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Chapter Three: A Warped Desire

"Well, I'll see you later then?" asked Kitty as she leaned against the wall.
Pietro smiled as he placed his arm on the door.
"Hey! Close that door! It's getting cold in here yo!"
He ignored Todd's bickering and continued the conversation with Kitty. He couldn't help but still wonder why Magneto gave him the Teardrop, one of the most expensive and rarest gems known.
"Why don't you stay here tonight Kitty cat?"
Kitty glimpsed at him. He was grinning as she sighed. She looked over to her watch.
"Well, it is 7:00. And it's dark so okay."
Kitty walked inside as Pietro watched her in. He closed the door and went upstairs while Kitty hung out with Wanda in the living room.

~In Pietro's Room~

He checked his window and closed it shut. (Nah, he can control metal. What's the use? He can open it anyway. It would be pretty pathetic to do that.) Then he opened it back up, letting the cold sea breezes come in. (No need to worry about it anyway.)
He quickly turned and saw Kitty standing in the doorway. Pietro looked at her strangely, thinking that she wouldn't come up.
"Did Todd do something stupid?"
Kitty walked inside and looked in his mirror. "No, everyone's going to bed now. Guess they must be pretty tired."
"Yeah, while we went out shopping, they went out making havoc at another one of Duncan's afternoon parties."
Kitty walked around looking through Pietro's stuff. He didn't notice until he saw a flying comb. Pietro lashed around and saw Kitty digging through his box.
"Hey hey hey! What're you doing Pryde!?"
She moved away and smiled innocently. "Oh nothing."
Pietro smirked and walked out of his room for a moment. Then he came back in with a puzzled face. Kitty blinked with confusement and raised an eyebrow. Suddenly, a grin came across the silver haired demon's lips.
"Guess you're gonna havta sleep with me tonight Kitty cat!"
She narrowed her bluish green eyes on him and lightly slapped him. "You silly. Now, I'm gonna get changed."
Kitty pulled out of her bag her pastel pink spaghetti tank top and her fleece baby blue pants and dashed into the bathroom. Pietro wondered where she had gotten them so he went up to the door.
"How'd you get those? You never left!"
"Oh, Rogue came over and brought them for me."
Pietro's eyes widened. "Wait.. Rogue came and gave them to you?"
"Mmm hmm, she's downstairs."
Pietro quickly dashed out and stopped at the top of the stairs. There was Rogue and Remy sleeping on the couch together. He quickly gagged and went back into his room.
"No one told me they were here!"
A slight giggle came from Kitty as she phased through the bathroom door and slipped into the bed. Pietro walked in as Kitty closed her eyes to sleep.

~ round midnight~

Pietro once again couldn't sleep. He kept gazing over at the window, wondering if Magneto was coming. His gut knew he was. He looked over to Kitty. She was sleeping peacefully as a swift breeze came. Pietro's gut was correct.
"I knew you'd come back. So what is it this time?" said Pietro as he sat up.
Magneto took off his helmet to reveal his silver hair, like his son's.
"I see you're going full speed now." He said as he looked over to Kitty.
Pietro chuckled a bit. "Guess you're finally getting to know me and my charm." He then looked at him seriously. "So what now?"
"Pietro, I need you to do a big favor for me. Your own father."
He shrugged. "I'm willing to do it. Now, what?"
Magneto began pacing around, thinking of how to put out his words.
"How should I say this... well, you know the X-Men have been a top enemy with us for quite a while now. I was thinking, if something had happened to one of their recruits maybe they would do anything to destroy us." He looked down at Kitty. "Maybe even sacrifice themselves."
Pietro suddenly shot out. "Hold on, hold it right there! You're not even gonna touch Kitty!"
"But she's the one that trusts all of you. I believe she'll be a great puppet."
"She's not a goddamn puppet! No one's going to hurt her!"
Magneto chuckled. "Could it be true? You, whining over a mere X-Men. Now, what did you call them? Oh yes, X-geeks?"
"Shut up." Pietro's voice became weak.

"Actually, I wasn't thinking of hurt, I was thinking more over kill."

Pietro's blood froze. He didn't want anything to happen to Kitty. Especially since it's close to X-Mas.

"No one's touching her. No one's going to murder her. I suggest you leave."

"Oh no Pietro, no one's going to kill her from my team in general. Just you."

Pietro thought his heart stopped right at that moment. That was when he snapped.

"Me?! You expect me to kill Kitty Pryde?! My girlfriend?! Have you ever loved someone?! I'm sure you have! I honestly don't think that YOU would KILL the one you LOVE!"

"Then if you will resist, I shall leave you to protect her. But knowing you, you'll just let your guard down." Magneto looked out the window then turned back. "My time's up."
With that, he left through the window. Pietro gritted his teeth insanely, thinking of how stupid Magneto was for thinking he would kill Kitty. (Maybe Wanda was right. He is a cold-hearted monster.) Pietro glanced over and slumped back under the covers. He looked to Kitty. (He won't touch you, or go near you. I promise.)

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