A moan sounded in the dark room.

"Ow my head. Where...where am I?"

Kagome got off the large bed and looked around for a way out.

"Isn't there at least a window?" She looked about for another few minutes until she actually found a window. Kagome pulled on the blinds and looked outside.

"Oh my god! This"

Kagome was surprised by a door bursting open and a chilling laugh from behind her.

"So you finally woken eh? Took you long enough."


"Dammit! Where the hell is she?!"

A very pissed off Inuyasha was searching for a missing Kagome.

"This isn't like Kagome. She didn't even leave a note."

Sango was deeply worried about her friend.

"Just sniff her out Inuyasha. What's the point of having a good nose if you don't know when to use it? What's the point of being a dog?"

Shippo earned 4 bumps to the head for the last comment.

"I did that already but it's not around at all."

Inuyasha stared darkly at Shippo while he rubbed his head.

"How is that possible?" Sango looked confused.

"It's possible that her scent is covered by a spell so it can't be noticed." Miroku finally spoke up.

"You don't think Kagome got kidnapped, do you?" Shippo looked terrified.

"That looks like the only answer. But who could have taken her and cover up her scent?" Miroku questioned aloud.

"We have to find Kagome. Let's go!"


"You remember me. Good."

Naraku took a few steps to Kagome. He didn't have his baboon pelt on so she saw his evil glare.

"Why have you brought me here? I want some answers now!"

She stepped away from him.

"You have no right to command me."

Naraku now stood in front of Kagome. He lifted up her chin.

"Don't touch me! I want to know why you have brought me here."

Kagome jerked away from him.

"You are part of my plan just like my other captive. I believe you two know each other." Kagome looked confused.

"Follow me." Naraku walked out of the room. What does he want with me? Kagome had no choice but to follow. Down corridors and staircases, they finally made it to the dungeon. Naraku motioned Kagome to look inside the cell. She hesitated for a moment but walked up to the cell window. What she saw was a little girl sitting on a futon.

"Rin! Oh my god Rin are you alright?" Kagome looked frightened.

"Kagome-neesan? Is that you?"

"Naraku what have you done to her?!"

Kagome looked about ready to kill with the look she was giving him.

"Like I said earlier, you and her are part of my plan."

Naraku didn't look intimidated by Kagomes looks.

"And what exactly is this plan?" Kagome glared at Naraku.

"To kill Inuyasha of course."

"But what of Rin? Why is she here?"

"Her caretaker Sesshoumaru gets in my way as does Inuyasha. So he shall be killed as well."

"Let her out of there now. If you don't, I'll hurt you so bad, you won't even be able to commence this plan of yours."

Kagome was still glaring. Naraku walked over to the cell and unlocked it. Rin ran out and rushed past Naraku to the older girl's arms and started crying. "Oh Kagome-neesan I was so scared. The bad man took me away from Lord Sesshoumaru."

Kagome strokes the young girl's hair. "Shh. Its ok now Rin. Everything will be alright."

Kagome then glared at the man still by the cell doors.

"Naraku, I'll make you regret for even trying to hurt Rin."

"You are in no position to do anything to anything to me. I am so much more powerful than you. I could kill you right now if I wanted to." Naraku just glared back.

"If you don't mind, I'm going back to my room and I'm taking Rin with me."

With saying that, Kagome turned her back on the evil hanyou and walked back up the stairs leading out of the dungeon. She is one strange girl. She does not fear me.