Shake Up My Life

I think that there are too many stories out there about vampires and not enough out there about werewolves so I wrote a story about werewolves. I hope you like it.

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"Spoken words"


It had to be one of the most beautiful nights that Yuugi had ever seen. This sweet September night seemed to be calling to him, as if the very night itself wanted to give him a message. A harsh wind blew over him yet it bore a message for another. Yuugi sighed, 'Another message not meant for me I hope it comes tonight, I don't know how much longer I can wait.' Waiting for the message from the Goddess of the Wind was only one of the many reasons that Yuugi found himself sitting atop of Goddess Hill tonight.

The hill was named such because out of the vastness of Yuugi's pack territory this hill was the best place for viewing the werewolves Moon Goddess. Yuugi had fallen in love with the hill ever since his mother had first taken him there when he was a pup. Just sitting there among the green grass brought back sweet memories of before a chuck of his soul had been broken off leaving a void, deep within him. Making him feel as if a part of his soul had been stolen and given to another. Whenever he came here the Goddesses seemed to feel his pain, for they seemed try to help to ease it. They tried to fill the void within his soul with the happy memories of his puppy hood, but it would never work, each time he left the hill he still felt cold and empty deep inside. Each time before he left no matter how long or short a time he spent there the Wind Goddess would give him a message. All she would ever say was this, "Just be patient you will get your answer soon." Each time he heard it, it just left him more and more confused.

"It's so beautiful," Yuugi said while looking around in amazement. There wasn't a single cloud in the night sky, so there was nothing to hinder the natural beauty of the Goddesses messengers. But it wasn't the cloudless sky or the shimmering stars that took Yuugi's breath away; it was the full moon. Now this wasn't the first time in Yuugi's eighteen years that he had seen a full moon, so some might wonder what about it would leave him so utterly breathless. It was the fact that this full moon was a blood red color. To Yuugi it look as if the Moon Goddess could no longer bear seeing one of her children soul bleeding in pain and now she too bled after many years of trying to end his pain, but yet never succeeding.

Yuugi shrived as a harsh winter wind blew over him and shrill noise filled his sensitive ears. As a flock of ravens flew over his head, Yuugi broke his graze from the bleeding sky to better listen to what they were shouting about. Their shrill cries were giving warning that winter was coming early and that all better be prepared. Yuugi turned his attention back to the bleeding sky before thinking sarcastically, 'Were going to have an early winter this year, great.' Yuugi hated the winter, but not because it was cold, but because the void of loneliness deep within his soul froze into a solid block that left him shivering all winter long, and it didn't leave him until long after spring had fled.

Yuugi was brought out of his thoughts when he felt something nuzzling him, but before he could turn to see whom it was, a deep husky voice filled his ears. "Yes it is beautiful Yuugi, but even the Moon Goddess beauty pales in comparison to yours." Yuugi sighted before reluctantly turning to see two pools of midnight blue eyes. 'A line like that and the midnight blue eyes can only mean one thing. Seto has returned,' Yuugi thought dryly to himself before sighing again and returning his lavender colored eyes back to the blood drenched sky. Seto was one of the most handsome young werewolves in Yuugi's age group. With a coat of beautifully woven colors of black, sliver and brown along with his midnight blue eyes, gave Seto a daring glow. This glow seemed to send fear into the hearts of both human and young werewolves alike. That suited Seto just fine, he liked it when the human's trembled in feared of him, or when the young werewolves groveled at his feet, so long as it wasn't Yuugi who feared him.

Yuugi was positive that had he been in his human form that his face would had been bright red, Yuugi silently thanked the Moon Goddess that he wasn't, it would just have encouraged Seto to continue to flirt with him. After all Seto had been gone for two weeks and in his mind he probably had a lot of lost time to make up for.

With a flirtatious growl Seto pressed himself closer to Yuugi sniffing him all over. 'He's probably trying to see if anyone tried to get close to me while he was gone,' Yuugi thought irritably to himself. After finishing sniffing him Seto gave a snort of dismissal before whispering huskily into Yuugi's ear, "I really wish you were in your human form. How I would love to see you blushing all over." He paused to give an amused chuckle before continuing, "But now that I think about it, I like this it like this even better, because I can smell it how I effects you and it give's me so much more pleasure." At Yuugi's warning growl Seto broke his gaze with Yuugi to look into the sky, after a few seconds when he felt it was safe again he turned back to Yuugi and gave him a wolfish smile. Then he continue, "It such a sad thing that we can't sit here and share this beautiful night together, but we would miss the pack meeting, and I for one don't want to experience what your dad would do if we did." Seto nuzzled him sweetly again before pulling completely away from Yuugi and standing up. Seto looked deep in thought as he lowed his head to the ground sniffing at it before he lifted his eyes to meet Yuugi's. When their eyes met Yuugi saw lust and longing shinning deep within Seto midnight blue eyes. The look sent chills down his spine and sent bolts of fear deep into his soul.

"Seto wh…" Yuugi started to slowly back away, but before he could get out of Seto reach Seto had leaned forward and placed a loving lick on the side of Yuugi jet-black muzzle. Yuugi was in shock, Seto had always bold about how much he liked Yuugi, but he had never be so bold as to actuality kiss him before. 'It's so close to the time that we will be able to fight and choose our life mate. This must be his way of trying to tell me that I am his.' That thought made his blood run cold. He had known Seto for many years and liked being around him as long as he wasn't flirting with him, but he knew that deep down in his heart that he would never be happy if Seto became his mate. Seto loving chuckles snapped Yuugi somewhat out of his shock, but when he didn't fully come around, Seto started nuzzle him trying to bring him out of his shock and when that didn't work Seto let off a set low whines that pleaded for Yuugi to come around. After coming back to realty and realizing what had just happened Yuugi gave an angry growl and jumped away from Seto.

Seto backed away from Yuugi with a small amount of fear showing on his face before he covered it up with a smile. Seto continued smiling at Yuugi while saying, "I know that it's your instincts telling you to you fear me and hate what I just did, just like how mine told me to do it. But you can't resist me forever Yuugi, and in a few months you will be mine" he said with an I know it all attitude. Red-hot anger surged throw Yuugi's veins. He knew that Seto was right, he knew that that no sane werewolf would dare challenge Yuugi for the right to mate with him as long as Seto was around, but that didn't mean he had to like it and that didn't mean that Seto had to flaunt that fact.

Yuugi gave another angry growl and slipped into a defense stance when Seto tried to get closer to him again. 'Hmm..I best leave him alone, and let him calm down. He will come to me, he can't fight it forever, the ceremony is a little less then three months away, and no one would DARE challenge my ownership of him.' Seto thought to himself as he back a little farther away from Yuugi as Yuugi continued to growl threatening at him.

Smiling as if he had already won him Seto growled sweetly at him. "I be leaving now Yuugi, just remember what I said, you can't run, your instincts will help you the night we fight and when become life mates. When that happens we will be together forever and then you will have no more reason to fear me. I will be gentle with you I promise." With a lust filled growl Seto turned and ran in the direction of their pack meeting.

Yuugi was about to give chase hoping that he would be able catch up with Seto so that he could rip him limb from limb, when he felt a warm wind blow over him and he stopped. 'The Wind Goddess is asking me to stay and look back to the Moon Goddess, but that is what I have been doing all night, so why should I when I never get any answers.' Yuugi thought angrily as the memories of what had just unfolded and the fact that ever time that he sat here on the Goddess Hill wanting for answers that had never come swirled like a an angry storm within his mind. As if to answer him a harsh bitter wind blew over him. Yuugi gave a furious growl before raising his lavender colored eyes back to the bleeding sky, when his eyes met the moon, a shadow with crimson eyes flashed threw his mind. At that instant hundreds of thoughts plagued his mind. ' What was that? Who do those eyes belong to? I don't know anyone with crimson colored eyes do I? Why for the first time in years did my soul feel complete and why did take away my anger? Is this the message that I have been waiting for from the Goddesses all these years?' Yuugi shook his head trying to rid himself of his rampaging thoughts, but it didn't work. He continued to shake his head, growling angrily at himself. Surprisingly it was Seto's howl of calling that priced his thoughts so that he was better able to bring them under control. The call sounded as if Seto was worried about him, he better answer, 'If I don't the whole pack might come running.' Yuugi lifted muzzle to the sky and let lose howl of answering telling Seto that he was coming. After finishing his howl Yuugi sprinted after Seto still hoping to catch up with him before they reached the meeting place. Beside that one thought of revenge the rest of his thoughts were filled with the questions and flashes of the crimson-eyed shadow.

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