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Chapter Two: Thoughts of You

Kitty walked into the dimmed café that was right next to the cabins. The smell of sweet mocha filled the air as Kitty walked deeper into the café.
"Hey Kitty! Ova here!"
Her bluish green eyes gazed around until she caught Rogue in sight. Kitty walked over and placed her snowboard by the window where Rogue's was.
"Did you order like, anything yet?"
Rogue shook her head and looked over to the right of Kitty. There was a man in a dark trench coat that seemed very familiar. But Rogue couldn't quite put her finger on it. Suddenly, the man turned making Rogue place her attention back on Kitty.
"Are you like, alright Rogue?"
She became frantic. "Uh, yeah! Of course Ah'm fine! Why?"
"Your face is totally red!"
Rogue looked back to where the man stood, but found him gone. (Why am Ah blushin' ova someone Ah don't know? Who is he?)
"Rogue, are you gonna order?"
Rogue snapped out of her thoughts and saw an impatient waitress in a skimpy winter dress. She glared at her for a moment then turned to Kitty.
"Ah'd like some hot chocolate please."
The waitress wrote down a couple notes and walked off back to the counter. Kitty looked at Rogue with concern. She couldn't help but wonder what was going on.
"Rogue, is there something like, wrong?"
She sighed and looked out the window. "Oh nuthin'. Just thinkin' 'bout the Cajun. Ah just can't get him outta my head Kitty. Whut am Ah gonna do?"
Kitty shrugged as the waitress came back with their orders. She began sipping her hot chocolate as Rogue continued to look out the window.
"Ah mean, eva since that one time, Ah just can't...Kitty! Are yuh listenin'?!"
Kitty looked up from her hot chocolate and gave Rogue an innocent smile. She jumped up a little and turned to the television above the bar.
"Yeah, I heard you. You said that you like, couldn't get Gambit out of your head. There's a good chance that you'll like, see him again you know."
They stared off in different places until Kitty decided to break the silence. She stood up and grabbed her snowboard.
"Come on Rogue, let's get going! I can't sit around all day!"
Rogue snickered a bit and followed Kitty out with her snowboard in hand.

Once they arrived at the ski lift, Rogue and Kitty waited for the perfect lift. One that wasn't taken, or wasn't all wet. The sky was a heavenly light blue, white clouds shrouded as snow lightly fell, and they knew it was a great day to go snowboarding. When Rogue hopped onto a ski lift, she grabbed Kitty's hand and pulled her inside.
"I hope we like, don't run into someone we don't like." (That someone being Pietro Maximoff.) Kitty mumbled.

Rogue looked at Kitty strangely. "Ah don't wanna see Amara! Before Ah came to get yuh, she was whining about Roberto."

"Why Roberto?"

"Because he has Amara's favorite scrunchie."

They both laughed for a moment until the lift suddenly stopped. The door opened revealing the café in front of them. Kitty and Rogue hopped out. They were finally at the top of the mountain. Rogue immediately raced to the edge and looked down excitedly with the breeze blowing against her cheeks. "You must be pretty excited Rogue." Rogue nodded as she buckled her feet onto her board. Kitty began doing the same. When they were both ready, Rogue turned to Kitty. "Yuh ready? "You set?" "GO!"
They both snowboarded down the valley, avoiding all of the green lush trees. Kitty was giggling as she swerved left to right on her snowboard. When she opened her eyes, there was no sign of Rogue. Kitty turned her snowboard to make it stop and stayed in place for a second. Suddenly, a piercing scream echoed through the snow. Kitty unbuckled her snowboard from her feet, picked it up, and raced through the snow to find Rogue. The breeze became stronger, making it hard to see the path through the snow. Kitty brushed her hair back for a moment and saw someone walking past the trees.