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Kidnapped - Chapter 1- The Adventure Begins


"What?" He haughtily asked.

"You are being unfair..."

" No, I m not Julianna, keep your mouth shut." He snapped back.

"You are cheating the younger children, John Richard Roxton Jr.!" The fourteen year old girl said as she tossed her long dark curls over her shoulder and put her hands on her hips.

"Don' t you middle name me!" He stubbornly argued.

"Why not?" She smirked.

" I' ll middle name you, Julianna Marguerite Roxton!" He smirked back, as both of their tempers started to flare.

"Will you two please stop fighting!" A small voice squeaked. The two older children looked down at their youngest sister, Jacqueline Mary Roxton; she hated it when they fought.

"You two are so alike." George Thomas Roxton whined.

"Yeh!" His twin brother, Arthur James Roxton agreed.

" For once I actually agree with you two." Elizabeth Veronica Roxton laughed as she sided with her brothers.

"No way!" Julianna and John said at once. They quickly looked at each other. "Ewwww!" They squealed in unison.

"Children!" A voice called from the next room, "The Malones are here!"

"Coming Mother!" Julianna answered back on behalf of her brothers and sisters.

The Roxton children wandered from the nursery to the main hall where their parents, Lord and Lady Roxton, welcomed the Malone inside. Mr. and Mrs. Malone had been friends with their parents since they had been trapped on the plateau in South America, where Julianna had been born. And they were still friends now that they were back in England. Their children, Marguerite Jane, Edward Jr., and Samuel Summerlee were the Roxton kids best friends. They always had many adventures on the Roxton family estate.

"Ned, Veronica.," Marguerite said, taking their hats, " The kids have been taking about your visit all day."

"Maggie, Sam, and Edward have been as well." Veronica laughed.

"Shot anything interesting lately Roxton?" Ned joked.

"No," he laughed. "Killed any dinosaurs?"

"Come on; let's go outside." Julianna said leading the children safely away from their parents reminiscing. " Let's have our own adventure!"



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