A dark figure stood at the window overlooking the twisted city sprawled out below. Goblins, mere dots from that height, could be seen scurrying around, heedless of the destruction left in their wake. Beyond them lay the Labyrinth, it's intricate paths forming a beautiful design when seen from such a height. A beauty that was lost on the eyes that stared blankly at it from a cold and empty tower.

Even the goblin's knew to avoid this tower today. For their ruler was in a foul mood and any helpless goblin that got in the way was likely to find himself in kicked into a wall or falling head first into the Bog of Eternal Stench.

Today was an anniversary. But not a happy one. No, today was the anniversary of the Goblin King's defeat. It had been a stupid accident. His pride and arrogance blinding him to the dangers he was facing. And he had lost. He had gambled and for the first time he had lost the throw of fortune's dice.

And that had cost him everything.

There were other people that could be blamed for that loss. There could be pointless plans for a revenge that would never actually fix anything, being thought up at such a time as this. But they were just that, pointless. Jareth had made his own mistakes and his own choices. The only one who could truly be blamed for Jareth's fall was Jareth.

But still, on days such as these it was hard to accept that. All the what ifs and regrets of the past that had been shoved aside the rest of the time simply refused to be ignored on such days. Petty thoughts seeped into one's head, making foolish things like revenge actually make a morbid type of sense.

Such thoughts were ruthlessly pushed aside. Rulers of kingdoms could not afford to allow themselves to become obsessed with the past. They had to worry about the present and the future. The past was only good for showing mistakes and teaching one how to not make such mistakes again.

But maybe, just maybe, it was good to remember occasionally. To allow oneself to mourn ones losses. To nurse all the pain and anger and self pity that had built up. And it had been a long time.

A hundred years.

One hundred years exactly had passed today since the defeat of Jareth, King of the Goblins.

One hundred years since the death of the Goblin King.

A single tear ran down the Goblin Queen's face.

"Damn you Jareth." Sara whispered into the empty tower, "Damn you for leaving me."

* * * * *

Sorry, just a little one shotter because I am feeling angsty and this popped into my head. I wrote it really quickly so I'm sorry if it's not very coherent or anything like that.