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Chapter Sixteen: Now and Forever

~A week after the big incident~

Kitty sat on her bed quietly. Her roommate wasn't in the room so she decided to write in her journal on her laptop. Kitty lifted her laptop from under her bed and began typing.

Dear Journal, It's been like, a week since the incident with Nereid and the Teardrop. Good news is that Remy and Rogue are back together and Evan and Rahne are now going out. I honestly don't know about Wanda though. She came over yesterday to see if I was doing okay without Pietro. Yeah, he never came back. He promised that he would. Or maybe I'm just giving up so soon. I don't know. I saw Lance, and the rest of the brotherhood at school. They all seem fine. Bad news is that they haven't seen Pietro either. Nobody's heard or seen him! I'm going insane! I love him so much, I just want to see him at least one more time... oh, Rogue's like, coming in with Remy now. I'll write more later.

After Kitty saved her journal entry and closed her laptop, Rogue opened the door and walked in with Remy. Kitty flashed a quick smile and fixed her dark blue halter.
"Kitty, yuh wanna go somewhere with us?"
She shook her head. "Rogue, I've like, gone somewhere everyday with you two remember? I kinda' want to stay here and maybe hang around the pool."
Rogue shrugged and walked out of the room with Remy. Kitty stood up and headed to the closet to find her sunglasses. As she dug around, Kitty found a picture on the closet floor. She picked it up and slumped down against the closet door. The picture was of Kitty, Pietro, Rogue, and Remy at the fall fair. She sighed and hugged the picture for a moment until she heard knocking at her door. Kitty slipped the picture back into the closet then stood up.
"Come in."
Jean cracked open the door, and then walked inside. She had a sympathetic smile that made Kitty sigh.
"Kitty, are you alright?"
"Yeah, I'm fine."
Jean looked in Kitty's mirror and saw a pastel blue picture frame of Kitty and Pietro. She turned to Kitty excitedly.
"You're still thinking about him aren't you?"
Kitty nodded and wiped a tear away. Jean sat next to her and placed her arm on her shoulder.
"Kitty, come on! You have a life to live! You can't let Pietro stop you. I'm sure he'd want you happier anyway."
Kitty didn't respond. Jean stood up and shrugged.
"Instead of trailing back to old times, how about Scott and I take you out for some ice cream or something?"
Suddenly, someone opened the door. Kitty and Jean turned and saw Scott with a small smile.
"Oh, well speak of the devil."
"Kitty, you have someone at the door for you."
Kitty shot up and looked at Scott strangely. "Is it Wanda again?"
Scott shook his head as Kitty walked past him. As she went down the stairs, she heard one of Jubilee's cds playing. Kitty shook her head and stopped by the kitchen first to get a drink.

Sometimes I feel so alone

Finding myself calling your name

"Stupid song." she mumbled as she dug around the fridge.
Kitty pulled out a smoothie that Kurt had made for everyone earlier and began sipping it. Then the doorbell rang three times in a row.

When we're apart, so far away

Hopin' it's me that you're thinkin' of

Kitty ignored it as Remy and Rogue came in through the back door. They were both drenched from the pool in the back.
"Aren't yuh gonna get it Kitty?"
Kitty mumbled once more and sipped some more of her smoothie.
"Why bother?"
"It's for yuh!"
Kitty sighed and placed her smoothie down. Once again the doorbell rang. She walked over to the door and opened it.

Could it be true? Could it be real?

My heart says that you're the one

Kitty thought she would just die right where she was standing. Right in front of her was Pietro sitting on the stairway with his back facing her.
"Pietro? Is that really you?"
He turned for a moment then quickly stood up.
"Oh what? You can't recognize your own boyfriend anymore?"
Suddenly, Kitty ran into his arms, making him wince a bit from the pain in his arm.

There's no one else

You're the only one for me

Pietro looked down and noticed tears rushing down Kitty's green bluish eyes. He looked up and saw Rogue and Remy, trying not to embarrass Pietro with awes and good lucks.

Yes this time my love's the real thing

"You wanna come in?"
Pietro nodded as Kitty held his hand, pulling him inside.

Never felt that love was so right

The world seems such an empty place

They all sat on the couch. Pietro rubbed his pained arm as Kitty laughed along with Rogue.
"How in da' world did yuh survive that?" she asked.
"Nereid was being a bitch so I gave her the fake teardrop. She was too occupied trying to kill Magz than me."
Pietro pulled out from his pocket the real teardrop gem and handed it to Kitty.
" Nereid die or whut?"
"I'm guessing she did. Magz did a number on her ass. I'm not too sure if he escaped but you should've seen Nereid when she was dead. She was twitching for a while until Magz decided to stab her with a leftover spike from Daniels."

We need someone we could give our all.

"Chere', let's get back to swimmin'." Remy looked to Pietro then to Kitty. "Wanna meet us dere?"
They both nodded as they left. Kitty turned to Pietro and smiled a bit.
"So you didn't break your promise after all."
"Kitty, I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier. I was out at the hospital."
She raised an eyebrow. "For a whole week?"
"Long story."
She giggled a bit as Pietro leaned in. Finally, their lips met, leaving a long romantic kiss.

Baby it's you.

We'll be together now and forever

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