Differences: Chapter twenty-four

Three weeks later

Bakura stood at the door sadly as he watched Yami pack all his thing's up. Sighing he walked forward and sat down on the bed. "Hey."

"Hi Kura." Yami smiled, leaning down to kiss him.

"It's going to be rough, sleeping here at night without being in your arms." Bakura confessed.

"I know love; it will be hard to sleep alone for the first time again." Yami told him. "But the second Ryou's dad leaves just call me over and I'll stay the night with you."

Nodding, Bakura threw his arms around Yami and gave him a hug. "Yami I love you more then anything and I pray to Ra that I never have to leave you ever again."

"Oh Bakura." Yami said, hugging him back. "I love you too, and I swear we will be together forever. No one can split us apart."

"No one?" Bakura repeated.

Nodding, Yami leaned his head up and kissed Bakura deeply.

The two were interrupted from there make out session from a small cough at the door way.

Splitting apart the two found there lights standing there starring at them.

"Yami it's almost time to go." Yugi said, glancing around the room. "You don't look like your done packing either."

"I'm on it." Yami said, as he went and gathered all his things.

As Yami ran about getting things, Bakura sent Ryou and Yugi a look.

"What?" Ryou asked nervously.

"It seems every time that Yami and I start to make out you two just happen to appear." Bakura told them.

"Err, opps." Yugi laughed.

"Uh yeah, last time we swear." Ryou told him with a smile.

"Alright Yugi, I'm all packed." Yami said, as he came over slipping his hand into Bakura's.

"Alright well Grandpa wants us home soon." Yugi sighed.

The four walked downstairs and Yugi and Yami got ready to go.

Yugi walked over to Ryou and they shared a small hug and a kiss. "Good luck with your father tomorrow Ryou. Also call if you need anything."

"Thanks Yugi, I will." Ryou smiled, as he kissed the other boy. "Bye love talk to you soon."

"Bye Ryou." Yugi smiled as he headed towards Yami who was saying goodbye to Bakura.

"Now, you take care alright and call me if you need anything. Anything at all I can be here in no time flat." Yami told Bakura.

"Okay Yami. Love you and I'll see you on Monday." Bakura said, kissing Yami.

"Bye and I love you too." Yami smiled, kissing him back before he walked out with Yugi.

"Bye guys." Ryou and Bakura waved. The two watched until the two boys were out of sight.

"Hey Ryou, you hungry?" Bakura asked, as he glanced at the clock.

"Yeah... do you want pasta or something?" Ryou asked, as they entered the kitchen.

"Sure, sound's good." Bakura said, while getting some water ready to boil.

Ryou looked around and grabbed what he needed. Once the water was at a boil he placed in the pasta and stirred it. "Should be ready in a half an hour or so."

"Okay." Bakura said, as he finished off setting the table. "So what time is your dad coming?"

"He said that he'd be around here at seven or something." Ryou answered, as he sat down.

"Cool, so what are you going to tell him?" Bakura asked, as he sat across from Ryou.

"The truth of course." Ryou sighed. "Should be fun."

"Yeah, well I can't wait to meet him." Bakura smiled.

"I know I can't wait to see the look on his face tomorrow." Ryou laughed.

"Let's watch some TV while we wait for dinner." Bakura suggested.

So the two walked to the other room leaving the pasta to be finished.

Next day

That morning, Ryou had woken up really early hoping his father would be coming soon. It had been awhile since his father had been home or even seen him. Ryou had gone along and cleaned up the entire house and had stocked up the kitchen the other day. He poked his head in on Bakura every once in awhile, but he never woke up from his deep slumber. Ryou pulled out the vacuum cleaner and hoped that it wouldn't wake Bakura up. Once he was done he was happy to find that he hadn't awoken the other. Just as he was about to head to his room he heard the sound of the door being unlocked. With a smile, he turns and ran downstairs right into his father's arms. "Dad!"

"Ryou!" His father replied. "Oh man, look at you son you've grown a lot."

"I sure have, I really missed you dad." Ryou smiled.

"I've missed you as well son." Um, I really don't know what Ryou's dads name is so... I guess I can make something up

"I have tea on the go, I'll put your bags up stairs and you can rest in the living room." Ryou said as he took his father's bags.

"Thanks son." Danu smiled; talking off his coat and shoes he went into the living room and stretched out in his chair. A few second's later Ryou walked in with a cup of tea.

"Here you go dad." Ryou smiled as he handed his father his cup. "So how are you?"

"I'm good, had a good break through over the last year." Danu smiled.

"That's excellent. I'm happy for you dad." Ryou smiled.

"Thank you son, so how have you been doing? How's school?" Danu asked.

"School is going great, getting A's in everything except in math. But I have someone helping me out." Ryou told him with a smile.

"Well that's great son." Danu smiled.

"Umm, yeah..." Ryou said, as he glanced towards the stairs. 'I should tell dad about Bakura before he decides to come down.'

"I see your wearing that ring I gave you." Danu smiled.

"Yeah, wow odd that you brought it up. Look we need to talk about this ring." Ryou said, as he fiddles it.

"Why? Is there something wrong with it?" Danu asked.

"No, no. Nothing wrong, I love it and it's the best gift I've ever had." Ryou told him. "Let me tell you something... Five thousand year's ago the Egyptian's were involved in to dark magic. They use to duel stone monsters in a realm called the shadow realm. One day the power's got to be too much and the young Pharaoh had to act. You see there were these items... seven of them. The seven millennium items."

"Ah I know the ones that you speak of. The millennium; ring, puzzle, eye, necklace, rod, key, and scales. Right?" Danu asked.

"Those be the one's, well the Pharaoh was the holder of the millennium puzzle and decided to lock away all the shadow magic away, but that included locking his soul away in the item... never to be free until the puzzle could be solved by his recantation. Well so the Pharaoh did this and well..." Ryou drawled off.

"So you're trying to tell me that the recantation has solved the puzzle and the Pharaoh is back?" Danu said amazed.

"Yeah, my friend Yugi has it." Ryou nodded.

"Amazing, I'd like to meet a 5000 year old spirit." Danu smiled.

"No problem because dad, the Pharaoh's soul wasn't the only one locked away, a tomb robbers also got locked away. And he's recantation got a hold of his item and he too has been re-born." Ryou said.

"Wow, so we had a Pharaoh and a Tomb robber roaming are earth." Danu said in shock. "What item is the tomb robber with?"

"Dad, look behind you." Ryou said, getting up and walking behind his dad.

Danu turned around and was shocked at what he saw.

"Dad this is Bakura. The Tomb robber of the Millennium ring." Ryou announced. "Also, my best friend and brother and if you believe this the Egyptian lover of the Pharaoh."

Danu's mouth dropped open more as he stood up and walked over to the two. He circled around Bakura studying him before stopping in-front of Bakura, hand out. "Hello Bakura, I'm Danu."

"Hello sir, it's nice to finally meet you." Bakura smiled, shaking the guy's hand.

"Wow, you can touch things." Danu said in amazement.

"Yeah, got my own body." Bakura smiled.

Soon the three were sitting around talking about things, well Danu was asking Bakura a bunch of questions about Egypt and Bakura was trying his best to answer.

"Wow, Ancient Egypt sounds wonderful." Danu smiled. "What it would be like to live a life of a royal."

"If you want, Ryou and I can take you too meet Yami." Bakura suggested.

"Yami?" Danu asked confused.

"Yes, he's the Pharaoh." Bakura smiled.

"Oh wow, that is something... that be amazing." Danu smiled.

"Just a sec, I'll call Yugi and ask if we can come over." Ryou said getting up and going over to the phone and dialling Yugi's number.


"Hey Yugi!"

Ryou, hi! What's up?

"Oh not much. You and Yami busy right now?"

No were just watching the shop for a few.

"Oh cool, so you don't mind if Bakura, my dad and I come down? My dad wants too meet Yami."

Yeah sure, no problem.

"Great! Thanks Yugi."

Hey, Ryou have you told your dad about us yet?

"No but I'm doing it before we come to see you."

Oh, okay. So I'll talk to you soon then.

"You will."

Alright bye.

"Bye, and love you."

Love you too.

Danu glanced up in wonder at his son's words.

"So?" Bakura asked. "Can we go see Ya... them?"

"Yep." Ryou nodded, blushing slightly.

"Yes! I haven't seen Yami since..."

"Yesterday Kura, it was only just yesterday." Ryou smiled.

"I know, but I still miss him." Bakura said. "I'm going to go up and change."

Danu sat quiet, waiting for Ryou to speak first.

"Umm, well I guess after those last words I said to Yugi you're most likely looking for answer..." Ryou said.

Danu smiled. "No son, I don't need an answer. You choose who you love wither it be male or female I will support you in your choice."

"Really!" Ryou asked.

"Of course, you're my son and I love you no matter what." Danu said, hugging his son.

"Thanks dad." Ryou said, hugging his father back.

"Opps, sorry to walk in on your father/son moment there." Bakura said, guilty.

"It's alright Bakura, your part of the family." Danu smiled.

"You know, you and Ryou are the first people to say that to me." Bakura smiled. "Well my mother might have before she died... but I doubt it."

"I'm sure she did Bakura." Danu smiled. "So are you already to go?"

"Yep, it's not a very long walk. Just a ten minute walk." Ryou told him.

Game (Or turtle) shop

Yami stood at the counter waiting on someone as Yugi talked on the phone. After the man had left Yugi came running back with a smile on his face. "What is it Yugi? You look pretty happy."

"That's because I am, that was Ryou who called. He told his dad about you and Bakura and now he wants too meet you so there going to be here soon."

Yami smiled slightly. "Oh that's cool, umm does that there count a certain tomb robber?"

"Of course!" Yugi laughed. "I'd like to see Ryou try and keep Bakura at home."

Yami laughed along. "Yeah that would never happen."

The two sold five other things's before the three that they were waiting for arrived.

"Yami!" Bakura yelled leaping into Yami's arm's over the counter. "I missed you last night."

"Missed you too Koi." Yami smiled, kissing Bakura.

"Uh, hey Ryou." Yugi said, awkwardly.

Grinning, Ryou went forward and kissed Yugi. "No need to be nervous love."

"Alright." Yugi said, kissing him back.

Danu coughed slightly, drawing everyone's attention to him. "I'd like to say this one thing. Yugi, Yami. You two look after my boy's okay there all I have now."

"We will sir." Yami said.

"Most defiantly." Yugi agreed.

Ryou and Bakura shared a smile.

"Come here Yami." Bakura said, pulling Yami over to Ryou's father.

"Well you must be Yami, the Pharaoh of Egypt five thousand years ago." Danu smiled. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

"And and honour to meet you sir." Yami said, as they shook hands. "I've seen your work, most impressive."

"Why thank you." Danu nodded.

So Danu spent almost two month's in Japan learning all that he could from Yami and Bakura. He then took the four boys' to see Egypt as it is now. And this is how we end the first part of our story...

Note from the author:

I just wanted to thank everyone has read Differences and I hope you all enjoy it. I also hope you'll check out After All of This which is the sequel and is now completed.