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Chapter Fifteen: Sweet Goodbyes for Now

As soon as they locked the door, Kitty brushed her hair then started digging around her suitcase as Pietro started packing.
"So you're gonna leave tomorrow right?"
"Yeah." He responded.
Kitty glanced over her shoulder to look at him. The moon shined through the glass balcony window. She looked back to her suitcase and pulled out her black turtle neck and dark blue jeans.
"You wanna go for a walk?" she asked quietly.
Pietro smiled then pulled on his coat. "Sure. Let's head out the window."
Kitty gave him a surprised look. "O-out the window? How? It's pretty high."
He sped over to her. "Did you forget that I can run up and down walls Kitty cat?"
She smirked. "Oh how dare I forget."

They finally arrived outside and started walking towards the woods. Kitty took a deep breath then sighed, making a silver plume of breath rise up. She wanted to leave this place and go back home, but it just wouldn't be the same. She crossed her arms to keep her hands warm as Pietro stuffed his hands in his pockets.
"We're still well. you know." She whispered.

Pietro nodded a bit. "Of course."

"You know, since Logan knows, I have a feeling that like, the professor knows too."

"Maybe meaning Magneto knows too?" added Pietro.

"I just hope that nobody will think wrong of you."

Pietro grinned a bit. "What do you think of me Kitty?"

She blinked for a moment then stopped in her tracks. Pietro was just ahead of her a bit, waiting for a response from her.
"What of you?"

Pietro nodded.

Kitty shifted her foot a bit as Pietro walked closer to her.

"Well, you can be pretty rude at times, but you're nice too. Thank gawd you have a sense of style."

(Style, check. Nice, check..all going according to the list she made.) thought Pietro.

"You're smart, and well..to wrap it all up, it's like you're a knight in shining armor."

"How about physically? You know I'm hot."

Kitty giggled.


Next thing Kitty knew, their lips touched. Keeping place as Pietro brought her closer, Kitty hung her arms around his neck. When they moved apart just a bit, Kitty glanced over to the side. Pietro then noticed her eyes filling up with tears.

After a quick sniffle, Kitty moved her face to his chest, trying to fight her tears.

"I don't want you to go. It seems like you're actually leaving forever."

Pietro forced a laugh then lifted her head up so then their eyes met.

"Kitty, it's not like I'm just gonna disappear from your life!"

"I know but."

Pietro quickly silenced her with a kiss.

"Maybe we should go back now. I think you're tired."

~In the morning at 2:00 sharp~

Rogue and Kitty was waiting outside for Sabertooth to come by and pick Remy and Pietro up. Kitty was wearing her long sleeve white shirt with her light blue loose jeans, white shoes, and suede coat, the outfit she wore when they first arrived. A smacking sound of a door was heard. Rogue turned her head and saw Remy coming towards her with his trench coat on.
"'bout time yuhr ready. Ah thought yuh'd be late."

He shook his head. "Non Chere', Sabes usually takes a while to arrive at a destination."

Kitty looked up at the baby blue sky as trickles of snow lightly fell.

"So Remy, did you like, find out what your mission is?" asked Kitty, trying to brighten the mood.

He shrugged. "Dunno. Magz just probably wants us back fer a meeting."

"His meetings are so boring. Sabertooth just ends up sleeping with his dolls."

Kitty turned. Pietro was coming out of their cabin with his suitcase with his usual outfit. She fixed her ponytail and looked back to Rogue. "Did you get everything?" Kitty asked Pietro. "Mmm hmm." He responded. Suddenly, Sabertooth pulled up in his snow mobile that was connected to two other ones. He turned off his and cracked his knuckles. Rogue sighed. "Ah guess this is it huh?" Remy nodded, kissed her then got onto the red snow mobile. He gestured Pietro to get on as he started unbuckling his from Sabertooth's. Pietro turned to Kitty. "I'll see you later Pryde." He started walking off towards the turquoise one. Kitty felt her lip quiver as she gripped her hands. "Pietro." He turned to her and stumbled when she threw herself to him. Warm tears stung her eyes as Pietro wrapped his arms around her. "I'm gonna miss you."

Pietro arched an eyebrow.

"How long are you here for?"

"We have another week."

Pietro glanced off to the side then tilted her head up with his fingers.

"Sheesh Pryde, you're such a crybaby aren't you?" he whispered sarcastically.

Kitty smiled making him smile. After a quick kiss, he dashed onto his snow mobile and unlatched it from Remy's. They all turned them on and messed with the gears. Sabertooth was the first to speed off. "Au revoir Chere' 'n' Kitten!"

After Remy sped off, Pietro shifted the gears.

"Tsk tsk, they just don't know who's the fastest yet." He looked to Kitty who was ready to see him off. "I'll see you later!"

After Pietro sped off, Kitty raced to where their tracks were and started waving to them.

"Bye Remy! Bye Pietro!" her hand slowly dropped lower as her voice did. "I love you."

Rogue walked over and smiled at her.

"Yuh know Kitty, the professor did tell meh sumthin' this mornin' when yuh and Pietro were hanging out."
Kitty arched an eyebrow at her. She crossed her arms and gave her a smirk.

"What's he tell you?"

Rogue pulled up her glove and began racing to the cabin.

"We're leaving tonight!" she shouted as she headed to the cabins.

Kitty's eyes widened happily. Then she smirked and started chasing after Rogue.


Kitty scooped up a snowball and threw it at Rogue as she did the same. Kurt and the new recruits came out to watch.

"Huh? They left?" asked Jubilee.

"Vait! Let me join!" shouted Kurt.

Rogue looked to him and threw one at him. "There! Yuh got whut yuh wanted!"

Kitty smiled then looked to the woods trail that the acolytes took. Her eyes shined then looked up to the sky.
"See you soon."

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