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"Spoken words"

Thoughts of characters

Yuugi closed his eyes, allowing the cool air to rush threw his coat. He had been happy to find that the warm and safe feeling extended outside the confines of Yami's arms, and his bed. He felt safe and happy around each of Yami's pack members. Something he often didn't feel around his own members.

Yuugi sighted softly, that included Rashid, who on the outside acted cold and heatless, but Yuugi had seen him with the help of Marik and Malik interacting with the young pups of the pack. That had slashed Rashid's reputation of being cold and heartless to pieces.

He shifted, allowing the wind to blow directly in his face. The air smelt so good. Crisp, like the night before a snowfall. Yuugi smiled tenderly as he glanced up at the graying sky. At least Mokuba will be happy, he loves snow.

"Prince Yuugi, Prince Yuugi." Yuugi turned, slowly opening his eyes. He smiled as two dull red pups bounded towards him. He had meet them and their mother when Adrian had shown him around the grounds. He was quite surprised to find them doing martial arts. He didn't think that wolves would need to practice the arts, but Lian had said that it was a family tradition, dating back before they were wolves.

He chuckled softly as Shing and Anre jumped up and down trying to catch his ears. With a weak smile he pleaded, "please don't call me that. I'm not a prince." Not anywhere close. Anre giggled innocently as she answered. "But prince Yami likes you. You're the first person he's ever kissed." Yuugi took a step back, he didn't know what to say.

Yuugi just titled his head to the side, making Shing miss as he took another leap for his ears. Yuugi really liked Shing and Anre. Even know they were much younger then himself he had learned so much from them. When he and Adrian had interrupted their training session they had offered to teach him about the Chinese's culture. He had happily agreed while Adrian talked with Lian. They had taught him about Chinese's proverbs and the stories of the Chinese's zodiac. Lian had also offered to teach him how to cook Chinese food after she caught him sniffing at the kitchen door trying to identify the smell.

"Are you going to mate with Prince Yami?" Shing questioned, giving up trying to attack Yuugi ears and instead settled for nuzzling against him. Yuugi blushed heavily as he nuzzled back. He was glade for the distraction, what would he say? What could he say?

He was saved from answering as Anre was attacked by a reddish blur. Yuugi sprung to his feet, pushing Shing aside. He had to protect Anre, she may not be part of his pack, but that didn't matter. With a growl he sprang into action, grabbing the wolf by the back of the neck before flinging him down the hill and into the small lake below. Crouching low to the ground Yuugi growled, daring the strange wolf to attack again.

Yuugi's eyes went wide as the wolf raised out of the water, shaking its head lightly. It was Yami. Swallowing hard, Yuugi ran forward, almost falling down the hill in his hast. His mind barely registered the freezing cold water as he entered. "I'm so sorry Yami, are you alright?"

Yami moaned as he shook the water from his coat. He hadn't expected Yuugi to attack him, but then again he couldn't blame him either. It had been a surprise attack.

When several seconds passed without Yami answering Yuugi got worried. Maybe he's hurt worst then I thought. He pressed closer, checking for any cuts or scraps. Seeing no physical injuries he pressed again. "Yami are you alright?" Snapping out of his dazed thoughts, Yami chuckled as he took a step forward, brushing against Yuugi. After all the water was really cold and he wouldn't want Yuugi to catch cold now would he? He smiled slyly as he watched several drops of water slowly slide down Yuugi's face. With a soft, playful growl he licked away the remaining drops.

Yami turned when he heard giggling. He couldn't keep from rolling his eyes. Shing and Anre were peaking out from behind a large boulder, trying their best to look innocent. When they spotted him looking they quickly ducked behind the rock. He had almost forgotten they were there. Turning back he tried to keep from chuckling. The look on Yuugi's face was a sweet mixture of confusion, awe, and shock. "Yea I'm fine. It takes more then a little cold water to take me out." With another smile he gave Yuugi one last lick before walking calmly to the shore. Towards the giggling rock.

Yuugi nodded and stood. He wasn't sure if he should be offended or not. I'm sure he didn't mean to insult me. Or even know that he might have. His eyes went wide when he caught the cut on Yami's back. Quickly moving thought the water he reached the shore. "Yami?" Yami turned at Yuugi sadden voiced. "I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you." Yami blinked for a second, then for the first time he noticed that he was bleeding. With a soft smile he walked over to Yuugi offering him another comfortingly lick, while ignoring the giggles behind him.

"No. You got nothing to be sorry for. It's my fault." He shook his head as Yuugi began protesting. "Let me finish. I shouldn't have attacked like that. Even if I was just playing around, you had no idea it was me. In fact I think it was great." It was at times like this that Yami wished that he was in human form. He wanted so badly to be able to tilt Yuugi's head up. To make him see the truthfulness of his words.

Yuugi looked up, shock written on his face. "You do?" Yami smiled as he nuzzled Yuugi gently. Leaning in closer he whispered, "what a great mother you'll make." Yuugi was in shock; a feeling that he had been experiencing a lot in the past few days.

Yami chuckled as he turned around walking towards Shing and Anre who were still hiding behind the boulder. Without turning to face Yuugi he said, "my father is calling the pack together." When he didn't hear a response he pressed, "aren't you coming?" Yuugi blushed as he sprung forward to catch up with Yami.

Shing's and Anre's protest echoed threw the forest as Yuugi and Yami took off, forcing the young pups to keep up or get lost.

Yuugi sighed as he walked into the pack meeting grounds. It looked to be going better then he thought it would. Several members of his pack were talking to Yami's members and they seemed to be enjoying themselves. Several of the young pups were play fighting by a nearby Oak tree closely watched over by Rashid. One of them, Yuugi noted wasn't so happy about the arrangements. He growled low, he couldn't allow Anzu to make things worst for Yami's family. They were already doing so much and he didn't want to cause anymore trouble.

"Don't worry about her. Why don't you take Shing and Anre back to Lian." Yuugi nodded, offering Yami a thankful smile as he headed off towards the reddish color wolf and her mate.

It had amazed Yuugi that there were so many differences between the worlds wolves. In the short time he had been with Yami's family he had learned that Chinese wolves are normally smaller then Japanese wolves yet African wolves were larger then both species. He had also learned that unlike in Japan where any colors of fur was acceptable, in China only shades of red and gray were acceptable. It was something he had found fascinating about Yami's pack, they were so different culturally. Unlike his pack, Yami's pack members came from all over the world. He had learned so much about the outside world in such a short amount of time.

Anzu dropped her glare when she spotted Yami. Looking around to make sure he was alone she frowned when she spotted Yuugi, but let it fade as she stood. She could deal with him later. Licking her lips she added a seductive swagger as she headed towards Yami.

Yami rolled his eyes, did she really think that impressed him? "Hey Yami." She purred as she sat next to him. When she didn't get a response she pressed closer and added, "where did you go?" Reframing from sighing Yami stood and moved before replying, "I went to get Yuugi." Anzu frowned again, why would he want to leave? His father must have something to do with it. Yami would never leave willingly to get that little brat that much she was sure of.

Giggling she stood and walked over to him. He growled quietly as she pressed unnecessarily close. "Why would you do that? Who would want that little runt around?"

He growled as she tried to lick him, it was the most sickening thing she ever done. Turning sharply away from her he replied "I do" coldly and walked calmly towards his father who had been calling for him.

Her face went from shock to anger as she screamed, "Oh, I see. It's because HE wanted you to." Yami growled, how dare she talk about his father like. Clenching his teeth he continued without saying anything. He did after all wanted good relations with her pack.

"Something wrong?" Ryder questioned as Yami approached him, he had never seen his son become so annoyed so fast before. He was normally so reserved, even when dealing with people he didn't like. When he didn't get a response he pushed harder. "Son?"

Yami sighed, he knew that his father wasn't going to give up. It just wasn't his style. However, it took his father nuzzling against him to break his resolve. Nuzzling back he replied, " such disloyalty makes me feel ill." He shivered lightly.

Ryder chuckled as he stopped nuzzling and moved away. He had the feeling however that there was more to his annoyance then just that. " Humm, maybe that the best for us then?" He called out as he walked calmly up the path. He knew that Yami would follow. Not understanding his words would irritate Yami to no end. Yami shook his head, sometimes he was certain that he would never understand his father.

Yuugi moaned lightly, he could feel Anzu's heated eyes on him as he left Lian. With another sigh he made his way over to and . He knew that they would let him sit with them for the meeting. Before he could reach them however Cristano fell in step with him.

"Where are you going?"

"To sit for the meeting." He tried, a confused look on his face.

Cristano nodded as if he expected that answer. "Then why are you heading in the wrong direction?" He asked as if it was the most obvious thing in the world that he was. He added at Yuugi's confused look, "follow me." Yuugi just shook his head. Maybe Cristano wanted him to sit with a member of his pack. Yuugi paused, it surprised him that Cristano would be leading him up Leaders Hill. What's Cristano doing? I'm not a member of their pack why would they want me to sit with them?

"Are you coming?"

"Umm…" He took a hesitant step backwards. He just didn't understand, he had no right to sit with the royal family. Why would they want him? You're are the only one Prince Yami ever kissed. Those had been Anre's words.

"Are you coming?" Cristano repeated as he began walking again. He knew that Yuugi would follow him.

Cristano chuckled as he continued up the path. Yuugi shook his head as he continued to follow. Cristano smiled as he glanced back, Yuugi was just so kawaii when he was confused.

Yuugi hung his head low as he quickly pasted Ryder on his way to sit next to Yami. His nervousness lessoned when Ryder offered him a calm smile. Yuugi smiled back shyly, holding his head just a little bit higher. He blushed lightly when Yami slid closer. He could feel his warm breath on his neck.

Ryder smiled to himself as he turned back to the large pack of wolves gathered below him. His expression turned serious as he begun talking. "Greetings everyone. I would like to extend a warm welcome to our brothers and sisters who have joined us tonight from the Mouto pack. Tonight we hunt not as a pack of blood brothers, but as a pack of extended brothers, all born under the sweet and merciful goddess of the moon. Tonight blood will spill, but not for the want of land, or food but for the hopes of good relations between two packs." Ryder paused for a moment allowing his words to sink in as he ran his eyes over the small crowed. He wondered what their reaction would be to his announcement. Yuugi could tell that Ryder had had years of practice of talking in front of crowds.

"That behind us, lets get down to business. My mate and I have decided that this hunting party is far to large to hunt effectively. So we have deiced to split the pack into two and place another pair of wolves in charge of one." There was a roar from the crowd. Yuugi's eyebrows rose in surprise, none of the wolves were talking were from Yami's pack, they were all from his own.

"Quiet." Yuugi flinched as Ryder harsh voice raised above the commotion. The crowd instantly quieted. Fear crept into their eyes. "We have deiced that my son and Yuugi, the young future leader of the Mouto pack will lead this second pack. However, this pack will contain no adults, they will be talking the children. Giving them lessons and making sure there fed." There was an edge in Ryder's voice. When more mummers rose from below, Ryder spoke again. His voice was heated and angry. "That is was I command. So it shall be so."

Ryder and Cristano ignored the new rise of commotion as they jumped down. Yuugi turned when he heard Yami chuckling lightly. Yuugi cocked his head to the side. Catching the look Yami answered, "there just not use to my father's bluntness." Or the reason behind his actions. Yami thought as he jumped down after his father. Yuugi nodded even know Yami had already left.

Yuugi shivered, he could still see the anger in Ryder's eyes. He smiled sweetly as Cristano leaned over and gently licked Ryder's cheek. The anger left Ryder's eyes as Cristano leaned over and whispered something in his ear. Yuugi chuckled as he shook his head and followed after Yami.

Shing immediately began nuzzling against Yuugi as he approached the small group of gathering pups. All, Yuugi noted were from Yami's pack. He wondered if the members of his pack didn't trust Yami. Yuugi sighed sadly. Why did things have to be so complicated? Shing looked up, innocents shining in his eyes as he asked, "are you really taking us hunting prince Yuugi?" Yuugi swallowed hard as he glanced over at Yami. He wasn't sure how Yami would react. After all he was being called by his title. He seemed so unaffected by it, but…

Yami hid his soft smile as he leaned down and whispered in Shings's ear. "There are many ears around who don't know. So please don't call us that while other unrelated pack members are around. Besides, I think you're worrying Yuugi." Shing glanced up for a second before he nodded happily and went back to nuzzling against Yuugi. He understood, Yuugi was special to his prince. Shing sighted in contentment, the older wolf was just so soft. Not even his mother fur was this soft. I wonder if his skin is this soft to. Shing thought as he laid beside Yuugi, resting his head on Yuugi's chest, his eyes closing sleepily.

Yami smiled secretly as he watched Shing lay down next to Yuugi. His plan was working. Yuugi didn't seem quite so resistant to the title anymore. In fact he seemed more concerned about his reaction to it then being called it. With a sigh of relief he stretched his back legs out before allowing himself to relax. Taking a deep breath he laid down next to Yuugi. He would relax until the others showed up. Lazily he answered Shing's earlier question, "and yes we are taking you hunting." Yami sighed as he closed his eyes. He smiled at the sound of Shing's laughter.

The young red wolf continued laughing happily as his sister joined them. Their mother had held her back to clean her up. They had played in the mud during the meeting, luckily his father had cleaned him up, otherwise he would have gotten the lecture of his life. Anre jumped at Yuugi, she was so happy to see him again. He was one of the nicest older wolves that she had ever met. He had listened to their stories and didn't think any of it was stupid or untrue. He had thought it was fascinating, learning about their heritage. He also didn't seem to act as if he had somewhere more important to be, like many of the other older wolves. It had made both of them feel good to be able to teach on older wolf something that had to do with their family. It didn't hurt either that Yami like him and that he might soon be joining their pack. That's what made her the happiest, she might be able to see him every day.

"Were you two playing in the mud?" Yuugi questioned as Anre nuzzled against him in greeting. Her green eyes went wide, how in the world did he know?

Yami seemed mildly surprised as he opened his eyes lazily. He hadn't know that the two had played in the mud. Maybe Yuugi had seen them during the meeting.

"H-how did you know?" Shing questioned. His eyes were wide with surprise and curiosity. Yuugi just smirked all knowingly as he licked Shing's head.

"Hi Yami." Anzu squealed as she stepped on Yuugi and Anre as she made her way over to Yami. Yami frowned, now he knew what bugged him the most about her. She didn't care about the welfare of anyone but herself. Yuugi growled as he comforted Anre who was now crying. Anzu had stepped on her tail.

Yami snarled as he walked away, he just couldn't stand that girl. Anzu looked confused for a moment, then smiled as she stood to follow after Yami. He must want to be alone.

Before she could take a step however he snarled, "you are not a member of this pack. Now leave. No one wants you here." Anger danced in his crimson eyes. Yuugi took a step back, fear crept into his eyes. He quickly covered it up however when he caught the looks on the pups faces. He had to help them first.

"But…" She tried but Yami cut her off.

"Come Yuugi." Yami whispered softly. Yuugi nodded, hesitantly he followed behind Yami. He didn't have to be that mean to her. He could see tears in her eyes. Yami, Yuugi noted was just like his father when it came to dealing with people. He got to the point and didn't let anyone else's feelings get in the way. Maybe that's why Ryder mated with Cristano. He's such a sweet, and caring person. He had the ability to change people's mind with his sweet charm. People were more open to changing their minds when done so by kind words then by anger and demands. Yuugi had experience it himself.

"Are you alright?" Yuugi asked as Yami sighted in frustration. Yami ignored Yuugi for the moment as he leaned his nose against the ground, closing his eyes as he let all the frustration drain out of him. It wasn't worth staying angry anyways. Raising his head off the ground he nodded to Yuugi before turning to address the pups. Many of them were shaking lightly and fear shown brightly in their eyes. Yami sighted, it wasn't the best way to start.

Yuugi smiled sweetly as he stepped away from Yami. Many of the young pups crowded around him. He would have to say something before things got out of hand, even if he himself was slightly afraid. That look had reminded him of when Seto would got angry. He swallowed hard, "please don't be afraid. Yami is a really nice person, but he just lost his temper. Everyone does that even your mothers and fathers. I am very sure that he would never hurt anyone of you." He paused again taking a deep breath. "See watch." Yuugi said as he walked over to Yami, bowed his head and started nuzzling against him in a very loving manner. Yami was very surprised, but quickly got over it as he nuzzled back.

Yami could see the fear fade from their eyes as they watched Yuugi nuzzle against him. It's amazing, they trusted him so fast, especially for pups from my pack. We are all taught from an early age never to trust strangers, even newly added members by a mating. He chuckled to himself, he truly is special.

Regaining his composure he called out as Yuugi stopped nuzzling but didn't move. "Before we hunt how about we introduce ourselves and get to know each other a little better." After a pause he said, "I'll start." He smiled gently as Yuugi moved to sit next to him. He frowned, Yuugi was shaking slightly. Maybe he had shaken Yuugi up more then he let on. "My name is Yami and I'm in my last year of high school. I am the first son of Ryder and Cristano and I will inherit the M pack. In Africa I played soccer, tennis, and basketball for my school. I love chocolate cake, and I hate doing homework." For a second he wondered if that was to much information, but when he saw the looks of appreciation on their faces he knew he hadn't. They didn't like being treated like little children, who always got in the way.

Yuugi smiled as he took over. "My name is Yuugi. I'm attending the last year of high school as well. My mother is and my father is . I too will inherit my family's pack. And for those of you I don't know it's a pleasure to meet you." He giggled, "I love chocolate cake too."

Before he could finish Astra piped up. "Aren't you and pr.. I mean Yami married?" Yuugi had to wondered if it was just youthful curiosity or if they were smart and enjoyed putting him in situations he didn't quite enjoy being in.

Yami smirked, they sure were playing hardball with poor Yuugi. "Why yes we are." Several eyebrows went up. Yami chuckled, "however, only in a school class." Yuugi looked shocked at the ease that Yami answered the question. He seemed not to be surprised or rattled by the question. In fact Yami seemed mildly amused by the line of questioning he was receiving. Several pups from Yami's pack giggled.

A light gray wolf with white feet and light blue eyes stepped forward. "I'm Astra and this is my sister Lydia." Astra motioned towards another pup with a white under coat and a top coat mixed with gray and black. She continued, "I'm six years old and Lydia's five. Were both in the same grade because of the lateness of my birthday." She opened her mouth to continue, but shut it again when she noticed that she was beginning to ramble. Yuugi chuckled lightly as he nodded and filed away the information.

Shing stepped forward next. Yuugi had to smile. The young pup had his chest puffed out proudly, and his dark green eyes glowed with pride. "I'm Shing and this is my younger sister Anre. I'm six years old and she's five. Our parents our Lian and Deo." "Oh yea, our favorite food is Apple Pie.

Two larger wolves stepped forward, one was pure black with golden eyes while the other was a golden color with deep green eyes. Yuugi had to roll his eyes. He knew what was going to happen. The black color wolf stepped forward first. "Hi my name is…" "Fujian." The golden color wolf intervened. Then Fujian continued, "and my name is…" "Radion." The black color wolf piped up. "And were eleven year old twins." They said together. It flowed so smoothly that Yuugi could tell that several others were impressed. However, Yuugi had the advantage of knowing that they have been doing it for years.

Lastly a gray and white pup stepped forward. He had sweet brown eyes. "My name is Kiyoshi and this is my sister Akina." A white wolf and black feet stepped forward, her headed bowed. "I'm eleven years old and my sister is nine years old. Our mother and father are Ronin and Kaiya of the Mouto pack."

Yuugi smiled, Akina was the most respectful young pup that he had ever met. Yami nodded in satisfaction as he stepped into the middle of the small circle of wolves. It wasn't exactly how he pictured it but then again they were only children. Yuugi's sharp eyes caught Astra sad and distant look as she drew back. "What's wrong Astra?" Yuugi knew she was very respectful, but he didn't think that was it.

The young wolf looked up, there was a reserved sort of look in her eyes. "Come on." Yuugi whispered, motioning for her to join him. Her face lit up as she sprinted over, running between his legs. She still seemed reluctant to say anything as he pressed her. Leaning down he nuzzled against her, hoping she would loosen up.

He read her face for a moment before saying, "are you hungry?" Astra's eyes went wide, how could he have possibly known she was hungry? He chuckled for a moment before he continued. "Why don't you and the others go play for a few minutes so I can talk with Yami."

"About food?" Kiyoshi asked as he ran forward. Yuugi chuckled as he nodded. The small pups quickly scrambled away. He was sure however that they would stay close to overhear the conversation.

"So how do you want to do this?" Yami questioned as he sat next to Yuugi who was watching the young pups playing. Yuugi had a way with pups. That much he could tell. In a way it reminded him of his dad, Cristano. Yuugi sighed and turned away before answering.

"I think it's best to have the large hunt first. That way they can get something to eat. Then we could let them play hunt for a while."

Yami hummed in agreement. "How about your older ones can they hunt?" Yuugi turned away and mumbled, "not really." When Yuugi didn't continue he touched Yuugi's shoulder gently. "Anzu does the teaching, but she spends more time drooling then actually teaching them anything." There was a brief pause before he added, "and no, at the moment there is nothing I can do about it. My mother heads the overall teaching of the pack and she doesn't want to believe that nothing is happing. She likes Anzu very much. If it wasn't for Seto I would be mating with her, that's for sure. It will be a big smack in the face when their trials come up and they fail." Why can't I help. I have to spend more time taking care of my own ass then the future generations. How can I be so selfish? Yami nodded in understanding but there was something else to this.

"That's alright we can leave the younger ones with them and then they can watch." Yami paused in thought, he almost forgot something major, Yuugi had been hurt earlier. "Are you up to it?"

Yuugi nodded as a sad look enveloped his eyes. I wish Seto would be this conserved about me, then maybe I could be somewhat happy when I'm with him. Yami licked Yuugi's cheek. Yuugi didn't notices as he leaned against Yami. Yami just nuzzled him allowing Yuugi to burry himself in his chest.

"Prince Yuugi are you alright?" Yuugi opened his eyes at Shing's voice. Shing flinched at Yami's glare. Yuugi smiled, but it didn't quite reach his eyes. He pushed against Yami, making him drop his glare. Besides no one was around to hear anyways.

"Yea, I'm alright." Shing nodded and with a youthful smile filled with innocence he ran back to the small pack of wolves. Yami offered one last nuzzled before whispering, "We'll take later." and heading off towards the pups.

Yuugi nodded, normally he would have felt that Yami's remark was an invasion of privacy but this time he didn't. Putting his sadness behind him he stood as well. With a smile that he hadn't allowed to surface in years. It was the smile of happiness and love. He was sure however that it would fade soon, back into the pit of darkness.

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