It all happened way too fast. One minute, my friend Marlin and I were bounding through an entire forest of pink jellyfish, laughing our heads off, and racing each other to see who could get to the other side faster. I seemed to be winning until Marlin zipped ahead and disappeared from my sight.

Oh, no you don't, I thought to myself. I lurched back, and then started beating my tail vigorously against the water, accelerating myself forward. I guess I got a little too determined about winning and that's when a huge jellyfish rose up right in front of me. I yelled and tried my hardest to stop. The main rule of this game was to only touch the tops of the jellyfish, and I was never a person who would break the rules. But, as hard as I tried to stop, I was out of control and was hurtled into the several skinny tentacles. They whipped over my scales and wrapped around my fins and tail. I felt a razor-sharp and painful surge fire right through my body. I wanted to scream, but when I opened my mouth, all that came out was a deep gasp for oxygen.

Now I was ensnared right in the middle of those deadly tentacles, still feeling the incredible pain that I hoped to never experience again. I was already feeling really lethargic, and was a little sick to my stomach. I knew I had blown it. Marlin was sure to get mad and disqualify me from the game.

I could hear him in the distance. He was calling my name frantically. What was he doing coming back? Had he already won the race? I wanted to call back to him, but all I could do is whisper his name weakly. My vision was all blurry now, and no matter how many times I blinked, I couldn't clear it up. I listened as Marlin continued to call my name. Weakly, I managed to whisper his name again, not able to raise my voice any louder. All I could see was one big mess of pink blurs. Then, I thought I saw a single blur of bright orange.

Then everything when black.