/Ryou to Ryoku/

/Ryoku to Ryou/

Yugi to Yami

Yami to Yugi

(On a last note, when I say Ryoku, I mean Bakura, okay)

When the new kid walked in, the entire class gasped and was filled with whisper as the Ryoku walked into the classroom. Ryoku did all he could so he wouldn't let a smirk form on his face.

"Well." The teacher finally said. "I take it your Ryou's brother."

"Yes, I am." Ryoku smiled.

"Well, you may go and take a seat next to your brother." Mrs. Miko instructed.

"Thank you." Ryoku said, going down to his seat.

"Gee Ryou, you never told us that you had a brother." Joey said.

"I didn't? I must have forgotten to tell you." Ryou said.

"That hurt's brother, that you could so easily forgot about me." Ryoku pouted.

Ryou wanted to laugh at the look on his Yami's face. He really did look like a mirror image of himself. "Everyone, I'd like you to meet my brother Ryoku. Ryoku, this is Yugi, Yami, Tristan, Joey and Tea."

"Hello." Ryoku said, forcing a smile onto his face, it was harder to do when looking at Yami.

"Hey." Yugi smiled. "It's nice to meet you."

"Same here." Ryoku replied, taking his seat next to Ryou.

/Your not going to try and hurt Yami are you/

/No Ryou, I won't lay a hand on him/

/Good. Because the two of us are going to Yugi's after school/

/Do we have to/

/Yes. And take that whine out of your voice/

/Yes boss/

Ryoku looked over at Yami and sighed. 'What I would do now, just to make him pay for everything he did to me. But I can't.'

Yami's pov

When Ryoku walked over to us, I couldn't help but stare. I was always kind of attracted to Ryou. But Ryoku, looked older and wiser. Even more beautiful then Ryou was, if that was possible. He's also taller the Ryou, taller then me even. Which is a bit odd for twins... But oh well. I was staring at his ass when I realized that he had turned around, so I quickly brought my eyes up to meet his. Something flashed in his brown eyes. I couldn't tell what it was. After the introductions were made I turned my head back to the front of the room. 'Something about Ryoku seems so familiar. I feel like I've meet him from somewhere, but that's impossible. I've never been to Britain. Where is it any way's? Oh well. And why hasn't Ryou ever mentioned Ryoku before? And why didn't Ryoku come over with Ryou?'

Yami? What are you thinking about?

Oh nothing Yugi.

Are you sure? You seemed like you were busy thinking of something.

Well, why would Ryou not tell us about his brother?

I'm not sure. Ryou doesn't talk about his family much.


Feeling someone staring at him, Yami looked over Yugi to see Ryoku staring at him. But the moment the other boy realized that Yami was looking back at him he quickly turned around.