Kidnapped Chapter 7- Rescue

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With Lizzy and Sam safely back at the Treehouse with Mrs. Challenger, their parents and Challenger left to rescue the others. They had only been following the trail for an hour when they ran into the other children. Shouts of mommy and Daddy' rang through the air as the children and their parents were reunited. Marguerite suddenly sobered.

"Where are John and Julianna?" she asked frantically.

"And Maggie?" Veronica chimed in.

"Tribune still has them. Julianna saved us, but stayed behind with Maggie and John." Eddie explained.

"Why couldn't they come?" Roxton asked, fearing the worst.

"They are tied up in Tribune's chambers . . . John's chained to the wall," Jackie said quietly.

"We had best keep going then," Malone suggested.

After a short discussion Challenger agreed to take the children back to the Treehouse while their parents trudged on.


"So you flirted your way down there and helped them escape?" Tribune asked Julianna, she nodded, "Perfect!" she stared silently at him as he paced about the room, "Your more like your mother than I could have hoped. Now all I need are your parents and Maggie's parents then I can . . ."

He was stopped mid sentence by the sound of a gunshot and a scuffle down the hall.

"Hmm . . . by the sound of it they have arrived".

"Julianna! John!" Marguerite yelled as she ran into the room with Veronica, who ran immediately to Maggie. Both women pulled their daughters into a hug.

"Are you hurt?" Marguerite said, pulling back to examine her daughter.

"No Mother, I'm fine, but John . . ." She trailed off and pointed in the direction of her brother, chained to the wall.

"John!" Marguerite cried as she ran over, quickly pulling out a hairpin and picking the lock on his chains.

"Daddy!" Maggie squealed as Malone ran into the room. He picked her up and swung her around.

"Princess!" he said placing a kiss on her forehead as he placed her back on the ground.

Lord Roxton ran into the room a few seconds later.

"Dad," Julianna smile. He smiled back proudly, then looked at her navy costume and scowled.

"What are you wearing young lady!"

"Roxton, really . . ." Malone said trying to calm him.

"Quiet Malone! Yours isn't dressed like a tramp!"

Marguerite, Veronica, Maggie and Julianna started to giggle at the outraged face of Lord John Roxton. He was yelling at Tribune, not because his children had been kidnapped from their home and brought back to a dangerous plateau, but because of the revealing skirt and top his baby girl was prancing around in.


Stay tuned to find out why Tribune really kidnapped the children… it wasn't just for shits and giggles you know!