I stand here, staring at the moon… I'm always reminded of your eyes. Silvery with wisps of something more…something magical. It's cold in my room so I wrap my arms around myself for some form of warmth. For a moment, I can feel your embrace behind me… I whirl around to find the emptiness of the room. Tears spring to my eyes of jade… 'Why me?' I whisper. 'Why must I be tormented by what can never truly be…?'

I sink to my knees and silently cry my grief. Hedwig is out so she can't see…and the Dursleys only want me dead… They care not of my pain… No one truly does I'm beginning to think, except maybe you… Do you care? Honestly… Do you?

Harry… I can stand this no longer. My father has left me in charge of the house, taking my mother with him. I am in complete control and I can't stand you being with those damned muggles anymore. I walk briskly to my nearest servant and bark out an order to be done immediately. I pull on my best cloak and conjure up the perfect bouquet and walk to where a man is holding the car door open for me. I sit impatient for the moment we arrive at your house. I no longer care for being polite so I knock loudly on the door. Damn those muggles if they think they can stop me from seeing you.

The large man opens the door takes one look at me and tries to close the door in my face. I simply freeze him and walk in seeing my Harry appear at the top of the stairs before dashing down and into my arms tears forming. I whisper that it's all right and I'm going to keep him safe when my spell on that over grown pompous oaf wears off. One of my servants just goes to Harry's room and gets his stuff. Hedwig comes flying down and out the door after him. We leave, not saying another word to the yelling lummox. He can burn for all I care… I have my Harry with me for the rest of the summer and nothing can take that away from me now.


It shocked us all… Harry and Draco Malfoy… Hermione handled it well, hell; she's dating my sister after all... And Seamus is happy with Dean… Neville's dating someone from Hufflepuff. I feel like I'm the only one in the dorm room without someone… I am the only one in our dorm room who doesn't have someone. If only I'd had the guts to talk to Harry. I mean, I liked him since he was so charming on the train. He just let me sit with him and talked to me like a normal kid, well a normal muggle-born… but he was muggle raised. I was in shock when he chose me over Draco back in our first year. And now here I am still pining over him while he probably sits with his boyfriend writing love notes and talking and kissing and hugging and all the things I so want to do with him, but will never get the chance to… Unless they break up and we all know the chances of that happening. All they talk about is how Draco wants to marry Harry… How much in love they are… How natural Harry looks on Draco's arm when they're in public together… It really does suck… And even Harry's godfather has someone! This is truly pathetic! He's been dating Professor Lupin since they were in school apparently. It's so sweet. Even after all this time, they still love each other… Remus hasn't even lain with another… It's so romantic… I'm hopeless romantic I am… I have been forever. Though I'm a closet hopeless romantic. If I were open about it… I don't know… Who would I end up with?

I smile as I climb onto the train with Draco's help. He gives me a kiss before we go to our separate cars. It's so wonderful that he understands my need to be with my friends sometimes. I walk in and Hermione hugs me tightly babbling about this and that.

"It's good to see you too Hermione."

"How was your summer with Draco?" Ginny asks smiling taking Hermione's hand.

"Wonderful," I return sitting down. I catch a glimpse of red and see Ron walking off. "What's wrong with Ron? Ginny you must know."

"He's been moping about all summer… He's been horrid Harry. Horrid. It took a week before he ate properly. He was dreadfully quiet. The twins tried to play a joke on him and he just walked away a sadness all about him…. I'm horribly worried!" the redheaded girl explained with a frown.

"He won't talk to me either," Hermione said solemnly. "I came over for a while and noticed… I tried to talk to him but he shook his head and told me to 'sod off' as he walked away…"

"I'll go talk to him…" I stand and see him in the hall near the door. "You look ready to walk out the door Ron…"


"Give me a good reason why I shouldn't," he mutters to his friend.

"Because we care," Harry said.

"I know… But some times, things are hard to take…" Ron looks away avoiding Harry's eyes.

"But, what?" Harry asked placing a hand on Ron's shoulder.

"You wouldn't understand."

"You never know until you try. Look at how we were when first learned to ride a broomstick... we were absolutely-"

"That isn't what I meant."

"Talk to me Ron?"

"What's the point?"


"Aren't you keeping your boyfriend waiting or something?" Ron asks quietly. Harry gasps and tears up as Ron turns his back on him.

"But Ron…"

"Aren't you?" Ron snapped. Harry went back to their room and started to cry. Hermione couldn't seem to get anything out of him and neither could Ginny.

"I'll get Ron/Draco," they said together one saying one name while the other said the second.

"But… Ginny, Draco is Harry's boyfriend he should know what to do to make him feel better," Hermione reasoned.

"But Ron caused this in the first place and I want him to apologize!" her girlfriend said.

"Oh all right! Go and fetch him then and I'll try to talk to Harry more," Hermione said sitting next to him and trying to talk to him.

"Ronald Weasley! What did you do to Harry? He's crying! Go and apologize!" Ginny demanded hands on her hips glaring at her brother.

"What's the use…. I'm pretty sure he hates me now…."

"I'll get Draco to take care of this Ron if you don't make amends!"

"There is nothing to amend," Ron hissed at his sister. She backed up in shock.

The train arrived at the school and Hermione lead a still crying Harry out and directly into Draco's arms.

"What happened Hermione?" he asked. She shook her head.

"I don't know…"

"Ron snapped at him I think Draco… Don't be mad at Ron though please… He's been upset about something all summer… I'm sure he didn't mean what ever he said in the wrong light…" Ginny said speaking softly.

"Once Harry's better, the three of us will talk," Draco said helping Harry into a carriage where the smaller boy snuggled against his boyfriend. Draco placed a kiss on his sensitive boyfriend's forehead. "What happened Harry?"

"I don't know what I did to make him hate me so!" Harry sobbed out but began to stop crying. Draco nodded and kissed his boyfriend's cheek.

"Don't worry, things will work out… We'll talk when you're up to it…" Harry smiled.

"Thank you Draco," he whispered resting his head against him.

"For what?"

"For caring…"

"I love you… Don't forget that Harry, please never forget that…"

"I love you too Draco, and I'll never forget that ever."


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