We know that Anima is Seymour's mother... What went through her mind when she gave up her life for her son's happiness...?

By the way... I re-did it so it's nicer, and easier because I got Anima...

How it all began

My son.

My beautiful baby boy.

It's been a long period of waiting

to see you in my arms.

You wiggle and squirm,

with those aqua blue eyes.

The nurses pass by

to see if we're okay.

But they don't need to.

No one else needs to.


Because, my baby boy.

As your mother, I will always protect you.

Yes, my son.

I love you that much

and you aren't even a day old!

Tomorrow, you will meet

someone you will look up to.

Someone who will be there for you too.

That someone is your father.

Jamal is your father.

That makes you our little prince.

We will raise you as you are,

our son and the prince.

We will cherish you forever,

no matter what.

Your father comes in to see you,

and tickles your little belly.


just maybe,

this will bring peace to all races.


this will prove that race doesn't matter to love.

Just think of it, little one.

People will be free to love whomever,

no matter if it's a Guado or a Ronso.


no one in Spira could be lonely.

Everyone is waiting for a special someone.

Of course, so was I, young child,

But I found Jamal.

As both of us were of high ranks,

Me being a guardian to the summoner Bahamut,

And him being the king of the Guados,

the Yevon preists couldn't put us down.

So listen and take heed from my story,

my son.

Love will come to you in time.

Yes, my young prince,

I say as I tickle you gently.

All love will come to you in due time...

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