A Poem for Anima

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Tiny Ink Blot

Do you remember yourself decades ago,

When you were eighteen?

You were such a little man,


Twice as mature as your peers…

And twice as serious.

Even in school,

You hardly ever talked to others,

Preferring to indulge yourself in your studies.

It was unusual how focused you were,

How well you dedicated yourself to your goals,

How harshly you pushed yourself to reach the limit.

'Twas baffling that-despite Jyscal's teaching-you,

My son,

My baby boy,

You somehow remained a quiet and angry person.

Don't lie to me,

Mothers know their sons better than you think.

It never came out,

That beast that wrestled with our treasured son,

But it was there,




Deep within your heart.

You had no idea how it hurt us.

Jyscal and I,

That we couldn't help you in your struggle.

You never saw our despair,

Our broken hearts,

Reacting to your silent torment.

We thought that,


Just maybe,

This was the great test you were destined for.

Perhaps the beast would help you prepare,

Teach you things about yourself.

Mayhap this test is what you need to save all of Spira,

My child.

Yet somehow,

In the core of my being,

In the center of my soul,

In the darkest depths of my mind,

I doubted your destiny.

Was my only child to be ripped away from me,

Torn from your mother by a foul presence inside you?

Or are you destined to forever suffer in silent pain,

Angrily watching the world pass by,


Oblivious to the vicious monster inside you?

What cruel twist of fate would turn you,

My quiet,

Precious son,

To such a horrific path of dark sorrow?

So I quietly watched and agonized,

Praying something would save you,



Your father watched you with me,

Loving me enough to share our sorrows.



For the sake of Spira,

Don't lose to the animal inside you.

If you fall…

So could the globe.

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