So this is how it ends, this how it began: Chapter 1: I'm not listening

I was in the waiting room, my mother filling out release papers. It is exactly 2 days since the incident; I have stitches above my left eye brow. I my arm is broken, but apart from that I am whole. Well except for my aching heart. It's not like I was lesbian or anything. It's to explain. The doctors think I should go to counseling; they are acting as if I am a mental case!

Ok so I acted a .but wouldn't you? I mean her blood was all over me, and it soaked through my clothes. I mean, yeah my arms, in blood. It was as if I had just walked out of a rather freaky Scream 4 or something (yeah I know they don't have one, it is called an expression). I guess I will heal, but it is so hard. No one understands, I totally do not want to go back to school. I mean who would? I am one of the "popular" girls. Which means everyone is going to be sympathic. At least I know it won't be fake. I am a nice girl you know, I love helping people, and I just don't want anyone's pity. Who would want that?

Ok, I am thinking about going to that counseling thing. I am not sure yet, I never really talked about my feelings. Yeah, I did with other people, but it was about THEIR problems, not mine. Ok well I guess tomorrow I will find out what people think. Because tomorrow is Monday, the worst day of the week & to top it all off my little "car crash" made the news, I mean god it was practically national! Ok, bye.

~~ Sorry this is so short, hope you like. Do you have any ideas about the story? Feel free to comment, feel free to flame. Until next 2: Still not talking to you!