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~Fallen Angels~

Chapter One: The Teardrop

**Kitty and Pietro are such a cute couple huh Scott?** whispered Jean as she smiled out the window.
They both watched Kitty and Pietro over by the cafe, sipping hot chocolate. Jean sighed dreamily as Scott watched Pietro carefully. As part of the X-Men, Kitty should know theyre rivals. Scott gritted his teeth slowly as he waited for something to happen. Any moment now, Pietro just might break Kittys heart.
**Scott, stop being so paranoid! I know exactly what youre thinking!**
Jean lightly slapped him as he moved from the window. **Then what am I thinking?**
**Youre thinking that Pietro might do something.**
**Hello! Kitty is an X-Men! Pietro is part of the Brotherhood! And the acolytes! She should no better! No one can trust anyone like him!**
Jean walked to him and began massaging his shoulders. **Just give it up Scott. Theyve been going out for a month now. And Pietro hasn't done anything to hurt Kitty. Hes just protected her, take her places, and etc. etc. The list goes on!**
Scott sighed as he headed up the stairs. **Youre right Jean.** He stopped at the top. **But I still think Maximoffs up to something!**

~ the Cafe~

Pietro leaned against the back of his chair while watching Kitty stir her hot chocolate. The smell of chocolate and cream filled the air as dim lights sat on the top of the ceiling. Soft music played as people went up to the stage, repeating songs, and saying poetry.
**Hey Pietro, how long have we like, gone out anyway?** asked Kitty as she took a sip.
He shrugged. **About a month now. Long time.**
Kitty nodded in agreement. She began to wonder how life was going with Pietro, being stuck between two teams. One with his own father, one with his group.
**Is everything alright with you? I mean, like, you are stuck with two teams and maybe...**
**Nah, its all good. I'm the fastest man alive remember? I could do anything if I felt like it.** said Pietro proudly.
Kitty giggled a bit as Pietro stood up. He held his hand out for Kitty as she stood up. They began walking out as Kitty noticed someone watching them. Kitty stopped in her tracks making Pietro stop.
**Whats wrong?**
**Scotts watching us. We better go somewhere else.**

~Later on at 8:00 pm, the park~

Kitty rested her head on Pietro's shoulder as she picked at a flower. It was a winter night, quite cold. They've been sitting outside for five minutes discussing how jocks are evil and good.
**I personally think they need help. Like, they always have to pick on someone.**
Pietro eyed her for a moment. Kitty looked up at him and raised an eyebrow. **And are you one of them?**
**Maybe.. Maybe not. Depends. I pick on people. No one had a problem with that.**
They were silent as they watched the grass blow gently with the breeze. Suddenly, Kitty leaped up and looked at her watch. Pietro stood up with her.
**Oh, I better go Pietro. Scott is gonna freak if he like, catches me home late.**
**Doesnt Rogue cover you?**
Without answering back, Kitty quickly kissed him and ran off. Pietro sighed happily and began walking back to the brotherhood boarding house. He needed some shut eye anyway.

~At the BHB~

**Youre home late. Where have you been?** asked a disturbed Lance as Pietro walked upstairs.
He turned to him for a moment, and continued up the stairs. Todd quickly hopped out of the kitchen and looked at Pietro with puppy dog eyes.
**Oh, he was makin love with his kitty cat!**
A quick tremor shook the house as a plastic cup shot out of the top stairs, hitting Todd on the head.
**Ow yo! That hurts! Whats your problem!?**
Mumbles was heard from Pietro until he slammed the door shut.

Around midnight, Pietro was laying on his bed. He couldnt go to sleep. All he was thinking about was what to get Kitty for Christmas. It was next week. Everyone was already getting set for it. The neighborhoods have their Christmas trees, lights, and snowmen. Pietro sighed hopelessly and turned to his side. The clock glowed a neon green 12:01. He couldnt stop thinking about Kitty. He was crazy about her. Suddenly, a clack of his window broke his thoughts. Pietro sat up and turned to the window. A mysterious man with a long cape came inside. His glowing eyes made Pietro smirk.
**What a surprise to see you.** he said sarcastically.
**Now, is that anyway to treat your father when it is almost Christmas?**
Pietro sniffled for a moment and looked at him strangely. **Okay, so whats up?**
The man threw something to his side. Pietro picked it up and saw a glowing blue gem connected to a silver chain. He looked up at the man puzzlingly.
**Whats this for?**
**Oh, I just figured since you all can*t actually make money besides Toads pick-pocketing, I might as well lend you a hand.**
Pietro looked at the gem. It glittered non-stop. He couldn't take his eyes off of it. **So...?**
**Im not dumb Pietro. I know what has been happening between you and Shadowcat.** The man pointed at the glowing gem and traced the edges. **This gem is known as the teardrop. Its supposedly the gem of the seas. I think she will like it.**
With that, the man left, floating out the window, leaving the teardrop with Pietro. He watched him leave as a breeze came in from the window. Pietro stood up and saw a chunk of money wrapped in a rubber band.
**Now why would he gimme this? Oh well, its mine now!**
Pietro looked at the gem, glowing in his hand. He clasped it gently. **Kitty will love this!**

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