Girl Levia-tan." She remarked making Euclid facepalm.

"On second thought, I think you look quite good in this type of dress too. Gives a much more Onee-sama feel. I think Sona would like this better."

"Eh, really! Well, then changing costumes is cancelled."

I laughed at her antics.

"Anyways, sit Mathias. We have a lot to discuss." She said as I took the seat.

She then pointed towards the third man in the room.

"I think you two have already met before?" She asked.

"Yes. I had the fortune of meeting Lord Rosenkreutz at the opening of my Shop. Unfortunately I was not able to spare much of my time on that day. I apologise. I will rectify this soon."

"No no. The party you threw was great and I know how much work you put in everything. I couldn't ask for all your time on such days. But I will be more than happy if you join me for dinner at my place." The guy offered politely.

"I would be honoured."

"Then I will have someone send you an official invitation."

"Alright, while it's always good to see Matty come out of his territory and make friends, I think we should get to the matter at hand." Serafall clapped hands and I looked at her curiously. "Let's start from the start, I guess. Would you like to explain the situation, Rudiger?"

The man nodded seriously and then looked at me before explaining the entire story to me. In the meanwhile I tried to remember what I knew about him.

He was reincarnated by Delphiena Mammon, a member of the Extra Devil Clans, the daughter of the Lord of the Clan actually. The woman was an eccentric person, someone who lived for her curiosity. In fact, she was curious about the Evil Pieces so unlike many Extra Devil Clans, she came forward and received her own Evil Pieces.

Rudiger was someone who summoned and made a deal with her. The deal was that if he could solve twelve puzzles from her, she would make him her peerage member and basically let him do whatever he wanted. If he couldn't however, then he would do whatever she wanted.

His goal was to get a devil's long lifespan to work and progress his magic to new heights.

Safe to say, he won and she kept her word too.

Rudiger became a member of the Mammon Household and has been a devil for a few centuries already and had even risen to the position of an Ultimate Class Devil and one of the Top Ten Rating Game Players through hard work. He is very close to the Mammon House and is still friends with the Heiress and his King.

Normally, this would be a perfect life but there was one problem for him.

Rudiger couldn't have children. He tried for centuries with several wives but Devil fertility rates are really abysmal.

That said, things did work out in the end, he had a child, Alfred Rosenkreutz with a female magician he was contracted with.

The child was a half devil but for Rudiger, he is his only child and the man dotes on him a lot.

It's just that Alfred has always been sickly and his health kept deteriorating as he grew older and it wasn't until a few years ago that it was diagnosed that he was born with a Sacred Gear which was the cause for all this.

His Sacred Gear was born in a hyperactive state and has been taking a toll on his body and according to the doctors, he wouldn't live for long.

The man has been running around everywhere to look for a cure for his condition but hasn't found any solution yet.

His son's birthday was coming up and the man just wanted to make the kid happy. The kid wants to meet his idol… the strongest upcoming exorcist and the Trump Card of Heaven, Dulio Gueseldo.

How did that even happen?

How could a kid, the son of one of the most famous people in the Underworld, meet or know about the strongest upcoming exorcist and even become a fan of the guy?

Truly, the internet was a frightening thing.

Anyways, Rudiger wanted to make his son happy as it could very well be his last or second last birthday so he submitted a request to the Satans who were quite understanding and sympathetic of his situation and forwarded the request to Heaven, because let's face it, there was no way the Church would do such a thing.

Now, this is where I come in.

Heaven also would obviously think several times about such a strange and admittedly suspicious request.

They however did….on the condition that they get to meet me too.

Huh, I guess the products did catch them off guard.

"Now Mathias, no one is going to force you. This will be your choice only. Knowing the previous records, if you want to deny the visit, we wouldn't blame you for it." Serafall said and even Rudiger didn't say anything about this.

I thought for a second. "Where do they want to meet me?"

"We would negotiate it to either be the Underworld or any neutral third party grounds under supervision but considering the fact that Dulio would have to come to the Underworld itself….I doubt that they would agree to that."

"So their territory." I concluded.

"Most likely." She nodded.

"Is Dulio ready?" I asked. I remembered something like this but I didn't know everything from the books and this world was quite different so I had not paid much attention to that stuff either.

"Yes. In fact from what I could glean from my sources, the boy had decided to come regardless but was stopped and they put in the new demand later."

I heard Rudiger sigh. "Don't mind it, Lord Buné Zagan. I couldn't ask you to put yourself in such danger for my sake alone."

"I'll do it." I replied.


"I'll do it. Just let my peerage members come with me."

"Matty, you don't understand…." Serafall started.

"I understand everything, Serafall. I know the risks but….if even an exorcist….was willing to go so far for the sake of a devil's child….I think it would be incredibly selfish for me not to lend the same support, don't you think?" I smiled.

A kid was dying….sigh.

They just looked at me for a few seconds. "Are you sure you want to do this, Matty?"

"Absolutely. Moreover, there is only so much I can run and hide. I will have to face them one day. It's better to get it over with as soon as possible." I nodded and then remembered something. "Just a request."


"Don't tell Rias or Latia." I smirked. "They would kick up a fuss."

Serafall rolled her eyes. "You are planning to go to the biggest enemy of the Devil Race and you are afraid of your little fiances kicking up a fuss?"

"Yup. I am going there….I don't plan to live the rest of my life with them." I laughed.

Rudiger, on the other hand, bowed. "Thank you, Lord Buné Zagan. I will never forget this favour of yours."

"Eh, don't sweat it. Also, just call me Mathias. Lord Buné Zagan is a mouthful."

"Thank you, Mathias." He repeated again.

I turned towards Serafall, "When should I expect this meeting?" I asked.

She looked pensive. "Probably a week."

"Alright, just let me know when you decide."

We discussed a few more things before I left the place.


"Matty, you are here!" Rias greeted us as soon as we teleported to the Gremory House.

"Hey there. You look beautiful." I complimented because she was indeed looking gorgeous in her black dress.

"T-thank you." She replied with a blush. It was adorable so I went ahead and gave her a light hug.

Behind her Akeno was smiling widely at her King's state.

"A-anyway, Latia is already here. Come in. She's waiting inside." She said hurriedly and pulled me in.

I could hear Akeno giggle behind us.

It took me a moment to realise that this was probably about that night.

Well, it looked like she was embarrassed after her adrenaline had worn off.

I didn't mind since she looked quite adorable like this.

We were led inside where Latia was already waiting and talking to Venelana and Elsa Gremory, the wife of Sirzechs.

Beside them were the other members of the Gremory family.

"Good evening." I greeted everyone, Shizuka standing behind me also bowed.

"Good evening, Mathias. Come take a seat. We were just talking about you." Zeoticus said and I did just that.

Rias took the seat next to me.

"How is being a Lord treating you, Mathias?" Zeoticus asked with a smile.

I winced.

"Ah, that bad already huh? Then again, with the amount of work you have to put in, I guess it's understandable." He nodded.

"I have heard that the sales in your shops are increasing everyday. Even the staff working in our place are praising the products." Venelana praised.

"Yes, I have seen the reports and things have been going well till now. The demand is rising slowly and thus I need to expand the farm area." I explained.

Elsa looked at me and spoke first. "Latia was just explaining to us the situation. She said you need wards for your farms, is that correct?"

I nodded.

"How much land are we talking about and how strong of a warding system do you want?" She asked.

"Hmm, let's see. I will mainly grow the F and E Ranked products in those places but it would be on a very large scale. The demand of the products is the highest at the Low and Middle Classes and they grow faster too. As for how much, hmm….let's say almost three times the current area….around fifty thousand square kilometres."

"What?!" She exclaimed.

Yeah, the area was just that ridiculous.

"I mean I don't need all of them done at once. This will be a long term project after all."

"Wait wait, hold on for a second. You said three times the current area of your farm. You mean to say that your current farm is as big as fifteen thousand to twenty thousand square kilometres?" She asked.

"More or less." I shrugged.

"How does no one know of this?" She asked, surprised.

I could understand it. Although she had been to my place several times, she didn't know the true extent of the farm's area because it was almost impossible to give them the entire tour.

"They are entirely under wards." I explained.

She looked at me incredulously.

"The entire area. The entire fifteen to twenty thousand square kilometres of area?" She asked.

I nodded.

"And you did it by yourself?"

"Yes. None of the other members of my peerage knew wardcrafting." I shrugged.

She just stared at me, completely quiet. Even the rest were looking at me in stunned silence.

"Is there a problem?" I asked.

A moment later, Zeoticus spoke. "I think she is just taken aback at the scale of things. We….don't usually ward off farming areas….or any areas of that scale. Your situation is a unique one. It's just something we have never encountered before."

"Oh….I guess that's true. But I can't leave my farms unguarded either."

"And you have done an impeccable job at that. I have seen the wards you have put around the areas you showed us on our visit. Those were some of the best works I have seen so far. In fact, I have seen wards around Lucifer's Castle and they were comparable to those." Elsa praised, having gotten out of her stunned state. "And they were quite extensive too, surrounding all the area around your mansion."

"Actually, it covers my entire farm as of now. I have used the same quality of wards for my entire farm."

She paused for a moment again and then spoke in a deadpan. "That's impossible. The energy for that would be…."

"They are powered by my Dryads and Dragons as well as several of the stronger of my creations." I interrupted.

She held her words, thinking for a while before speaking again. "But even then, that would require over a hundred Ultimate Class beings…." She suddenly looked at me, her eyes wide.

"Let's say that just like the Great Gremory Horde, I have my own Horde as well." I smiled.

I didn't tell her that all of them are only using a small part of their powers and the actual numbers were actually over ten times that.

"Meh….as if those plants and lizards can rival my cute Camels." Runeas snorted from the side, making me laugh.

The others smiled at her comment too.

"That's….I doubt we could get you wards as strong as those Mathias. Covering that much area would be." She said, hesitantly.

"I am not looking for those kinds of wards for my entire farm. I doubt I would be able to support those either. Just minor ones which can help with the detection and stop even Mid Class beings. My Dryads and Hunting Squads will take care of the rest. As I have already said, I am not planning to grow expensive stuff in those places." I explained.


"Thank you."

"Anyways, let's go. The entire thing still has to be passed by my brother."

I left Shizuka there to spend some time with Akeno and the rest of us left.

We teleported over to the Dantalion House where the Lord of the House, Atticus Dantalion, was already waiting for us.

"Brother. These are the people I was talking about." Elsa introduced.

"Lord Mathias Buné Zagan. I heard someone wanted to discuss the deal about warding but Elsa didn't tell me who it was. You have always had a knack for surprising me." The man greeted us with a smile and offered his hands for a handshake. "Welcome."

I shook hands with him as we walked in while recalling everything I had memorised about them.

The Dantalions were a Duke House just like the Buné, ranked seventy one among the seventy two pillars.

They have mostly stayed out of politics all this time. In fact, the Dantalions have been one of the only houses who had shown to have no ambitions for power. Even during the time of the previous Satans, they were quite well liked by Lucifer.

But all of this didn't mean they were easy to walk over.

They were the leading researchers of the Underworld. Just a simple fact: around 48% of all the researchers in the Devil Research and Development were either from the Dantalion House or were related to it and over 60% of all the new technologies invented in the Underworld have the hands of Dantalion at least somewhere on them.

They had enough royalties from the research they do to keep the house afloat even if they didn't work for a few thousand years and no house would want to make enemies of them.

This was not even considering their main business, Warding.

The Dantalion Clan Trait was Space Magic Affinity and they had developed incredible Warding Skills just like the Sitri had their hands in the hospital business.

Sirzechs marrying Elsa had several reasons apart from the two liking each other.

I explained the situation to Lord Dantalion and he, while as surprised as his sister, agreed to help us out.

It was the negotiations for the payments that were hard.

They didn't demand monetary payments and to be honest, such high payments would have made us make several cuts to our future plans so I was thankful for that. Instead they asked for payments in a different method.

First, I will open a shop in the Dantalion House territory and offer them a fifteen percent discount on F Ranked products, 10% on E Ranked Products and 5% on D Ranked products for the next twenty years.

This point was argued over by Latia and we put forward a proposal to fix a maximum amount of products on which the discount will be available because otherwise people from other territories will try to buy from here and it would result in losses and while the system of selling only a certain amount of products will still be applicable, it would still result in us taking losses.

Lord Dantalion offered a counter proposal that the people will have to provide proof that they were the residents of the Dantalion territory for a certain period of time to avail this discount and any extra costs for this will be handled by the Dantalion House themselves, in return, we offer them a five percent discount in the auctions.

After a long period of discussion, the contract was reached with the final clause being the alliance between the Dantalion and the Buné-Zagan Houses.

Overall, I think the trip itself was quite good.

We returned to the Gremory House after that and Latia and Rias decided to come with me for the night.


"That was mind numbing." I sighed as I slumped in the bath and closed my eyes.

"You were quite good. I am surprised you actually argued over the point." Latia said as she walked into the bath beside me.

"It was an obvious point, the main reason why I am even resorting to the warding is that I don't have enough to sell everywhere. Giving them discounts without any limits would have increased sales in that area beyond what I was ready for." I shrugged.

"I still think we didn't lose out. The Dantalion allying with you will help you out more than just the wards. They are the foremost family when it comes to research. They could develop several products using different produce from your farm. For example, Shizuka was telling us about how you were talking to some woman about expanding towards the cosmetics and healthcare industry. Instead of selling the Cuticle Berries directly, we could always make Shampoos or other hair care products from them and sell them, creating a completely new line of products." Latia suggested as she sat down beside me and made herself comfortable.

"Actually, we could always open up spas with the different animals which help cleanse the body when we expand into tourism with the new sea." The one who said this was Rias who had followed us to the bath.

She had a slight blush on her cheeks as she sat on my other side.

We looked at her and she explained. "We have been thinking about some ideas which could be good."

As she settled, I hugged both the girls to my side. "Thanks for working so hard."

I wasn't just saying this, I actually meant every bit of it. They were actually putting lots of effort into all of this.

"This is going to be my family so there's nothing strange about working for it." Latia just rolled her eyes, but I could feel that she was actually happy with the praise.

"As she said." Rias nodded although it was easy to see her happiness.

"So….wanna tell us why your queen was teasing you so much today on my arrival?" Latia asked, looking at Rias.

"Eh!" The girl yelped not expecting the question, especially from Latia.

I kept quiet, not interfering in this matter.

"T-that was…."

"Come on, Rias, you can share things with us but if you don't want to then you don't need to force yourself."

"I…." She hesitated a bit and I decided to lend her a helping hand.

"She probably heard about the kiss."



It took her a second to realise and she narrowed her eyes. "That doesn't explain why she was teasing her with me." Latia questioned.

I was about to explain when Rias cut off the conversation. "Let me. I….don't want to hide."

"Oh, go on." I shrugged.

"You see….that night….after Matty's first Council Meeting…."

The blonde realised what she was talking about and her cheeks blushed immediately but she played it off quickly. "I see. So you were awake. Hmm, I guess we should have guessed that earlier. We were kind of impulsive that night."

Rias just nodded her head embarrassed.

"You don't need to be that embarrassed. We already discussed these things between ourselves earlier." Latia said.

"Wait, you did?!"

"Private matter, Matty."

"Huh? I think matter concerns me too." I argued….but was easily ignored.

"I guess you were caught off guard that day." Latia continued making the other girl nod. "Well, it's not bad that you found out. Now you can join us." She smirked, making Rias stutter before she pouted, realising what we were doing.

We laughed seeing the usually boisterous girl stutter on such a matter.

"Anyways, you can always share these kinds of things with me. We made a pact, remember."

"What pact?" I asked….but was ignored again.

Rias nodded.

"So, you had your first kiss that night?" Latia teased this time and Rias nodded.

"After you went to sleep." She confirmed.

"I was trying to not make the situation awkward." I interjected to prevent any future attacks on me.

"So….you saw?" Latia asked, embarrassment tingling her tone.

"I….just heard most of the things." Rias whispered.


The situation became quiet all of a sudden, both girls dealing with their embarrassment so I decided to change the subject.

"And Akeno found out so she was teasing you." I asked.

She nodded.

And just like that she was explaining the whole situation.

Basically, Akeno knew her King very well and saw through her off behaviour on the very next day and while poking and prodding, she found the reason and both her and Kuroka have been teasing the girl since that day.

Latia smirked and suddenly threw me a curveball. "I for one think she was also throwing heated gazes towards you."

"Say what?"

"Girls this age are curious, Matty. They just hide it better."

"Eh! I don't think she…." I started to explain but Rias interjected.

"No, she is not wrong about that. Akeno is interested. She might have made one or two such jokes regarding this but I know her well enough to see through her."

"I see. Well, she is someone I can agree to. We know she will not betray us. Although, I was planning to pull in Shizuka to be honest, but this works as well." Latia shrugged.

"Wait what? Are you both still carrying out that plan of yours? I am telling you I can control myself just fine." I said but they were just adamant.

"It's not about you controlling yourself. They are good girls and you will need to have more children so why not keep your options at hand. Even father has a harem and you actually need it." Rias said.

"She's not wrong. Tell me you are not enjoying the company of Lavinia and Ingvild?" Latia questioned.


"And that proves my point. If anything, I am actually surprised you are holding yourself back so much….n-n-not that I am complaining but you are a devil….and a dragon. All other devils your age are far more open about this."

"Hmm, if what I have heard from Lili, even Armin is."

"Wait wait….I don't want to hear about the sex life of my best friend from my fiances. Seriously, what do you girls even talk about in your free time?"

And I already knew that about Armin.

We had a field day teasing the crap out of him.

"I learned Senjutsu for a reason, ya know. I knew I couldn't afford to think with my dick and thus sort of a way to control myself." I explained.

"That….makes sense." They nodded.

"So….do you like Akeno and Shizuka or not?" Rias asked.





"Oh he has a good chemistry with Shizuka and he is probably the only guy I have seen her being that open to."

"Hey, I have a good chemistry with Armin and Sairaorg too but I don't swing that way. Having good chemistry doesn't mean anything. Both sides have to like each other for a relationship to work."

"I don't think you know how many girls like you, Matty. You didn't even approach Ingvild and Lavinia and they were both waiting to practically throw themselves on you." Latia argued.

"Even the girls in my peerage like you as much as they like me. Especially Isla. She would gladly join your peerage if you ask her even once." Rias shrugged. "Hell, I have even seen Kuroka, secretly sniffing around.

"...I have no words."

"You still haven't answered whether you like the two girls or not?"

"I don't dislike them."

"That's enough. No one is telling you to jump into a relationship. Just consider them as potential partners and see if it works." She explained.

"...I guess that makes sense."

We had been in the bath for a while so we decided to leave.

Rias called home and informed them that she would be living here today.


"Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked Latia who had a deep blush on her cheeks but agreed.

"We did make a pact."

"...one day, I will find out what that pact is."

"Yes. But that day is not today." She whispered as she leaned in into my lap and kissed me, preventing me from replying.

We were in my bedroom.

All three of us, Rias, Latia and I, were here to….celebrate today's deal with the Dantalion House.

Latia was not kidding when she said that next time Rias could join us. She actually pulled the other girl into the bedroom with us and even though Rias was not exactly going to participate, she was free to watch this time….which she was quite eager about.

I returned the kiss, pushing other matters aside for later. This was not my first time with two girls together as I have slept together with Lavinia and Ignvild multiple times so I was used to it.

She wasn't, so I tried to make her comfortable first.

Our lips met lightly before I took her lower lip into mine and pushed my tongue into her mouth.

One of her hands roamed on my naked back as she hugged me tighter and her other hand went to my head, grabbing a hold of my hair.

She was more aggressive than usual.

I guess she wanted to put on a show for our third partner.

We pulled apart after a few minutes and there was a line of saliva between our lips.

I heard heavy breathing from our side and from the corner of our eyes saw Rias, grabbing a hold of her breasts and massaging them slowly, her eyes glued to us.

Well, since Latia was putting so much effort to put on a show, why should I hold back?

I leaned in and started kissing her neck, slowly going downwards to her chest, taking one of her nipples in my mouth and sucking at it lightly.

"Mmhhh." She moaned as her grip on my hair became tighter.

She moved her waist, grinding herself on my lap.

I was already hard from the kiss and the heat from her core made me even harder.

My hands slipped down from her waist and to her supple ass as I grabbed it and pulled her against my body, assisting her in her grinding more.

I shifted to her other breast and gave it the same treatment as the first one.

She was now totally in the mood and got up, pushing me slightly so I was on my back as she slowly went down, grabbing my hard length and stroking me slowly. I closed my eyes and let out a pleasant breath.

I was already slightly wet due to her core rubbing on me and my own precum and she had gotten a lot better than our first time. She leaned down, slowly moving her hair to the side so that her face could be seen by Rias as she placed a soft kiss on my tip.

"Hmm." My hand went to her head and caressed her slowly as she showered my entire length with kisses before coming to the tip and giving it a lick with her tongue.

I looked on the side and Rias was currently breathing heavily, one of her hands between her legs, with both her legs closed tightly as she watched us with unblinking eyes. I signalled for her to come to me, shaking her from her thoughts.

She did, slightly hesitant, and I hugged her to my side and kissed her lightly on her cheek but didn't do anything else.

Latia looked at us once, meeting our gazes as she opened her mouth and took my tip in her mouth, making me groan in pleasure as she moved her tongue around my tip.

My grip on her hair tightened and the speed of her tongue increased as well as she started working on me earnestly.

She bobbed her head up and down, slowly increasing her speed.

Suddenly, I felt Rias hug me tighter, making me turn towards her. She had a dazed look in her eyes as she leaned in towards me. I knew what she wanted so I went forward and captured her lips with mine.

She wasn't as experienced as Latia and not on an adrenaline high like the last time so her movements were still clumsy but her excitement was easy to feel.

I slowly pushed my tongue into her and while she stiffened slightly, just a moment later, I felt her lips open up to allow the entry of my tongue.

My tongue slowly explored her mouth and she, while hesitant at the start, was slowly reciprocating. Very slowly her hands wrapped around my neck as she got more into the kiss. Latia was not sitting idle either, she moved in, bringing her breasts to play as she wrapped my length between them and started working on the tip.

I slowly thrusted between her breasts.

Rias pulled back as she realised what we were doing and looked at the scene, enthralled.

Seeing that I was free, Latia increased the speed and a few minutes later, I could feel myself reaching the edge.

"I'm coming." I whispered and thrusted harder, releasing jets of my cum between her breasts, painting her already pale chest white.

She was about to snap her finger and clean everything when she saw Rias reaching with her hand and touching my cum on her breasts, looking at it with curiosity. It took her a moment to realise we were looking at her and she blushed once more and snapped her fingers, cleaning everything.

"I was just curious." She said shyly.

We merely smiled and didn't tease her for it anymore.

"Alright, next up is my turn." I said as I kissed her lightly before pushing Latia on the bed. Next I made Rias lie down beside her and got between Latia's legs.

She was already glistening from arousal as I slid my finger along her slit, my finger became wet. She gripped the bed sheets tightly and I smirked at her before sucking my finger.

"You are….incorrigible." She huffed with a blush.

"Guilty as charged." I smirked before diving for her core.

I gave the top a small kiss before giving the whole slit a long lick.

"Mmmhh ahhhh." She moaned, her hand reaching for my head.

WIth my other hand, I reached for Rias, my hand slowly caressing her thigh.

She put a hand on mine but didn't make any attempts to move me away, instead she pressed it harder against her own body. I got her message and continued massaging her thigh to make her more comfortable with everything.

Meanwhile my tongue was working continuously on Latia, lapping greedily at her sodden core. Her legs snaked around my head and pulled me in harder, as if to feel more of my tongue.

Now, Latia was with just her physique, she was at a solid High Class level with all the exercise and food she had been consuming so the pressure between her thighs was easily strong enough to crush rocks….fortunately, I have a much more durable head….and entire body.

All I could feel from her efforts was the softness of her thighs embracing my head, making me work harder on her. I reached upwards towards her clit, latching on in while my free hand which had been lubricated earlier with her juices traced her bottom, finding my way to her rosebud.

She jerked as soon as she felt my finger on that place but surprisingly, didn't voice out her words.

It took me a second to realise why.

She didn't want Rias to know her weak spot.

Suddenly a smile came on my face as I looked up from between her legs and into her eyes. Her eyes were pleading and my smirk grew wider as I slowly pushed my finger in.

She was tight and smouldering in there and the nervousness was making her clench harder. I could only push till the first joint of my finger.

"Ummm…." She bit her lips and controlled her voice.

I started to lick her slit once more to make her relax and slowly but surely, the pressure on my finger was reduced, helping me push further till I was fully inside her.

Her moans increased as she relaxed more and from the corner of my eyes, I saw Rias looking at her.

She couldn't see what was happening down here but her moans were even sexier now.

A minute or so later, their bodies convulsed and they hugged each other as both came at exactly the same time.

To my surprise, Rias reached for Latia's breast and caressed it slightly, making the other surprised at the sudden attack but she was already in the mood. And then something happened which blew my mind.

Latia slowly reached and Rias closed her eyes, leaning forward….and kissed.

It went on for a few seconds but damn if that wasn't hot.

When they broke off, they looked at me. I was raging hard by that time.

Latia looked at my hardness and spread her legs and I knew what she wanted so I got on top of her with my length on her core.

We had decided to wait for the last step till we were married but everything else was fine. My length easily slid over her smoking hot slit as it was already wet. On the other hand, Rias leaned in and took her breast in her mouth and began sucking on it.

The room was covered in sounds of sucking and slapping of thighs as a musky smell covered the whole room. I thought about what we had talked earlier….about me being a devil and a dragon and realised that they were not that far from the point.

It wasn't as if I wasn't aware of the girls around me and some of their interest in me. Each and every one of them were people who would have had hundreds of boys lining up for them and they had great personalities too but sometimes even people with great personalities, who were the best of friends, make for terrible couples. I actually cherished my relationship with them and didn't want to ruin them in a moment of impulsiveness. But even worse, If I were to ever cross the line, I know it would be hard to control myself.

Just like now. The feeling was almost intoxicating.

I held her thighs and leaned in, putting her in a mating press as I kissed her lips. A few seconds later, I shifted to Rias, taking her lips for mine before kissing them alternately.

Several minutes later, I found myself approaching the peak and pulled back, releasing my seeds on both girls.

The scene of both my fiances laying there, their hair sprawled all over the bed as they were covered in sweat and my seed….it was beautiful.

I was back up almost instantly and saw their eyes widening.


Five rounds later, I lay between both the girls who were breathing heavily by now.

"You know what, now I think that we might need to add even more girls….and not just to keep the gold diggers away." Rias laughed.



"And that's the entire story. Now I will have to go to a place decided by them and meet the Leaders of Heaven and probably the Church for some talks." I explained as I laid down on the ground and watched the moon in the purple sky.

"That was quite a bold decision from you, Matty." Tia replied as she waved her hand through my hair. "Very dragonlike. I like it."

I smiled.

I knew she would say something like that.

It had been a week since the meeting with Serafall and she had discussed the matter with Gabriel, the one incharge of Heaven's Foreign Affairs and after lots of back and forth, they reached the decision of holding the meeting in Sweden.

It was a place near the Norse territories where neither the devils nor the angels or any pantheon for that matter had any sway, a perfectly neutral territory.

The ones attending the meeting with me would be my peerage members and Euclid, Serafall's Queen who will be representing her.

As for who will come from the other side, I have no idea.

First Dulio will be coming here though and I was asked to visit the Rosenkreutz Mansion with the guy to meet Rudiger's son as well in three days.

"Are you going there alone?"

"No. I know I could return even if I had to fight two Archangels in a solo fight but I wouldn't risk such a situation. I am not foolish so I won't underestimate their means. I have sent a message to Crom and will take Ingvild and Lavy with me. And in the worst case that they really give up all pretences, I will summon Leafa and let them understand."

I had too many trump cards to be afraid of them.

"Take Shizuka." She offered up.


"Take the girl with you. She is strong enough and it would do her well to interact with the outside world again. Didn't you yourself say such a thing?"

"I….did." I thought over it and didn't find anything to refute and agreed.

"Don't worry. You will be fine." She brushed my hair. "Judging from the smell of the girls on you, I don't think you are worried about it either."

"Eh?!" I was suddenly caught off guard at her curveball and looked up to see her smirking and realised that the simple bath couldn't remove the scent of the girls.

After that night with Latia and Rias, Lavy wanted to try those things too and dragged a blushing Ingvild in with her for another threesome.

Safe to say, I had no problems accommodating them.

I was broken from my thoughts when Tia leaned in and kissed my forehead.

"I don't mind you having other lovers. Dragons, especially ones as strong as you, almost always have more than one partner but I would get angry if you think about other girls while in my lap."

I smiled, embarrassed. "I'm sorry."

"I am still waiting for our fight. Three years, eleven months and twenty one days left, so keep yourself safe." She went back to caressing my head. "After all, I wouldn't have anyone saying that the Partner of the Chaos Karma Dragon is weak."

I smiled. "I promised and have I ever broken my word to you?"

"And you better keep that up."

"Yes Ma'am."

We talked about a few more things and I decided to take the opportunity to enjoy the lap pillow and take a nap.

The coming week was going to be interesting to say the least.


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