Love At First Site

Was it love at first site?

Abby didn't know, she was staring into the eyes of her lover wondering this question he had asked her moments before, seeing as she didn't know the answer she tried to change the subject but this didn't work he just carried on asking!

Was it love at first site between you and Richard or not?

I answered Yes but that love was not Romantic you are the person of my dreams love it was I want to get laid love! With you it's Love Love, and all that mushy stuff. His reply of GOOD I feel Exactly the same way warmed me to the soul. Even though we were sitting outside on our favourite bench on that Cold winter's night that always seems to pop up! I shivered, not because I was cold but because I got a nice kind of feeling go down my spine. Carter asked me if I was cold but I just said No im fine, even though I shivered again when he touched my face and brought it to look into his Chocolate Brown BEAUTIFUL eyes of his! I stared deep down into those eyes and suddenly I Did feel cold. I think he realised this because he wrapped his coat around me and asked if I wanted to go back to his place. Well It was really OUR place seeing as I spent most of my nights there! So we started to move towards the EL his arm wrapped around me and mine around him. As we got there he suddenly had an outburst and shot out I LOVE U ABBY LOCKHART then he took me into his arms and kissed me it wasn't a nice short one it was a long deep and meaningful passionate kiss as we ran out of breath I pulled away and spoke I LOVE U TOO JOHN CARTER at this he kissed me again but not as meaningful because by his outburst we had sparked a lot of attention from people around us.

Later On That Night.

We had arrived back at his place and were sitting quietly on his lounge while watching There's Something About Mary there was something about that movie that just made me want to watch it over and over again when he stood up reached for something in his bag which was on the floor got it and knelt infront of me he grabbed my hand gently and said I know it's been a year well almost a year but we've known eachother for what seems like an eternity and I feel that if you are willing to give it a try we could get married. Will You Marry Me Abigail Lockhart?! A million and one thoughts were screaming through Abby's head at this point in time and she didn't know what to say so she came out with . UM.

What happens next does she say yes?

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